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Are You a Timelord or Dozy Dalek? (2005)

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IT'S set to be the TV sensation of Christmas Day.

A special, festive Doctor Who will hit our screens tomorrow (BBC 1, 7pm) and it's sure to be a real blast, kicking off with a dramatic alien invasion.

The series burst back on to our screens in 2005 and now the revamped Doctor Who, starring Billie Piper, is must-see TV. But how much of a Doctor Who devotee are you? JAMES MOORE has put together 25 questions on the new series.

1 WHAT'S the name of the Casanova actor who has replaced Christopher Eccleston as the new Doctor Who?

A. David Beckham

B. David Brent

C. David Tennant

2 IN what festive guise is the first alien that the new Doctor Who has to tackle in the Christmas special?

A. Cracker

B. Santa

C. Pudding

3 DOCTOR Who's time travelling craft appears in the show as an old-fashioned police box. But what is its name?

A. The Tardis

B. The Quo Vardis

C. The Enterprise

4 WHAT was the first word Doctor Who said to Rose?

A. "Run"

B. "Sit"

C. "Walk"

5 THE episode Games Station sees the Doctor trapped in a deadly version of what reality show?

A. Big Brother

B. I'm A Celebrity

C. Space Cadets

6 WHAT is the name given to the eight-foot aliens who take over the bodies of politicians?

A. Autons

B. Gelths

C. Slitheens

7 WHAT colour was the tiny Moxx of Balhoon?

A. Blue

B. Red

C. Green

8 WHAT does the Doctor take Rose to see in the year Five Billion?

A. The end of the scarf

B. The end of the series

C. The end of the world

9 WHEN he played the Doctor, what was Christopher Eccleston's trademark clothing?

A. Pinstripe suit

B. Leather jacket

C. Dressing gown

10 WHAT is the surname of Billie Piper's character in Doctor Who?

A. Tyler

B. Carpenter

C. Plumber

11 HOW does Doctor Who save his sidekick's life in the final episode of the last series?

A. Sucks vortex power from her mouth

B. Performs a heart transplant

C. Stands in front of a bullet

12 WHICH famous footballer is such a fan of the series that his wife bought him a book of Doctor Who scripts?

A. David Beckham

B. Michael Owen

C. Pele

13 WHAT new skill had the Daleks developed since the old series?

A. They can become invisible

B. They can fly

C. They take on humanlike bodies

14 WHAT human-like habit did one Dalek pick up in the latest series?

A. Crying

B. Cooking

C. Watching telly

15 HOW many hearts does the doctor have?

A. None

B. One

C. Two

16 WHAT multi-purpose Doctor Who gadget can you buy as a replica for £9.99 in the shops this Christmas?

A. Sonic Hedgehog

B. Sony Playstation

C. Sonic Screwdriver

17 WHICH of her dead relatives does Rose meet when she travels with the Doctor back to 1987?

A. Her father

B. Her mother

C. Her daughter

18 WHAT was the name of the hero who saved Billie's character in The Empty Child?

A. Colonel John

B. Captain Jack

C. Admiral Dave

19 WHICH of these alien foes will return to face Doctor Who in 2006?

A. Cyberborgs

B. Cybermen

C. Cyberwomen

20 BY what nickname is the Doctor known?

A. The TimeLord

B. The Lordy Lord

C. The Lord of the Dance

21 WHAT city is the base for making the new Doctor Who?

A. Cardiff

B. London

C. Norwich

22 WHAT was the name of Rose's boyfriend in the first episode?

A. Malcolm

B. Mickey

C. Davros

23 ONCE the new series kicks off, how many incarnations of Doctor Who will there have been?

A. 10

B. 9

C. 8

24 THE Doctor will battle a six-and-a-half foot baddie in the Christmas special. What is his name?

A. Sickofit

B. Sycorax

C. Sikorski

25 WHAT is the name of Doctor Who's destroyed home planet?

A. Beetlejuice

B. Tatooine

C. Gallifrey


1)C 2)B 3)A 4)A 5)A 6)C 7)A 8)C 9)B 10)A 11)A 12)A 13)B 14)A 15)C 16)C 17)A 18)B 19)B 20)A 21)A 22)B 23)A 24)B 25)C


1-12: WHAT'S UP DOC? When it comes to Doctor Who knowledge you're on another planet. Tune into the new series to make sure you do better next time.

13-25: OUT OF THIS WORLD: You exterminate the opposition with your Dalek-table Doctor Who skills. Tune into the next series to become king of the time lords.

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