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title publication date
The Lovely Smallness of Doctor Who Film International 2008-01-01
Doctor Who and the Convergence of Media Convergence 2008-01-01
Peter Haining The Times 2008-01-05
Some new episodes, series to air despite strike Chicago Tribune 2008-01-06
Sex Pistols Radio Times 2008-01-12
Our dad built us a real-life Tardis South Wales Echo 2008-01-15
Kylie dress stars at show South Wales Echo 2008-01-17
Captain! Stop that blowfish The Times 2008-01-17
Gay sci-fi's a little bit fishy Daily Star 2008-01-20
And finally...I found myself in a rift of rampant bisexuality last week with the return of Torchwood Sunday Express 2008-01-20
I'll Save Doctor Daily Star 2008-01-21
Torchwood returns for new season The Bradenton Herald
Associated Press
Deseret News
Ventura County Star
The San Juan Star
El Paso Times
Torchwood does sci-fi with attitude Chicago Tribune 2008-01-25
Jack's The Lad For Me Daily Record 2008-01-29
Tosh's big love gets cold feet Daily Star 2008-01-30
BBC launches cinema push to back Doctor Who Brand Republic News Releases 2008-02-04
Aliens? In Cardiff? The Times 2008-02-07
Your pictures The London Paper 2008-02-07
Go time-travelling with your own model of Dr Who's Tardis Sunday Express 2008-02-10
Sarah back Daily Star 2008-02-11
Who Just What U.S. Nets Ordered Variety 2008-02-11
Torch song Western Mail 2008-02-16
Time-travelling garden with green credentials goes back its roots Western Mail 2008-02-16
Stars in her eyes The Times 2008-02-16
Lovely Martha Jones came to Torchwood The Times 2008-02-21
Podcast of the week The Times 2008-02-23
I'm Jacking It In for the Doc Daily Star 2008-02-25
Dr Who The Hell Are You Looking At? Daily Star 2008-02-26
Death also came knocking in Torchwood The Times 2008-02-28
The dispersible television text: theorising moments of the new Doctor Who Science Fiction Film and Television 2008-03-01
Who Are You? If Our Obsessions Define Us, What Does That Say About Fans Of A Certain Time Lord? The Scotsman 2008-03-01
Mysterious secret of the Tardis is out: it materialises like an Ikea wardrobe The Times 2008-03-04
Lord It's Time for a Change Daily Star 2008-03-07
A Who's Who (Daily Star on Sunday) Daily Star 2008-03-09
Doctor who writer at festival Brentwood Gazette 2008-03-19
Who's the Best? Daily Star 2008-03-25
Crowds of fatties to see the doctor Televisual 2008-04-01
Dr Who is a long way from pulling pints in the Rovers The Herald (Ireland) 2008-04-02
Peter's time has come Daily Express 2008-04-03
Who-ray! The Northern Echo 2008-04-03
Look Who's coming! Evening Times 2008-04-04
The stars are coming out Radio Times 2008-04-05
A Noble calling Radio Times 2008-04-05
Doctor New: Catherine Tate brings new life to the Time Lord Evening Times 2008-04-05
It's Battlestar Fantastica The Times 2008-04-05
The definitive episode guide Radio Times 2008-04-05
Little monsters? Radio Times 2008-04-05
Be my guest Radio Times 2008-04-05
The Godmother Radio Times 2008-04-05
Doctor in need of treatment The Times 2008-04-07
I'm Dr Who's worst enemy South Wales Argus 2008-04-08
The Sarah Jane Adventures Variety 2008-04-08
Doctor Who and Kennedy. Who said Proms were elitist? The Daily Telegraph 2008-04-09
Doctor Who to make a timely arrival at Proms The Times 2008-04-10
Sarah Jane launches; Torchwood winds down Chicago Tribune 2008-04-11
Growing up in public The Irish Times 2008-04-12
Roman Holiday Radio Times 2008-04-12
Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf The Times 2008-04-14
Kylie hears a Who: Minogue with Tennant TV Guide 2008-04-14
Judge exterminates Dalek claim The Times 2008-04-17
Gloves are off for Eve Daily Star 2008-04-18
She's back in the Whoniverse Los Angeles Times 2008-04-18
From Dr Who to rebel Kennedy at the Proms The Bookseller 2008-04-18
Ood, glorious Ood! Radio Times 2008-04-19
Doctor's dilemma The Spectator 2008-04-19
Who's your friend? The Times 2008-04-19
Who's Chilling Out? The London Paper 2008-04-22
So Who's funeral are they filming, David? London Lite 2008-04-22
Dr Who & the Xmas Special Daily Star 2008-04-23
Dalek suit sells for astronomic £3,200 The Times 2008-04-24
Head behind the sofas, the Sontarans are back! Express & Echo 2008-04-25
The Sontarans are coming! Radio Times 2008-04-26
Space oddity Metro (England) 2008-04-28
Fallece Tristram Cary, el padre de la música electrónica Agencia EFE, S.A. 2008-04-28
Dawkster who? New Humanist 2008-05-01
Doctor Who, the complete third series Video Watchdog 2008-05-01
Friend or foe? Radio Times 2008-05-03
It was time to dance the apocalyptic tango over at Doctor Who Metro (England) 2008-05-06
Dave's the Prime Lord Daily Star 2008-05-06
Child of time Radio Times 2008-05-10
The Doctor had gained a child, albeit one spawned artificially in super-quick time The Times 2008-05-12
Yes, we know he's not a real person The Times 2008-05-13
Alien knitting patterns undo Dr Who fan The Times 2008-05-14
TV chiefs soften over Doctor Who fan's toys The Times 2008-05-17
Who-dunnit? Radio Times 2008-05-17
Never Mind the Daleks Here's Davros! Radio Times 2008-05-17
The writer Gareth Roberts was having fun on Saturday's Doctor Who The Times 2008-05-19
There is one great writer who hasn't been visited by Dr Who: Jane Austen The Times 2008-05-24
Is Steven Moffat good news for Doctor Who? The Guardian 2008-05-26
Protected species New Statesman 2008-05-26
Davies Quits Doctor Who The Pink Paper 2008-05-29
Spine-chiller Radio Times 2008-05-31
Fewer, bigger, better could be best Televisual 2008-06-01
From Balaclavas to Jumpsuits: The Multiple Histories and Identities of "Doctor Who's" Cybermen Atlantis 2008-06-01
Tristram Cary Goldmine 2008-06-06
Dark man Radio Times 2008-06-07
£440 for Dr Who sharpener The Times 2008-06-07
Stay sharp! Radio Times 2008-06-14
One Final Question (Freema Agyeman) Radio Times 2008-06-14
Who Altered British TV? 'Who' Indeed The New York Times 2008-06-15
Doctor Who is dead scared of repetition The Times 2008-06-16
20 years on, and Davros doesn't look a day older The Sun 2008-06-17
The Doctor's women Radio Times 2008-06-21
Turn Left Hot TV 2008-06-21
Freema Names Star Who Sneaks Choc Into Tardis Daily Star 2008-06-24
Red Alert Radio Times 2008-06-28
Doctor Who is the most self-confident programme on television The Times 2008-06-30
Who's on the Boards What's on Stage 2008-07-01
Everyone's going Doctor Who mad! Wakefield Express 2008-07-02
Could time be up for Tennant as Time Lord? Edinburgh Evening News 2008-07-05
Master Behind Dr Who The Mirror 2008-07-05
Reinventing Davros The Daily Telegraph 2008-07-05
Has time finally run out for coolest man on TV? The Times 2008-07-05
Doctor Two The Independent 2008-07-06
Elizabeth Spriggs The Times 2008-07-07
When more isn't less The Times 2008-07-07
Return of the Brigadier Daily Star 2008-07-08
Kids can spot a Dalek but what is an owl? Daily Star 2008-07-09
Vworp! Stage left Edinburgh Evening News 2008-07-11
Mystery of casting Radio Times 2008-07-12
Teletubbies vs Emu in Christmas battle Metro (England) 2008-07-16
What a state, Tate! London Lite 2008-07-17
Ahead of her time ... academics find space for woman who made Doctor Who theme The Times 2008-07-18
Billie bounces back The Mirror 2008-07-21
The king of cut and stick Financial Times 2008-07-26
Weird — but Doctor Who prom was perfect for our geeky times The Daily Telegraph 2008-07-28
Who's this? Out of Tardis but in a taxi Daily Express 2008-08-09
Extra special Tennant The Sunday Times 2008-08-10
Hamlet, sweet Time Lord of Denmark The Sunday Times 2008-08-10
Am I too queer for Top Gear? London Lite 2008-08-15
Och aye Dr Who! Sunday Mercury 2008-08-24
Enthusiasts flock to see who's at sci-fi convention The Northern Echo 2008-08-25
Big Screen Break: Fans Want A Dr Who Time Traveller Movie The Herald (Ireland) 2008-08-25
The lost geniuses of library music The Guardian 2008-08-29
Doctor Who: The Forgotten No. 1 of 6 Syracuse Post-Standard 2008-08-31
The Brain of Morbius Sight & Sound 2008-09-01
The BBC Dr Who Prom Musical Opinion 2008-09-01
Love is round the corner for Belle Heat 2008-09-13
Brand bastion Financial Times 2008-09-26
Loft in Space Radio Times 2008-09-27
David Tennant will be Dr Who 'for ever' Sunday Express 2008-09-28
From Monopoly to Dr Who, Christmas toys this year are destined for a retro look The Times 2008-09-29
Clone the Doctor Who Sound Keyboard 2008-10-01
Rose Tyler: The ethics of care and the limit of agency Science Fiction Film and Television 2008-10-01
Dr Who guide materialises The Bookseller 2008-10-03
End of season for sci-fi fave Torchwood Edmonton Journal 2008-10-24
Spin-off from the Tardis The Age 2008-10-30
David Tennant to quit 'Dr. Who' Los Angeles Times 2008-10-31
Doctor Who Actor Steps Down The New York Times 2008-10-31
Wikipedia and the Meaning of Truth Technology Review 2008-11-01
War without End?: Utopia, the Family, and the Post-9/11 World in Russell T. Davies's "Doctor Who" Science Fiction Studies 2008-11-01
Who's to be Who? Morning Star 2008-11-01
I know Who can fill the Doctor's shoes Sunday Life 2008-11-02
The Doctor's new enemy The Bookseller 2008-11-14
Race To See Doctor Who The Herald 2008-11-18
Daleks off to invade Scotland South Wales Echo 2008-11-18
So Who lives in a house like this? Daily Mail 2008-11-19
Surviving Doctor Who The Daily Telegraph 2008-11-22
Doctor Who nearly flew in a bubble The Sunday Times 2008-11-23
Doc in Cyber Special The Sun 2008-11-24
The Scooby-Doo challenge Kids' TV at the BBC The Guardian 2008-11-24
Daleks aim to break record The Herald 2008-11-27
Who Wear Wow The Mirror
Daily Record
Elisabeth Sladen just what the 'Doctor' ordered Chicago Sun-Times 2008-11-28
Doctor Who Producer Receives Royal Honor The New York Times 2008-11-29
Doctor Who insights where space and times laud tales The Canberra Times 2008-11-29
New BBC Storm As Barrowman Flashes On Air Daily Star 2008-12-02
Terrify them, absolutely terrify them Western Mail 2008-12-04
Chance to snap up Doctor Who artwork Western Mail 2008-12-04
Return of Doctor Who hero The Times 2008-12-05
The final curtain Radio Times 2008-12-05
If Tennant's out, Who'll be Hamlet? The London Paper 2008-12-09
An annual battle The Bookseller 2008-12-12
An Irishman's Diary The Irish Times 2008-12-13
Cybermen in comeback Sunday Express 2008-12-14
Princely performance from understudy Bennett Kentish Times 2008-12-18
Doctor Doctor Radio Times 2008-12-20
Look who's taking on the Time Lord Daily Mail 2008-12-20
Spoilt for choice The Spectator 2008-12-20
Finally finished Scarf not always labor of love Kim Aaron spent two years knitting replica of Dr. Who neckwear Charleston Daily Mail 2008-12-22
Seeing double The Times 2008-12-26
Doctored notes The Times 2008-12-26
Like flogging a dead reindeer The Sunday Times 2008-12-28
Doctor in demand Daily Mail 2008-12-31
Tennant's exit a grim weeper Daily Star 2008-12-31

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