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title publication date
The Web planet: How the changing Internet divided "Doctor Who" fan fiction writers Transformative Works and Cultures 2009-01-01
Doctor Who To Be Him... Or Her Daily Record 2009-01-03
Is this the face of the new Dr Who? Daily Mail 2009-01-03
New Doctor unveiled today The Guardian 2009-01-03
Time Lad The Mirror 2009-01-04
Doctor's orders The Sunday Telegraph (England) 2009-01-04
Time is on side of new Doctor Who The Sunday Times 2009-01-04
Dr Who Junior Daily Mail 2009-01-04
Doctor Who? The Independent 2009-01-04
Matt Smith, that's Who Scotland on Sunday 2009-01-04
Who's This New Who? The New York Times 2009-01-05
Who's your lady friend, Doctor? Daily Express 2009-01-05
Before-his-time lord The Times 2009-01-05
Dr Who scam claims refuted Irish Independent 2009-01-06
Kim's home game Daily Star 2009-01-08
Going back to the future is a hazardous enterprise The Times 2009-01-09
Booked in with beloved doctor The Mercury 2009-01-10
Young Who's marketing appeal is out of this world Sunday Express 2009-01-11
Kill the romance and bring on a real time lord The Courier Mail 2009-01-12
Magic tricks beyond the imagination of a sorcerer The Independent 2009-01-12
Who's a lucky boy? The Northern Echo 2009-01-12
Not quite the new Doctor Who The Age 2009-01-22
EastEnders star Michelle enters Tardis Daily Express 2009-01-23
Llega "Doctor Who" a público latinoamericano a partir de este sábado Notimex 2009-01-23
New Dr episodes set to be a real Who's who of talent South Wales Echo 2009-01-23
Doctor Who's chief Dalek dies aged 82 London Evening Standard 2009-01-23
Veteran Mr Dalek dies at 82 Daily Express 2009-01-23
John Scott Martin The Times 2009-01-24
Doctor Who's friend takes a racy role Detroit Free Press 2009-01-25
Bionic woman Michelle Ryan to star in Doctor Who special Brand Republic News Releases 2009-01-26
Doctor Clu The Mirror 2009-01-27
Dr Who and his girl from Ipanema The Mail on Sunday 2009-02-01
Daleks drawn for BBC Books The Bookseller 2009-02-13
We get Dr Who off his Tardis! Daily Star 2009-02-13
I Cheated on Doctor Who Daily Record 2009-02-13
Sands of Time Lord Daily Star 2009-02-14
Doctor's Stroppy Sidekick Revealed Daily Star 2009-02-19
A law unto herself Scotland on Sunday 2009-02-22
Crunch time for aliens Daily Star 2009-02-27
Alien pondlife The Times 2009-03-04
City's many links with Time Lord Coventry Evening Telegraph 2009-03-09
The BBC is out of touch with what children are thinking The Guardian 2009-03-23
I was a plastic mustachioed bit-part alien in Doctor Who The Times 2009-04-04
Knock, knock, Who's there? The Sunday Times 2009-04-05
Sands of time Radio Times 2009-04-11
All aboard the No 200 bus Western Mail 2009-04-11
How to make the most of Easter's big TV event The Times 2009-04-11
Is it OK to ... find Dr Who a turn-off? The Times 2009-04-11
Gillian all set to take on Doctor Daily Express 2009-04-23
What Katy did next Edinburgh Evening News 2009-04-24
Baby Joy for Monster Mum Daily Star 2009-05-07
Dr Who runs out of time Sunday Express 2009-05-17
Who's That Girl? (2009) The Sun 2009-05-30
Me and My Ego Daily Star 2009-05-31
Why the Cybermen Stomp: Sound in the New Doctor Who Mosaic 2009-06-01
Shaping Fantasies: Responses to Shakespeare’s Magic in Popular Culture Shakespeare 2009-06-01
Who's Who Of Whos The Mirror 2009-06-23
Torchwood Star Gets Touchy Daily Express 2009-06-30
Burning bright Radio Times 2009-07-04
Treasure Hunters The Mirror 2009-07-05
I'm all for the pulchritudinous John Barrowman New Statesman 2009-07-06
Dr Who genius ups sticks for America Sunday Express 2009-07-12
Children Of Earth was five hours of pure thriller Sunday Express 2009-07-12
Jack out of focus Daily Star 2009-07-13
Aliens first, relationships later Associated Press
Toronto Star
Torchwood miniseries adds pulse to summer TV Chicago Tribune 2009-07-19
And Capt. Jack is crackerjack Variety 2009-07-20
Doctor Who takes last romp The Oklahoman 2009-07-21
Doc takes a bow Daily Star 2009-07-21
Doctor Who's new clothes go back in time Evening Times
The Herald
Suits Who, Sir The Sun 2009-07-21
Brilliant, says Matt as he steps into the Doctor's new boots on a Welsh beach Western Mail 2009-07-21
The Doctor who's turned back time The Mirror 2009-07-21
U.K.'s 'Doctor Who' Coming to America Reuters
The Washington Post
Who-niverse: The man who regenerated Doctor Who hits the limelight Toronto Star 2009-07-25
He's still the hero, no matter who he kisses The Globe and Mail 2009-07-31
The flight from history: from H G Wells to Doctor Who – and back again Colloquy 2009-08-01
Season 5 of 'Doctor Who' brings new slate of actors Regina Leader-Post 2009-08-04
Doctor Who set to regenerate CanWest News Service
Ottawa Citizen
Who did Katy Manning do next? - Bette Davis Edinburgh Evening News 2009-08-07
Doctor Who as you have never seen him before The Times 2009-08-22
Time and relative dimensions on line: Doctor Who, wikis and the production of narrative/history Interactions 2009-09-01
BBC Brands Beyond Britain License! 2009-09-01
Fans fight to save Welsh Tardis The Times 2009-09-05
El actor australiano Ray Barrett murió a los 82 años Agencia EFE, S.A. 2009-09-08
Back with a bang... Radio Times 2009-09-12
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor The Oklahoman 2009-09-18
Tories to Flog Beeb Daily Star 2009-09-19
Ray Barrett obituary The Times 2009-09-21
History Meets Fiction in Doctor Who, ‘The Fires of Pompeii’ Greece & Rome 2009-10-01
Who's the pretty new assistant, Doctor? Daily Express 2009-10-06
Today's choices (2009-10-10) Radio Times 2009-10-10
Young On Time Travel Daily Record 2009-10-13
Unexceptional talents must have a place alongside Dr Who Community Care 2009-10-15
Barry Letts (The Herald) The Herald 2009-10-16
Barry Letts (The Times) The Times 2009-10-26
Barry Letts obituary The Independent 2009-10-30
Time Lord's exit line The Times 2009-10-31
Travel with a Time Lord: using media to enhance literacy Literacy 2009-11-01
Obituary of Barry Letts The Daily Telegraph 2009-11-04
Time Lord of the castle The Mirror 2009-11-10
Master of the loonie-verse Daily Mail 2009-11-13
Too scary for kids? Radio Times 2009-11-14
Warts and all The Spectator 2009-11-21
Christmas Dave The Mirror 2009-11-24
Should children's TV programmes have cinema-style ratings? Children & Young People Now 2009-11-26
Time's up Doc Daily Star 2009-11-28
Playing creatures Dancing Times 2009-12-01
YouChoose Technology videos we love The Guardian 2009-12-03
Talking head The Times 2009-12-07
How Doctor Who Changed London Time Out London 2009-12-10
Davies on Tennant Time Out London 2009-12-10
David Tennant holds forth Time Out London 2009-12-10
So, who is this Matt Smith bloke? Time Out London 2009-12-10
This Doctor is Out Philadelphia Daily News
The Record
One last spin in a rather nifty phone booth The Globe and Mail 2009-12-18
It's Not The End Of The World The Herald 2009-12-19
The new face of David Tennant Radio Times 2009-12-19
Time to Go! Total TV Guide 2009-12-19
Boo Who The Mirror 2009-12-19
Dr. Who conjures biggest U.S. and yet Variety 2009-12-23
Treats from the Doctor The Northern Echo 2009-12-24
Fans holding a torch for Ianto raise £12,000 South Wales Echo 2009-12-26
A dark Christmas in the Square -- and in the Tardis The Times 2009-12-26
The New Who? He's More Of A Junior Doctor The Mirror 2009-12-26
Tennant pays tribute to 'Doctor Who' heroes as he bows out The Independent 2009-12-27
Doctor Who fails to top ratings The Sunday Times 2009-12-27

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