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title publication date
Doctor Who special Synergy 2012-01-01
Sherlock exterminates The Doctor London Evening Standard 2012-01-06
Torchwood star Eve heads for Glasgow Evening Times 2012-01-10
Doctor Who radio script is back from another time The Times 2012-01-14
Jenny (JT) Colgan tackles Doctor Who The Bookseller 2012-01-20
Transported by tunes of the Tardis The Age 2012-01-21
Jenny Tomasin The Times 2012-01-23
See who's returning to tyke TV Variety 2012-01-24
Who? What Now? Tampa Bay Times 2012-01-27
Great Absurdist: Absurdly Great The Observer 2012-01-29
Who's who of sci fi in hi fi Herald Sun 2012-01-30
Who fan exterminates boyhood fear and composes himself for the Doc The Australian 2012-02-02
I Need A Doctor The Observer (Yeshiva University) 2012-02-13
Doctor Howdy! Daily Star 2012-03-08
BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games Introduces Doctor Who: Worlds in Time MMO Online Game Entertainment Close-up 2012-03-19
Doctor Who's Companion The New York Times 2012-03-22
Time Lord casting news The Independent 2012-03-22
Out of this world (South Wales Echo) South Wales Echo 2012-03-24
Dr Who actress left £262k Sunday Express 2012-03-25
Timeless appeal lures TV fans The New Zealand Herald 2012-03-31
Doctor Who, synchronicity and travels in time The Straits Times 2012-03-31
Separate lives Wired 2012-04-01
Dalek alert! Daily Star 2012-04-02
Who's a bit weepy then? Daily Star 2012-04-07
Rejuvenate The Sun 2012-04-10
Virgin Media pulls TiVo ad after BBC complaint Marketing 2012-04-18
Doutor quem? Folha de S. Paulo 2012-04-23
Lost in Time: Bureaucrats, not Daleks, are the deadlinest foes of "Doctor Who" The American Convervative 2012-05-01
I wrote Dr Who scripts as a kid. I haven't moved on much The Times 2012-05-19
Peter Halliday The Times 2012-05-23
Fantastic Voyage The New Yorker 2012-06-04
Hit show killed my career says fourth Doctor Tom Baker The Sun 2012-06-07
Jen Up On Who Is Who The Sun 2012-06-09
Find the missing Who tapes Sunday Mercury 2012-06-10
Caroline John obituary The Guardian 2012-06-21
Quick! Call The Doctor South Wales Echo 2012-06-22
Time Machines, Always Cool The New York Times 2012-06-22
I'm lucky to have Billie--she's hot! Closer 2012-06-23
Six of the best The Times 2012-07-07
Dr. Screw Daily Star 2012-07-19
Fans from around the world flock to Doctor Who show Western Mail 2012-07-21
Centre of the Who-niverse! South Wales Echo 2012-07-23
Mary Tamm obituary The Guardian 2012-07-27
Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Collection 1: 1964-1965 Publishers Weekly 2012-07-30
Dr Who Mary's husband dies hours after giving the eulogy at her funeral The Mirror 2012-08-10
Neve is busted Daily Star 2012-08-10
Delve into the science of Daleks The Canberra Times 2012-08-10
Husband of TV actress dies hours after her funeral The Times 2012-08-10
I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to leave the show in Doctor Who's biggest year, says Matt Western Mail 2012-08-15
Exterminate! (2012) Daily Star 2012-08-23
Up in the Night Post Register 2012-08-26
An advance dose of 'Dr. Who' USA Today 2012-08-27
Doctor Who Is Back, and So Are Its Rabid Fans The New York Times 2012-08-30
Sergeant pepper pots: the origins of Doctor Who's Daleks lie in the Blitz New Statesman 2012-08-31
It's the Beginning of the End The Sun 2012-09-01
Be very afraid: Doctor Who is back - with the Daleks The Guardian 2012-09-01
Broadcasters taking steps to ward off piracy Metro (Australia) 2012-09-01
Bring on the Daleks! Radio Times 2012-09-01
Hello, doctor The Times 2012-09-02
Downtown's Kumoricon convention draws crowd The Columbian 2012-09-02
Comic Outpost hosts "Doctor Who" viewing parties Golden Gate Xpress 2012-09-02
Look Who's found a new star The Times 2012-09-03
Doctor Who premiere teases thrills to come The State Press 2012-09-04
Who is Doctor Who? Bradley Scout 2012-09-07
British television invasion at VU The Valparaiso Torch 2012-09-07
Imagine a giant, demented kitchen bin trying to sex the Doctor up The Times 2012-09-08
Doctor on 'Tops Radio Times 2012-09-08
Wild Amy's a hot shot Daily Star 2012-09-11
Feedback 2012-09-15 Radio Times 2012-09-15
Then & now Sylvester McCoy, actor The Irish Times 2012-09-15
The Magnificent Three Radio Times 2012-09-15
Mystery and sorrow in new season of Doctor Who The Fourth Estate 2012-09-18
Who Cares, Amy? Daily Star 2012-09-18
Meet the Doctor's new companion Daily Express 2012-09-22
Dr. Who's Sidekick Rolling Stone 2012-09-27
Feedback 2012-09-29 Radio Times 2012-09-29
Big night for Dr Who fans as Timelord's companion makes her 'emotional departure' Western Mail 2012-09-29
Life after Amy Radio Times 2012-09-29
It's terminal for Doctor's mates The Times 2012-10-01
College essays? I'd rather watch 'Doctor Who' The Doylestown Intelligencer 2012-10-04
Ending was gut-wrenching ... but totally necessary The Doylestown Intelligencer 2012-10-04
Why I killed the Ponds Radio Times 2012-10-06
Feedback 2012-10-13 Radio Times 2012-10-13
Feedback 2012-10-20 Radio Times 2012-10-20
Wonderword The Orange County Register 2012-10-24
The Time Lord turns 50 The Bookseller 2012-10-26
I love Doctor Who but this is so much better Western Mail 2012-10-27
Fox Trot Universal Uclick 2012-10-28
Fight Club Wired 2012-11-01
Who's Da Man Stack 2012-11-01
New to Who: A Beginners Guide to Doctor Who Roosevelt Torch 2012-11-05
Novel way to exterminate litter bugs Western Daily Press 2012-11-09
Big thank-Who for Hannah South Wales Echo 2012-11-17
You're smarter for 10 Evening Chronicle 2012-11-23
Freezy does it for hot Jen Daily Star 2012-12-05
Doctor Who's Jenna-Louise Coleman Entertainment Weekly 2012-12-07
Who's That Girl? The Sun 2012-12-08
Doctor Who is No. 1 TV Guide 2012-12-10
Sounds inspired by galaxies far, far away The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 2012-12-10
Barrowman TV Guide 2012-12-10
Doctor Who 'inspired by Blackadder' says Matt Smith The Daily Telegraph 2012-12-11
Doctor Who gets scary for holidays Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2012-12-14
Toast to Time Lord pure Gold The Sydney Morning Herald 2012-12-14
Who in Rotorua and a promotion? I'm keen! Waikato Times 2012-12-17
Shatner won't be appearing on Dr. Who The Gazette 2012-12-21
Shada: The Lost Adventure by Douglas Adams The Christian Century 2012-12-22
My presents ... past & future Radio Times 2012-12-22
Just what the Doctor ordered (Scotland on Sunday) Scotland on Sunday 2012-12-23
A Who Christmas TV Guide 2012-12-24
Stamps mark 50 years of Doctor Who Belfast Telegraph 2012-12-26
Who's got it licked Daily Express 2012-12-26
Royal Mail pays tribute to Britain's brilliant Doctors The Times 2012-12-26
Doctor Who writer confirms movie Belfast Telegraph 2012-12-27
Christmas déjà vu The Sunday Times 2012-12-30

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