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title publication date
Doctor Who's 50th marked with silver World Coin News 2013-01-01
Author, Author The Guardian 2013-01-12
Merlin star wants Doctor Who to age The Daily Telegraph 2013-01-22
Doctor Who quiz teams look to exterminate rivals South Wales Echo 2013-01-24
New Zealand's on the money to mark Doctor Who's half century Western Mail
The Independent
Exterminknit! The Sun 2013-01-29
Doctor Who and Race: Reflections on the Change of Britain’s Status in the International System The Round Table 2013-02-01
True Fans, Like True Lovers, Stick Around Wired 2013-02-01
Bernard Horsfall obituary The Herald 2013-02-02
Doctor Who at 50: BBC announces 3D birthday special The Guardian 2013-02-12
Doctor Who to get 50th anniversary special The Augsburg Echo 2013-02-15
Doctor Who anniversary show to reunite all 11 Time Lords The Daily Telegraph 2013-02-15
Dr Sue, No Thank You Daily Star 2013-02-16
Doctor Who Convention Gallifrey One Sells Out, as 3,200 Fans Pack the L.A. Airport Marriott LA Weekly 2013-02-18
Bridge of cyborgs Metro (England) 2013-02-18
Parliament? Can't wait to exterminate The Times 2013-02-18
Doctor Who sidekick wants to time travel into a period drama London Evening Standard 2013-02-21
Robots, costumes highlight Geeks’ Night Out The State Press 2013-02-21
As a kid I got punched in the face for being a weirdo The Times 2013-02-23
Death of Daleks' designer Sunday Express 2013-02-24
Raymond Cusick obituary The Guardian 2013-02-25
Egg Boxes of Horror The Times 2013-02-25
From secret agent to Dr Who Daily Express 2013-02-25
Ray Cusick The Times 2013-02-25
Farewell to the dalek designer who brought terror to universe The Times 2013-02-25
Get ready for a whole lot of Who Daily Star 2013-02-25
Altus woman joins 'Dr. Who' fan film push The Oklahoman 2013-03-01
Revenge of the Geeks: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Screen Education 2013-03-01
Ray Cusick obituary The Economist 2013-03-02
Designer who brought the Daleks to life Daily Express 2013-03-02
From chimney pot to Daleks; Dr. Who designer said to have been inspired by school roof line Edmonton Journal 2013-03-04
Nerdy Dancing, Where Pasty Meets Pastie The Wall Street Journal 2013-03-05
Who's the best Doctor? Well, it's all relative (obviously...) Kent and Sussex Courier 2013-03-15
My Watchlist - Alex Kingston Radio Times 2013-03-16
I've travelled back to the beginning of Time (Lord) Sunday Express 2013-03-17
Jenna's no fun Daily Star 2013-03-18
All in good time, the Doctor roars back to take on aliens in wi-fi The Times 2013-03-18
Who's coming home Radio Times 2013-03-23
Smile for the Doctor The Times 2013-03-23
Back in time: A frank new book about Doctor Who is full of shocking claims The Guardian 2013-03-23
Who's got answers on Time Lord? Evening Times 2013-03-23
Doctor Who fans 'preyed on' by show producers The Sunday Times 2013-03-24
Doctor Who perv in sex act during phone chat with Blue Peter Biddy The Mirror 2013-03-25
Doctorin' the script The Big Issue 2013-03-25
Doctor Who and the child molester The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 2013-03-26
Doctor travels first-class The Times 2013-03-26
Sony DADC New Media Solutions and BBC Worldwide Launches Doctor Who with PlayStationHome Entertainment Close-up 2013-03-28
Home is where the TARDIS is Entertainment Weekly 2013-03-29
GOOFORDIAN: Vworp…vworp…VWORP! You need a doctor The Guilfordian 2013-03-29
Just What the Doctor Ordered (Daily Express) Daily Express 2013-03-30
New companion for Doctor Who Regina Leader-Post 2013-03-30
Time travellers The Spectator 2013-03-30
Five minutes with... Jenna-Louise Coleman The Northern Echo 2013-03-30
Coleman joins 'Doctor Who' Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2013-03-30
It's an urban thriller - very James Bond The Mirror 2013-03-30
Who's a clever boy, then? Radio Times 2013-03-30
How the Time Lord won new companions in the US The Times 2013-03-30
Time files when we're having fun The Sunday Telegraph 2013-03-31
The Mind Of Evil 10 March, BFI Southbank SFX Magazine 2013-04-01
Protest over who's Who Daily Star 2013-04-01
Doctor Who was dotted with pearls The Times 2013-04-01
Fan girls for equality The State Press 2013-04-02
Doctor Who finds love and gets his mojo back The Gazette 2013-04-02
Only Dr Who can be special The Times 2013-04-03
What's up Doc? (Daily Star) Daily Star 2013-04-05
The life and time travels of Dr Who's sexy new assistant The Mirror 2013-04-06
Tardis needs a cold shower The Sunday Times 2013-04-07
Doctor's playing the long game The Times 2013-04-08
Doctor left hanging on for his 50th anniversary The Times 2013-04-10
Original Doctor Who girl envies modern series Regina Leader-Post 2013-04-10
Why I wanted to bring back the Ice Warriors Radio Times 2013-04-13
Feedback 2013-04-13 Radio Times 2013-04-13
Game for a laugh, they're the stuff of fantasy The Sunday Times 2013-04-14
Docs do the .. Time warp! Daily Star 2013-04-19
Doctor Who can be wildly uneven Regina Leader-Post 2013-04-20
The Doctor Is In The House The Courier Mail 2013-04-20
Flights of Fantasy The Sunday Times (Western Australia) 2013-04-21
Memories of the Doc The Bookseller 2013-04-26
Who's missing? Radio Times 2013-04-27
Who's charmed the Doctor? Daily Express 2013-04-27
Trashing the Tardis Radio Times 2013-04-27
Will the police 'Tardis' return to our streets? Daily Mail 2013-04-28
Reifying the Fan: Inspector Spacetime as Fan Practice Popular Communication 2013-04-29
Police box to return The Sun 2013-04-29
Jelly Baby? Empire (Australia) 2013-05-01
The Avenger Fights Back Radio Times 2013-05-04
Doctor Who fans may find themselves short-changed in the series finale Daily Star 2013-05-06
Waris Hussein reborn 50 years after he directed Dr Who Eastern Eye 2013-05-10
They're Back! Radio Times 2013-05-11
The doctor is in at DePaul: 'Doctor Who' colloquium celebrates 50 years of television The DePaulia 2013-05-12
BBC's Time-Travel Issue For 'Doctor Who' Finale The New York Times 2013-05-14
Dr Whovians line up for a shop Inner West Courier 2013-05-14
Intergalactic peace talks The Times 2013-05-18
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Times) The Times 2013-05-18
Time To Say Goodbye? The Sun 2013-05-18
Who is the Real Clara? Radio Times 2013-05-18
Mother Goose & Grimm King Features Syndicate 2013-05-19
Secret of Doctor's name is revealed The Times 2013-05-20
The fans of Britain are coming to St. Louis Park St. Louis Park Sun-Sailor 2013-05-21
Doctor Who Sex Scandal The Mirror 2013-05-25
Dr. Who series lovers establish chapter in Altus The Lawton Constitution 2013-05-26
Who You Calling A Racist? The Sun 2013-05-27
Dr Who Is A Terrible Racist Daily Star 2013-05-27
Big Screen Barbara Gay Times 2013-06-02
Sexterminate! Doctor Who may come back as a woman The Sunday Times 2013-06-02
Time Lady The Times 2013-06-03
Who's that girl? (Daily Star) Daily Star 2013-06-03
Doctor Who Star Is Leaving the Series The New York Times 2013-06-03
Smith leaving lead role in 'Doctor Who' Traverse City Record-Eagle 2013-06-03
Who's next - is it time for a Time Lady? The Times 2013-06-03
Daleks in need of a Tardis The Times 2013-06-04
A male Doctor Who is an outdated idea. Exterminate it The Times 2013-06-04
OMG...I wannabe Dr Who! Daily Star 2013-06-05
A new Dr Who? We'll never have Paris... Daily Star 2013-06-06
David Beckham, Harry Potter star hyped as possible Doctor Who replacements Regina Leader-Post 2013-06-06
He'd Bloom as Doc Daily Star 2013-06-07
Who's next as Matt calls time? The Northern Echo 2013-06-08
Rory Fave To Be New Who Daily Star 2013-06-10
Kinnear favourite to be the next Dr Who The Herald 2013-06-10
Send for the Time Lady The Times 2013-06-10
Make the next Doctor Who a woman Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Father, son build time machine replica from 'Doctor Who' Salisbury Post 2013-06-21
Books project is out of this world Times Educational Supplement 2013-06-21
Doctor Who can change the world with a sidekick and a satsuma. Why can't he become a she? New Statesman 2013-06-21
Doctor takes a leaf out of Dylan's songbook The Times 2013-06-22
Who's Who (British Philatelic Bulletin) British Philatelic Bulletin 2013-07-01
You Built What?! Popular Science 2013-07-01
Time moves on for Doc Daily Star 2013-07-03
Bigger on the Inside: Royals Visit 'Doctor Who' The New York Times 2013-07-04
Doctor who? Jacko cast as Time Lord The Times 2013-07-04
Exterminate! Charles meets Daleks Daily Express 2013-07-04
The men with the real sonic screwdrivers The Daily Telegraph 2013-07-04
Charles and Camilla visit Dr Who set... Daily Express 2013-07-04
More tea, Doctor? Tardis calls by for cuppa and cake The Times 2013-07-10
Packing out the Proms Western Mail 2013-07-12
Dr. Who box causing a stir in downtown Salem The Salem News 2013-07-13
Cultivate! Doctor's old enemy takes to the field The Times 2013-07-13
Download: David Tennant The New York Times 2013-07-14
Lots of pomp, Doctors and the Daleks Western Mail 2013-07-15
Doctor Who Prom The Times 2013-07-15
Temporal shift The Times 2013-07-17
Doctor Who and An Adventure in Space and Time Entertainment Weekly 2013-07-19
Calling for The Doctor Daily Post 2013-07-19
Doctor Who? Matt Smith departure imminent Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who to go global in fall Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Cincuenta años de viaje en el tiempo La Vanguardia 2013-07-27
As Doctor Who celebrates big 5-0, another era ends Toronto Star 2013-07-28
Why Dr Who is survivor Daily Star 2013-07-30
Spin Doctor (The Times) The Times 2013-07-31
Sherlock Holmes and the Leap of Faith: The Forces of Fandom and Convergence in Adaptations of the Holmes and Watson Stories Adaptation 2013-08-01
Dr Who and the Daleks/Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150AD Sight & Sound 2013-08-01
RWS fetes Doctor Who Pro Sound News 2013-08-01
Who is it? Daily Star 2013-08-02
Cardiff Bay Gets A New Dimension... South Wales Echo 2013-08-03
From Throne To Tardis...So Will The White Queen's Richard III Be New Doctor Who? The Mail on Sunday 2013-08-04
Raise The Lord Wales on Sunday 2013-08-04
A partir de diciembre, Peter Capaldi será el nuevo Dr. Who Publimetro (Mexico) 2013-08-05
Spin doctor regenerates as The Doctor The Times 2013-08-05
Degeneration The Times 2013-08-05
Watch out Daleks! Tucker is new Time Lord The Guardian 2013-08-05
A New Doctor Who The New York Times 2013-08-05
Doctor Him The Times 2013-08-05
Who knew? Bookies suspended betting on Capaldi as new Doctor Daily Mail 2013-08-05
Tiene Doctor Who un nuevo rostro Reforma 2013-08-05
Peter Capaldi named as next "Doctor Who" star The New Zealand Herald
Associated Press
The Southern Illinoisan
Doctor Blue named as 12th Time Lord Daily Express 2013-08-05
Bringing an edge of danger to the Doctor The Guardian 2013-08-05
Australian premiere for new Doctor Who stage spectacular The Age 2013-08-05
After All The Hype, Mr Potty Mouth Had Better Be Good Daily Mail 2013-08-05
Doctor in the House Herald Sun 2013-08-05
Doctor Who? It's Peter Capaldi The Australian 2013-08-06
Peter Capaldi is nieuwe 'Doctor Who' De Morgen 2013-08-06
The new doctor is in National Post 2013-08-06
BBC rolls out the hype in Doctor Who reveal Regina Leader-Post 2013-08-06
And the geek shall inherit the earth.. Daily Record
The Sunday Mail (Queensland)
Den nya Doctor Who avslöjad Dagens Nyheter 2013-08-06
Fans fear the Time Lord may already be out of time The Times 2013-08-06
Skotte blir ny Doctor Who Varden 2013-08-06
Escocês é escalado para interpretar Doctor Who Metro Brazil 2013-08-06
I was really hoping for a new female hero The Daily Telegraph 2013-08-07
Dr. Who fännid pahased: uus nimiosaline on liiga vana! Õhtuleht 2013-08-07
Diversity And 'Doctor Who' The New York Times 2013-08-07
Revealed: Capaldi's early role in Dr Who fan club The Herald 2013-08-08
Time to get in the ‘Doctor Who’ loop Daily Herald 2013-08-09
The Fame New Statesman 2013-08-09
OOuuttoofftthhiisswwoorrlldd!! Daily Post
Evening Gazette
Liverpool Echo
South Wales Echo
Birmingham Mail
Who's Who? (The Spectator) The Spectator 2013-08-10
Doctor Who change de tête comme de chemise Ajourd'hui en France 2013-08-11
Doctor Who will always go on The Scotsman 2013-08-13
Google Street View takes a peek inside the Tardis The Independent 2013-08-14
New Time Lord Primer Entertainment Weekly 2013-08-16
New Doctor may grace NZ's shores The Dominion Post 2013-08-19
Doctor Who, o homem das 12 vidas Diário de Notícias 2013-08-27
Robbie Williams was once in the running to play Doctor Who Daily Star 2013-08-29
Time flies when we're having fun The Daily Telegraph 2013-08-31
John Smith and the Common Men: Sounds From The Inferno (Hysterion HYS 001) Record Collector 2013-09-01
Club orbits around hit British TV show The Daily Lobo 2013-09-03
British TV Invasion The Global Times 2013-09-09
Cumberfiction London Evening Standard 2013-09-09
Day-time telly Daily Star 2013-09-11
Doctor Glue! Time Lord's bad hair day Daily Express 2013-09-11
More than a Companion: "The Doctor's Wife" and Representations of Women in Doctor Who Studies in Popular Culture 2013-09-12
Doctor Who, the Movie? Not Likely Entertainment Weekly 2013-09-13
Frazer Hines Knows Who's Who Among the Whos Regina Leader-Post 2013-09-14
In America, TV writers are no longer made to feel like spare parts The Guardian 2013-09-16
Now you can be a TV star and step into your own Doctor Who episode Rouse Hill Times 2013-09-18
Guess who has an eye on his family's future? Taranaki Daily News 2013-09-19
Prime Time Lord: 'Doctor Who' rides its show's global appeal as it travels toward its next 50 years Variety 2013-09-25
Doctor Who writers among festival draws Eastern Daily Press 2013-09-27
Could Doctor Who be a woman one day? The Province 2013-09-29
Homecoming for new-look Gillian The Courier & Advertiser 2013-09-30
Who's that girl? (2013) The Herald 2013-09-30
Step Aboard the TARDIS Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2013-09-30
Appointment TV Empire
Empire (Australia)
The Auntie Matter: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Audiofile 2013-10-01
Augmenting fan/academic dialogue: New directions in fan research Journal of Fandom Studies 2013-10-01
Sound Devices captures Doctor Who TVB Europe 2013-10-01
Doctor to be time zone Time Lord The Press and Journal 2013-10-02
Celebran aniversario 50 de 'Dr. Who' con capítulo simultáneo en 75 países Publimetro (Colombia) 2013-10-03
Do the Daleks, Dad! The Guardian 2013-10-05
Doctor Who Fans Want TARDIS Blue As Empire State Hue Multichannel News 2013-10-07
Lost 'Doctor Who' eps unearthed New York Post 2013-10-08
Who episodes found Los Angeles Times 2013-10-09
BBC to unveil episodes believed lost The Vancouver Sun 2013-10-09
Long-lost Doctor Who episodes back at BBC Yorkshire Post 2013-10-10
Missing Doctor Who episodes found The Daily Telegraph 2013-10-11
Long-lost Doctor Who episodes found in Nigeria Daily Express 2013-10-11
Long-lost Doctor Who episodes discovered in Nigeria The Times 2013-10-11
Doctor where? The Independent 2013-10-11
Lost adventures of Doctor Who are regenerated Metro (England) 2013-10-11
Rediscovered episodes of 'Doctor Who' from the Sixties show the series' chutzpah The Daily Telegraph 2013-10-11
The Lost Doctor The Mirror 2013-10-11
Found on a dusty shelf in Nigeria: the lost Doctor Who tapes The Guardian 2013-10-11
Nine missing episodes of Doctor Who found The Dominion Post 2013-10-12
BBC finds nine missing 'Doctor Who' episodes in Nigeria Waterloo Region Record 2013-10-12
Who's your favourite? Sunday Express 2013-10-13
Long lost 'Doctor Who' episodes found in Nigeria Arab News 2013-10-13
Early doubts about Doctor Who revealed The Guardian 2013-10-17
The Shutdown of Doom New Statesman 2013-10-18
Doctor Who devotees accept the absurd Times Colonist
Calgary Herald
The Vancouver Sun
Edmonton Journal
Dr. Who Police Call Box The Washington Post 2013-10-20
Snow job Financial Times 2013-10-22
Maybe that's what happens if you touch the Doctor, even for a second: Trauma in Doctor Who The Journal of Popular Culture 2013-10-23
Going for the Doctor The Australian 2013-10-26
The time lord and fellow travellers Nature 2013-10-31
A Celebration of Doctor Who Science Fiction Studies 2013-11-01
Who's Who? (Saga Magazine) Saga Magazine 2013-11-01
The Timeless Doctor Who License! 2013-11-01
Launceston Church Grammar School Access 2013-11-01
The Doctor means business Director 2013-11-01
London on Film and Underground The London Journal 2013-11-01
A la recherche du Doctor Who The Guardian 2013-11-02
Doctor Who can NEVER be a woman ... says the ex-Doctor whose own daughter is a Time Lord! The Mail on Sunday 2013-11-03
How I made ... Doctor Who The Guardian 2013-11-05
Dr. Who, here Newsday 2013-11-05
Fifty years of The Doctor St. John's Telegram 2013-11-06
Couple's marathon Doctor Who effort The Northern Echo 2013-11-07
Get ready for who's Who in TV spectacle South Wales Echo
Western Mail
Skriver Doctor Who-historie Varden 2013-11-08
Many happy returns The Daily Telegraph 2013-11-09
Once in a lifetime The Daily Telegraph 2013-11-09
Doctor Who: Science Fact or Science Fiction Radio Times 2013-11-09
Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series (2013) Regina Leader-Post 2013-11-09
Who is best The Northern Echo 2013-11-09
Darling of the Daleks behind Doctor Who Sunday Express 2013-11-10
You wait six months for a Doctor, then three turn up all at once ... The Sunday Mail (Scotland) 2013-11-10
How Dr Who model-maker fulfilled his boyhood dream The Observer
Sunday Independent
Who owns the Tardis? The Independent 2013-11-10
The Doctors' Signatures with Healthy Returns The Scottish Mail on Sunday 2013-11-10
Who's that girl? (The Observer Magazine) The Observer 2013-11-10
Why it could pay to check the attic for a dusty Dalek The Scottish Mail on Sunday 2013-11-10
I need to see a doctor, and soon Erie Times-News 2013-11-11
This Doctor's House Calls Span Time and Space Broadcasting & Cable 2013-11-11
The Man in the Box The New Yorker 2013-11-11
Dr. Who Convention Finds Home on Long Island Long Island Press 2013-11-11
Resistance is futile! The New Zealand Herald 2013-11-14
Who’s Who, just what Doctor ordered for 50th party Gold Coast Bulletin 2013-11-14
Calling all Whovians The Boston Globe 2013-11-14
Friends beyond mortal bounds The New Zealand Herald 2013-11-14
He Doctor is in: 'Dr. Who' 50th anniversary plans The Seattle Times 2013-11-14
Dr. Who trivia contest on tap Chicago Sun-Times 2013-11-14
How Dr Who was nearly exterminated at birth Daily Mail 2013-11-15
More than just a nice guy The Southland Times 2013-11-15
The nation’s favourite Doctor finds that his time has come The Guardian 2013-11-15
Cometh the day, cometh the Doctors Daily Post 2013-11-16
Back to the 60s Radio Times 2013-11-16
The Adventure Begins Radio Times 2013-11-16
After 50 years of creaky sets and floppy hair, it's time Doctor Who died The Mail on Sunday 2013-11-17
Good Doctor, you had me at 'Who' Chicago Tribune 2013-11-17
Goodies idea! Sunday Mercury 2013-11-17
Origin movie part of 'Dr. Who' anniversary Cape Cod Times 2013-11-17
Doctor Who at 50: Where does the Time go? The Washington Post
Daily Herald
The Borneo Post
Students await the 50th anniversary and return of "Doctor Who" The Mirror (University of Northern Colorado) 2013-11-18
Doctors and Daleks let loose at Buckingham Palace The Herald 2013-11-19
Doctor Who and my wife The Northern Echo 2013-11-19
A Dr. Who 50-year blowout The Philadelphia Inquirer 2013-11-19
The universe awaits ... The Guardian 2013-11-19
Doctor Two (Daily Record) Daily Record 2013-11-19
Who'd believe it? Tardis flies in US London Evening Standard 2013-11-19
Dr. Who: 50 años de vagar por la cuarta dimensión Milenio 2013-11-20
The Doctor is still making the rounds, 50 years later USA Today 2013-11-20
Doctor Who fans are out of this world Western Mail 2013-11-20
A time lord in residence The Canberra Times 2013-11-20
Peace out from a Beloved 'Doctor Who' star USA Today 2013-11-20
British Bites brings a taste of England to Puyallup Puyallup Herald 2013-11-20
Praising The Lord The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 2013-11-20
Doctor Who celebrates 50 years The Jerusalem Post 2013-11-20
Time Lord's timeless charm The Hindu 2013-11-20
Doctor Who event draws young fans The Northern Star 2013-11-20
Tour Dr Who's Tardis The Times of India 2013-11-20
William Hartnell's Granddaughter On The First Doctor Who The Mirror 2013-11-21
Whovians Unite! The Washington Informer 2013-11-21
Dr. Who marks 50 years of time travel The Kamloops Daily News 2013-11-21
Once upon a time The Northern Echo 2013-11-21
The Doctor spans space, time and the world Los Angeles Times 2013-11-21
Dr. Who movie is charming look at series creation Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2013-11-21
Time Crash brings "trock" across the pond Chicago Reader
Chicago Sun-Times
BBC plans birthday bash as 'Doctor Who' turns 50 Associated Press
Daily Herald
The Western Star
The New Zealand Herald
Sydney Newman Waterloo Region Record
Guelph Mercury
Toronto Star
Terrifically Timeless Chattanooga Times Free Press 2013-11-21
Adventurous movie lovingly salutes sci-fi underdog San Francisco Chronicle 2013-11-21
Daleks creator Terry Nation honoured with blue plaque South Wales Echo
Western Mail
Doctor Who to Run In Russian Cinemas The Moscow Times 2013-11-21
Doctor Who still reinventing himself Toronto Star 2013-11-21
A trip through time Winnipeg Free Press 2013-11-21
Doctor Who fans celebrate 50 years of fun and adventure Farmington Daily Times 2013-11-21
Dedicated fans keeping the Whoniverse alive Western Mail 2013-11-22
Les festivités du 50e de Doctor Who Métro Montreal 2013-11-22
His Time is now The London Free Press 2013-11-22
Area fans reflect on BBC's iconic sci-fi series The Gainesville Sun 2013-11-22
Who is having a day out with the Doctor? South Wales Echo 2013-11-22
Doctor Who: A 50th anniversary primer The Panama City News Herald 2013-11-22
Doctor writes a prescription for patience Evening Telegraph 2013-11-22
Two specials mark Who's 50th McClatchy News Service
The Record
Doctor Who's Who London Evening Standard 2013-11-22
TV show 'Dr. Who' has large fan base, rich history The Guilfordian 2013-11-22
Matt Smith bids tearful farewell to Doctor Who The Gazette 2013-11-22
Spin Doctor New Statesman 2013-11-22
Happy birthday to Who Metro (England) 2013-11-22
Reasons to watch the 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special Pipe Dream 2013-11-22
Sci-fi hit was born in another world Times Colonist 2013-11-22
50 anos de 'Doctor Who' Metro Brazil 2013-11-22
Still Restless, 50 Years On The New York Times 2013-11-22
The Writer, the Box and the Time Lord Church of England Newspaper 2013-11-22
Dr. Whoopla San Jose Mercury News 2013-11-22
Let battle commence Metro (England) 2013-11-22
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Promises Star-Studded Reprises The Student Life 2013-11-22
Doctor Who tale a living time capsule Regina Leader-Post 2013-11-22
Fans rejoice! Baker's Day has come The London Free Press 2013-11-22
50 years of intrigue Herald Sun 2013-11-22
A golden celebration of 'Dr. Who' The New Orleans Times-Picayune 2013-11-22
A 'Who'-Dunit Daily News 2013-11-22
Do you know your Doctors? Metro (England) 2013-11-22
A very special birthday TV Times 2013-11-23
The Time Lord Saved Me from the Building Site Radio Times 2013-11-23
Who's Who The Spectator 2013-11-23
Smith to bid farewell to sci-fi hit Doctor Who Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Tennant's Extra Daily Express 2013-11-23
The Man Who Said 'No' Radio Times 2013-11-23
Doctor Two (The Sun) The Sun 2013-11-23
50 ways to love Doctor Who Ottawa Citizen
The Gazette
Who's That Doctor? Radio Times 2013-11-23
Hey Doc, You Rock! Daily Star 2013-11-23
Who's got my Tardis The Advertiser 2013-11-23
The Day of the Doctor approaches The Fourth Estate 2013-11-23
Fans Invade the Tardis Radio Times 2013-11-23
Doctor Who feeds sci-fi hunger The Australian 2013-11-23
One for the Ladies Radio Times 2013-11-23
The Man in Charge Radio Times 2013-11-23
The Ultimate Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Quiz Daily Star 2013-11-23
Sci-fi superfan's shrine to Doctor Daily Post 2013-11-23
Totally Tasteless Radio Times 2013-11-23
Doctor had plenty of time for companions The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 2013-11-23
The Geek Inherits the Universe Radio Times 2013-11-23
The Grumpy Old Man Who Spawned a TV Legend Radio Times 2013-11-23
Doctor Who fans celebrate 50th The Age 2013-11-23
Steven's the man who gives the Doctor orders Daily Record 2013-11-23
Who's obsessed? Fan has date with a Doctor The Sydney Morning Herald
The Canberra Times
No More Ferrets for Me Radio Times 2013-11-23
Happy 50th, Doctor Who Ottawa Citizen 2013-11-23
Masters of Reinvention The Australian 2013-11-23
You Can't Destroy the Doctor Radio Times 2013-11-23
Fifty years from the start, who is your best Doctor? The Northern Echo 2013-11-23
How it all began TV Times 2013-11-23
How Charlie Chaplin Saved Doctor Who Radio Times 2013-11-23
The Comedian Who Wanted to Be Taken Seriously Radio Times 2013-11-23
I'm the show's Time Lady Daily Record 2013-11-23
Fifty-year journey in time The Canberra Times 2013-11-23
The Doctor Hits America Radio Times 2013-11-23
Doctor Doctor ... Radio Times 2013-11-23
Rob still travelling in his Tardis The Northern Echo 2013-11-23
Doc overdose makes me ill The People 2013-11-24
Doctor Who is our hero Sunday Express 2013-11-24
Doctor Who fundraiser attracts new generation of nerds Corvallis Gazette-Times 2013-11-24
Day of the Doctor dawns for millions The Sunday Telegraph (England) 2013-11-24
BBC resists indulging in Who-ha The Mirror 2013-11-24
The Doctor was briefly a star on the silver screen Champaign News-Gazette 2013-11-24
Sci-Fi, So Good! Sunday Mercury
Birmingham Mail
Be transported into the wonderful world of Gallifrey Sunday Tasmanian 2013-11-24
Doctor Who comes to the big screen for one night only The Post (Ohio University) 2013-11-25
Doctor Who was watched in 94 countries at once Daily Post 2013-11-25
Now Doctor Who is lording it... all across the world Western Mail 2013-11-25
Doctor Who sets TV record South Wales Echo 2013-11-25
Doctor! Doctor! TV Guide 2013-11-25
Doctor Who trounces the wannabe singers Daily Star 2013-11-25
Students swoon over 50 years of 'Doctor Who,' can't get enough Central Michigan Life 2013-11-25
We've all got a Doctor Who story to tell London Evening Standard 2013-11-25
Dr Who conquers cinema screen Financial Times 2013-11-26
Doctor Who continues to delight after 50 years Dakota Student 2013-11-26
Doctor Makes House Calls Around the World Variety 2013-11-26
Berry Christmas Feast Daily Star 2013-11-26
Doctor Who 50th ’versary special viewed by 10.2m Brits Arab News 2013-11-27
Doctor Who is way over my head London Evening Standard 2013-11-27
A Short History of Doctor Who South Waikato News 2013-11-27
Doctor Who draws big ratings Los Angeles Times 2013-11-27
77 millions de téléspectateurs ont vu l’épisode spécial de Doctor Who Le Journal de Québec 2013-11-27
Don't BBC chiefs know Who I am The Mirror 2013-11-28
Time Lord gives DUP a primer on gay rights Belfast Telegraph 2013-11-28
What? How? Where? Decoding 'Dr. Who' The Cleveland Plain Dealer 2013-11-29
A Who's Who Chicago Sun-Times 2013-11-29
Peter Capaldi begins his run as The Doctor in this year’s “Doctor Who” Christmas special The Citizens' Voice 2013-11-30
The Doctor Challenges You! Irish Daily Mail 2013-11-30
12 Media Must-Haves Playboy 2013-12-01
Milk Strikes Gold on Dr Who Televisual 2013-12-01
Doctor Who episode sets global simulcast record TVB Europe 2013-12-01
Kitchen sink drama Irish Daily Mail 2013-12-01
Once Upon a Time Lord Empire 2013-12-01
Doctor Who's Future Visions Focus 2013-12-01
Transported by Dr Who The Guardian 2013-12-01
The Incredible Science of Doctor Who Focus 2013-12-01
Crazy for you The Sunday Times 2013-12-01
Where do Doctor Who and Blade Runner live? The Asian Age 2013-12-01
Doctor Who special is a hit on iPlayer The Guardian 2013-12-03
Dr. Who Christmas Slated at Library Daily Sitka Sentinel 2013-12-04
Doctor Who fanatic Giovanni Antonelli can rattle off the names of all 240 stories from the cult show in 15 breath-taking minutes Manchester Evening News 2013-12-04
Fifty Years of Flying Through Time and Space The Outlook (Monmouth University) 2013-12-04
The Timelord's Tardis that's now home to a wheelbarrow! Nottingham Post 2013-12-04
Dr. Who is coming to town this weekend Ottawa Citizen 2013-12-05
Doctor Who and the ageing enigma Nature 2013-12-05
Twist-a-Carol offers holiday stress relief in Elgin Daily Herald 2013-12-06
Doctor Who celebra 50 años con episodio especial La Tercera 2013-12-06
Whovians celebrate show’s 50th anniversary The Mustang News 2013-12-06
Now Who See Him Daily Star 2013-12-06
Who Fakers Guilty Daily Star 2013-12-07
Talking 'bout my regeneration Radio Times 2013-12-07
Кинозалы не хотят ограничиваться показом фильмов Коммерсант-Деньги 2013-12-09
Dr. Who and Librarianship Library Hotline 2013-12-09
The maker of Middle Earth London Evening Standard 2013-12-11
Dr. Who Event Sun-Sentinel 2013-12-11
Who's sorry now? (Daily Star) Daily Star 2013-12-12
The last flight of Doctor Whoaah Metro (England) 2013-12-13
Old SF, New FX: Exploring the Reception of Replacement Special Effects for Older Episodes of Doctor Who and Star Trek Critical Studies in Television 2013-12-13
Mixed response to Smith's Psycho Press Association 2013-12-13
New Time Lord the only one ever in the running World Entertainment News Network
The Welland Tribune
The Belleville Intelligencer
The Sarnia Observer
The Barrie Examiner
The Beacon Herald
The Sudbury Star
Kingston Whig-Standard
The Niagara Falls Review
The Peterborough Examiner
The St. Catherines Standard
A good Christmas present for historians, travellers and environmentalists alike The Newcastle Journal
Liverpool Post
Western Mail
Time to go Daily Post 2013-12-14
Matt Smith on saying goodbye to Doctor Who Bournemouth Daily Echo 2013-12-14
Cracking good reads for teens Cape Argus 2013-12-16
Doctor to host stellar symphony The Age 2013-12-19
Welsh whizzkid's Doctor Who game South Wales Echo 2013-12-19
Why I'm calling time on life as a Timelord Liverpool Post
Carmarthen Journal
Gloucestershire Echo
Loughborough Echo
Derby Evening Telegraph
Bristol Post
Belfast Telegraph
On top of the world Metro Herald 2013-12-20
The Day of the Doctor Regina Leader-Post 2013-12-21
He's my Doctor Radio Times 2013-12-21
Time-Travelin' Eye Candy The New York Times 2013-12-22
Smith: I can move on from Doctor Press Association 2013-12-22
Happy Who-lidays! TV Guide 2013-12-23
Davison's Doctor Who discovery a real symphony The Dominion Post 2013-12-23
A Who's Who of Time Lords as image merges 12 faces of Doctor The Times 2013-12-24
Doctor Who heading for a change of Doctor Tulsa World
Houston Chronicle
Time for a change The Herald 2013-12-26
Matt Smith has been a lovely Doctor, and this was a tearful goodbye The Guardian 2013-12-26
Confused by the new Doctor? He certainly seemed to be The Independent 2013-12-26
The new Doctor gets into Thick Of It ... with a Scottish accent! Daily Mail
Scottish Daily Mail
The Doctor's fitting farewell Los Angeles Times 2013-12-27
Capaldi tops Christmas TV ratings The Scotsman 2013-12-27
Looking back at a quirky, cool Doctor Los Angeles Times
The China Post
Texarkana Gazette
The Star (Malaysia)
The Citizens' Voice
Ratings cheer for Doctor Who and sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys Evening Times 2013-12-27
Doctor Who is exterminated by Mrs Brown in the fight for festive viewers Daily Express 2013-12-27
Who's on First in U.K. Daily News 2013-12-28

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