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title publication date
Who's that girl? (Stockton Herald & Post) Stockton Herald & Post 2015-01-01
Out of this world (The Advertiser) The Advertiser 2015-01-10
Queering the pitch The Sunday Times 2015-01-11
Life after the Doctor Radio Times 2015-01-17
Tangerine Dream JB Hi-Fi 2015-02-01
Doctor Who conquers TV universe Los Angeles Daily News 2015-02-10
An era for every channel Chicago Tribune 2015-02-16
Doctor Who companion has a sex change for stunt scene South Wales Echo 2015-02-21
Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series The Video Librarian 2015-03-01
Outside the Box American Cinematographer 2015-03-01
Next year's Infinity Con will expand to two days Lake City Reporter 2015-03-03
Doctor Who: Last Christmas (Regina Leader-Post) Regina Leader-Post 2015-03-07
The Doctor never faced a challenge like this one - but Peter Capaldi discovers hope amid the slums of Malawi Radio Times 2015-03-07
How to Construct a Time Machine Art Monthly 2015-03-15
Doctor Who'd have thought it? The Mail on Sunday 2015-03-15
Fan-tastic fun Daily Herald 2015-03-17
New Who -- Your Top 10 Radio Times 2015-03-21
The Doctor is in - The Whovians are coming to Baltimore County to share their mutual love of the cult sci-fi TV series 'Doctor Who' The Baltimore Sun 2015-03-27
Meeting of the Tribes Film Journal International 2015-04-01
Small Screen to Big Screen Film Journal International 2015-04-01
Drawing the Doctor Rutland Herald 2015-04-05
Time Lord Gets Extra 5 Years Daily Star 2015-04-08
Blue Box Cafe brings fun, food, comfort to Elgin Naperville Sun 2015-04-10
Doctor Who to Doctor Evil? The Mirror 2015-04-14
Doctor Who team 'refuse BBC plea for big-budget film' Daily Mail 2015-04-18
Doctor Whollywood Daily Record
The Mail on Sunday
The man who left Doctor Who Radio Times 2015-04-18
Hollywood comes calling for the Doctor The Times 2015-04-18
Conventions are joyous occasions Sunday Express 2015-04-19
Who can you spot with Doctors? Daily Mail 2015-04-21
It's All a Bit Harry Potter: The Bard, The Doctor and The Cultural TARDIS in Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code The Journal of Popular Culture 2015-04-22
Nerd cave decor Chicago Tribune
Springfield News-Sun
Face facts Doc! Daily Star 2015-04-30
Doctor Who: Last Christmas The Video Librarian 2015-05-01
Clara in Doctor Who Radio Times 2015-05-09
Nigel Terry Variety 2015-05-12
Fandoms provide havens and outlets for passionate fans Illinois State Journal-Register 2015-05-12
Track down the TARDIS in Medina Akron Beacon Journal
Springfield News-Sun
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor. Vol. 1: Revolutions of Terror Library Journal 2015-05-15
Jenna's Got A Baz-Who-Ka The Sun 2015-05-20
Delia Derbyshire : sound and music for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1962-1973 University of York thesis 2015-06-01
Doctor Who: Legacy Air & Space Smithsonian 2015-06-01
X-Files' Gillian or Dame Helen are perfect for Who Daily Star 2015-06-03
Want to see one's sonic screwdriver? The Sun 2015-06-05
Where is Jenna Coleman? The Mirror 2015-06-05
Harry and Dr Who girl Daily Mail 2015-06-06
Sci-fi fans flock town as The Doctor drops by Evening Gazette 2015-06-08
Comic con can bridge a family gap The Des Moines Register 2015-06-11
Doctor Who.B.E Daily Record 2015-06-13
The Return of Doctor Who (Library Journal) Library Journal 2015-06-15
Sci-fi fans go back to the future in the big who's who Western Morning News 2015-07-06
Even as a child, Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi was more fascinated than fearful of the monster-filled time-travel show Entertainment Weekly 2015-07-10
Breaking Big: Arthur Darvill Entertainment Weekly 2015-07-10
Join the Daleks for sci-fi Sunday Evening Chronicle 2015-07-14
Stars' £400 Comic Con Daily Star 2015-07-19
Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman Entertainment Weekly 2015-07-24
Dr Who writer: Plan to reform BBC is wretched and wrong The Herald 2015-07-24
Spaceships and scampi New Statesman 2015-07-24
Radio Times Festival Radio Times 2015-07-25
Doctor Who's Alien A-List Foxtel 2015-08-01
Dr Who & biccy monster Daily Star 2015-08-06
Belleville artist - is in Who's Who - of Dr. Who Belleville News-Democrat 2015-08-14
I'll Know Who Better Than You Know Who Daily Star 2015-08-29
Peter Capaldi is back as the Time Lord Daily Star 2015-08-30
A sudden change in management has left Clara feeling confused People Management 2015-09-01
The Tenth Doctor: Revolutions of Terror School Library Journal 2015-09-01
The Doctors Are In: The Essential and Unofficial Guide to Doctor Who's Greatest Time Lord Library Journal 2015-09-01
Cheer Up, Weeping Angels! The Village Voice 2015-09-09
The Doctor Beckons Bowie Daily Express 2015-09-12
How I finally made mum proud ...when I qualified as a Doctor The Mail on Sunday 2015-09-13
Get Behind the Sofa ... Quick! The Mail on Sunday 2015-09-13
Matt Roush's Top 10 Must-See Shows (2015) TV Guide 2015-09-14
Capaldi: It's No to Doc & Clara affair The Mirror 2015-09-15
Jen quits Dr Who to be Queen The Mirror 2015-09-16
Dare to meet Daleks at event Aberdeen Evening Express 2015-09-18
Doktor wer? Kurier 2015-09-18
Is there time for a mid-life crisis? Leicester Mercury
Manchester Evening News
Sci-fi fun at Great Central Shepshed Echo 2015-09-18
Bonding Before Alien Battles Chicago Sun-Times
USA Today
Argus Leader
The Daily Advertiser
Springfield News-Sun
Last time in Tardis for Doctor Who's Coleman The Press and Journal 2015-09-19
Who's looking at Who? Radio Times 2015-09-19
Jenna: Tardis goodbye was so emotional The Mirror 2015-09-19
The Exterminate Factor The Sun 2015-09-19
A child of destiny flees through a war-torn landscape Radio Times 2015-09-19
Doctor Two (Daily Star) Daily Star 2015-09-19
Doc's got the prescription for adventure Evening Times 2015-09-19
A little time with you know 'Who' Los Angeles Times 2015-09-19
Out of this world (We Love TV) The Mirror 2015-09-19
It's good TV for whatever ails you Los Angeles Times 2015-09-19
The Doctor is thinking out of the box ... The Guardian 2015-09-20
Sexterminate! The Mirror 2015-09-20
Blue Who's becoming deadly dull The Mirror 2015-09-20
Doctor Who Regenerated! The Mail on Sunday 2015-09-20
Capaldi cheats catastrophe with world-weary panache The Sunday Telegraph 2015-09-20
What's worth watching Sept. 21-27 TV Guide 2015-09-21
The grooviest Doctor yet -- and he plays guitar The Times 2015-09-21
Clearly, Peter Capaldi is not a popular version of the Doctor Daily Star 2015-09-22
Dr Who tale of spaceships and Smokies The Courier & Advertiser 2015-09-22
A master villain Radio Times 2015-09-26
Surrounded Radio Times 2015-09-26
Feedback (2015-09-26) Radio Times 2015-09-26
World Beaters The Sunday Times 2015-09-27
Jenna Coleman confirms she's quit Doctor Who as she teases "emotional" goodbye to the TARDIS The Mirror 2015-09-27
The Time Loud The Mirror 2015-09-27
Who's lost his way? Morning Star 2015-09-29
Whovians to gather for Wichita's first 'Doctor Who' convention The Wichita Eagle 2015-10-01
Jenna Coleman Checks Out Of Doctor Who Entertainment Weekly 2015-10-02
Time marches on to the Drum Radio Times 2015-10-03
Davros Rules! Radio Times 2015-10-03
Toon In, Drop In The Village Voice 2015-10-07
Living it up on the Tardis Sci Fi 2015-10-09
Teacher's warning for selling Dr Who goods Daily Post 2015-10-09
Secrets Of Doctor Who Radio Times 2015-10-10
Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again: Exploring Faith, Doubt, and the Disciple Journey of a Companion to the Doctor Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
Doctor Who: City of Death (2015) Library Journal 2015-10-15
Screenwriters as Theologians: Doctor Who’s Scope for Theological Exploration Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
Implicit Religion in Popular Culture: The Case of Doctor Who Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
Doctor Who and Immortality: Influence of Christian and Buddhist Ethics Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
Afterword: The Hope of the Doctor Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
The Impossible Pit: Satan, Hell, and Teaching with Doctor Who Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
Doctor Who and the Iconographic Search for an Ecstatic Human Religious Experience Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
The Humanism of Doctor Who: A Critical Study in Science Fiction and Philosophy, by David Layton Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
Explicit and Implicit Religion in Doctor Who and Star Trek Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
As We See, So We Learn: Doctor Who as Religious Education Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
The Doctor’s Original Face: Watching Doctor Who Episodes as Buddhist Koans Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
Into the Arms of Dr Who: Implicit Religion and a Cowboy’s Redemption Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
Ken Earl The Times 2015-10-16
The wisdom of youth Radio Times 2015-10-17
Doc stands & delivers Daily Star 2015-10-20
Two Royals, A President And Dr. Who Green Bay Press-Gazette
The Arizona Republic
The Daily Advertiser
Pensacola News Journal
Out of This World with Neil DeGrasse Tyson Entertainment Weekly 2015-10-30
Made in Britain Radio Times 2015-10-31
Feelin' Good, Keepin' Calm License! 2015-11-01
Spirit of Adventure JB Hi-Fi 2015-11-01
Doctor Who's time switch fury Daily Mail 2015-11-07
Doctor on at the wrong time, lord Daily Star 2015-11-07
The History of the Zygons Radio Times 2015-11-07
Insensitive jet blast scene shocks Doctor Who fans The Scottish Mail on Sunday 2015-11-08
You must not watch this Radio Times 2015-11-14
Don't look now Radio Times 2015-11-14
Partners in Time (2015) SciFiNow Annual 2015-11-15
Manchester Boy The Advocate 2015-11-17
Time runs out for Doctor Who's Clara The Sunday Times 2015-11-22
TARDIS gathering has links to area Aurora Beacon-News
The Courier-News (Elgin, IL)
SNP plans a £100m cash grab for BBC Scotland Daily Mail 2015-12-03
A sex storm Daily Star 2015-12-04
Playing Doctor Who is Delightful FirstNews 2015-12-04
It's quite fun to indulge the darker aspects of your psyche The Irish Times 2015-12-05
The nightmare man Radio Times 2015-12-05
Frank's patter does little to flatter him The Sunday Times 2015-12-06
The Best of the Boxed Sets TV Guide 2015-12-07
Christmas is a big event in time and space... Radio Times 2015-12-12
Tears for Clara Radio Times 2015-12-12
I understand that you need to see a Doctor! The Mail on Sunday 2015-12-13
Heads up for Greg... Daily Star 2015-12-14
Well, look Who it is! Leicester Mercury 2015-12-18
Peter's friends Radio Times 2015-12-19
There's something for everyone in The Husbands of River Song Radio Times 2015-12-19
MoD: Enemies will outgun UK within 20 years The Sunday Times 2015-12-20
The Doctor isn't feeling merry TV Guide 2015-12-21
12 picks of Christmas The Mail on Sunday 2015-12-23

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