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title publication date
Spy Games Sight & Sound 2016-01-01
The best of 2015 Radio Times 2016-01-02
Man Up, Peter Radio Times 2016-01-09
The 100 greatest TV shows to watch now Radio Times 2016-01-16
Scots creator of TV sleuth Bergerac dies The Herald 2016-01-16
Looking 'Beyond Borders' For Next Doctor Who Broadcasting & Cable 2016-01-29
The passion of Steven Moffat New Statesman 2016-01-29
An Unofficial Planet-by-Planet Guide to the World of the Doctor from Gallifrey to Skaro Library Journal 2016-02-01
The Gendered Culture of Scientific Competence: A Study of Scientist Characters in Doctor Who 1963–2013 Sex Roles 2016-03-02
Sky Tunes in to Asia's Potential with Iflix Deal Daily Express 2016-03-10
My Top 5 Doctor Who Companions Coalville Times 2016-03-11
Doctor In The House (Radio Times) Radio Times 2016-03-19
Peter Capaldi Radio Times 2016-03-26
Watch these bad boys or you'll end up like my last companion Doctor Who unveils his new partner (and she's a real Pearl) The Mail on Sunday
Irish Daily Mail
Doctor Who's new partner fits the Bill Sunday Express 2016-04-24
Who's That Pearl? Wales on Sunday 2016-04-24
Doc shock Daily Star 2016-04-25
The Doctor has a new companion! Daily Herald 2016-04-26
Fans celebrate a sci-fi legacy at WhoFest 3 The Irving Rambler 2016-04-30
Doctor Who-dunit Daily Star 2016-05-14
Bringing Doctor Who back for the masses: regenerating cult, commodifying class Science Fiction Film and Television 2016-06-01
Matt's back in time Daily Star 2016-06-15
Doctor Who: The Complete Ninth Series The Video Librarian 2016-07-01
The Return of the Vanishing Director Entertainment Weekly 2016-07-22
Reading In To It Champaign News-Gazette 2016-07-31
Time to change Daily Star 2016-08-01
TV CV Samuel Anderson Radio Times 2016-08-26
Streaming Entertainment Weekly 2016-09-02
BBC to recreate lost Doctor Who as animation Press Association
The Guardian
24 Hours on My Plate Waitrose Weekend 2016-09-08
Extermibake, extermibake... Waitrose Weekend 2016-09-08
Pass notes No 3,740 The Guardian 2016-10-04
I have no time-travelling experience! The Guardian 2016-10-06
The 100 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time Rolling Stone 2016-10-06
Modern Toss The Guardian 2016-10-15
What is the superpower of 'Torchwood' star Barrowman? His fan connection Chicago Tribune 2016-10-16
Doctor collectables up at auction Evening Chronicle 2016-10-25
Class Waitrose Weekend 2016-10-27
Doctor Who's new class Radio Times 2016-10-29
Top Contenders for Dr Who Animation Coalville Times 2016-11-04
The View From My Sofa Radio Times 2016-11-05
Another Side of Matt Smith Entertainment Weekly 2016-11-11
Doctor: It's still just monsters and me The Mirror 2016-11-22
Look Who's coming! (Radio Times) Radio Times 2016-11-26
Acme Design replicates TARDIS The Courier-News (Elgin, IL) 2016-11-28
Celebrity Wellbeing Evening Chronicle 2016-12-07
Hear It Now Waitrose Weekend 2016-12-08
Scrooge of the Tardis Daily Star 2016-12-15
Looking for that purr-fect gift The Guardian 2016-12-16
Where to, Doc? Radio Times 2016-12-17
Smashing Time Radio Times 2016-12-17
Peter Capaldi Q&A The Guardian 2016-12-17
Very festive The Guardian 2016-12-17
Doctor Who Christmas Special TV Guide 2016-12-19
Paul Kirkley's Christmas TV highlights Waitrose Weekend 2016-12-20
Plenty of 'Doctor Who' for Christmas and in 2017 Chicago Tribune 2016-12-21
Doctor Who Christmas Special / Marcus Theatres Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2016-12-23
This Weekend I Have ... 90 Minutes and a Big Blue Phone Booth The New York Times 2016-12-23
The Doctor is back The Press 2016-12-23
Matt Lucas hops onto the TARDIS as 'Doctor Who' regular USA Today 2016-12-23
Overtime Lord The People 2016-12-25
The greatest hero of all time The National 2016-12-25
Doctor Who provides a holiday treat with 'Doctor Mysterio' The Pottstown Mercury 2016-12-25
A mysterious Dr Who The Western Australian 2016-12-26
It's super, man, as the Doctor drops in for Christmas The Guardian 2016-12-26
All aboard the Tardis (2016) Radio Times 2016-12-31

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