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title publication date
Ken Grieve The Guardian 2017-01-05
Teenage terrors in Doctor Who spin-off Evening Chronicle 2017-01-09
Doctor Who returns to battle falling ratings The Guardian 2017-01-15
NHS Crisis The Sunday Times 2017-01-15
He had a range, and a thirst, that few could match The Sunday Times 2017-01-29
Next Doctor Who has to be a woman, Harman tells BBC Daily Mail 2017-01-31
Capaldi quitting Dr Who Daily Star 2017-01-31
Sorry to See Top Doc Quit Daily Star 2017-02-01
Regeneration: will the 13th Doctor be black or female? The Guardian 2017-02-01
Who's quit? Call the Doc Daily Star 2017-02-01
Stark mad to be Doc The Sun 2017-02-02
Don't fret about a female Time Lord. The inequality is in the real world The Guardian 2017-02-03
I love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor Radio Times 2017-02-04
If... The Guardian 2017-02-06
Danny Dyer: I Fancy Being New Doctor ... so Who are you starin' at? Daily Star 2017-02-09
Farewell to Capaldi The Times 2017-02-10
Top Picks to Be the New Time Lord The Times 2017-02-10
A Distaff Doctor Radio Times 2017-02-11
Radio Times Hall of Fame Radio Times 2017-02-11
Bravo! City tycoon with hearing trouble gives £1m to build woodland opera house The Sunday Times 2017-02-12
Cheers & Jeers TV Guide 2017-02-13
What Next for Doctor Who? Radio Times 2017-02-18
A fascinating life ended far too soon Evening Chronicle 2017-02-27
Doctor on Call TV Guide 2017-02-27
Family tributes after tallest man in UK dies Evening Chronicle 2017-02-28
It's Kris for the Tardis! Daily Star 2017-03-04
Who's Got Doc Spooked? Daily Mirror 2017-03-13
Pilot X Library Journal 2017-03-15
Openly gay companion a first for Doctor Who The Guardian 2017-04-01
Doctor Who writer dismisses fuss over gay companion as nonsense The Guardian 2017-04-06
A round up of TV this Easter weekend Waitrose Weekend 2017-04-13
Partners in time ... Evening Chronicle 2017-04-15
The Doctor finally gets his mojo back - thanks to a gobby new assistant The Guardian 2017-04-17
Pass notes No 3,841 The Guardian 2017-04-18
A staggeringly poor choice to take over the role of Doctor Who The Guardian 2017-04-21
An inappropriate new Doctor Who The Guardian 2017-04-24
You've got to love the cheek of Doctor Who Waitrose Weekend 2017-04-27
Torys want to Exterminate the NHS The Guardian 2017-05-11
Geoffrey Bayldon The Guardian 2017-05-12
Our great city just what The Doctor ordered Evening Chronicle 2017-05-22
I think a female Doctor would be really thrilling Evening Chronicle 2017-06-10
Capaldi and Moffat get ready for final trip in the Tardis The Guardian 2017-07-01
Who should be the next Doctor? The Guardian 2017-07-13
Bradley Walsh: Doctor Who's best cosmic joke The Guardian 2017-08-23

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