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Susan says goodbye to Dr. Who The Mirror 1964-09-03
Maureen has a date with Dr. Who Daily Mail 1964-12-05
Dr. Who losing his fellow travelers The Daily Telegraph 1965-04-02
Barbara and Ian leaving 'Dr. Who' Daily Express 1965-04-02
New "Dr Who" Sought The Times 1966-08-06
Why I must quit—by Dr Who The Mirror 1966-08-06
Dr. Who (Belfast Telegraph) Belfast Telegraph 1966-08-06
Dr. Who Quits The Daily Telegraph 1966-08-06
A New Who in View, But Who? Daily Express 1966-08-06
Dr Who to quit Daily Mail 1966-08-06
Who now? The Mirror 1966-08-13
New Dr. Who Birmingham Post 1966-09-02
Tougher Dr. Who is chosen The Daily Telegraph 1966-09-02
New Doctor Who (1966) The Guardian 1966-09-02
Dr. Who Changes Face Variety 1966-09-28
The identity of the new "Dr. Who" The Times 1966-11-05
Enter the New Dr Who The Mirror 1966-11-05
Dr. Who's loss Daily Express 1967-04-13
Dr. Who Departures The Daily Telegraph 1967-04-13
Deborah Watling: The new girl in "Dr. Who" Daily Express 1967-08-23
You've Met Her Father New Zealand TV Weekly 1967-09-25
Wendy is a human computer The Mirror 1968-04-17
Wendy has a date in outer space with Dr. Who Daily Express 1968-04-17
Space girl Wendy tries on the latest look in way-out fashion The Mirror 1968-05-04
Jamie parting with Dr Who The Mirror 1968-09-05
Dr. Who and Jamie to quit BBC show The Mirror 1969-01-07
Now Who Will Be the New Dr. Who? Daily Express 1969-01-07
Dr Who switch The Times 1969-06-21
Dr Jon Who The Times 1969-06-21
Dr. Who role for Jon Pertwee The Daily Telegraph 1969-06-21
Jon Pertwee is Dr. Who Belfast Telegraph 1969-06-21
End of time for Dr Who Daily Mail 1969-06-21
Pertwee is new Dr. Who The Stage and Television Today 1969-06-26
Dr Who's new girl (1973) The Mirror 1973-06-27
Who is Liz? She's just what the doctor ordered Daily Express 1973-06-27
New assistant for Dr Who The Stage and Television Today 1973-07-05
Yoo-Hoo! It's the New Dr Who Girl Diana 1973-10-13
Pertwee to quit as Dr. Who The Daily Telegraph 1974-02-09
Who Next? Jon Pertwee (I can't stand Daleks) quits The Mirror 1974-02-09
Who will be the new doctor? The Newcastle Journal 1974-02-09
Who will be Who? The Times 1974-02-09
Who's Who (The Guardian, 1974) The Guardian 1974-02-16
Television's new Dr Who The Times 1974-02-16
Out of the unknown—a new face to fight the Space villains The Sun 1974-02-16
Latest Dr. Who once played Rasputin The Daily Telegraph 1974-02-16
Dr. Who is dead ... long live Dr. Who The Mirror 1974-05-04
Who's best The Observer 1974-05-26
A new Dr Who The Times 1974-12-17
Liz Sladen (Sarah Jane) stopt met „Doctor Who" De Telegraaf 1976-05-17
Who girl bows out The Mirror 1976-10-23
Who do you do-- it's Leela, the Doctor's new girl Daily Express 1976-10-27
Heaven scent ... Dr Who's K9 companion Daily Mail 1977-10-07
Peering anxiously round a lamppost The Guardian 1977-10-07
I've had enough says TV's Dr Who Daily Express 1977-11-05
Dr Who to lose his assistant The Times 1977-11-07
Dr. Who's space-mate Daily Express 1978-02-18
New 'Dr Who' girl The Times 1978-02-18
Mary joins Dr Who in time... Liverpool Echo 1978-02-18
Save Our Leela The Times 1978-03-19
Introducing the new Time Lady--Mary Tamm The Daily Telegraph 1978-04-26
Who's next (The Herald) The Herald 1978-04-26
Tamm's a big time lady... Daily Express 1978-09-02
Time runs out for Romana The Mirror 1979-01-20
How time flies for new Dr Who girl Daily Mail 1979-02-07
Affirmative, new mistress! Daily Express 1979-02-07
Lalla Ward, the actress now playing Princess Astra The Daily Telegraph 1979-02-07
Dr Who, television's ageless time-traveller The Guardian 1979-02-07
Doctor Who requires extra tall lady The Stage and Television Today 1979-06-14
Ex-Vampire Lalla to Step Back in Time as Dr. Who's Girl Friday Liverpool Echo 1979-08-21
Come In No. 15 Daily Express 1979-09-01
Lalla goes back in time Yorkshire Evening Post 1980-05-10
Dr Who's boy wonder takes off The Sun 1980-05-16
Matthew Who The Mirror 1980-05-16
Who's a lucky girl, then? The Mirror 1980-05-24
Good Lord-it's Lalla Belfast Telegraph 1980-06-05
Will the cruel Beeb really kill off K9? The Sun 1980-06-07
How will Who lose his Lalla? The Sun 1980-07-15
A dog's life The Age 1980-10-13
Janet's the new girl in life of Dr. Who ... Liverpool Echo 1980-10-23
On Doctor's Orders Daily Mail 1980-10-24
New girl for flying Dr Who Daily Star 1980-10-24
Janet who? .. she's the girl for Dr Who Daily Record 1980-10-24
Australian Girl for Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1980-10-24
Dr Who's new girl Daily Express 1980-10-24
It's time for a change, says Dr Who Liverpool Echo 1980-10-25
Tom quits as Dr Who The Mirror 1980-10-25
Two lucky lads step into space Daily Express 1980-10-25
Goodbye! Tom Quits as Dr Who Daily Express 1980-10-25
Exterminate! Daily Record 1980-10-25
Who's next? The Times 1980-10-25
Tom Quits--now a woman Dr Who? The Sun 1980-10-25
Who's on next? Daily Mail 1980-10-25
And now for Miss Who? Daily Express 1980-10-25
Tom Baker quits after seven years The Mirror 1980-10-25
Dr Who gets Aussie co-star The Sydney Morning Herald 1980-10-26
A female Dr. Who? The Stage and Television Today 1980-10-30
Who do you want next? The Sun 1980-11-01
Tristan boards the Tardis Daily Mail 1980-11-05
TV Vet's The New Dr Who The Mirror 1980-11-05
New Doctor Who The Times 1980-11-05
Peter Who? Daily Record 1980-11-05
Just what the Doctor ordered (1980) Express & Star 1980-11-05
A Doctor Who from the dales The Courier & Advertiser 1980-11-05
TV Vet Is New Space Doctor The Sun 1980-11-05
Is Dr Who, aged 750, about to face up to sex? Daily Express 1980-11-06
Tristan as Dr Who The Canberra Times 1980-11-07
Dr Who Recruit (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1980-11-22
Dr Who recruit The Times 1980-11-22
Make space for three, Dr Who Daily Express 1980-11-22
Sarah's Set to Join Dr Who The Mirror 1980-11-22
Who's not afraid now, Doctor? Daily Record 1981-01-31
Tom picks up another girl Daily Record 1981-02-28
Time's up for the Time Lord The Mirror 1981-03-21
Vet Peter Joins The Doctors' Who's Who Daily Star 1981-03-21
Doctor Tom runs out of time! The Sun 1981-03-21
Where Dr Who fears to tread Daily Mail 1981-03-21
Whozat! Doctor to skittle 'em The Mirror 1981-04-16
A tonic for the Doctor The Sun 1981-11-14
New Who Radio Times 1982-01-02
Doctor Who's Aussie Helper The Australian Women's Weekly 1982-01-13
Dr. Who's lad is dead unlucky Daily Mail 1982-03-17
Will the doctor bowl 'em over? The Age 1982-04-22
A new face for 'Dr Who' The Sydney Morning Herald 1982-04-26
Dr Who Beauty To Quit The Sun 1982-07-15
Mark's time for Dr Who! The Sun 1982-09-16
Dr. Who's sexy tonic Daily Star 1983-06-03
And talking of heroes there's a new girl for the kids' favourite Daily Record 1983-07-06
When the series started I was a crawling around in my nappies Daily Mail 1983-07-06
Actor set to quit role as Dr. Who Belfast Telegraph 1983-07-28
Time Runs Out for the Doctor Daily Mail 1983-07-29
Time's up for the Doctor .. Daily Record 1983-07-29
Peter bows out and a woman may take over Daily Star 1983-07-29
Dr Who is running out of time Daily Express 1983-07-29
Peter to quit now--BBC hunt for lady Doctor Daily Express 1983-07-29
Dr Who actor to quit series The Times 1983-07-29
Dishy Dr Peter Says Ta-Ta to Tardis! The Sun 1983-07-29
Who's Who? Brian's Doctor No. 6 Daily Express 1983-08-01
So who's for Miss Who? Daily Express 1983-08-04
Brian Blessed-- that's Who The Sydney Morning Herald 1983-08-15
Baddie Colin makes good as the new Dr. Who Daily Express 1983-08-20
Colin's the new Dr Who Daily Star 1983-08-20
Baddie Colin in the new you-know-Who Daily Mail 1983-08-20
Now Colin Clocks on as Dr Who The Sun 1983-08-20
Colin's time for Dr Who The Mirror 1983-08-20
Who's Who (Bournemouth Evening Echo) Bournemouth Evening Echo 1983-08-20
Villain from 'Brothers' is new Dr. Who The Daily Telegraph 1983-08-20
New Dr Who The Times 1983-08-20
Davison leaves "Doctor Who" Movie & Film Collectors World 1983-09-09
After Davison's Doctor—Who's Next? Starlog 1983-10-06
The Doctor's Prescription: A New Who! Starlog 1983-12-06
Space beauty on the launch pad Daily Express 1984-02-23
Nicola Bryant joins the cast of Doctor Who Bournemouth Daily Echo 1984-02-23
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Mirror) The Mirror 1984-02-23
Who's Who's girl? The Mail on Sunday 1984-03-04
The man who will be Who Daily Mail 1984-03-16
It's just what the doctor ordered Daily Star 1984-03-16
A who done it for Dr Who Daily Record 1984-03-16
Mr. Baker is taking over the role from Peter Davison The Daily Telegraph 1984-03-16
Who goes there The Times 1984-03-16
He was lucky to have the lovely Nicola Bryant as his assistant Sunday Express 1984-03-18
Time for a time Lord Bryant and McNally Daily Express 1984-03-22
Perry Makes Up For Lost Time Spidey Comic 1985-09-14
Dr. Who vs. the BBC: The tale of a superhero's setback and its consequences Chicago Tribune
Ottawa Citizen
Lakeland Ledger
Dayton Daily News
Albuquerque Journal
Daily Press
Edmonton Journal
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Daily Register
Wisconsin State Journal
La Crosse Tribune
Bonnie is Dr. Who's new girl Evening Chronicle 1986-01-23
Time for a change-- It's Bonnie! Edinburgh Evening News 1986-01-23
Bubbly Bonnie joins the Doctor Liverpool Echo 1986-01-23
Bonnie lands with Dr Who Daily Star 1986-01-24
Who's the new girl? Today 1986-10-21
Bonnie pal for Dr Who The Sun 1986-10-21
Doctor's bonny screamer The Northern Echo 1986-10-21
Bonnie's bouncing in to boss the Doc Daily Express 1986-11-01
New "Doctor Who" Companion Starlog 1986-11-04
Dr. Who: time runs out The Herald (Ireland) 1986-12-16
Who will be the next Doctor? Today 1986-12-18
Material dilemma for Dr Who The Guardian 1986-12-19
Colin Baker quits as the Doctor The Herald 1986-12-19
Dr Who actor runs out of time Daily Mail 1986-12-19
Search is on for seventh Dr Who Daily Express 1986-12-19
Who's Next? TV Hunts Doc No 7 The Sun 1986-12-19
Doctor Who changes The Times 1986-12-19
Change Dr Who's sex! Daily Star
Daily Express
Is this the new face of Dr Who? Daily Express 1986-12-20
Who next? How about a Time Lady? Daily Mail 1986-12-20
Sex Change for Dr Who! The Mirror 1986-12-20
Alexei's set to be Dr Who The Sun 1986-12-20
Dr Who shuns sex change Today 1987-01-27
New Doctor Who is the unknown McCoy The Sun 1987-02-28
McCoy, That's Who The Sun 1987-03-03
Dr. Who is the real McCoy Today 1987-03-03
Seventh Doctor Who is the real McCoy The Newcastle Journal 1987-03-03
Who's the Doc? The Northern Echo 1987-03-03
Who do you do, Doctor The Mirror 1987-03-03
Sylvester Who? The Times 1987-03-03
The new Dr Who is real McCoy The Guardian 1987-03-03
Unknown galaxies open up for Dunoon's Dr Who! Dunoon Observer & Argyllshire Standard 1987-03-07
Scottish-born Sylvester McCoy was officially announced as the new star of the BBC's long running programme Doctor Who on the 2nd March Starburst 1987-04-01
Doctor Who Renewed Without Baker Starlog 1987-04-07
Sylvester McCoy materializes in Atlanta Comics Buyer's Guide 1987-04-10
All eyes on new Dr. Who The Herald (Ireland) 1987-04-25
Who's Who next? Daily Express 1987-05-05
Who is the new Dr. Who? Chicago Tribune 1987-05-10
Sylvester McCoy, The New Doctor Who Starlog 1987-06-02
Who's Milky Way Kiddo! The Sun 1987-08-13
Who's that girl with the doc? The Newcastle Journal 1987-08-13
Sophie's the one for Who Daily Express 1987-08-13
Who's taken to the cleaners! Radio Times 1987-09-05
Tops on the box Edinburgh Evening News 1987-09-07
Who's that girl? (The Sunday Mirror) The Mirror 1987-11-22
Colin Baker: The Doctor is Out Starlog 1988-06-02
Back in time with Doctor Who Radio Times 1990-01-13
Sex Change Time for Doctor Who News of the World 1990-08-26
Take a trip into times now past The Newcastle Journal 1991-06-25
Who says a lady can't play the Doc? The Newcastle Journal 1991-06-27
These are our demands--Who has the answers? The Stage and Television Today 1994-03-03
Gay actor set to play Doctor Who The Pink Paper 1995-10-20
Look who's Who! The Sun 1996-01-11
Revival of Dr Who Irish Independent 1996-01-11
The time travel of their lives Edinburgh Evening News 1996-11-26
Step forward in time for the new Dr Daily Express 1998-05-19
Who will play 'Who' role? The Oklahoman 2001-06-26
Meet the new Doctor Who! Bella 2001-11-06
By Jove! Doddy's in Line for Dr Who Daily Star 2002-02-28
Obituary of John Nathan-Turner Doctor Who's ninth producer who introduced a new look to the show The Daily Telegraph 2002-05-07
Shane set for Dr role Sunday Express 2003-06-29
Time for a Timelady in Tardis says ex-Dr Who Daily Star 2003-09-29
Eddie's time for Dr Who Daily Star 2003-10-02
Eddie is set to be Dr. Who The Mirror 2003-10-03
Eddie to be Dr Who? Daily Express 2003-10-03
New Dr Who located on planet of the character actors The Sunday Times 2003-10-05
Drop the dead Daleks, it's Dr Who the sex machine The Sunday Times 2004-03-07
Who's a Dirty Doctor Daily Star 2004-03-08
Eccleston's £1m Deal To Step Into Tardis Daily Express 2004-03-20
So guess who's the new Dr Who Daily Express 2004-03-20
BBC names actor to play ninth Dr Who The Times 2004-03-20
Cracker Chris is the new Dr Who The Mirror 2004-03-20
New Dr Who is a Cracker Daily Mail 2004-03-20
Shakespeare actor Eccleston reincarnated as Doctor Who The Guardian 2004-03-20
New Dr Who on the way Irish Independent 2004-03-20
Doctor Chris, That's Who... TV Times 2004-04-03
Who'll be Doctor's Girl? Daily Express 2004-04-24
Billie Piper is 'dynamic' new Dr Who assistant Irish Independent 2004-05-25
Just Who the Doctor ordered ... Metro (England) 2004-05-25
Doctor Who's new assistant The Guardian 2005-03-14
Heroes & Villains The Independent 2005-03-26
Doctor Woo The Sun 2005-03-31
He saves the world and BBC, then Dr Who quits The Times 2005-03-31
Dr Who star makes way for Casanova Daily Express 2005-03-31
Doctor Who Quits The Sun 2005-03-31
I quit as Dr Who Daily Mail 2005-03-31
Casanova actor seduces the Doctor Who casting agent The Times 2005-04-01
BBC's anger at the vanishing Doctor Who Daily Mail 2005-04-01
How Casanova made his next conquest a dalek The Mirror 2005-04-01
Dr Who Told Beeb He'd Stay In Show The Mirror 2005-04-03
Casanova regenerates into the new Doctor Who The Times 2005-04-16
David's the new Doc Daily Star 2005-04-16
Casanova Will Be the New Dr Who The Sun 2005-04-16
Who knew Doctor Who revival would be so good? CanWest News Service
The Windsor Star
Doctor Who gets 10th face Chicago Tribune 2005-04-20
Billie: It's Ta-ta to the Tardis Daily Star 2005-05-23
Who's a lucky devil Daily Star 2005-05-26
The regeneration game (The Stage) The Stage and Television Today 2005-07-07
Billie Quits Show The Mirror 2005-11-12
Is the next driver of the Tardis set to be a woman The Times 2006-03-30
Who's That Girl (2006) Daily Star 2006-03-31
One Final Question (Michelle Gomez) Radio Times 2006-05-06
Who's that girl? Doctor's new assistant The Guardian 2006-05-07
Billie to be first female Doctor Who? Daily Star 2006-05-09
TV Billie says Ta-Tardis Daily Star 2006-06-06
Who's This? The Sun 2006-06-16
Cybermen battle is the last for Rose The Times 2006-06-16
Doctor New (Daily Mirror) The Mirror 2006-07-05
Sidekick whose time has come The Times 2006-07-05
Agyeman to be next Doctor Who sidekick The Stage and Television Today 2006-07-06
Doctor Who bids farewell to Billie Daily Express 2006-07-10
Big numbers tune in Piper exit on 'Who' The Hollywood Reporter 2006-07-11
The Martha Ship The Sun 2006-08-10
Who's Next? (The Sun) The Sun 2006-12-28
The Doctor's deadliest foe? Typecasting The Times 2006-12-29
Who vs Marster The Sun 2007-01-30
The Master's class in power politics The Times 2007-06-25
New companion for Dr Who The Times 2007-07-02
Catherine Tate joins Doctor Who as new companion Brand Republic News Releases 2007-07-04
Harry's the New Doctor Daily Star 2007-08-24
Torch song Western Mail 2008-02-16
David Tennant to quit 'Dr. Who' Los Angeles Times 2008-10-31
Doctor Who Actor Steps Down The New York Times 2008-10-31
Who's to be Who? Morning Star 2008-11-01
Look who's taking on the Time Lord Daily Mail 2008-12-20
Tennant's exit a grim weeper Daily Star 2008-12-31
Is this the face of the new Dr Who? Daily Mail 2009-01-03
New Doctor unveiled today The Guardian 2009-01-03
Time Lad The Mirror 2009-01-04
Time is on side of new Doctor Who The Sunday Times 2009-01-04
Matt Smith, that's Who Scotland on Sunday 2009-01-04
Doctor's orders The Sunday Telegraph (England) 2009-01-04
Doctor Who? The Independent 2009-01-04
Who's This New Who? The New York Times 2009-01-05
Who's your lady friend, Doctor? Daily Express 2009-01-05
Before-his-time lord The Times 2009-01-05
Kim's home game Daily Star 2009-01-08
Going back to the future is a hazardous enterprise The Times 2009-01-09
Booked in with beloved doctor The Mercury 2009-01-10
Kill the romance and bring on a real time lord The Courier Mail 2009-01-12
EastEnders star Michelle enters Tardis Daily Express 2009-01-23
Doctor Clu The Mirror 2009-01-27
Who's That Girl? (2009) The Sun 2009-05-30
Doctor Who set to regenerate CanWest News Service
Ottawa Citizen
This Doctor is Out Philadelphia Daily News
The Record
The new face of David Tennant Radio Times 2009-12-19
Doctor Who regenerates The Gazette
CanWest News Service
In a blaze of special effects, this Time Lord's time was up The Daily Telegraph 2010-01-02
Time Lord casting news The Independent 2012-03-22
Doctor Who's Companion The New York Times 2012-03-22
Jen Up On Who Is Who The Sun 2012-06-09
I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to leave the show in Doctor Who's biggest year, says Matt Western Mail 2012-08-15
It's the Beginning of the End The Sun 2012-09-01
Look Who's found a new star The Times 2012-09-03
Big night for Dr Who fans as Timelord's companion makes her 'emotional departure' Western Mail 2012-09-29
Doctor Who's Jenna-Louise Coleman Entertainment Weekly 2012-12-07
Who's That Girl? The Sun 2012-12-08
Dr Sue, No Thank You Daily Star 2013-02-16
Coleman joins 'Doctor Who' Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2013-03-30
Flights of Fantasy The Sunday Times (Western Australia) 2013-04-21
Sexterminate! Doctor Who may come back as a woman The Sunday Times 2013-06-02
Smith leaving lead role in 'Doctor Who' Traverse City Record-Eagle 2013-06-03
Who's that girl? (Daily Star) Daily Star 2013-06-03
Doctor Who Star Is Leaving the Series The New York Times 2013-06-03
Who's next - is it time for a Time Lady? The Times 2013-06-03
Time Lady The Times 2013-06-03
A male Doctor Who is an outdated idea. Exterminate it The Times 2013-06-04
OMG...I wannabe Dr Who! Daily Star 2013-06-05
David Beckham, Harry Potter star hyped as possible Doctor Who replacements Regina Leader-Post 2013-06-06
A new Dr Who? We'll never have Paris... Daily Star 2013-06-06
He'd Bloom as Doc Daily Star 2013-06-07
Who's next as Matt calls time? The Northern Echo 2013-06-08
Send for the Time Lady The Times 2013-06-10
Kinnear favourite to be the next Dr Who The Herald 2013-06-10
Rory Fave To Be New Who Daily Star 2013-06-10
Make the next Doctor Who a woman Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who can change the world with a sidekick and a satsuma. Why can't he become a she? New Statesman 2013-06-21
Time moves on for Doc Daily Star 2013-07-03
Doctor who? Jacko cast as Time Lord The Times 2013-07-04
Doctor Who? Matt Smith departure imminent Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Spin Doctor (The Times) The Times 2013-07-31
Who is it? Daily Star 2013-08-02
From Throne To Tardis...So Will The White Queen's Richard III Be New Doctor Who? The Mail on Sunday 2013-08-04
Raise The Lord Wales on Sunday 2013-08-04
Watch out Daleks! Tucker is new Time Lord The Guardian 2013-08-05
A partir de diciembre, Peter Capaldi será el nuevo Dr. Who Publimetro (Mexico) 2013-08-05
Doctor Blue named as 12th Time Lord Daily Express 2013-08-05
A New Doctor Who The New York Times 2013-08-05
Peter Capaldi named as next "Doctor Who" star The New Zealand Herald
Associated Press
The Southern Illinoisan
Tiene Doctor Who un nuevo rostro Reforma 2013-08-05
After All The Hype, Mr Potty Mouth Had Better Be Good Daily Mail 2013-08-05
Peter Capaldi is nieuwe 'Doctor Who' De Morgen 2013-08-06
BBC rolls out the hype in Doctor Who reveal Regina Leader-Post 2013-08-06
Escocês é escalado para interpretar Doctor Who Metro Brazil 2013-08-06
Fans fear the Time Lord may already be out of time The Times 2013-08-06
Doctor Who? It's Peter Capaldi The Australian 2013-08-06
Skotte blir ny Doctor Who Varden 2013-08-06
The new doctor is in National Post 2013-08-06
Den nya Doctor Who avslöjad Dagens Nyheter 2013-08-06
Diversity And 'Doctor Who' The New York Times 2013-08-07
Dr. Who fännid pahased: uus nimiosaline on liiga vana! Õhtuleht 2013-08-07
I was really hoping for a new female hero The Daily Telegraph 2013-08-07
The Fame New Statesman 2013-08-09
Doctor Who change de tête comme de chemise Ajourd'hui en France 2013-08-11
New Time Lord Primer Entertainment Weekly 2013-08-16
Doctor Who, o homem das 12 vidas Diário de Notícias 2013-08-27
Robbie Williams was once in the running to play Doctor Who Daily Star 2013-08-29
Could Doctor Who be a woman one day? The Province 2013-09-29
Appointment TV Empire
Empire (Australia)
Doctor Who can NEVER be a woman ... says the ex-Doctor whose own daughter is a Time Lord! The Mail on Sunday 2013-11-03
Smith to bid farewell to sci-fi hit Doctor Who Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Now Doctor Who is lording it... all across the world Western Mail 2013-11-25
Talking 'bout my regeneration Radio Times 2013-12-07
New Time Lord the only one ever in the running World Entertainment News Network
The Welland Tribune
The Belleville Intelligencer
The Sarnia Observer
The Barrie Examiner
The Beacon Herald
The Sudbury Star
Kingston Whig-Standard
The Niagara Falls Review
The Peterborough Examiner
The St. Catherines Standard
Why I'm calling time on life as a Timelord Liverpool Post
Carmarthen Journal
Gloucestershire Echo
Loughborough Echo
Derby Evening Telegraph
Bristol Post
Belfast Telegraph
Smith: I can move on from Doctor Press Association 2013-12-22
Matt Smith has been a lovely Doctor, and this was a tearful goodbye The Guardian 2013-12-26
Time for a change The Herald 2013-12-26
Who’s that nervous new Doctor at the BBC? The Scotsman 2014-01-08
Doctor Who with a Glasgow accent ... it is the end of the world The Scotsman 2014-03-21
Changement d'identité Télé Magazine 2014-03-22
Female time lord? Moffat says he'll know when time is right Female time lord Western Mail 2014-05-27
Who's that girl? 18 ways to tell if you're a genuine Doctor Who superfan Western Mail 2014-08-02
Say hello to the new Doctor Who Regina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
The Doctor Is In (He's Aged) The New York Times 2014-08-22
The new Doctor is in, and he's Peter Capaldi The Daily Advertiser
USA Today
Argus Leader
Will I quit Doctor Who? You'll have to wait and see... Sunday Express 2014-08-24
X-Files' Gillian or Dame Helen are perfect for Who Daily Star 2015-06-03
Jenna Coleman confirms she's quit Doctor Who as she teases "emotional" goodbye to the TARDIS The Mirror 2015-09-27
Looking 'Beyond Borders' For Next Doctor Who Broadcasting & Cable 2016-01-29
Doctor In The House (Radio Times) Radio Times 2016-03-19
Watch these bad boys or you'll end up like my last companion Doctor Who unveils his new partner (and she's a real Pearl) The Mail on Sunday
Irish Daily Mail
Doctor Who's new partner fits the Bill Sunday Express 2016-04-24
Who's That Pearl? Wales on Sunday 2016-04-24
Doc shock Daily Star 2016-04-25
The Doctor has a new companion! Daily Herald 2016-04-26
Doctor Who-dunit Daily Star 2016-05-14
Time to change Daily Star 2016-08-01
Next Doctor Who has to be a woman, Harman tells BBC Daily Mail 2017-01-31
Capaldi quitting Dr Who Daily Star 2017-01-31
Sorry to See Top Doc Quit Daily Star 2017-02-01
Regeneration: will the 13th Doctor be black or female? The Guardian 2017-02-01
Who's quit? Call the Doc Daily Star 2017-02-01
Stark mad to be Doc The Sun 2017-02-02
Don't fret about a female Time Lord. The inequality is in the real world The Guardian 2017-02-03
Danny Dyer: I Fancy Being New Doctor ... so Who are you starin' at? Daily Star 2017-02-09
Farewell to Capaldi The Times 2017-02-10
Top Picks to Be the New Time Lord The Times 2017-02-10
A Distaff Doctor Radio Times 2017-02-11
Cheers & Jeers TV Guide 2017-02-13
What Next for Doctor Who? Radio Times 2017-02-18
It's Kris for the Tardis! Daily Star 2017-03-04
Dr Who regenderation The Mirror 2017-03-30
Doctor Who gets his first gay companion: A woman called Bill Daily Mail 2017-04-01
About time, lord: Dr Who has gay No 2 The Times 2017-04-01
Openly gay companion a first for Doctor Who The Guardian 2017-04-01
New girl Pearl calls Doctor Loo Daily Star 2017-04-13
A girl named Bill Radio Times 2017-04-15
Pass notes No 3,841 The Guardian 2017-04-18
A female Doctor Who? Regina Leader-Post
Ottawa Citizen
Doctor Who? (Sunday People) The Sunday People 2017-05-14
You'll all Miss me when I'm gone Daily Star 2017-05-17
I think a female Doctor would be really thrilling Evening Chronicle 2017-06-10
Tennant Trades the BBC for Scrooge McDuck Chicago Sun-Times
USA Today
So Who's next? Finale leaves fans waiting for identity of new Doctor The Mail on Sunday 2017-07-02
Look Who's back... Clara says farewell The Mirror 2017-07-03
Cheers to Doctor Who TV Guide 2017-07-14
Dr. What? The next Who's a lady Philadelphia Daily News 2017-07-14
Broadchurch's Jodie is shock late favourite to be the first female Doctor The Mail on Sunday 2017-07-16
Doctor Who casts first woman as lead Daily Herald
Associated Press
Docther Who The Sun 2017-07-17
Time, gentlemen, please - meet the new Doctor The Guardian 2017-07-17
About time: Jodie is the first female Doctor Who Metro (England) 2017-07-17
Fans let fly as Doctor Who is turned into a Time Lady Daily Express 2017-07-17
The 13th Doctor is in Chicago Sun-Times
USA Today
Doctor Who Casts First Female Lead The New York Times 2017-07-17
Don't be scared of my gender, says first woman to play Doctor Who Daily Mail 2017-07-17
A Doctor Who first Chicago Tribune 2017-07-17
Dalektable (2017) The Sun 2017-07-17
It's Dr Rude! Daily Star 2017-07-17
A female Time Lord. Finally. Los Angeles Times
Chicago Tribune
Class Act: Time Lady Jodie Backed After Fans' Backlash Daily Record 2017-07-18
How long before the Daleks are Ma-leks? Daily Star 2017-07-18
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Time to get behind Jodie as the Doctor, urges Baker Metro (England) 2017-07-18
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Sex change for Dr Who divides fans The New Zealand Herald 2017-07-18
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Jodie's An Inspiration The Mirror 2017-07-20
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Twitter is awash with twits saying they'll never watch again Daily Express 2017-07-20
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Look Who Is New No2 The Sun 2017-08-22
How Bradly has always chased his dreams (and the occasional co-star) The Sun 2017-08-23
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Walsh is tipped to travel in the Tardis Metro (England) 2017-08-23
The Time Traveler Rolling Stone 2017-09-07
Three's company for new Time Lord Evening Chronicle 2017-10-25
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Actor's tears as she bows out of Doctor Who Press Association
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