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Queue up, said the Daleks The Mirror 1964-12-29
Out of this world (Daily Mail) Daily Mail 1964-12-29
Daleks steal the show at Olympia The Daily Telegraph 1964-12-29
BB Operate The Daleks At Boys' And Girls' Exhibition Stedfast Mag 1965-02-01
Dr. Who and Daleks at Bingley Hall Coventry Evening Telegraph 1965-04-10
Now take your seats for a trip to the Moon, boys and girls London Life 1965-12-25
TV monsters design contest The Daily Telegraph 1967-11-20
The Daily Mail Schoolboys' and Girls' Exhibition opens at the Empire Hall, Olympia, on Wednesday The Field 1967-12-21
The green monster Yorkshire Evening Post 1967-12-27
Holiday Task for Tough Uncles The Times 1967-12-28
The lost boys The Guardian 1967-12-28
Dr. Who's wizardry goes on show The Newcastle Journal 1973-07-05
BBC's exhibition on the road The Stage and Television Today 1973-07-14
Warrior on show The Newcastle Journal 1973-12-17
Dr. Who komt op derde Science Fiction festival Het Vrije Volk 1976-03-11
Dr. Who op Science Ficion festival Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
Leeuwarder Courant
Switch to your own time trip Daily Express 1977-04-07
A showdown for television Time Lord The Newcastle Journal 1977-10-13
Who's Who in Tardis set? Times Higher Education Supplement 1978-07-28
Dr Who's Who's Who The Observer 1978-08-13
Dr. Who Takes L.A. by Storm Starlog 1979-07-03
The hype and the hyperspace The Guardian 1979-08-27
Time tripper's fear of flying Liverpool Echo 1980-02-22
LA 'Doctor Who' Convention Set The Orange County Register 1980-02-29
Dr. who? Dr. Who -- that's who! Los Angeles Herald Examiner 1980-03-09
Sci-Fi Convention Set at Valley View The Scranton Tribune 1980-03-10
America Loves The Doctor Starlog 1980-04-01
Dr. Who fans rejoice! The Des Moines Register 1980-04-20
It was gratifying to see an original interview with Tom Baker Starlog 1980-07-08
Attack of the funnybook fanatics The Mass Media 1980-11-25
Dr. Who's Companions Come to Hollywood Starlog 1980-12-02
What's a Panopticon? Ask a 'Who' Fan Tulsa World 1981-08-15
Dr Who Exhibitions The Times 1981-10-30
Dr Who fans hold first Scots convention The Herald 1981-11-28
Travellers in time without a Tardis The Herald 1981-11-30
Dr. Who fans plan convention Wilmington Star-News 1982-05-16
Doctor Who fans to convene Wilmington Star-News 1982-05-22
Dr. Who materializes for Chicago Convention Illinois Entertainer 1982-07-01
Who's that doctor? (AP photo) Austin American-Statesman
Associated Press
Green Bay Press-Gazette
U.S. fans go wild for Dr Who and Nyssa Daily Express 1982-07-19
Dr Who society The Canberra Times 1982-07-21
Doctor Who? Spaced-out sci-fi fans beam down for festival Sun-Sentinel 1983-02-05
Doctor Who is real far out Tallahassee Democrat 1983-02-06
More than 300 attend sci-fi festival Galveston Daily News 1983-02-07
Lord Bath signs up a Time Lord Ariel 1983-02-22
Local fans to throw 'Con' Wilmington Star-News 1983-02-27
Dr. Who brings a new dimension to space The Gainesville Sun 1983-03-11
Doctor Who, galactic anti-hero, lives on The Observer 1983-04-03
What a queue to see Dr Who Daily Star 1983-04-04
Dr. Who Jamboree Attracts 40,000 Fans Variety 1983-04-06
Hey, what's all the fuss? It's 'Who,' that's what! This Week 1983-05-04
Dr. Who festival The Tampa Tribune 1983-06-13
England's 'Dr. Who' comes down to Earth USA Today 1983-07-07
Hiccup delays Worzel Gummidge Liverpool Echo 1983-07-07
Are you a fan of Dr. Who? Tallahassee Democrat 1983-07-08
Doctor Who lands in North Carolina Wilmington Star-News 1983-07-10
Dr. Who's on first The Tampa Tribune 1983-07-11
The first American "Doctor Who" Festival Tour The Philadelphia Inquirer 1983-07-19
Former 'Dr. Who' star wonders 'why all the fuss?' Courier-Post 1983-07-20
Doctor Who Celebration Starburst 1983-07-22
The Authorized Dr. Who 20th Anniversary Celebration Illinois Entertainer 1983-08-01
On the Air Chicago Heights Star 1983-08-07
Who Here Chicago Sun-Times 1983-08-08
Traveler of space, Doctor Who to visit here Daily Herald 1983-08-13
A Convention for Dr. Who Fans Philadelphia Daily News 1983-08-19
Sci-fi fans guess 'Who' at confab Chicago Sun-Times 1983-08-19
Stateside Whovians are gathering in summer South Bend Tribune 1983-08-21
Who-Manoids Flip Over Their TV Hero The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Times-Leader
Who's profits Financial Times 1983-10-28
Chicago to stage Dr Who convention Television Weekly 1983-11-04
Dr Who 20th Party Revels in Chicago Broadcast 1983-11-04
Dr Who in Chicago Screen International 1983-11-12
Taking the Mystery Out of Doctor Who??? The Heights 1983-12-05
There's no privacy if you're Dr. Who's girl Sunday Express 1983-12-11
Dr. Whomania strikes the area The Telegraph (Alton, IL) 1984-01-21
Philly hears a Who The Daily Pennsylvanian 1984-02-09
Who on Earth... The Sunday Times 1984-03-11
Dr. Who St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1984-03-30
The mysterious Dr. Who The San Francisco Examiner 1984-04-03
Here, There & Everywhere - An Insider's Guide To What's Hot In Town Philadelphia Daily News 1984-06-08
Preregistration for a Doctor Who convention The Daily Tar Heel 1984-07-26
Best Bets Lakeland Ledger 1984-07-27
Dr. Who convention Evening Independent 1984-07-27
Who are you? The Tampa Tribune 1984-07-30
Dr. Who Maniacs The San Francisco Examiner 1984-07-31
Today - A Guide To What's Going On In And Around Philadelphia Philadelphia Daily News 1984-08-04
Doctor Jon's Fans Put On the Style Daily Star 1984-08-16
An entertaining family day out The Illustrated London News 1984-08-25
Where, when and how to find Dr. Who (Who?) Courier-Post 1984-09-14
For Who Fans Starlog 1984-10-09
Fans Galore Variety 1984-10-10
Discount for Who? Chicago Tribune 1984-10-12
You wanna talk to who? Chicago Tribune 1984-10-18
Dr Who's monster party Liverpool Echo 1984-10-18
Dr. Who fans plan convention (1984) Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-21
Who, did you say? Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-26
Tonic for a science-fiction addiction The Philadelphia Inquirer 1984-11-05
Patrick's magic Liverpool Echo 1984-11-17
Sci-fi fans call for the interplanetary Doctor Chicago Sun-Times 1984-11-23
Looking into the future with Dr. Who Chicago Tribune 1984-11-23
Dr. Who and his retinue Chicago Tribune 1984-11-24
Out of this world (Daily Herald) Daily Herald 1984-11-24
Names & Faces The Boston Globe 1984-11-25
Who's Who? (Associated Press) Associated Press
Lakeland Ledger
The Times-Leader
Tampa Bay Times
The Greenwood Commonwealth
In Whovian Heaven The Washington Post 1984-11-26
Just what's Who all about? The Pantagraph 1985-02-09
Who is Mr. Spock? The Daily Pennsylvanian 1985-02-14
Whovian festival The Tampa Tribune 1985-02-18
Doctor Who To Appear At Festival Philadelphia Daily News 1985-02-23
Out of town The Illustrated London News 1985-03-01
WEDU, Channel 3, is having a double feature of "Doctor Who" episodes Saturday night Lakeland Ledger 1985-03-01
The Dr. Who Festival Tallahassee Democrat 1985-03-03
Guess Who's coming here? Doctor's friends Madison Capital Times 1985-03-07
Dr. Who fest scheduled Wisconsin State Journal 1985-03-14
It was the right place to be for Whovians Lakeland Ledger 1985-03-15
Dr. Who Convention The Ithaca Journal 1985-03-15
Doctor Who Festival Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1985-03-19
Ahhhh, what a time had at 'Doctor Who' festival Madison Capital Times 1985-03-23
Dr. Who? Wisconsin State Journal 1985-03-23
Fantasy open house: war games, fiction Times Colonist 1985-05-01
Dr. Who Event Set For Saturday Ocala Star-Banner 1985-06-21
Un-Conventional N'awlins Convention Expects 1,200 Fans The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1985-07-07
Convention's theme is out of this world The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1985-07-13
Whoies Hold Fan Panopticon The Victoria Advocate 1985-07-16
Dr. Who Fans Associated Press
Florida Today
Daily World
Rocky Mount Telegram
The Odessa American
Whoies Play Doctor At Convention In New Orleans The Daytona Beach News-Journal
The Victoria Advocate
The Canberra Times
Memories of Who The Guardian 1985-07-29
What Would The Doctor Think? - Sci-fi Buffs Taken Out of the Real World Omaha World-Herald 1985-08-04
A weekend feast for sci-fi gourmets; Sheraton show caters to Trekkiest tastes The Boston Globe 1985-08-25
Briefly noted Lakeland Ledger 1985-09-25
Doctor Who Festival and exhibit tour Syracuse Herald-Journal 1985-10-10
Who--it's Colin Baker, the newest traveler of time and space, continuing the 20 year tradition of television's oldest science fiction hero SF Movieland 1985-11-01
Calling itself Tardis 22 Variety 1985-11-06
Dr. Who fans to meet Saturday Green Bay Press-Gazette 1985-11-21
Dr. Who celebrates Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1985-11-22
Dr. Who is scheduled to land at the Hyatt next weekend Northwest Herald 1985-11-23
Attention all Doctor Who fans ... Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1985-11-29
TARDIS draws who's who of 'Dr. Who' Chicago Sun-Times 1985-11-29
Who-weeeeee! Daily Herald 1985-11-30
Dr. Who reunion Chicago Sun-Times 1985-11-30
All the Dr. Whos get together Indianapolis News 1985-12-05
Super Science Action Saturday The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-01-11
A comic book convention Chicago Tribune 1986-01-18
What, when and where of 'Who' Tampa Bay Times 1986-02-28
Flotsam & jetsam North Shore 1986-03-01
Calling all Dr. Who fans Nashua Telegraph 1986-03-20
Dr. Who in Trenton The New York Times 1986-03-23
Dr. Who is to make trek into Dixie The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-04-15
True 'Doctor Who' fans ignore low-budget blues St. Paul Pioneer Press 1986-05-23
Whovent '86 East The Philadelphia Inquirer 1986-05-23
Festival draws fans of TV's Dr. Who Minneapolis Star Tribune 1986-05-24
Who's here? It's Dr. Who and his fans Wisconsin State Journal 1986-05-30
Guide to local sic-fi sources Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1986-06-06
Doctor Who convention to be held here The Spokesman-Review 1986-06-27
Doctor Who pays visit to Portland Statesman Journal 1986-06-27
Dr Who meets an alien Liverpool Echo 1986-07-28
Dr. Who Whovent rescheduled The Tennessean 1986-08-04
Dr. Who Festival held tonight Home News Tribune 1986-08-22
Calling Dr Who: It's time to fly! Liverpool Echo 1986-09-06
Area fans honor longest-running drama series The Daily Pennsylvanian 1986-09-15
Who talks at Hilton to launch syndicate The Diamondback 1986-09-15
Who came to Earth in Atlanta? - It's Dr. Who, fresh from outer space! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-09-19
Dr. Who's fans meet in this galaxy Minneapolis Star Tribune 1986-10-04
Mystery play Daily Herald 1986-10-10
Attention Dr. Who fans Nashua Telegraph 1986-11-02
Dr. Who Headlines Science Fiction Convention The Miami Herald 1987-02-05
The Magnetic Dr. Who Cincinnati Magazine 1987-03-01
Names in the News, May 25, 1987 Associated Press
The Globe and Mail
The Lexington Dispatch
Reading Eagle
Spokane Chronicle
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The Odessa American
Casper Star-Tribune
Daily World
Florida Today
News Journal
Statesman Journal
The Paducah Sun
The Sentinel
Quad-City Times
The Bakersfield Californian
New Jersey Herald
Indianapolis News
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Money to be made in science fantasy is fact, not fiction The Providence Journal 1988-01-18
Actress Katy Manning at the Dr Who national convention in Perth TV Week (Australia) 1988-02-06
Auction lures science fiction buffs Oshkosh Northwestern 1988-04-10
Dixie Trek '88 is no alien to the DeKalb County galaxy The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1988-05-19
Who's this on the way? Liverpool Echo 1988-05-24
Doctor Who followers transported to St. Paul St. Paul Pioneer Press 1988-07-02
Doctor Who fans travel in time to festival in St. Paul Minneapolis Star Tribune
St. Cloud Times
Space, the final frontier... The Daily Pennsylvanian 1988-07-21
Have Tardis, will travel Liverpool Echo 1988-10-12
Dr Who and Spock have 'em hooked The Sydney Morning Herald 1988-10-27
Who's Who no matter what The Stage and Television Today 1988-11-17
Inside the Time Lord industry The Independent 1988-11-23
The Magnus Opus Con 4 Science Fiction and Fantasy Fair has moved The Gamecock 1989-03-01
Fantasy convention Spartanburg Herald-Journal 1989-03-07
Komix Castle The Red & Black 1989-03-09
Sci-fi fans beam up to Intergalactic Expo Chicago Tribune 1989-03-10
Dr. What The Gamecock 1989-03-20
Whodunnit The Sun 1989-06-08
Whodunnit? (1989) The Sun 1989-06-16
Spaced out in San Jose The Stanford Daily 1989-08-03
Doctor's orders (Liverpool Echo) Liverpool Echo 1989-09-26
Dr Who fans get ready for the big invasion Liverpool Echo 1989-10-06
Dalek-ited to meet you! Liverpool Echo 1989-10-14
Dalek Man, London Starlog 1989-12-05
Who's Party Is It? The Doctor's The Sydney Morning Herald 1990-01-11
KERA-TV Whofest '90 The Dallas Morning News 1990-02-02
Futuristic travel with Dr Who Evening Chronicle 1990-05-11
Guess Who Chronicle-Telegram 1990-08-04
Dr Who Pair To Meet In Brisbane Time Warp The Courier Mail 1990-10-06
Who Does The Doctor Fear The Most? Exuberant Fans The Sydney Morning Herald 1990-10-22
Magnum Opus Convention Flagpole 1991-02-27
Doctor Who star Davison attends Dallas fest Big Spring Herald 1991-04-04
Dr Who comes to Waterloo Uxbridge and West Drayton Gazette 1991-06-19
Take a trip into times now past The Newcastle Journal 1991-06-25
Dr Who meets his eternal foes again The Times 1991-07-05
Behind the Sofa The Illustrated London News 1991-09-01
Dr. Who is just what the doctor ordered for Lambs Farm coffers Chicago Tribune 1991-12-02
Dr Who fans set to get a special treat The Newcastle Journal 1992-06-09
Tardis shirt mystery Evening Chronicle 1992-10-06
Who could resist it? Evening Chronicle 1992-10-17
Sci-fi fans can feast at holiday convention Daily Herald 1992-11-17
Visions Of Sci-Fi TV Stars Due Here Chicago Sun-Times 1992-11-23
Tardis travels for Dr Who convention Bournemouth Daily Echo 1993-04-29
Convention's not lost on space fans The Union-News 1993-11-18
Visions honors British TV sci-fi Chicago Tribune 1993-11-28
Stars help make sci-fi charity auction shine Daily Herald 1993-12-05
Trek fan Tina has plans for star date Lichfield Mercury 1994-09-22
Futurevision Chicago Tribune 1994-12-04
TV Sophie joins tribute to Dr Who Liverpool Echo 1995-01-07
Star struck! Liverpool Echo 1995-01-17
Who's in Wales for a while The Stage and Television Today 1995-06-22
The new Who TV Guide 1996-05-11
Convention's a who's Who of that British TV sci-fi favorite Chicago Tribune 1996-11-22
Who? Chicago Sun-Times 1996-11-29
Screen scene pulls the crowds Liverpool Echo 1996-12-09
See the Sea Devil at the sci-fi fair Enfield Independent 1997-01-01
Heroes and villains Enfield Independent 1997-01-08
Sci-Fi Saturday planned in Wausau Stevens Point Journal 1997-01-23
Dr Who Is Star Of Show Line-Up Bristol Post 1997-08-18
Sci-fi fans meet some favorites Chicago Tribune 1997-12-07
Who's threatening to start doctoring with time in down? The News Letter 1998-01-05
Fans beaming in for sci-fi convention The Union-News 1998-11-19
Fanatics and Daleks will invade Ruslip Uxbridge and West Drayton Gazette 1999-03-24
Coming soon .. invasion of the aliens Edinburgh Evening News 2000-05-23
Exhibition throws light on dark side The Northern Echo 2000-07-15
Look Who's coming to visit Metro (England) 2000-08-18
The Doctor Is In (Cedar Rapids Gazette) The Cedar Rapids Gazette 2000-09-06
Who's meeting, is it? The Des Moines Register 2001-02-01
Date with the Doctor The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 2001-02-17
A who's who of TV Radio Times 2001-09-01
Dr Who Takes Fans Back In Time Coventry Evening Telegraph 2002-04-01
Celebrating an alien obsession The Australian 2003-04-02
Doctor makes peace with Daleks for convention The Northern Echo 2003-06-23
Timeless lord Bristol Post 2003-07-31
Look Who's Back Evening Gazette 2003-08-25
Guess Who's coming to town The Des Moines Register 2003-10-04
Just what the doctor ordered for fans of BBC sci-fi series The Northern Echo 2005-11-14
Davison special guest at 'Doctor Who' event Chicago Sun-Times 2005-11-25
The Doctor is in? The Des Moines Register 2006-03-10
And the geek shall inherit the earth... Sunday Express 2007-08-05
Who would like to meet Sarah-Jane? Sunderland Echo 2007-11-01
Doctor who writer at festival Brentwood Gazette 2008-03-19
Look Who's coming! Evening Times 2008-04-04
Enthusiasts flock to see who's at sci-fi convention The Northern Echo 2008-08-25
Elisabeth Sladen just what the 'Doctor' ordered Chicago Sun-Times 2008-11-28
City's many links with Time Lord Coventry Evening Telegraph 2009-03-09
Sci-fi fans check out final frontier The Hawk Eye 2010-03-21
Doctor Who seems poised for a breakthrough Chicago Sun-Times 2010-04-16
Doctor Who fans materialise for Sheffield convention Sheffield Telegraph 2010-09-02
Day with the Doc Daily Star 2010-11-01
Morris Men who starred in Dr Who take centre stage at sci-fi convention Oxford Mail 2011-01-29
N-Ice to see you again... Daily Star 2011-02-17
My brother the fantasist The Times 2011-03-03
You're welcome to stay... just switch off that exterminator The Northern Echo 2011-10-14
Centre says hello to former Dr Who The Northern Echo 2011-10-24
They won't be shopping: 'Doctor Who' diehards have other plans on Friday The Courier-News (Elgin, IL) 2011-11-23
Who? What Now? Tampa Bay Times 2012-01-27
Out of this world (South Wales Echo) South Wales Echo 2012-03-24
Find the missing Who tapes Sunday Mercury 2012-06-10
Fans from around the world flock to Doctor Who show Western Mail 2012-07-21
Centre of the Who-niverse! South Wales Echo 2012-07-23
Downtown's Kumoricon convention draws crowd The Columbian 2012-09-02
Comic Outpost hosts "Doctor Who" viewing parties Golden Gate Xpress 2012-09-02
Doctor Who Convention Gallifrey One Sells Out, as 3,200 Fans Pack the L.A. Airport Marriott LA Weekly 2013-02-18
Robots, costumes highlight Geeks’ Night Out The State Press 2013-02-21
Who's the best Doctor? Well, it's all relative (obviously...) Kent and Sussex Courier 2013-03-15
The Mind Of Evil 10 March, BFI Southbank SFX Magazine 2013-04-01
The fans of Britain are coming to St. Louis Park St. Louis Park Sun-Sailor 2013-05-21
Doctor Who writers among festival draws Eastern Daily Press 2013-09-27
Step Aboard the TARDIS Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2013-09-30
Dr. Who, here Newsday 2013-11-05
Dr. Who Convention Finds Home on Long Island Long Island Press 2013-11-11
He Doctor is in: 'Dr. Who' 50th anniversary plans The Seattle Times 2013-11-14
Doctor Who event draws young fans The Northern Star 2013-11-20
Sci-Fi, So Good! Sunday Mercury
Birmingham Mail
A Who's Who Chicago Sun-Times 2013-11-29
Dr. Who is coming to town this weekend Ottawa Citizen 2013-12-05
Doctor Who? Queensland Fans Snubbed By Time Lord The Courier Mail 2014-01-28
Time Lord Colin Baker signs in Scarborough Evening News 2014-02-20
Whovians rejoice! Party is slated Tulsa World 2014-03-05
Doctor Who lands to delight sci-fi lovers Barking and Dagenham Post 2014-04-09
Comic Expo goes boom! Pow! Blam! Metro (Calgary) 2014-04-17
Graeme brings stars and fans together Evening Gazette 2014-05-19
Dr. Who event Saturday, Aug. 30, at Beaches Branch Library The Beaches Leader 2014-08-21
Dr Who event cancelled ... in the nick of time Evening Gazette 2014-08-23
Buskirk-Chumley hosts 'Intruders,' 'Doctor Who' premieres Indiana Daily Student 2014-08-25
Bigger on the Inside Library Journal 2014-10-01
It's about time (Newsday) Newsday 2014-11-06
Long Island Doctor Who Convention Outgrows Venue Long Island Press 2014-11-11
The £2b Beebland Daily Star 2014-12-11
Doctor Who conquers TV universe Los Angeles Daily News 2015-02-10
Next year's Infinity Con will expand to two days Lake City Reporter 2015-03-03
Fan-tastic fun Daily Herald 2015-03-17
The Doctor is in - The Whovians are coming to Baltimore County to share their mutual love of the cult sci-fi TV series 'Doctor Who' The Baltimore Sun 2015-03-27
Conventions are joyous occasions Sunday Express 2015-04-19
Sci-fi fans flock town as The Doctor drops by Evening Gazette 2015-06-08
Comic con can bridge a family gap The Des Moines Register 2015-06-11
Sci-fi fans go back to the future in the big who's who Western Morning News 2015-07-06
Join the Daleks for sci-fi Sunday Evening Chronicle 2015-07-14
Stars' £400 Comic Con Daily Star 2015-07-19
Sci-fi fun at Great Central Shepshed Echo 2015-09-18
TARDIS gathering has links to area Aurora Beacon-News
The Courier-News (Elgin, IL)
Fans celebrate a sci-fi legacy at WhoFest 3 The Irving Rambler 2016-04-30
Acme Design replicates TARDIS The Courier-News (Elgin, IL) 2016-11-28
Radio Times Hall of Fame Radio Times 2017-02-11
Our great city just what The Doctor ordered Evening Chronicle 2017-05-22


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