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Queue up, said the Daleks The Mirror 1964-12-29
Out of this world (Daily Mail) Daily Mail 1964-12-29
Daleks steal the show at Olympia The Daily Telegraph 1964-12-29
BB Operate The Daleks At Boys' And Girls' Exhibition Stedfast Mag 1965-02-01
Dr. Who and Daleks at Bingley Hall Coventry Evening Telegraph 1965-04-10
Now take your seats for a trip to the Moon, boys and girls London Life 1965-12-25
TV monsters design contest The Daily Telegraph 1967-11-20
The Daily Mail Schoolboys' and Girls' Exhibition opens at the Empire Hall, Olympia, on Wednesday The Field 1967-12-21
The green monster Yorkshire Evening Post 1967-12-27
Holiday Task for Tough Uncles The Times 1967-12-28
The lost boys The Guardian 1967-12-28
Dr. Who's wizardry goes on show The Newcastle Journal 1973-07-05
BBC's exhibition on the road The Stage and Television Today 1973-07-14
Warrior on show The Newcastle Journal 1973-12-17
Dr. Who komt op derde Science Fiction festival Het Vrije Volk 1976-03-11
Dr. Who op Science Ficion festival Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
Leeuwarder Courant
Switch to your own time trip Daily Express 1977-04-07
A showdown for television Time Lord The Newcastle Journal 1977-10-13
Who's Who in Tardis set? Times Higher Education Supplement 1978-07-28
Dr Who's Who's Who The Observer 1978-08-13
Dr. Who Takes L.A. by Storm Starlog 1979-07-03
The hype and the hyperspace The Guardian 1979-08-27
Time tripper's fear of flying Liverpool Echo 1980-02-22
LA 'Doctor Who' Convention Set The Orange County Register 1980-02-29
Dr. who? Dr. Who -- that's who! Los Angeles Herald Examiner 1980-03-09
Sci-Fi Convention Set at Valley View The Scranton Tribune 1980-03-10
America Loves The Doctor Starlog 1980-04-01
Dr. Who fans rejoice! The Des Moines Register 1980-04-20
It was gratifying to see an original interview with Tom Baker Starlog 1980-07-08
Attack of the funnybook fanatics The Mass Media 1980-11-25
Dr. Who's Companions Come to Hollywood Starlog 1980-12-02
What's a Panopticon? Ask a 'Who' Fan Tulsa World 1981-08-15
Dr Who Exhibitions The Times 1981-10-30
Dr Who fans hold first Scots convention The Herald 1981-11-28
Travellers in time without a Tardis The Herald 1981-11-30
Dr. Who fans plan convention Wilmington Star-News 1982-05-16
Doctor Who fans to convene Wilmington Star-News 1982-05-22
Dr. Who materializes for Chicago Convention Illinois Entertainer 1982-07-01
Who's that doctor? (AP photo) Austin American-Statesman
Associated Press
Green Bay Press-Gazette
U.S. fans go wild for Dr Who and Nyssa Daily Express 1982-07-19
Dr Who society The Canberra Times 1982-07-21
Doctor Who? Spaced-out sci-fi fans beam down for festival Sun-Sentinel 1983-02-05
Doctor Who is real far out Tallahassee Democrat 1983-02-06
More than 300 attend sci-fi festival Galveston Daily News 1983-02-07
Lord Bath signs up a Time Lord Ariel 1983-02-22
Local fans to throw 'Con' Wilmington Star-News 1983-02-27
Dr. Who brings a new dimension to space The Gainesville Sun 1983-03-11
Doctor Who, galactic anti-hero, lives on The Observer 1983-04-03
What a queue to see Dr Who Daily Star 1983-04-04
Dr. Who Jamboree Attracts 40,000 Fans Variety 1983-04-06
Hey, what's all the fuss? It's 'Who,' that's what! This Week 1983-05-04
Dr. Who festival The Tampa Tribune 1983-06-13
England's 'Dr. Who' comes down to Earth USA Today 1983-07-07
Hiccup delays Worzel Gummidge Liverpool Echo 1983-07-07
Are you a fan of Dr. Who? Tallahassee Democrat 1983-07-08
Doctor Who lands in North Carolina Wilmington Star-News 1983-07-10
Dr. Who's on first The Tampa Tribune 1983-07-11
The first American "Doctor Who" Festival Tour The Philadelphia Inquirer 1983-07-19
Former 'Dr. Who' star wonders 'why all the fuss?' Courier-Post 1983-07-20
Doctor Who Celebration Starburst 1983-07-22
The Authorized Dr. Who 20th Anniversary Celebration Illinois Entertainer 1983-08-01
On the Air Chicago Heights Star 1983-08-07
Who Here Chicago Sun-Times 1983-08-08
Traveler of space, Doctor Who to visit here Daily Herald 1983-08-13
A Convention for Dr. Who Fans Philadelphia Daily News 1983-08-19
Sci-fi fans guess 'Who' at confab Chicago Sun-Times 1983-08-19
Stateside Whovians are gathering in summer South Bend Tribune 1983-08-21
Who-Manoids Flip Over Their TV Hero The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Times-Leader
Who's profits Financial Times 1983-10-28
Chicago to stage Dr Who convention Television Weekly 1983-11-04
Dr Who 20th Party Revels in Chicago Broadcast 1983-11-04
Dr Who in Chicago Screen International 1983-11-12
Taking the Mystery Out of Doctor Who??? The Heights 1983-12-05
There's no privacy if you're Dr. Who's girl Sunday Express 1983-12-11
Dr. Whomania strikes the area The Telegraph (Alton, IL) 1984-01-21
Philly hears a Who The Daily Pennsylvanian 1984-02-09
Who on Earth... The Sunday Times 1984-03-11
Dr. Who St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1984-03-30
The mysterious Dr. Who The San Francisco Examiner 1984-04-03
Here, There & Everywhere - An Insider's Guide To What's Hot In Town Philadelphia Daily News 1984-06-08
Preregistration for a Doctor Who convention The Daily Tar Heel 1984-07-26
Best Bets Lakeland Ledger 1984-07-27
Dr. Who convention Evening Independent 1984-07-27
Who are you? The Tampa Tribune 1984-07-30
Dr. Who Maniacs The San Francisco Examiner 1984-07-31
Today - A Guide To What's Going On In And Around Philadelphia Philadelphia Daily News 1984-08-04
Doctor Jon's Fans Put On the Style Daily Star 1984-08-16
An entertaining family day out The Illustrated London News 1984-08-25
Where, when and how to find Dr. Who (Who?) Courier-Post 1984-09-14
For Who Fans Starlog 1984-10-09
Fans Galore Variety 1984-10-10
Discount for Who? Chicago Tribune 1984-10-12
You wanna talk to who? Chicago Tribune 1984-10-18
Dr Who's monster party Liverpool Echo 1984-10-18
Dr. Who fans plan convention (1984) Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-21
Who, did you say? Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-26
Tonic for a science-fiction addiction The Philadelphia Inquirer 1984-11-05
Patrick's magic Liverpool Echo 1984-11-17
Sci-fi fans call for the interplanetary Doctor Chicago Sun-Times 1984-11-23
Looking into the future with Dr. Who Chicago Tribune 1984-11-23
Dr. Who and his retinue Chicago Tribune 1984-11-24
Out of this world (Daily Herald) Daily Herald 1984-11-24
Names & Faces The Boston Globe 1984-11-25
Who's Who? (Associated Press) Associated Press
Lakeland Ledger
The Times-Leader
Tampa Bay Times
The Greenwood Commonwealth
In Whovian Heaven The Washington Post 1984-11-26
Just what's Who all about? The Pantagraph 1985-02-09
Who is Mr. Spock? The Daily Pennsylvanian 1985-02-14
Whovian festival The Tampa Tribune 1985-02-18
Doctor Who To Appear At Festival Philadelphia Daily News 1985-02-23
Out of town The Illustrated London News 1985-03-01
WEDU, Channel 3, is having a double feature of "Doctor Who" episodes Saturday night Lakeland Ledger 1985-03-01
The Dr. Who Festival Tallahassee Democrat 1985-03-03
Guess Who's coming here? Doctor's friends Madison Capital Times 1985-03-07
Dr. Who fest scheduled Wisconsin State Journal 1985-03-14
It was the right place to be for Whovians Lakeland Ledger 1985-03-15
Dr. Who Convention The Ithaca Journal 1985-03-15
Doctor Who Festival Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1985-03-19
Ahhhh, what a time had at 'Doctor Who' festival Madison Capital Times 1985-03-23
Dr. Who? Wisconsin State Journal 1985-03-23
Fantasy open house: war games, fiction Times Colonist 1985-05-01
Dr. Who Event Set For Saturday Ocala Star-Banner 1985-06-21
Un-Conventional N'awlins Convention Expects 1,200 Fans The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1985-07-07
Convention's theme is out of this world The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1985-07-13
Whoies Play Doctor At Convention In New Orleans The Victoria Advocate
The Canberra Times
Associated Press
The Clarion-Ledger
The Daytona Beach Morning Journal
Hattiesburg American
Poughkeepsie Journal
Sioux City Journal
The Courier-News (New Jersey)
The Lincoln Star
Los Angeles Times
The Odessa American
The Shreveport Times
Whoies Hold Fan Panopticon The Victoria Advocate 1985-07-16
Dr. Who Fans Associated Press
Florida Today
Daily World
Rocky Mount Telegram
The Odessa American
Memories of Who The Guardian 1985-07-29
What Would The Doctor Think? - Sci-fi Buffs Taken Out of the Real World Omaha World-Herald 1985-08-04
A weekend feast for sci-fi gourmets; Sheraton show caters to Trekkiest tastes The Boston Globe 1985-08-25
Briefly noted Lakeland Ledger 1985-09-25
Doctor Who Festival and exhibit tour Syracuse Herald-Journal 1985-10-10
Who--it's Colin Baker, the newest traveler of time and space, continuing the 20 year tradition of television's oldest science fiction hero SF Movieland 1985-11-01
Calling itself Tardis 22 Variety 1985-11-06
Dr. Who fans to meet Saturday Green Bay Press-Gazette 1985-11-21
Dr. Who celebrates Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1985-11-22
Dr. Who is scheduled to land at the Hyatt next weekend Northwest Herald 1985-11-23
Attention all Doctor Who fans ... Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1985-11-29
TARDIS draws who's who of 'Dr. Who' Chicago Sun-Times 1985-11-29
Who-weeeeee! Daily Herald 1985-11-30
Dr. Who reunion Chicago Sun-Times 1985-11-30
All the Dr. Whos get together Indianapolis News 1985-12-05
Super Science Action Saturday The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-01-11
A comic book convention Chicago Tribune 1986-01-18
What, when and where of 'Who' Tampa Bay Times 1986-02-28
Flotsam & jetsam North Shore 1986-03-01
Calling all Dr. Who fans Nashua Telegraph 1986-03-20
Dr. Who in Trenton The New York Times 1986-03-23
Dr. Who is to make trek into Dixie The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-04-15
Whovent '86 East The Philadelphia Inquirer 1986-05-23
True 'Doctor Who' fans ignore low-budget blues St. Paul Pioneer Press 1986-05-23
Festival draws fans of TV's Dr. Who Minneapolis Star Tribune 1986-05-24
Who's here? It's Dr. Who and his fans Wisconsin State Journal 1986-05-30
Guide to local sic-fi sources Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1986-06-06
Doctor Who convention to be held here The Spokesman-Review 1986-06-27
Doctor Who pays visit to Portland Statesman Journal 1986-06-27
Dr Who meets an alien Liverpool Echo 1986-07-28
Dr. Who Whovent rescheduled The Tennessean 1986-08-04
Dr. Who Festival held tonight Home News Tribune 1986-08-22
Calling Dr Who: It's time to fly! Liverpool Echo 1986-09-06
Area fans honor longest-running drama series The Daily Pennsylvanian 1986-09-15
Who talks at Hilton to launch syndicate The Diamondback 1986-09-15
Who came to Earth in Atlanta? - It's Dr. Who, fresh from outer space! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-09-19
Dr. Who's fans meet in this galaxy Minneapolis Star Tribune 1986-10-04
Mystery play Daily Herald 1986-10-10
Attention Dr. Who fans Nashua Telegraph 1986-11-02
Dr. Who Headlines Science Fiction Convention The Miami Herald 1987-02-05
The Magnetic Dr. Who Cincinnati Magazine 1987-03-01
Names in the News, May 25, 1987 Associated Press
The Globe and Mail
The Lexington Dispatch
Reading Eagle
Spokane Chronicle
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The Odessa American
Casper Star-Tribune
Daily World
Florida Today
News Journal
Statesman Journal
The Paducah Sun
The Sentinel
Quad-City Times
The Bakersfield Californian
New Jersey Herald
Indianapolis News
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
The Daily Advertiser
For Doctor Who fans, a guaranteed Whoot in D.M. The Des Moines Register 1987-07-16
Money to be made in science fantasy is fact, not fiction The Providence Journal 1988-01-18
Actress Katy Manning at the Dr Who national convention in Perth TV Week (Australia) 1988-02-06
Auction lures science fiction buffs Oshkosh Northwestern 1988-04-10
Dixie Trek '88 is no alien to the DeKalb County galaxy The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1988-05-19
Who's this on the way? Liverpool Echo 1988-05-24
Doctor Who followers transported to St. Paul St. Paul Pioneer Press 1988-07-02
Doctor Who fans land in wrong season Argus Leader
Associated Press
Doctor Who fans travel in time to festival in St. Paul Minneapolis Star Tribune
St. Cloud Times
Space, the final frontier... The Daily Pennsylvanian 1988-07-21
Have Tardis, will travel Liverpool Echo 1988-10-12
Dr Who and Spock have 'em hooked The Sydney Morning Herald 1988-10-27
Who's Who no matter what The Stage and Television Today 1988-11-17
Inside the Time Lord industry The Independent 1988-11-23
The Magnus Opus Con 4 Science Fiction and Fantasy Fair has moved The Gamecock 1989-03-01
Fantasy convention Spartanburg Herald-Journal 1989-03-07
Komix Castle The Red & Black 1989-03-09
Sci-fi fans beam up to Intergalactic Expo Chicago Tribune 1989-03-10
Dr. What The Gamecock 1989-03-20
Whodunnit The Sun 1989-06-08
Whodunnit? (1989) The Sun 1989-06-16
Spaced out in San Jose The Stanford Daily 1989-08-03
Doctor's orders (Liverpool Echo) Liverpool Echo 1989-09-26
Dr Who fans get ready for the big invasion Liverpool Echo 1989-10-06
Dalek-ited to meet you! Liverpool Echo 1989-10-14
Dalek Man, London Starlog 1989-12-05
Who's Party Is It? The Doctor's The Sydney Morning Herald 1990-01-11
KERA-TV Whofest '90 The Dallas Morning News 1990-02-02
Cult-show conventions The Evening Sun (Baltimore) 1990-03-16
Futuristic travel with Dr Who Evening Chronicle 1990-05-11
Guess Who Chronicle-Telegram 1990-08-04
Dr Who Pair To Meet In Brisbane Time Warp The Courier Mail 1990-10-06
Who Does The Doctor Fear The Most? Exuberant Fans The Sydney Morning Herald 1990-10-22
Magnum Opus Convention Flagpole 1991-02-27
Doctor Who star Davison attends Dallas fest Big Spring Herald 1991-04-04
Dr Who comes to Waterloo Uxbridge and West Drayton Gazette 1991-06-19
Take a trip into times now past The Newcastle Journal 1991-06-25
Dr Who meets his eternal foes again The Times 1991-07-05
Behind the Sofa The Illustrated London News 1991-09-01
Dr. Who is just what the doctor ordered for Lambs Farm coffers Chicago Tribune 1991-12-02
Dr Who fans set to get a special treat The Newcastle Journal 1992-06-09
Tardis shirt mystery Evening Chronicle 1992-10-06
Who could resist it? Evening Chronicle 1992-10-17
Sci-fi fans can feast at holiday convention Daily Herald 1992-11-17
Visions Of Sci-Fi TV Stars Due Here Chicago Sun-Times 1992-11-23
Tardis travels for Dr Who convention Bournemouth Daily Echo 1993-04-29
Convention's not lost on space fans The Union-News 1993-11-18
Visions honors British TV sci-fi Chicago Tribune 1993-11-28
Stars help make sci-fi charity auction shine Daily Herald 1993-12-05
Trek fan Tina has plans for star date Lichfield Mercury 1994-09-22
Futurevision Chicago Tribune 1994-12-04
TV Sophie joins tribute to Dr Who Liverpool Echo 1995-01-07
Star struck! Liverpool Echo 1995-01-17
Who's in Wales for a while The Stage and Television Today 1995-06-22
The new Who TV Guide 1996-05-11
Convention's a who's Who of that British TV sci-fi favorite Chicago Tribune 1996-11-22
Who? Chicago Sun-Times 1996-11-29
Screen scene pulls the crowds Liverpool Echo 1996-12-09
See the Sea Devil at the sci-fi fair Enfield Independent 1997-01-01
Heroes and villains Enfield Independent 1997-01-08
Sci-Fi Saturday planned in Wausau Stevens Point Journal 1997-01-23
Dr Who Is Star Of Show Line-Up Bristol Post 1997-08-18
Sci-fi fans meet some favorites Chicago Tribune 1997-12-07
Who's threatening to start doctoring with time in down? The News Letter 1998-01-05
Fans beaming in for sci-fi convention The Union-News 1998-11-19
Fanatics and Daleks will invade Ruslip Uxbridge and West Drayton Gazette 1999-03-24
Coming soon .. invasion of the aliens Edinburgh Evening News 2000-05-23
Exhibition throws light on dark side The Northern Echo 2000-07-15
Look Who's coming to visit Metro (England) 2000-08-18
The Doctor Is In (Cedar Rapids Gazette) The Cedar Rapids Gazette 2000-09-06
Who's meeting, is it? The Des Moines Register 2001-02-01
Date with the Doctor The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 2001-02-17
A who's who of TV Radio Times 2001-09-01
Dr Who Takes Fans Back In Time Coventry Evening Telegraph 2002-04-01
Celebrating an alien obsession The Australian 2003-04-02
Doctor makes peace with Daleks for convention The Northern Echo 2003-06-23
Timeless lord Bristol Post 2003-07-31
Look Who's Back Evening Gazette 2003-08-25
Guess Who's coming to town The Des Moines Register 2003-10-04
Just what the doctor ordered for fans of BBC sci-fi series The Northern Echo 2005-11-14
Davison special guest at 'Doctor Who' event Chicago Sun-Times 2005-11-25
The Doctor is in? The Des Moines Register 2006-03-10
And the geek shall inherit the earth... Sunday Express 2007-08-05
Who would like to meet Sarah-Jane? Sunderland Echo 2007-11-01
Doctor who writer at festival Brentwood Gazette 2008-03-19
Look Who's coming! Evening Times 2008-04-04
Enthusiasts flock to see who's at sci-fi convention The Northern Echo 2008-08-25
Elisabeth Sladen just what the 'Doctor' ordered Chicago Sun-Times 2008-11-28
City's many links with Time Lord Coventry Evening Telegraph 2009-03-09
Sci-fi fans check out final frontier The Hawk Eye 2010-03-21
Doctor Who seems poised for a breakthrough Chicago Sun-Times 2010-04-16
Doctor Who fans materialise for Sheffield convention Sheffield Telegraph 2010-09-02
Day with the Doc Daily Star 2010-11-01
Morris Men who starred in Dr Who take centre stage at sci-fi convention Oxford Mail 2011-01-29
N-Ice to see you again... Daily Star 2011-02-17
My brother the fantasist The Times 2011-03-03
You're welcome to stay... just switch off that exterminator The Northern Echo 2011-10-14
Centre says hello to former Dr Who The Northern Echo 2011-10-24
They won't be shopping: 'Doctor Who' diehards have other plans on Friday The Courier-News (Elgin, IL) 2011-11-23
Who? What Now? Tampa Bay Times 2012-01-27
Out of this world (South Wales Echo) South Wales Echo 2012-03-24
Find the missing Who tapes Sunday Mercury 2012-06-10
Fans from around the world flock to Doctor Who show Western Mail 2012-07-21
Centre of the Who-niverse! South Wales Echo 2012-07-23
Downtown's Kumoricon convention draws crowd The Columbian 2012-09-02
Comic Outpost hosts "Doctor Who" viewing parties Golden Gate Xpress 2012-09-02
Doctor Who Convention Gallifrey One Sells Out, as 3,200 Fans Pack the L.A. Airport Marriott LA Weekly 2013-02-18
Robots, costumes highlight Geeks’ Night Out The State Press 2013-02-21
Who's the best Doctor? Well, it's all relative (obviously...) Kent and Sussex Courier 2013-03-15
The Mind Of Evil 10 March, BFI Southbank SFX Magazine 2013-04-01
The fans of Britain are coming to St. Louis Park St. Louis Park Sun-Sailor 2013-05-21
Doctor Who writers among festival draws Eastern Daily Press 2013-09-27
Step Aboard the TARDIS Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2013-09-30
Dr. Who, here Newsday 2013-11-05
Dr. Who Convention Finds Home on Long Island Long Island Press 2013-11-11
He Doctor is in: 'Dr. Who' 50th anniversary plans The Seattle Times 2013-11-14
Doctor Who event draws young fans The Northern Star 2013-11-20
Sci-Fi, So Good! Sunday Mercury
Birmingham Mail
A Who's Who Chicago Sun-Times 2013-11-29
Dr. Who is coming to town this weekend Ottawa Citizen 2013-12-05
Doctor Who? Queensland Fans Snubbed By Time Lord The Courier Mail 2014-01-28
Time Lord Colin Baker signs in Scarborough Evening News 2014-02-20
Whovians rejoice! Party is slated Tulsa World 2014-03-05
Doctor Who lands to delight sci-fi lovers Barking and Dagenham Post 2014-04-09
Comic Expo goes boom! Pow! Blam! Metro (Calgary) 2014-04-17
Graeme brings stars and fans together Evening Gazette 2014-05-19
Dr. Who event Saturday, Aug. 30, at Beaches Branch Library The Beaches Leader 2014-08-21
Dr Who event cancelled ... in the nick of time Evening Gazette 2014-08-23
Buskirk-Chumley hosts 'Intruders,' 'Doctor Who' premieres Indiana Daily Student 2014-08-25
Bigger on the Inside Library Journal 2014-10-01
It's about time (Newsday) Newsday 2014-11-06
Long Island Doctor Who Convention Outgrows Venue Long Island Press 2014-11-11
The £2b Beebland Daily Star 2014-12-11
Doctor Who conquers TV universe Los Angeles Daily News 2015-02-10
Next year's Infinity Con will expand to two days Lake City Reporter 2015-03-03
Fan-tastic fun Daily Herald 2015-03-17
The Doctor is in - The Whovians are coming to Baltimore County to share their mutual love of the cult sci-fi TV series 'Doctor Who' The Baltimore Sun 2015-03-27
Conventions are joyous occasions Sunday Express 2015-04-19
Sci-fi fans flock town as The Doctor drops by Evening Gazette 2015-06-08
Comic con can bridge a family gap The Des Moines Register 2015-06-11
Sci-fi fans go back to the future in the big who's who Western Morning News 2015-07-06
Join the Daleks for sci-fi Sunday Evening Chronicle 2015-07-14
Stars' £400 Comic Con Daily Star 2015-07-19
Sci-fi fun at Great Central Shepshed Echo 2015-09-18
TARDIS gathering has links to area Aurora Beacon-News
The Courier-News (Elgin, IL)
Fans celebrate a sci-fi legacy at WhoFest 3 The Irving Rambler 2016-04-30
Acme Design replicates TARDIS The Courier-News (Elgin, IL) 2016-11-28
Radio Times Hall of Fame Radio Times 2017-02-11
Our great city just what The Doctor ordered Evening Chronicle 2017-05-22


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