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Doing The Boston Crab The Stage and Television Today 1964-03-12
The Degaullek Daily Mail 1964-11-25
Be a real Dalek Judy Picture Story Library 1964-12-01
Trap the odd Dalek Reveille 1964-12-24
The Daleks Are Invading Coventry Co-operative Coventry Evening Telegraph 1965-03-05
Robots from another planet Variety 1965-05-12
Dr. Who & The Daleks (Daily Cinema) The Daily Cinema 1965-07-01
A-t-t-e-n-t-i-o-n : You can win a dalek! Lion 1965-07-01
Me, Dalek. Variety 1965-08-04
Roll-around cut-outs Hobbies Weekly 1965-10-06
Big value jigsaw puzzles Toys International 1966-09-01
Entire production including Daleks now for sale The Stage and Television Today 1966-10-13
Puss In Boots The Tewkesbury Register 1966-11-25
A Merry Christmas and Much Success for 1967 Television Mail 1966-12-16
Dr Who's Space Adventure Book Terrific 1967-06-17
Gregory Air Services Ltd Television Mail 1968-05-31
Our flying camera team Television Mail 1969-12-19
Tomorrow morning at breakfast you can own a free historic model car Buster and Jet 1972-03-01
A New Way To Look At Television Variety 1972-04-05
Dr. Who Is Coming to Town Birmingham Post 1974-04-18
Dr Who -watch it in D.E.R! The Mirror 1975-01-15
Doctor Poo Monster Fun 1976-03-01
The amazing world of Doctor Who Woman (England) 1976-07-01
Free with Weetabix Doctor Who Action Games Look-in 1977-04-01
240 different people can sit quite comfortably in a Princess The Times 1977-08-25
Dr. Who is one kind of Timelord Daily Express 1977-10-01
3 fantastic offers from Crosse & Blackwell Krazy 1977-11-01
Your next washing machine The Mirror 1978-10-25
Marc's View Radio Times 1978-11-25
Club (March 1979) Club International 1979-03-01
It's the Tardis The Daily Telegraph 1979-07-12
Hyde and Who She 1979-08-01
Capture Dracula, Dr Who, Auntie Deirdre in this tiny box Daily Express 1979-10-23
Bianchi Aviation Film Services Variety 1980-01-09
Here's a Starter for --- The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1980-05-25
Will Viewers Exterminate Dr. Who Before These Do? The People 1980-10-26
The Foundation Bookstore The Daily Tar Heel 1982-02-04
Comics for Collectors The Ithacan 1982-02-11
We've Got ... Doctor Who Daily Herald 1982-04-16
10 Doctor Who games to be won! Super Spiderman 1982-09-01
The Authorized Dr. Who 20th Anniversary Celebration Illinois Entertainer 1983-08-01
National Film Theatre October/November 1983 National Film Theatre 1983-10-01
You ought to see the Doctor TV Times
Radio Times
How would you like to spend a day with Doctor Who? Radio Times 1983-11-26
Doctor Who 20th Anniversary Special Starlog 1983-12-06
Doctor Who Records! Starlog 1983-12-06
Calling all Dr. Who fans! Chicago Tribune 1983-12-11
Barefoot in the Park Edinburgh Evening News 1984-06-18
Dr Who Is Alive and Well and Living in Nasmyth St. The Observer 1984-07-01
Cinderella Bournemouth Daily Echo 1984-11-02
More complaints because you axed Dr Who, Mr Grade The Sun 1985-03-01
Moondog's Comicland Chicago Tribune 1985-03-31
The Bookplace The Stanford Daily 1986-01-24
Forbidden Planet Variety 1986-09-17
We'd like to tell you about a new personal computer The Sunday Times 1986-11-09
The American fans of Doctor Who wish to express their disappointment and regret The Stage and Television Today 1987-01-15
Exciting ride Bournemouth Advertiser 1988-03-24
25th Anniversary Special Daily Express 1988-11-22
Komix Castle The Red & Black 1989-03-09
Jon Pertwee in Doctor Who The Ultimate Adventure The Sunday Times 1989-03-19
RJB The Pinball Store Chicago Tribune 1994-04-24
Exterminate! (1995) The Sun 1995-07-25
Smart Alick Edinburgh Evening News 1995-12-04
He's Back! The Sun 1996-05-24
Unique Sale by Auction The Stage and Television Today 1998-09-24
For people who've lost the power of speech, the voice synthesiser is a godsend Time Out London 1998-11-25
Fox Trot Universal Uclick 2012-10-28
Mother Goose & Grimm King Features Syndicate 2013-05-19
Charles and Camilla visit Dr Who set... Daily Express 2013-07-04
Dog Eat Doug Creators Syndicate 2014-01-10
Radio Times Festival Radio Times 2015-07-25


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