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Who's Who in Tardis set? Times Higher Education Supplement 1978-07-28
Hooked on Who (Starlog) Starlog 1979-03-12
Dr. Who fans get together The Age 1979-11-23
Where's there a Who club? Starlog 1980-01-15
Who do they appreciate The Courier & Advertiser 1980-03-19
The Doctor's 749th Birthday Celebration The Daily Tar Heel 1981-11-17
Campus Calendar The Daily Tar Heel 1982-02-26
Area fans know who's Who Wilmington Star-News 1982-03-14
Doctor Who fans to convene Wilmington Star-News 1982-05-22
Q-C 'Time Lords' fans of Dr. Who The Daily Dispatch 1982-05-25
Who's on first English cult hero has following here The Clarion-Ledger 1982-10-12
Dr. Who invades LU; U.N.I.T Irregulars hit Loyola Phoenix 1982-10-15
Dr. Who Day Set The Daily Advertiser 1982-11-12
Doctor Who News Scene 2 and 17 1982-12-01
Dr. Who Fans Are Invited To Special Day At Library The Daily Advertiser 1982-12-02
Dr. Who Fan Club ... Patterns 1983-03-01
WFSU-TV offers fan clubs for kids Tallahassee Democrat 1983-03-12
Dr. Who ... a Rocky Horror banquet, too Tinley Park Star Herald
The Southtown Star
I've been watching the newest Dr. Who series on Channel 2 The Palm Beach Post 1983-05-29
Dr. Who Club Christened Patterns 1983-06-01
Dr. Who Fan Club Ocala Star-Banner 1983-06-10
TV Today Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1983-08-18
Stateside Whovians are gathering in summer South Bend Tribune 1983-08-21
Dr. Who's Club Starlog 1983-09-06
Doctor Who's on first for his avid TV fan club Ottawa Citizen 1983-10-11
Fans of Who Chicago Reader 1983-11-18
Meeting tonight of The Watchers The Daily Northwestern 1984-01-11
Win a Trip to England The Daily Tar Heel
The Heights
Doctor Who fan club formed here Spokane Chronicle 1984-03-27
Doctor Who has fan club The Lincoln Star 1984-04-11
I'd like to know if there is a fan club in town or in the area Lincoln Journal Star 1984-04-11
Dr. Who again (Lincoln Star) The Lincoln Star 1984-04-22
Dr. Who Club Changes Name ... Patterns 1984-05-01
Kelly Auditorium St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1984-05-11
Fans: They Have Stars In Their Eyes Los Angeles Times 1984-06-12
Dr Who club party The Canberra Times 1984-06-18
Doctor Who has a fan club Lakeland Ledger 1984-08-25
Moving to new place and time The Arizona Republic 1984-08-29
Guardians of Light and Time The Daily Tar Heel 1984-09-20
Dr. Who fans plan convention (1984) Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-21
Who, did you say? Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-26
Who's Who? Winona Daily News 1984-10-30
Fan Club Directory Starlog 1984-11-06
The Doctor Lives Scene 2 and 17 1985-02-01
Just what's Who all about? The Pantagraph 1985-02-09
Clubs try to save Dr Who The Times 1985-03-01
A Dr. Who Club is being organized at the East Chicago Public Library The Times of Northwest Indiana 1985-03-21
Real "Who" Fan Club Scene 2 and 17 1985-04-01
Who-a-holics meet at library The Times of Northwest Indiana 1985-04-01
Friends of the Doctor Statesman Journal 1985-05-03
Dr. Who devotees to meet Saturday Stevens Point Journal 1985-05-03
Dr. Who Event Set For Saturday Ocala Star-Banner 1985-06-21
Who Fan Club The Tennessean 1985-06-21
Un-Conventional N'awlins Convention Expects 1,200 Fans The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1985-07-07
Convention's theme is out of this world The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1985-07-13
Dr. Who Fans Associated Press
Florida Today
Daily World
Rocky Mount Telegram
The Odessa American
Friends of Dr. Who Members Find Sci-Fi Character Out Of This World The Charlotte Observer 1985-08-13
Free Time Guide To Arts and Leisure Indianapolis News 1985-08-23
Dr. Who fans to meet Saturday Green Bay Press-Gazette 1985-11-21
Type 40 Dr. Who Ottawa Citizen 1986-01-03
Prydonians of Prynceton dedicated to enjoyment of low-budget Dr. Who Home News Tribune 1986-03-21
Guide to local sic-fi sources Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1986-06-06
An afternoon of fun watching video tapes of Dr. Who and role playing The Miami News 1986-06-20
The strange and lively devotees of TV's Dr. Who The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1986-07-03
Dr. Who fans form local club The Sentinel 1986-08-09
What's what on Who Radio Times 1986-09-06
Like Star Trek? The Eagle 1986-09-22
I'm an avid Dr. Who fan Scene 2 and 17 1986-10-01
El Paso Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance El Paso Times 1986-10-08
Doctor Who Fan Clubs Scene 2 and 17 1986-12-01
January Science Fiction Month at library The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-12-18
Whovian Alliance of Salem Statesman Journal 1987-01-09
The American fans of Doctor Who wish to express their disappointment and regret The Stage and Television Today 1987-01-15
Dr. Who Fan Club monthly meeting The Miami News 1987-01-16
US Who fans speak out The Stage and Television Today 1987-02-05
Lost Colony Tardis of Salisbury The Lexington Dispatch 1987-02-13
Following "Dr. Who" for fun and adventure The Diamondback 1987-03-26
Locals love Dr. Who Red & Black 1987-04-05
Dr. Who Appreciation Society The Cincinnati Enquirer 1987-04-26
Dr. Who Fan Club of Lincoln Lincoln Star 1987-04-26
Dates for fans of Dr. Who Newcastle Advertiser 1987-08-27
Dr. Who Fan Club Seeks Members Orlando Sentinel 1987-09-18
Club Reveals Who They Love The Harvard Crimson 1987-12-02
Dr. Who fans will meet at Zark's Santa Cruz Sentinel 1988-02-04
Science Fiction Society Austin American-Statesman 1988-02-18
The Lost Colony Tardis The Lexington Dispatch 1988-05-18
Dr Who Fan Club The Sydney Morning Herald 1988-06-10
Who doctors our science fiction club? The Republic 1988-07-29
Group treks through stars in Tardis Daily Kent Stater 1988-10-18
Dr Who and Spock have 'em hooked The Sydney Morning Herald 1988-10-27
Whovians have landed Winnipeg Free Press 1988-12-27
After October, the Doctor is gone!! The Gamecock 1989-02-01
Dr. Who Club The Vidette-Messenger 1989-03-13
Anniversary party-membership drive Orlando Sentinel 1989-06-08
Sci-fi fans united to form Time Lords The Red & Black 1989-11-08
Who's Party Is It? The Doctor's The Sydney Morning Herald 1990-01-11
Dr Who meeting Evening Chronicle 1990-02-12
Dr. Who fans set next meeting The Vidette-Messenger 1990-02-15
Weekend's Picks The Indianapolis Star 1990-03-02
Whovian cults grow in region The Daily Times 1990-03-23
Lost Dr. Who episodes will be shown The Daily Pennsylvanian 1990-03-26
Dr. Who fans seek Salem time travelers Statesman Journal 1990-04-12
A tale of a Time Lord Calgary Herald 1990-04-22
Who are you, Whovians? Winnipeg Free Press 1990-04-29
Doctor Who fans know their stuff The Windsor Star
The Vancouver Sun
Lost Colony Tardis meeting The Lexington Dispatch 1990-05-16
Open house The Gadsden Times 1990-09-08
Monty Python Fest Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1990-11-30
Global phone campaigners call for Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1990-12-01
The Doctor: In Recovery Starlog 1991-01-03
Dr. Who invades U.S. air, captures cult fans The Anniston Star 1991-08-29
Gaylaxians Capital Gay 1991-08-30
Who knows The Newcastle Journal 1991-09-27
Love a TV show? Join the club Chicago Tribune
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
The Doctor Who/Science Fiction Club The Monitor 1992-09-19
Dr Who episodes never before broadcast in America The Daily Pennsylvanian 1992-11-09
Lit teacher promotes rare and classic Sci-Fi TV The Monitor 1992-11-10
Doctor Who Fan Club New online! Chicago Tribune 1993-08-12
Time Lord Back From The Universe The Sunday Mail (Queensland) 1993-11-21
Fan club gathering Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1994-06-03
An escape from reality Wausau Daily Herald 1994-08-18
Beware the cybermen The Pink Paper 1994-11-18
Stars and skeletons The Pink Paper 1995-03-31
Dr Who fans The Pink Paper 1995-07-28
Doctor Who fans The Pink Paper 1996-01-26
Sci-Fi Saturday planned in Wausau Stevens Point Journal 1997-01-23
Tardis survivors Pink Paper 1998-01-23
Doctor, Doctor...? The Pink Paper 1998-10-09
Trekkies take on Timelord fans The Plymouth Herald 1998-11-27
The Doctor Is In (Cedar Rapids Gazette) The Cedar Rapids Gazette 2000-09-06
United They Fall The Spectator 2000-09-23
Do not exterminate The Pink Paper 2003-06-27
Guess Who's coming to town The Des Moines Register 2003-10-04
Return of the Tardis The Pink Paper 2004-04-02
Martian Arts Gay Times 2004-05-01
I thought it would be nice to bury the hatchet The Times 2004-09-01
RSVP The Sydney Morning Herald 2007-02-06
Intergalactic peace talks The Times 2013-05-18
Dr. Who series lovers establish chapter in Altus The Lawton Constitution 2013-05-26
Club orbits around hit British TV show The Daily Lobo 2013-09-03
Doctor Who fans are out of this world Western Mail 2013-11-20
Who's obsessed? Fan has date with a Doctor The Sydney Morning Herald
The Canberra Times
Whovians celebrate show’s 50th anniversary The Mustang News 2013-12-06
Whovians Black & Magenta 2014-02-13
A schoolboy scored a coup for his Doctor Who Society when he successfully invited a companion to the Time Lord to give a talk at his school Hampstead and Highgate Express 2014-04-03
Dover Library Plays Host To Doctor Who Fans Dover Post 2014-08-29
Whovians unite in 'Doctor Who' RSO, the Shadow Proclamation Central Michigan Life 2014-09-05

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