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title publication date
The Flutters The Mirror 1964-05-16
Dalek of Dr. Who fame The Daily Telegraph 1964-11-13
Better Hide Your Wallet, Cause the Daleks are Coming The Pottstown Mercury
Los Angeles Times
Austin American-Statesman
Albuquerque Journal
The Kansas City Times
Juvenile S.F. The Observer 1964-11-29
Reflections in My Kitchen Window The Valley News 1964-12-03
The Dalek Book Belfast Telegraph 1964-12-07
Bright ideas for Santa The Mirror 1964-12-15
The Danger in a Dalek The Mirror 1964-12-17
Mum! It works! -- Come and ask Dad! Daily Mail 1964-12-19
Daleks are winning the toy counter 'war' Birmingham Post 1964-12-24
James Bond meets Noddy and the Daleks The Guardian 1965-01-09
The Perishers The Mirror 1965-01-30
Ban Record Wilmington Star-News 1965-03-05
Broke but not downhearted Ottawa Citizen 1965-05-31
Take a Dalek to the beach The Australian Women's Weekly 1965-06-16
Almost everyone seems to be making a lot of money out of the Daleks except the man who designed them The Sun 1965-08-03
Toyshop roundabout The Times 1965-11-22
Games of Action Brighten Season Oakland Tribune 1965-11-25
Dr. Who and Co top the toy charts The Newcastle Journal 1965-11-26
The Early Birds London Life 1966-01-29
Shades of Dr Who behind new toys The Guardian 1966-04-19
Breakfast with the Daleks... Kinematograph Weekly 1966-07-21
Big value jigsaw puzzles Toys International 1966-09-01
From telly to type The Observer 1966-11-27
Small, cheap — and deadly Tribune (London) 1968-06-21
M P Attacks 'Dr Who' Kits The Daily Telegraph 1970-05-25
MP Attacks 'Dr Who' Kits The Daily Telegraph 1970-05-25
Toy risk: Commons question The Guardian 1970-05-25
Dr. Who sets-- 'not Ministry's fault' Birmingham Post 1970-05-25
T-shirts The Observer 1971-12-12
Why Policeman Stopped Dr. Who Coventry Evening Telegraph 1972-04-21
Together. By Ingeborg Pertwee The Listener 1974-04-11
Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen The Times Literary Supplement 1974-12-06
The Yo-Yo Makes a Comeback Liverpool Echo 1975-02-06
Doctor Ooh Mad (UK) 1975-09-01
Television's science fiction man for the young The Irish Times 1976-01-24
Dr. Het Parool 1976-02-21
Originele „tunes" van BBC-series op de plaat Leeuwarder Courant 1976-03-20
Dr Who meets the Clichés The Listener 1976-07-01
Dr. Who and the Pescatons Liverpool Echo 1976-07-10
Terror TV Monster Fun 1976-08-01
Dr. Who and the Pescatons contest winners Liverpool Echo 1976-08-14
Win a Raleigh Chopper in the Monster Painting Competition Battle Picture Weekly 1976-09-04
This is the official view The Newcastle Journal 1977-03-24
Rooms with a view ... The Daily Telegraph 1977-09-20
Mixing media Los Angeles Times 1979-01-21
Star Trek fans are finding a place in their hearts for another TV science-fiction hero The Buffalo News 1979-03-22
Doctor Who Sound Effects Starburst 1979-05-25
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde The Stage and Television Today 1979-09-06
Dr. Who journeyed back in time over 30 years to-day Liverpool Echo 1979-10-10
Zoom! Splat! It's comic hero Dr Who Liverpool Echo 1979-10-11
Pythons, Others Due On Gillette-Madison Release Variety 1979-12-19
A new fantasy lies beyond NU at Chicago sci-fi escape shop The Daily Northwestern 1980-01-18
Who Goes There (1980) The Times 1980-03-05
Solidarity with Dr Who New Statesman 1980-07-25
Page 1 Bookshop Belfast Telegraph 1980-09-29
Inside Dr. Who and the Wombles Belfast Telegraph 1980-09-29
Dalek booked for Co. Down Belfast Telegraph 1980-10-02
And whosoever knoweth just cause or impediment Daily Mail 1980-11-21
I'm afraid it's going to be a huge wedding guest list! Birmingham Mail 1980-11-21
Back to word The Times 1981-04-15
Well, this certainly buggers our plan to conquer the Universe Punch 1981-05-08
Tales of the kids' lib detectives The Christian Science Monitor 1981-05-11
British Leyland Daily Mail 1981-10-16
The mind-stretching and the macabre The Times Literary Supplement 1981-11-20
Gemcom To Distribute BBC Show Disks In U.S. Variety 1982-01-20
The Foundation Bookstore The Daily Tar Heel 1982-02-04
Make up a monster The Mirror 1982-07-31
Dr. Tom? I'd rather see Dr Jon Daily Express 1982-08-03
Can You Outguess Dr. Who? Starlog 1982-09-07
Win a who's who guide to the mysterious Doctor Who Liverpool Echo 1983-03-26
Dr Who heads BBC home video drive The Times 1983-09-09
BBC release drama, LE on cassette The Stage and Television Today 1983-09-15
Software for your Micro The Listener 1983-10-06
You ought to see the Doctor TV Times
Radio Times
Calling all Dr. Who fans! Chicago Tribune 1983-12-11
Exciting new software for your micro The Listener 1983-12-22
Dr. Whomania strikes the area The Telegraph (Alton, IL) 1984-01-21
The Doctor Who Technical Manual School Library Journal 1984-03-01
Dr. Who gets technical Santa Cruz Sentinel 1984-04-06
Heading for horror Bournemouth Evening Echo 1984-08-01
Doctor Who comes of age The Daily Telegraph 1984-09-21
Shock 'n' Roll The Town Talk
The Seattle Times
Doctor Who Collection Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-11-01
You and Who Acorn User 1984-11-01
Love's labours The Times 1984-11-17
Whoniversal Classics The Wall Street Journal 1984-11-20
Book Notes Los Angeles Times 1984-12-16
Move Over, Trekkies The Wall Street Journal 1985-01-03
Exciting new software for your micro (Radio Times) Radio Times 1985-02-02
Wait don't tell me ... I never forget a face .... Daily Mail 1985-03-01
Typecast Los Angeles Magazine 1985-03-01
Dalek, you were wonderful The Times 1985-03-01
No. 10 by Maddocks Sunday Express 1985-03-03
BBC plays stars' Dr Who protest Daily Express 1985-03-09
Who Cares? Cuts Album Variety 1985-03-27
Early harum scarum days The Stage and Television Today 1985-04-25
Doctor Who reaches a planetary landmark on KCET Los Angeles Herald Examiner 1985-05-24
Robot hired as waiter in restaurant The Sun 1985-06-27
He Who knows . . . Daily Mail 1985-07-12
Who's behind the Doctor? Portsmouth Evening News 1985-07-12
BBC Video Radio Times 1985-07-13
Strictly for the Dr. Who Devotees The Vancouver Sun 1985-07-27
Patrick Troughton stars as the Doctor on a perilous mission to defeat the deadly Ice Warriors Return of the Jedi 1985-08-10
Tardis travel The Sydney Morning Herald 1985-10-27
John Nathan-Turner's Who Confessions Starlog 1985-11-05
Inside New York Newsday 1985-11-15
Radio Who Starburst 1985-11-23
Role-playing contest open door to romance, adventure Chicago Tribune 1985-11-29
A Journey Through Time Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1985-12-01
The Bookplace The Stanford Daily 1986-01-24
Doctor Who — Timeview Starburst 1986-02-01
Don't look now but I think it's Michael Grade Daily Star 1986-03-01
I'll catch those blasted kids at it, one day! Punch 1986-05-07
Guide to local sic-fi sources Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1986-06-06
Video review Bournemouth Advertiser 1986-07-31
What's what on Who Radio Times 1986-09-06
Dr. Who Under Stethoscope Variety 1986-09-17
BBC shows are entering U.S. video market The Philadelphia Inquirer 1986-11-23
Never mind the doctor, just exterminate Bonnie Langford The Mirror 1986-12-22
Dr Who sacked The Sun 1987-01-06
Dr. Who fans will want to check out three new releases from Playhouse Video Chicago Tribune 1987-07-31
News and Reviews Lewisham & Grenwich Mercury 1987-11-19
Tom Baker's teasing performance and low-budget special effects bring Dr. Who episodes to life Toronto Star 1987-11-21
Money to be made in science fantasy is fact, not fiction The Providence Journal 1988-01-18
Video review (1988-04-28) Bournemouth Advertiser 1988-04-28
New media, old Doctor Blockbusters 1988-05-15
Butchering the Doctor Starlog 1988-07-05
Doctorin' the Tardis The Canberra Times 1988-09-08
Doctor's prescription for long life Liverpool Echo 1988-11-05
Dr. Who fans should look for The Timelords' new 12-inch The Southtown Star 1988-11-06
The Doctor in quintuplicate The Canberra Times 1988-11-28
Good doctor takes on wasps in space The Canberra Times 1989-01-16
Robot Ron News of the World 1989-02-05
Doctor Who 25th Anniversary Toronto Star 1989-04-02
Doctor Who: The Silver Anniversary Starlog 1989-05-02
A 1963 classic in two parts Radio Times 1989-06-03
Daleks' screen debut St Ives Weekly News 1989-06-08
Sun Fun The Sun 1989-09-02
A number of "Dr. Who" episodes are available through Playhouse Video Chicago Tribune 1989-09-08
Video Highlights The Daily Telegraph 1990-05-26
Publishers bite the financial bullet Financial Times 1990-09-28
Holiday Gift Ideas from TV-23 Fine Tuning (East Lansing) 1990-12-01
The Intrepid Gamer Chicago Heights Star 1990-12-06
£2,000 to own a real Dalek! Daily Express 1991-03-27
Dr Who runs out of space The Mail on Sunday 1991-04-07
It was "idiotic" to get rid of the props Daily Express 1991-05-11
Doctor Who: The Next Generation Starlog 1991-07-02
Accumulate! Accumulate! New Statesman 1991-07-05
Sexterminate Him! Dr Who's Too Blue News of the World 1991-08-11
Timewyrm: Revelation TV Zone 1991-12-19
The return of Who Chicago Tribune 1992-01-14
A timely look at the Timelords Edinburgh Evening News 1992-01-18
To badly go The Daily Telegraph 1992-03-07
Dr Who: The Videos The Pink Paper 1992-03-15
Promoting, not exterminating The Newcastle Journal 1992-06-23
The Daleks mean business this time The Stage and Television Today 1992-07-23
The New Adventures: Witch Mark TV Zone 1992-07-30
Directing the unfinished Shada TV Zone 1992-07-30
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Stage and Television Today) The Stage and Television Today 1992-10-01
The action is more cerebral than Flash Gordon Billboard 1992-10-24
Sci-Fi Favorites USA Today Magazine 1992-11-01
Japanimation, kitsch classics no kids' stuff Chicago Tribune 1992-11-06
Doctor Who: The Sixties Vox 1993-01-01
60's Heroes Vox 1993-03-01
Dr Who confronts the deadly Daleks New Straits Times 1993-03-01
Whodunits? Starlog 1993-03-04
Dr Hoot The Sun 1993-04-10
Dr Who & The Daleks/Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 AD Vox 1993-05-01
Thirty years and a handful of Doctors later, Doctor Who is still going strong The Sun 1993-05-19
Even Dr Who is not missing out Ipswitch Star 1993-08-07
Dark Dimensions Starburst 1993-09-01
Bargain table yields treasure for this Doctor Who fan The Star (Tinley Park, IL) 1993-09-02
The BBC has released a special limited edition boxed set of the Doc adventures The Sun 1993-09-04
About time (Chicago Tribune) Chicago Tribune 1993-10-19
30 Years of Doctor Who Radio Times 1993-11-20
The Doctor Who Music Invasion Starlog 1994-03-01
Who's On Line Billboard 1994-04-16
RJB The Pinball Store Chicago Tribune 1994-04-24
Tom Baker is a rather rumpled, disheveled Dr. Who Chicago Tribune 1994-08-19
Cuddle up to a Dalek The Times 1994-10-15
Monster Spin-Off As Doctor's Fans Shake It In Space The Observer 1994-10-30
Back in the Tardis for doctor with timeless quality Dr Who: The Seventies The Scotsman 1994-12-15
Adventures in Space and Time TV Zone 1995-10-01
Dud Daleks The Times Literary Supplement 1995-11-03
Doctor is missing but video is destined to be a hit Press Association 1995-11-03
For the fan who has everything The Guardian
Ottawa Citizen
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Sight & Sound) Sight & Sound 1996-03-01
Daleks whisk back in time Daily Express 1996-03-01
TARDIS Travel Agent Starlog 1996-03-05
Doctor Who, 2 BBC Dramas, AbFab Released The Washington Post 1996-03-24
Trump card Liverpool Echo 1996-03-25
He's Back! The Sun 1996-05-24
Any chance of taking us back to a holiday heatwave? The Sun 1996-05-27
The punters queue for new Doctor Who The Bookseller 1996-05-31
Partners in time Empire 1996-07-01
The Doctor is in Cinefantastique 1996-08-01
Boom to bust and back again The Daily Telegraph 1996-08-24
Who's Next (Starlog) Starlog 1997-04-03
Not of this planet The Box 1997-06-01
Watching Dr. Who and Star Trek Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen 1997-06-01
Science Fiction Audiences: watching Doctor Who and Star Trek Historical Journal of Film, Radio & Television 1997-08-01
Time travel as guilt trip The Bookseller 1997-09-12
Dark side of the Doctor Daily Mail 1997-09-20
Baker's day Liverpool Echo 1997-09-27
Play it again Sam - for big bucks The Times 1997-11-29
Daleks find their voice as Tardis lands in digital age The Times 1997-12-03
Toying with the market The Herald (Ireland) 1997-12-05
Who on Earth is Tom Baker? The Australian 1997-12-19
Tardis survivors Pink Paper 1998-01-23
Revelations from beyond the Tardis The Sunday Star-Times 1998-04-12
Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors The Sydney Morning Herald 1998-04-25
Three "Missing Adventures" of Dr. Who Science Fiction Chronicle 1998-05-01
Dr Who fanatic pirated tapes The Daily Telegraph 1998-07-07
Last Man Running Science Fiction Chronicle 1998-08-01
Mail Order To The Stars Income Opportunities 1998-11-01
A history of Britain in 48 stamps The Times 1998-11-13
Space adventures: music from "Doctor Who" 1963-1971 Film Score Monthly 1998-12-01
What the Dr ordered Lichfield Mercury 1999-03-11
Expurgate! Expurgate! The Sunday Times 1999-04-04
Dr Who: The Mind Of Evil Cinefantastique 1999-06-01
This Is Science Fiction: An Epic Album of Adventure and Exploration Mixmag 1999-08-01
Who's that author? The Times 1999-10-30
She's got it wrapped up The Daily Telegraph 1999-11-26
Realitywarp Film Score Monthly 1999-12-01
Ear Candy Starlog 2000-03-02
Freeware from IndiVideo Democrat and Chronicle 2000-09-04
Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death Entertainment Weekly 2000-11-24
Spearhead from Space Evening Chronicle 2000-12-13
A new library display about Who? Ingenium 2000-12-14
Science Vision: MSOE exhibit honors 'Dr. Who' Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2000-12-26
At home with a Dalek Bournemouth Daily Echo 2001-02-22
Rare Dalek for sale, one Doctor owner--you know Who Bournemouth Advertiser 2001-02-22
Lecture unveils whats, whys of 'Dr. Who' Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2001-03-05
Dr. Who: City of Death Gay Times 2001-07-01
Doctor Who phenomenon spreads Dimensions 2001-10-15
This eccentric BBC TV sci-fi series Sound & Vision 2001-11-01
Time And Relative, by Kim Newman Sunday Express 2001-12-09
Profitable dot-com having record year The Morning Call 2001-12-10
Doctor Who: Master Tin Set Time Out London 2001-12-12
Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965) isn't really Science Fiction Chronicle 2002-02-01
The Dr. Who Collection Video Watchdog 2002-07-01
Doctor Who Collector's Edition Film Review 2002-08-01
Tis the Season to be Shopping Astronomy 2002-11-01
Cult hits grow Web roots Chicago Tribune 2003-07-26
Exterminate Alistair Campbell The Sunday Times 2003-09-28
Doctor Who? (Antiques and Collectables) Antiques & Collectables 2003-10-01
Who's Who In Dr Who Birmingham Post 2003-11-22
Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors Science Fiction Chronicle 2004-06-01
Worst thing we ever did-- giving them legs The Sun 2004-08-09
Resurrection of the Tory Daleks The Times 2004-08-12
Admit it, Billie there's something going on with you and Dr Who The Sun 2004-09-27
Dr Who: Lost in Time The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 2004-12-22
The spin-off doctors The Sydney Morning Herald 2005-01-01
Media Tarts The Guardian 2005-03-14
My sweet Time Lord: Are Sixties Daleks worth anything? The Observer 2005-03-20
Prepare for an invasion of the Dr Who toys Daily Express 2005-03-30
We'll Exterminate All the Other Toys Daily Star 2005-03-30
Who's in a £50m Mess Daily Star 2005-04-02
Too frightening for parents? The Daily Telegraph 2005-04-15
Posh 'n Becks crisis--latest Daily Star 2005-04-26
Chris Eccleston explains why he left Dr Who The Mirror 2005-04-26
Give the man a BAFTA Tribune (London) 2005-04-29
Inventor of Daleks only earned £80!!! The Mirror 2005-04-30
Quickie... Daily Star 2005-04-30
£2m sales for the man who makes Daleks Daily Express 2005-05-02
Free Doctor Who and Friends CD inside today plus bonus Star Wars track Daily Star 2005-05-07
Hamlet The Stage and Television Today 2005-05-19
Series 3 for Who The Bookseller 2005-06-24
Seventh heaven The Stage and Television Today 2005-09-08
Doctor Who: City of Death Take 1 2005-11-04
Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror The Bookseller 2005-11-18
Doctor Who: Complete First Series Radio Times 2005-11-26
Sexing up the Tardis Sight & Sound 2005-12-01
Through Time Science Fiction Chronicle 2005-12-01
What the Doctor did next The Times 2005-12-24
Cherilea Swoppet Daleks Plastic Warrior 2006-01-01
£2,000 Dalek.. the ultimate toy! Daily Star 2006-01-20
More from Doctor Who The Bookseller 2006-04-07
Genesis of the Daleks Radio Times 2006-04-22
Free Doctor Who DVDs The Sun 2006-04-22
Billie to be first female Doctor Who? Daily Star 2006-05-09
More from the Timelord The Bookseller 2006-06-09
O Rose, thou art not sick The Bookseller 2006-06-30
Power of the Prime Time Lord Sunday Express 2006-08-06
Join the time lords: they don't miss a minute The Sunday Times 2006-10-15
Obsessive fan of the week! Entertainment Weekly 2006-10-27
Parents under attack from the Daleks' pester power Daily Mail 2006-11-12
Who is top of the charts? The Bookseller 2006-11-17
Techno Toys Daily Express 2006-11-18
A Cyberman isn't just for Christmas... The Sunday Times 2006-11-26
Cyberman Christmas brain scramble Western Mail 2006-11-28
Doctor Who: Complete Series 2 Empire 2006-12-01
Christmas Shopping Guide The Herald (Ireland) 2006-12-06
Back to the future (The Bookseller) The Bookseller 2006-12-08
Top toys on Santa's list Gorey Guardian 2006-12-13
Torchwood part one The Pink Paper 2006-12-21
Dennis the Menace meets his match at last as Doctor Who annual tops the publishing charts The Guardian 2006-12-23
Doctor Who: Timestreams GameRoom 2007-01-01
Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2007-01-11
The Tardis Chainsaw Massacre The Sun 2007-01-26
Another new Doctor Who will see you now The Gazette 2007-01-27
Your Money: Dalektable Sales Boost The Mirror 2007-02-01
Doctor Who -- Series 2 Sight & Sound 2007-02-01
The Invasion of Bash Street BeanoMAX 2007-02-15
Soundtracks: time to make a song and dance Music Week 2007-03-03
BBC builds on Dr Who The Bookseller 2007-03-09
Home isn't a Tardis, so collection must go The Northern Echo 2007-03-27
Dalek helmets from Character Smallcap Briefing Financial Times 2007-04-25
Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series The Video Librarian 2007-05-01
Doctor Who: Series 3, Vol. 1 Empire 2007-06-01
Airfix cements deal with Dr Who The Times 2007-06-16
Dr Who: the timeline Lord The Bookseller 2007-10-26
Doctor Who: The Key to Time Sight & Sound 2007-11-01
Dr Who is master for Character Financial Times 2007-11-02
Doctor Who treats fans to more sci-fi humor The Washington Times 2007-11-17
Peter Haining The Times 2008-01-05
Go time-travelling with your own model of Dr Who's Tardis Sunday Express 2008-02-10
Judge exterminates Dalek claim The Times 2008-04-17
Dalek suit sells for astronomic £3,200 The Times 2008-04-24
Doctor Who, the complete third series Video Watchdog 2008-05-01
Alien knitting patterns undo Dr Who fan The Times 2008-05-14
TV chiefs soften over Doctor Who fan's toys The Times 2008-05-17
£440 for Dr Who sharpener The Times 2008-06-07
Doctor Who: The Forgotten No. 1 of 6 Syracuse Post-Standard 2008-08-31
The Brain of Morbius Sight & Sound 2008-09-01
Brand bastion Financial Times 2008-09-26
From Monopoly to Dr Who, Christmas toys this year are destined for a retro look The Times 2008-09-29
Dr Who guide materialises The Bookseller 2008-10-03
The Doctor's new enemy The Bookseller 2008-11-14
Doctor Who: The Fourth Series Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008-11-27
Doctor Who insights where space and times laud tales The Canberra Times 2008-11-29
An annual battle The Bookseller 2008-12-12
Young Who's marketing appeal is out of this world Sunday Express 2009-01-11
Treasure Hunters The Mirror 2009-07-05
BBC Brands Beyond Britain License! 2009-09-01
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor The Oklahoman 2009-09-18
Doctor Who: Cold-Blooded War! Comics Buyer's Guide 2010-01-01
More Doctor Who on Audio Audiofile 2010-02-01
Daleks up for sale The Times 2010-02-05
The trappings of Time Lords Financial Times 2010-02-20
Slip inside and scare the kids: Dr Who fans offered a ramshackle piece of TV history The Times 2010-02-24
Dalek makes a killing The Times 2010-02-25
Dr Who Much? The Sun 2010-02-25
Doctor Who fans shell out thousands at props auction Western Mail 2010-02-25
How to buy a Tardis Daily Star 2010-04-06
Doctor Who seems poised for a breakthrough Chicago Sun-Times 2010-04-16
Authors celebrate 'Doctor Who' Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2010-06-04
The Science of Doctor Who (Science News) Science News 2010-06-05
Who hits button for BBC games Variety 2010-06-14
Torchwood põe sexualidade em primeiro plano em caça a ETs Folha de S. Paulo 2010-06-28
The brand doctor The Bookseller 2010-08-20
The Science of Doctor Who Library Journal 2010-09-01
Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion: A Doctor Who Radio Adventure School Library Journal 2010-10-01
Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary Aiken Standard 2010-10-24
Doctor Who explained Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2010-10-28
Lost soul of literature revels in the adventures of the Doctor Scotland on Sunday 2010-11-14
Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol Home Media Magazine 2011-02-14
My life in books Times Educational Supplement 2011-03-11
BBC Books set to bring back exterminated Dr Who novels The Bookseller 2011-03-25
Doctor Who script by Douglas Adams to be a novel The Guardian 2011-03-25
Sally Forth King Features Syndicate 2011-04-10
Canadian deal unsettles Scots; Dr. Who's jacket The Gazette 2011-05-25
Barrowman at his best Chester Chronicle 2011-06-09
Who's the ladies man? - Worcester native gives voice to 'Dr. Who's' female fans Worcester Telegram & Gazette 2011-06-22
Metal myths The Times Literary Supplement 2011-07-08
Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series (Blu-ray) Regina Leader-Post 2011-12-17
Jenny (JT) Colgan tackles Doctor Who The Bookseller 2012-01-20
BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games Introduces Doctor Who: Worlds in Time MMO Online Game Entertainment Close-up 2012-03-19
Doctor Who,' Star Trek' team up The Oklahoman 2012-06-01
Dr. Screw Daily Star 2012-07-19
Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Collection 1: 1964-1965 Publishers Weekly 2012-07-30
Doctor Who: Death To The Daleks Regina Leader-Post 2012-09-08
The Doctor goes back in time to feature quarry Gravesend & Dartford Messenger 2012-09-27
The Time Lord turns 50 The Bookseller 2012-10-26
Shada: The Lost Adventure by Douglas Adams The Christian Century 2012-12-22
Stamps mark 50 years of Doctor Who Belfast Telegraph 2012-12-26
Doctor Who's 50th marked with silver World Coin News 2013-01-01
Exterminknit! The Sun 2013-01-29
Back in time: A frank new book about Doctor Who is full of shocking claims The Guardian 2013-03-23
Doctor Who fans 'preyed on' by show producers The Sunday Times 2013-03-24
Doctor Who perv in sex act during phone chat with Blue Peter Biddy The Mirror 2013-03-25
Doctor travels first-class The Times 2013-03-26
Sony DADC New Media Solutions and BBC Worldwide Launches Doctor Who with PlayStationHome Entertainment Close-up 2013-03-28
The Mind Of Evil 10 March, BFI Southbank SFX Magazine 2013-04-01
Memories of the Doc The Bookseller 2013-04-26
BBC's Time-Travel Issue For 'Doctor Who' Finale The New York Times 2013-05-14
Dr Whovians line up for a shop Inner West Courier 2013-05-14
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Times) The Times 2013-05-18
Big Screen Barbara Gay Times 2013-06-02
Books project is out of this world Times Educational Supplement 2013-06-21
Who's Who (British Philatelic Bulletin) British Philatelic Bulletin 2013-07-01
More tea, Doctor? Tardis calls by for cuppa and cake The Times 2013-07-10
Dr Who and the Daleks/Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150AD Sight & Sound 2013-08-01
Degeneration The Times 2013-08-05
John Smith and the Common Men: Sounds From The Inferno (Hysterion HYS 001) Record Collector 2013-09-01
The Auntie Matter: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Audiofile 2013-10-01
The Shutdown of Doom New Statesman 2013-10-18
The Timeless Doctor Who License! 2013-11-01
The Doctor means business Director 2013-11-01
Couple's marathon Doctor Who effort The Northern Echo 2013-11-07
Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series (2013) Regina Leader-Post 2013-11-09
Why it could pay to check the attic for a dusty Dalek The Scottish Mail on Sunday 2013-11-10
The Doctors' Signatures with Healthy Returns The Scottish Mail on Sunday 2013-11-10
William Hartnell's Granddaughter On The First Doctor Who The Mirror 2013-11-21
Sci-fi superfan's shrine to Doctor Daily Post 2013-11-23
Happy 50th, Doctor Who Ottawa Citizen
The Gazette
12 Media Must-Haves Playboy 2013-12-01
Who Fakers Guilty Daily Star 2013-12-07
A good Christmas present for historians, travellers and environmentalists alike The Newcastle Journal
Liverpool Post
Western Mail
Cracking good reads for teens Cape Argus 2013-12-16
Welsh whizzkid's Doctor Who game South Wales Echo 2013-12-19
The Day of the Doctor Regina Leader-Post 2013-12-21
Time-Travelin' Eye Candy The New York Times 2013-12-22
Doctor Who: Complete Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set The Video Librarian 2014-01-01
Doctor Who: The Vault Library Journal 2014-01-01
Books of the week Daily Record
The Sunday Mail (Scotland)
Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor The Video Librarian 2014-03-01
Doctor Who and Race Sight & Sound 2014-03-01
Ban Lifted, Time for 'Doctor Who' Lego The Asian Age 2014-03-04
Making a House Call to the 'Doctor' The Indianapolis Star 2014-03-13
Doctor Who fans find niche at memorabilia store Pharos-Tribune 2014-03-16
Whovians flock for Doctor memorabilia The Indianapolis Star 2014-03-17
Inside the Tardis: the worlds of Doctor Who Historical Journal of Film, Radio & Television 2014-04-23
Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor The Video Librarian 2014-05-01
Witness the origins of Doctor Who in Adventure in Space and Time Regina Leader-Post 2014-06-14
Doctor Who: Deep Breath Regina Leader-Post 2014-09-27
Untitled Fourth Doctor Who Novel Library Journal 2014-10-15
6 Questions We Asked... The Bookseller 2014-10-24
Running out of time New Statesman 2014-11-07
Dr Who Products Are the Future of Manufacturing Australasian Science 2014-12-01
Several books aimed at fans of the classic BBC TV show "Doctor Who" are out this holiday season The News & Observer 2014-12-07
Doctor Who: Series 8 Regina Leader-Post 2014-12-20
Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series The Video Librarian 2015-03-01
Doctor Who: Last Christmas (Regina Leader-Post) Regina Leader-Post 2015-03-07
Drawing the Doctor Rutland Herald 2015-04-05
Nerd cave decor Chicago Tribune
Springfield News-Sun
Doctor Who: Last Christmas The Video Librarian 2015-05-01
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor. Vol. 1: Revolutions of Terror Library Journal 2015-05-15
Doctor Who: Legacy Air & Space Smithsonian 2015-06-01
The Return of Doctor Who (Library Journal) Library Journal 2015-06-15
Spaceships and scampi New Statesman 2015-07-24
Belleville artist - is in Who's Who - of Dr. Who Belleville News-Democrat 2015-08-14
The Tenth Doctor: Revolutions of Terror School Library Journal 2015-09-01
The Doctors Are In: The Essential and Unofficial Guide to Doctor Who's Greatest Time Lord Library Journal 2015-09-01
Dr Who tale of spaceships and Smokies The Courier & Advertiser 2015-09-22
Teacher's warning for selling Dr Who goods Daily Post 2015-10-09
Doctor Who: City of Death (2015) Library Journal 2015-10-15
The Humanism of Doctor Who: A Critical Study in Science Fiction and Philosophy, by David Layton Implicit Religion 2015-10-15
The Best of the Boxed Sets TV Guide 2015-12-07
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