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Verity's tune is way out of this world! The Mirror 1963-12-07
Music That Fits The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1963-12-15
Let there be (electronic) music The Stage and Television Today 1964-03-12
Ban Record Wilmington Star-News 1965-03-05
Square wave, hip sound The Observer 1965-03-21
The Climate for Experiment Tatler 1965-05-12
Top Gear Column The Newcastle Journal 1965-09-10
More adventure ahead for the girl who made the Cyberman Belfast Telegraph 1968-03-15
Dr Who music man here The Canberra Times 1968-05-09
The Men Behind the Monsters The Mirror 1968-05-18
Sounds Incredible - 1 Practical Electronics 1970-04-15
Sounds Incredible - 2 Practical Electronics 1970-05-15
Dial a tune The Guardian 1970-09-03
Dr Who and Disco 2 Graphics at Paris Design Exhibition Ariel 1971-05-01
BBC TV special effects Science Museum until 10 June, 1973 New Scientist 1972-12-07
Much as I would like to add my compliments to the BBC's Special Effects Department The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1973-01-07
The man who brought the Daleks to life Belfast Telegraph 1973-08-18
Sax appeal The Guardian 1974-02-02
Originele „tunes" van BBC-series op de plaat Leeuwarder Courant 1976-03-20
Simple Computer Voice Practical Electronics 1976-05-15
His life is just a stunt Belfast Telegraph 1976-11-29
Where K9 gets his bark The Observer 1979-03-25
The new sound of music The Listener 1979-03-29
Doctor Who Sound Effects Starburst 1979-05-25
Hyde and Who She 1979-08-01
Phonic boom The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1979-09-02
Cut Price Miracles Starburst 1979-10-01
Setting Chroma-Key Free with Scene-Sync American Cinematographer 1979-11-01
Tuning up 'Doctor Who' The Canberra Times 1980-08-10
How does something sinister crawling up your leg sound? The Globe and Mail 1982-03-20
Making up is hard to do The Newcastle Journal 1983-12-16
Musical time-warp for Doctor Who Radio Times 1986-09-27
Doctor Who Special Effects Starburst 1986-12-01
Sounds a bit odd The Daily Telegraph 1988-03-26
This week's Top 40 The Sun 1988-06-13
Dr. Who turns up on dance floor Chicago Tribune 1988-09-30
The real thing The Times 1990-10-27
Bernard Wilkie: The Effective Pioneer TV Zone 1991-12-19
What Goes Around, Comes Around Chicago Sun-Times 1994-01-09
The Doctor Who Music Invasion Starlog 1994-03-01
Sabalon Glitz delivered a brilliant set at the Empty Bottle Chicago Sun-Times 1994-10-10
Inspiration From Afar - Spacy Sounds Aren't Alien To Chicago's Sabalon Glitz Chicago Sun-Times 1995-01-06
The Picts provide 'space-age entertainment' Central Michigan Life 1997-04-09
Carl Davis and the RLPO The Stage and Television Today 1998-07-23
Dr Who design team sues BBC over film rights The Times 1998-08-24
The sound of music Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 1999-09-01
Music for Dr Who American Record Guide 2002-03-01
Sherlock Holmes Meets Dr Who Musical Opinion 2002-07-01
Daphne Oram obituary The Times 2003-01-24
Laying the track for a new sound Daily Express 2003-02-13
Death of the Daleks Daily Express 2003-04-11
Exterminate, exterminate! BBC kills off its Daleks workshop The Times 2003-04-11
BBC Director-General Greg Dyke is facing a staff rebellion Daily Express 2003-04-24
The effects Radio Times 2005-03-26
New Dr Who let down by same old cheesy effects Daily Express 2005-03-30
Who broke Big Ben? Standard Lite 2005-04-13
Monsters Inc The Times 2006-05-13
Doctor at The Mill Televisual 2006-05-15
Soundtracks: time to make a song and dance Music Week 2007-03-03
Doctor Who is back and looking better than ever Televisual 2007-04-01
Cat and Doc Radio Times 2007-04-14
The Thinking Man's Dalek Radio Times 2007-04-21
Crowds of fatties to see the doctor Televisual 2008-04-01
Doctor Who and Kennedy. Who said Proms were elitist? The Daily Telegraph 2008-04-09
Doctor Who to make a timely arrival at Proms The Times 2008-04-10
From Dr Who to rebel Kennedy at the Proms The Bookseller 2008-04-18
Fallece Tristram Cary, el padre de la música electrónica Agencia EFE, S.A. 2008-04-28
Ahead of her time ... academics find space for woman who made Doctor Who theme The Times 2008-07-18
The king of cut and stick Financial Times 2008-07-26
Weird — but Doctor Who prom was perfect for our geeky times The Daily Telegraph 2008-07-28
The lost geniuses of library music The Guardian 2008-08-29
The BBC Dr Who Prom Musical Opinion 2008-09-01
Clone the Doctor Who Sound Keyboard 2008-10-01
Who's to be Who? Morning Star 2008-11-01
Magic tricks beyond the imagination of a sorcerer The Independent 2009-01-12
Playing creatures Dancing Times 2009-12-01
More Dr Who Dancing Times 2010-01-01
That strain again — where have we heard this before? Gramophone 2010-03-01
Beyond our ken The Spectator 2010-04-03
Doctor Karen keeps in tune Daily Star 2010-07-26
Daleks are in control London Evening Standard 2010-07-26
Never mind the hostile aliens, this is music with a force to be reckoned with The Times 2010-07-26
Dr. Who Gets His Due At Concerto Competition Madison Capital Times 2011-02-24
All plugged in and ready to Trock Chicago Tribune
The American News
Transported by tunes of the Tardis The Age 2012-01-21
Who's who of sci fi in hi fi Herald Sun 2012-01-30
Who fan exterminates boyhood fear and composes himself for the Doc The Australian 2012-02-02
Doctor Who, synchronicity and travels in time The Straits Times 2012-03-31
Sounds inspired by galaxies far, far away The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 2012-12-10
Toast to Time Lord pure Gold The Sydney Morning Herald 2012-12-14
Who's missing? Radio Times 2013-04-27
The men with the real sonic screwdrivers The Daily Telegraph 2013-07-04
Packing out the Proms Western Mail 2013-07-12
Doctor Who Prom The Times 2013-07-15
Lots of pomp, Doctors and the Daleks Western Mail 2013-07-15
RWS fetes Doctor Who Pro Sound News 2013-08-01
Doctor in the House Herald Sun 2013-08-05
John Smith and the Common Men: Sounds From The Inferno (Hysterion HYS 001) Record Collector 2013-09-01
Sound Devices captures Doctor Who TVB Europe 2013-10-01
Time Crash brings "trock" across the pond Chicago Reader
Chicago Sun-Times
Milk Strikes Gold on Dr Who Televisual 2013-12-01
Doctor to host stellar symphony The Age 2013-12-19
Davison's Doctor Who discovery a real symphony The Dominion Post 2013-12-23
Small screen, big effects TVB Europe 2014-01-01
Time is right for Doctor's return The Courier Mail 2014-01-18
Doctor lines up new fans Herald Sun 2014-01-19
A rousing return for Dr Who aficionados The Age 2014-02-03
Time Lord Gets Set to Rock the City The Courier Mail 2014-02-05
Face-To-Face With Doctor Who Creeps The Dominion Post 2014-02-22
Way Out - Of This World! Delia Derbyshire, Doctor Who and the British Public's Awareness of Electronic Music in the 1960s Critical Studies in Television 2014-06-06
Doctor Who pioneers Sunday Express 2014-08-17
Who's next for musical outing The Advertiser 2014-12-21
Outside the Box American Cinematographer 2015-03-01
Delia Derbyshire : sound and music for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1962-1973 University of York thesis 2015-06-01
The Doctor Beckons Bowie Daily Express 2015-09-12
Hear It Now Waitrose Weekend 2016-12-08
The Doctor's new dynamic sound TVB Europe 2017-06-01
Creating Sustainable Cybermen TVB Europe 2017-10-01

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