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Dr. Who star killed in crash The Daily Telegraph 1973-06-20
Dr Who's enemy dies in crash The Mirror 1973-06-20
Roger Delgado obituary (The Times) The Times 1973-06-20
Actor killed The Guardian 1973-06-20
The Master killed Daily Express 1973-06-20
Roger Delgado (letter) The Stage and Television Today 1973-07-12
Roger Delgado obituary The Stage and Television Today 1973-07-12
Final role The Herald 1974-05-03
William Hartnell obituary (Associated Press) Associated Press
The Washington Post
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The New York Times
William Hartnell obituary (The Guardian) The Guardian 1975-04-25
Original 'Dr Who' Dies The Canberra Times 1975-04-25
The original Dr. Who dies at 67 The Daily Telegraph 1975-04-25
Dr Who, the first Dalek fighter, dies The Mirror 1975-04-25
Actor William Hartnell dies at 67 The Herald 1975-04-25
Mr William Hartnell The Times 1975-04-25
The dotty, dotty doctor, hero of 15 million Daily Express 1975-04-25
William Hartnell obituary Variety 1975-04-30
William Hartnell obituary (Television Today) The Stage and Television Today 1975-05-01
Kevin Lindsay obituary The Stage and Television Today 1975-05-08
David Ellis obituary The Stage and Television Today 1978-07-13
Mr Brian Hayles The Times 1978-10-31
Brian Hayles obituary (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1978-10-31
Brian Hayles obituary The Stage and Television Today 1978-11-02
Malcolm Hulke obituary The Stage and Television Today 1979-07-12
David Whitaker obituary The Stage and Television Today 1980-02-14
Hit composer Ron is dead The Sun 1981-02-23
Ron Grainer obituary The Stage and Television Today 1981-02-26
Creator of TV 'Doomwatch' dies at 53 The Daily Telegraph 1981-05-28
Sudden death of Dr Doom Daily Express 1981-05-28
Latest wills The Times 1981-06-02
Latest wills (1981-08-15) The Times 1981-08-15
Peter Glaze The Daily Telegraph 1983-02-22
Douglas Camfield The Stage and Television Today 1984-02-09
Richard Hurndall obituary The Daily Telegraph 1984-04-14
Richard Hurndall The Times 1984-04-16
Valentine Dyall The Times 1985-06-26
Miss Daphne Heard The Times 1986-06-24
Dennis Spooner Variety 1986-10-01
Dennis Spooner obituary The Stage and Television Today 1986-10-02
Ian Marter, 1986 Comics Buyer's Guide 1986-11-21
Former 'Doctor Who' Dead at 67 Associated Press
Chicago Tribune
The New York Times
Dr. Who Star Troughton Dies in City Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 1987-03-29
Time Has Run Out for Dr Who Patrick News of the World 1987-03-29
Dr Who Troughton dies Sunday Express 1987-03-30
A time lord dies Western Mail 1987-03-30
Lost time lord The Guardian 1987-03-30
Mr Patrick Troughton The Times 1987-03-30
Patrick Troughton obituary (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1987-03-30
Dr Who's last journey Today 1987-03-30
Ian Marter 1943-1986 Starlog 1987-04-07
Patrick Troughton obituary (Television Today) The Stage and Television Today 1987-04-09
Patrick George Troughton Science Fiction Chronicle 1987-05-01
A pioneer at WTTW - Ed Morris blazed trails in local TV Chicago Sun-Times 1987-05-20
Patrick Troughton obituary Scene 2 and 17 1987-06-01
Patrick Troughton 1920-1987 Starlog 1987-06-02
McBain dies at height of TV career The Herald 1989-04-27
Colbourne's way Radio Times 1989-08-26
Gerald Blake obituary The Stage and Television Today 1991-04-25
Milton Subotsky (The Times) The Times 1991-07-20
Milton Subotsky Science Fiction Chronicle 1991-09-01
Lloyd's tribute The Stage and Television Today 1991-09-05
Alan Wheatley Variety 1991-09-09
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Times) The Times 1993-02-24
Jacqueline Hill obituary The Stage and Television Today 1993-03-04
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1993-08-23
Bernard Martin obituary The Stage and Television Today 1993-12-02
Eileen Way obituary The Stage and Television Today 1994-06-30
Roy Castle The Times 1994-09-03
Designer of the Daleks 'withdrew from world' The Daily Telegraph 1994-09-23
Brains behind Daleks ended life as recluse The Guardian 1994-09-23
Dalek designer 'wasted away' The Stage and Television Today 1994-09-29
Peter Cushing 1913-1994 Starlog 1994-10-04
John J Carney The Stage and Television Today 1995-03-16
Gordon Flemyng obituary The Stage and Television Today 1995-08-10
Dursley McLinden obituary The Stage and Television Today 1995-11-02
Preston Lockwood obituary The Stage and Television Today 1996-05-09
Jon Pertwee obituary Associated Press
Toronto Sun
Dr Who actor Pertwee dies Agence France Presse 1996-05-20
Time Lords Mourn Jon Pertwee Press Association 1996-05-20
Jon Pertwee, British actor The Washington Post 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Times) The Times 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (Daily Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-21
A Doctor For All Time The Guardian 1996-05-21
The world of Dr Who mourns Jon Pertwee The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-21
The true eccentric who was born to be Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Independent) The Independent 1996-05-21
Entertainment world pays tribute to the man who was probably the best Dr Who of all The Herald 1996-05-21
Time runs out for a veteran Time Lord Daily Express 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Stage) The Stage and Television Today 1996-05-23
Lives Lived: Jon Pertwee The Globe and Mail 1996-05-24
Why I Won't Be At Jon's Funeral - Jean Marsh Press Association 1996-05-28
Doctor with the PR touch The Stage and Television Today 1996-05-30
Jon Pertwee (Radio Times) Radio Times 1996-06-01
Time Lord Immemorial Who Weekly 1996-06-03
Jon Pertwee 1919-1996 Starlog 1996-07-02
Writer who made the Daleks a monster hit Daily Mail 1997-03-12
Terry Nation obituary (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1997-03-12
Mr Dalek Dies The Mirror 1997-03-12
Terry Nation obituary (The Times) The Times 1997-03-13
The man who invented the Daleks The Guardian 1997-03-13
Terry Nation obituary The Stage and Television Today 1997-03-20
Arthur Hewlett obituary The Stage and Television Today 1997-03-27
Julia Smith obituary Associated Press 1997-06-20
Don Henderson obituary The Times 1997-06-28
Leonard Maguire obituary (The Times) The Times 1997-09-29
Leonard Maguire obituary The Stage and Television Today 1997-10-09
Paul Bernard obituary The Stage and Television Today 1997-10-16
Paul Bernard obituary (The Times) The Times 1997-10-20
Sydney Newman obituary The Times 1997-11-01
Kenneth Wilson obituary The Stage and Television Today 1998-08-13
Carl Forgione obituary The Stage and Television Today 1998-10-15
Michael Craze obituary The Stage and Television Today 1998-12-24
Michael Craze, 56 - December 7, 1998 Classic Images 1999-02-01
Roger Avon obituary The Stage and Television Today 1999-02-11
Bryan Mosley obituary The Stage and Television Today 1999-02-25
John Wiles obituary The Stage and Television Today 1999-06-17
David McGillivray obituary The Stage and Television Today 1999-07-29
Declan Mulholland, 67 - June 29, 1999 Classic Images 1999-10-01
Noel Johnson, 83 - October 1, 1999 Classic Images 1999-12-01
Peter Jeffrey obituary The Stage and Television Today 2000-01-06
Kenneth Waller The Times 2000-02-02
Kenneth Waller obituary The Stage and Television Today 2000-02-17
Reginald Jessup obituary The Stage and Television Today 2000-02-24
Hilary Minster obituary The Stage and Television Today 2000-06-22
Aubrey Richards obituary The Stage and Television Today 2000-06-29
David Neal obituary The Stage and Television Today 2000-08-10
Lawrence Davidson obituary The Stage and Television Today 2000-10-26
Daphne Dare obituary The Stage and Television Today 2000-11-16
Norman Mitchell The Times 2001-04-28
Douglas Adams obituary (The Times) The Times 2001-05-14
Jack Watling obituary The Times 2001-05-24
Delia Derbyshire: Pioneer of electronic music who produced the distinctive sound of Dr Who The Guardian 2001-07-07
Delia Derbyshire The Times 2001-07-23
Douglas Adams obituary Science Fiction Chronicle 2001-08-01
Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001) Computer Music Journal 2001-11-15
TV clean-up campaigner Mary Whitehouse dies The Daily Telegraph 2001-11-24
Mary Whitehouse The Daily Telegraph 2001-11-24
Mary the tireless TV protester dies age 91 Daily Express 2001-11-24
Edward Evans obituary The Times 2002-01-12
Donald Wilson obituary The Times 2002-04-25
Obituary of John Nathan-Turner Doctor Who's ninth producer who introduced a new look to the show The Daily Telegraph 2002-05-07
John Nathan-Turner The Times 2002-05-07
John Nathan-Turner obituary The Guardian 2002-05-11
Sci-Fi Boss Who Nursed The Doctor Daily Express 2002-06-03
Bernard Wilkie obituary The Guardian 2002-06-03
Gerald Campion The Times 2002-07-11
Carmen Silvera obituary The Times 2002-08-05
Carmen Silvera Variety 2002-08-19
Denys Fisher obituary The Times 2002-10-26
Radio pioneer led the way for West Indians Daily Express 2002-11-13
Daphne Oram obituary The Times 2003-01-24
Laying the track for a new sound Daily Express 2003-02-13
Bill Strutton obituary The Times 2003-12-04
Gordon Reid The Times 2003-12-15
Alfred Lynch obituary The Times 2003-12-20
Russell Hunter obituary The Times 2004-03-01
Bill Strutton Science Fiction Chronicle 2004-04-01
Anthony Ainley obituary The Guardian 2004-05-15
Frederick Jaeger obituary The Guardian 2004-09-08
Michael Sheard obituary The Guardian 2005-09-13
Bob Sloman The Times 2005-12-12
Richard Mayes The Times 2006-11-22
Gareth Hunt The Times 2007-03-15
Obituary of Dave Martin The Daily Telegraph 2007-04-17
Dave Martin Classic Images 2007-07-01
Gordon Gostelow The Times 2007-07-02
John Normington The Times 2007-08-22
Obituary of Verity Lambert The Daily Telegraph 2007-11-24
Fallece Tristram Cary, el padre de la música electrónica Agencia EFE, S.A. 2008-04-28
Tristram Cary Goldmine 2008-06-06
Elizabeth Spriggs The Times 2008-07-07
Veteran Mr Dalek dies at 82 Daily Express 2009-01-23
Doctor Who's chief Dalek dies aged 82 London Evening Standard 2009-01-23
John Scott Martin The Times 2009-01-24
El actor australiano Ray Barrett murió a los 82 años Agencia EFE, S.A. 2009-09-08
Ray Barrett obituary The Times 2009-09-21
Barry Letts (The Herald) The Herald 2009-10-16
Barry Letts (The Times) The Times 2009-10-26
Barry Letts obituary The Independent 2009-10-30
Obituary of Barry Letts The Daily Telegraph 2009-11-04
Louis Marks The Times 2010-09-25
Graham Crowden The Times 2010-10-21
Geoffrey Burgon Goldmine 2010-10-22
Mervyn Haisman obituary The Guardian 2010-12-10
Farewell to the Doctor's Loyal Friend The Mirror 2011-02-24
The brigadier 'most loved' by Dr Who fans Western Daily Press 2011-02-24
Nicholas Courtney obituary The Guardian 2011-02-24
Actor who starred opposite five Doctor Whos as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart The Daily Telegraph 2011-02-24
Doctor Who stalwart dies at 81 The Herald 2011-02-24
Actor known for his long-running role as the Brigadier in Doctor Who The Independent 2011-02-26
Nicholas Courtney (The Herald) The Herald 2011-02-26
Timeless appeal of Who's Brigadier Sunday Express 2011-02-27
Batman's 'butler' Michael Gough dies at 94 Associated Press 2011-03-17
Michael Gough obituary The Guardian 2011-03-18
Elisabeth Sladen obituary The Guardian 2011-04-11
Death of actress who played Sarah Jane to the Doctor The Times 2011-04-20
Doctor Who Favourite Elisabeth Dies Aged 63 The Mirror 2011-04-20
Doctor Who's most famous companion dies The Northern Echo 2011-04-20
Tributes to Doctor Who time travel legend Liverpool Daily Echo 2011-04-20
Doctor Who Star Sladen Dies Aged 63 Press Association 2011-04-20
Dr Who Star Liz, 63, Loses Cancer Fight Daily Record 2011-04-20
Fry And Barrowman Pay Tribute To Sladen World Entertainment News Network 2011-04-20
Elisabeth Sladen obituary (The Times) The Times 2011-04-21
Elisabeth Sladen obituary (The Washington Post) The Washington Post
Chicago Sun-Times
Dr Who's favourite assistant Daily Express 2011-04-23
Elisabeth Sladen, 63, of 'Doctor Who' The New York Times 2011-04-28
Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011 Radio Times 2011-04-30
Farewell, Sarah Jane The Spectator 2011-05-07
Roy Skelton obituary The Guardian 2011-07-08
Doctor Who tribute marks death of Brigadier actor The Guardian 2011-10-01
Mum & I were so close Radio Times 2011-10-01
Jenny Tomasin The Times 2012-01-23
Caroline John obituary The Guardian 2012-06-21
Mary Tamm obituary The Guardian 2012-07-27
Husband of TV actress dies hours after her funeral The Times 2012-08-10
Bernard Horsfall obituary The Herald 2013-02-02
Death of Daleks' designer Sunday Express 2013-02-24
Raymond Cusick obituary The Guardian 2013-02-25
Ray Cusick The Times 2013-02-25
Designer who brought the Daleks to life Daily Express 2013-03-02
Ray Cusick obituary The Economist 2013-03-02
From chimney pot to Daleks; Dr. Who designer said to have been inspired by school roof line Edmonton Journal 2013-03-04
Roger Lloyd Pack obituary The Times 2014-01-17
Christopher Barry obituary (The Herald) The Herald 2014-02-17
Christopher Barry obituary The Scotsman 2014-02-18
Christopher Barry obituary (The Independent) The Independent 2014-02-19
Christopher Barry obituary (The Guardian) The Guardian 2014-03-21
British-born actress delighted in Dynasty, Doctor Who The Vancouver Sun 2014-03-31
Tributes as Dynasty star Kate O'Mara dies aged 74 Daily Express 2014-03-31
Derek Martinus obituary The Guardian 2014-04-03
Kate O'Mara obituary (Variety) Variety 2014-04-08
Nigel Terry Variety 2015-05-12
Scots creator of TV sleuth Bergerac dies The Herald 2016-01-16
Ken Grieve The Guardian 2017-01-05
He had a range, and a thirst, that few could match The Sunday Times 2017-01-29

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