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title publication date
Chit Chat The Stage and Television Today 1965-09-30
The Daleks on the Stage The Times 1965-09-30
Wyndham's The Times 1965-11-24
The Curse of the Daleks opens at Wyndham's Theatre London Life 1965-12-18
The Curse of the Daleks at Wyndham's The Guardian 1965-12-22
The Curse of the Daleks (Financial Times) Financial Times 1965-12-22
The Daleks Come to Life The Times 1965-12-22
The Daleks split the audience The Daily Telegraph 1965-12-22
Opened last week The Observer 1966-01-02
The mystery of the identity of the villainous controller of the Daleks is made unguessable The Stage and Television Today 1966-01-06
We can doubt whether there has been any pantomime on the planet Skaro The Illustrated London News 1966-01-08
Entire production including Daleks now for sale The Stage and Television Today 1966-10-13
Theatres The Times 1974-11-08
Complete casting for "Seven Keys to Doomsday" The Stage and Television Today 1974-12-05
Children's shows The Observer 1974-12-08
Adelphi The Guardian 1974-12-16
Fruity Dr. Who faces new Dalek menace The Daily Telegraph 1974-12-17
Dr Who and the Daleks (The Times) The Times 1974-12-17
Humans lose out to Daleks and gadgetry Daily Express 1974-12-18
Inside a Dalek The Times 1974-12-20
Good and scarey Daleks The Herald 1974-12-23
Holiday Shows Daily Express 1974-12-24
London theatres The Guardian 1975-01-02
Move over, Dalek (Times Literary Supplement) The Times Literary Supplement 1975-01-03
Dr. Who aimed for Chicago stage landing Chicago Tribune 1984-03-01
Who, did you say? Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-26
Doctor Who in the Flesh Chicago Reader 1985-01-11
Ostrander awarded 'Dr. Who' merchandising Chicago Metro News 1985-01-26
Eq., Chicago "Dr. Who" Back Stage 1985-06-14
World premieres set the stage for Chicago's 1985-86 theater season Chicago Tribune 1985-08-08
Watch for an announcement at next weekend's Tardis 22 Chicago Tribune 1985-11-20
Dr. Who convention to preview stage version Chicago Tribune 1985-11-28
TARDIS draws who's who of 'Dr. Who' Chicago Sun-Times 1985-11-29
U.S. actor to play Dr Who Daily Express 1985-12-02
Star role Liverpool Echo 1985-12-02
Roger Mueller stars as the first American Dr. Who Chicago Sun-Times 1985-12-13
Who's on hold Chicago Tribune 1986-05-02
Dr Jon ... 20 years on Sunday Express 1989-01-15
All The World's A Stage The Sydney Morning Herald 1989-01-16
Dr Who now on stage The Canberra Times 1989-01-19
Cybermen play while Doctor's away Today 1989-02-24
What a carry on Rebecca! The Sun 1989-02-24
Jon Pertwee in Doctor Who The Ultimate Adventure The Sunday Times 1989-03-19
Who's Who (Liverpool Echo) Liverpool Echo 1989-04-12
Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure The Stage and Television Today 1989-04-13
Just what the doctor ordered (Lichfield Mercury) Lichfield Mercury 1989-04-21
Computerised special effects! The Observer 1989-04-23
Jon Pertwee: putting Dr Who on stage New Idea 1989-05-13
Cult leader's mission to return to future The Herald 1989-05-15
Doctor, we seem to have landed on our feet here The Herald 1989-05-16
Science fiction fan has a date with the Doctor The Newcastle Journal 1989-06-02
Who's that on the No. 68 bus? Edinburgh Evening News 1989-07-05
It's Dr Who & the Daleks! Edinburgh and Lothians Post 1989-07-06
Who's that Doctor? (Chicago Reader) Chicago Reader 2002-03-08
Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf The Times 2008-04-14
Nigel Planer Belfast Telegraph 2010-10-09
The Main Event: Doctor Who Live Scotland on Sunday 2010-10-10
Daleks and cybermen star in Will Brenton's show for the Doctor's fans The Times 2010-10-11
Twist-a-Carol offers holiday stress relief in Elgin Daily Herald 2013-12-06
Teen Play Takes Inspiration From 'Doctor Who' Niles Journal 2014-07-30