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articles (30) date
Who's to save the universe? The Doctor, proclaim sci-fi fans 1983-04-22
Who Here 1983-08-08
Sci-fi fans guess 'Who' at confab 1983-08-19
Sci-fi fans call for the interplanetary Doctor 1984-11-23
TARDIS draws who's who of 'Dr. Who' 1985-11-29
Dr. Who reunion 1985-11-30
Roger Mueller stars as the first American Dr. Who 1985-12-13
Space invaders from Hollywood 1986-04-06
A pioneer at WTTW - Ed Morris blazed trails in local TV 1987-05-20
2 channels interrupted to the Max 1987-11-24
Convention beckons confirmed Trekkie 1991-01-18
Guess Who (Chicago Sun-Times) 1991-03-28
Visions Of Sci-Fi TV Stars Due Here 1992-11-23
What Goes Around, Comes Around 1994-01-09
Sabalon Glitz delivered a brilliant set at the Empty Bottle 1994-10-10
Inspiration From Afar - Spacy Sounds Aren't Alien To Chicago's Sabalon Glitz 1995-01-06
Who's On First With Fans 1996-05-12
Show Builds on 26-Year Journey Through Time and Space 1996-05-12
Who? 1996-11-29
FAA to install radarlike system at Meigs 1997-09-26
Davison special guest at 'Doctor Who' event 2005-11-25
Elisabeth Sladen just what the 'Doctor' ordered 2008-11-28
Doctor Who seems poised for a breakthrough 2010-04-16
Elisabeth Sladen obituary (The Washington Post) 2011-04-22
Dr. Who trivia contest on tap 2013-11-14
Time Crash brings "trock" across the pond 2013-11-21
A Who's Who 2013-11-29
Bonding Before Alien Battles 2015-09-19
Tennant Trades the BBC for Scrooge McDuck 2017-07-01
The 13th Doctor is in 2017-07-17