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articles (67) date
From Beatleland—It's the Daleks 1965-01-03
What can you tell me about mad, lovable "Dr. Who" 1981-06-21
A hero for all ages, Dr. Who is just out of this world 1982-07-14
Meet Tom Baker, the Doctor Who is in with the fans 1983-07-26
Calling all Dr. Who fans! 1983-12-11
Dr. Who aimed for Chicago stage landing 1984-03-01
Let's play two 1984-06-26
Discount for Who? 1984-10-12
You wanna talk to who? 1984-10-18
Looking into the future with Dr. Who 1984-11-23
Dr. Who and his retinue 1984-11-24
Moondog's Comicland 1985-03-31
World premieres set the stage for Chicago's 1985-86 theater season 1985-08-08
Watch for an announcement at next weekend's Tardis 22 1985-11-20
Dr. Who convention to preview stage version 1985-11-28
Dr. Who vs. the BBC: The tale of a superhero's setback and its consequences 1985-11-29
Role-playing contest open door to romance, adventure 1985-11-29
A comic book convention 1986-01-18
Who's on hold 1986-05-02
Curious? There's a board for almost any concern under the cursor 1986-05-30
TV mailbag 1986-11-09
Staying power 1987-01-04
Former 'Doctor Who' Dead at 67 1987-03-28
Who is the new Dr. Who? 1987-05-10
The Doctor Who Celebration and Tour 1987-07-03
Dr. Who fans will want to check out three new releases from Playhouse Video 1987-07-31
A powerful video prankster could become Max Jailroom 1987-11-24
Video prankster's 'return' was a joke 1987-11-25
News, notes and nonsense 1987-11-25
Dr. Who and the electronic pirate 1987-11-30
Dr. Who turns up on dance floor 1988-09-30
Sci-fi fans beam up to Intergalactic Expo 1989-03-10
A number of "Dr. Who" episodes are available through Playhouse Video 1989-09-08
Dr. Who is just what the doctor ordered for Lambs Farm coffers 1991-12-02
The return of Who 1992-01-14
Love a TV show? Join the club 1992-08-27
Japanimation, kitsch classics no kids' stuff 1992-11-06
Man tilts his way to pinball title 1993-02-16
The Latest Online! 1993-07-15
About time (Chicago Tribune) 1993-10-19
Visions honors British TV sci-fi 1993-11-28
RJB The Pinball Store 1994-04-24
Peter Cushing, gaunt star of classical, horror films 1994-08-12
Tom Baker is a rather rumpled, disheveled Dr. Who 1994-08-19
Futurevision 1994-12-04
The Doctor Is In: New Version Of Cult Science-Fiction Show Serves Up Sly, Hip Entertainment 1996-05-14
Convention's a who's Who of that British TV sci-fi favorite 1996-11-22
Sci-fi fans meet some favorites 1997-12-07
Cult hits grow Web roots 2003-07-26
Doctor Who gets 10th face 2005-04-20
It's worth checking into what's up with 'Who' 2006-03-17
Now, some thoughts on some recent TV watching 2006-10-09
Tennant delights as 'Doctor Who' 2007-07-06
Torchwood celebrates a new kind of hero 2007-09-07
Some new episodes, series to air despite strike 2008-01-06
Torchwood does sci-fi with attitude 2008-01-25
Sarah Jane launches; Torchwood winds down 2008-04-11
Torchwood miniseries adds pulse to summer TV 2009-07-19
An energetic new Doctor is in 2010-04-17
All plugged in and ready to Trock 2011-12-15
Good Doctor, you had me at 'Who' 2013-11-17
She must face her demons 2014-04-18
Drink This! 2014-12-25
The Doctor tangles with Santa in 'Last Christmas' 2014-12-25
An era for every channel 2015-02-16
What is the superpower of 'Torchwood' star Barrowman? His fan connection 2016-10-16
Plenty of 'Doctor Who' for Christmas and in 2017 2016-12-21