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Daily Express

articles (259) date
BBC to Wage War Over TV Serials 1963-11-22
After the Daleks a new horror— VOORDS 1964-04-09
50 Daleks to be won 1964-12-11
Win a Dalek! 1964-12-12
Our look what's following the Daleks 1965-01-06
Terribly Unfair To The Daleks! 1965-03-13
Barbara and Ian leaving 'Dr. Who' 1965-04-02
What Comes In Cans And Is Nasty? 1965-06-23
Girls chase Dr. Who 1965-06-25
Ex-ter-min-ate Them! 1965-07-01
UGH calls up new monsters to face Dr. Who 1965-08-07
Bald-Headed for Dr. Who 1965-10-23
Dr. Who helps to rob '1984' of impact 1965-11-29
Look out, Daleks! Sara is gunning for you 1965-12-04
Something awful haunts the Doc 1966-02-19
A New Who in View, But Who? 1966-08-06
Boy paid £19 for share in 'Dr. Who' time machine, court told 1966-12-10
Ugh! Dr. Who Had Better Watch Out 1967-03-08
Dr. Who's loss 1967-04-13
Deborah Watling: The new girl in "Dr. Who" 1967-08-23
A long way from 'The Power Game' 1967-09-27
My grouse? It's Mr. Coleman 1967-09-27
I'm not frightened says girl monster inventor 1967-12-15
Wendy has a date in outer space with Dr. Who 1968-04-17
Tiny Joe Steps Up to Challenge Dr. Who 1968-09-30
Now Who Will Be the New Dr. Who? 1969-01-07
Dr. Who actor hit by car 1969-03-10
Dr Who - Can He Survive Final Peril? 1969-05-31
Straight into a new world with Dr. Who 1969-06-23
Actress Susan Jameson was to have started work this month 1971-02-03
Double Image 1971-05-03
Who is the world's most gentle doctor? 1972-01-29
Time out 1973-03-26
The Master killed 1973-06-20
Who is Liz? She's just what the doctor ordered 1973-06-27
Daleks don't stand a chance against this dream machine 1973-09-24
Rasputin switches over to Dr. Who 1974-02-16
The new Doctor is sad to leave his mates 1974-02-23
Humans lose out to Daleks and gadgetry 1974-12-18
Holiday Shows 1974-12-24
Now Mrs. Whitehouse takes on Dr. Who 1975-01-21
Hell-raiser Tom calms down, on Doctor's orders 1975-04-19
The dotty, dotty doctor, hero of 15 million 1975-04-25
Dr Who Blasted For TV Tots' Web of Fear 1975-04-28
Watch out Dr Who, Mary's fighting mad 1976-01-26
It's Sarah Jane - star of scream 1976-02-19
Who do you do-- it's Leela, the Doctor's new girl 1976-10-27
Where King Dalek is always the hero... 1977-01-10
Who do you think you are, scaring my innocent child? 1977-02-11
Switch to your own time trip 1977-04-07
Dr. Who is one kind of Timelord 1977-10-01
Under 18 Platform 1977-11-02
I've had enough says TV's Dr Who 1977-11-05
Dr Who and the Pilgrims of Horror (Episode one) 1978-02-15
Dr. Who's space-mate 1978-02-18
Tamm's a big time lady... 1978-09-02
Who's Who (Daily Express) 1978-12-02
Katy Manning with a double bundle of happiness 1979-01-27
Dr Who in Heart Scare 1979-01-29
Affirmative, new mistress! 1979-02-07
A sexy enemy from space - Suzanne 1979-05-25
Dr. Who at last 1979-06-09
Come In No. 15 1979-09-01
Capture Dracula, Dr Who, Auntie Deirdre in this tiny box 1979-10-23
Dr Who's girl in row over sex film 1979-11-17
But BBC row puts an end to filming 1979-11-28
Ex-ter-min-ate! It's The End for Dr Who's Dog 1980-10-08
Dr Who's new girl 1980-10-24
And now for Miss Who? 1980-10-25
Two lucky lads step into space 1980-10-25
Is Dr Who, aged 750, about to face up to sex? 1980-11-06
How I fell for Dr Who 1980-11-22
Make space for three, Dr Who 1980-11-22
It's carry on K9 1981-01-16
The Voice of Youth 1981-01-21
I'm bossy enough to take on two doctors! 1981-02-28
Marriage is good for me says Tom 1981-03-21
Sudden death of Dr Doom 1981-05-28
K9 comes out of the doghouse 1981-11-13
Former "Dr Who" star Tom Baker has split after only 16 months of marriage from actress Lalla Ward 1982-04-28
Two on a bicycle made for Who ... 1982-05-08
Marriage is full of irritations... 1982-06-08
U.S. fans go wild for Dr Who and Nyssa 1982-07-19
Dr. Tom? I'd rather see Dr Jon 1982-08-03
Children in the grip of television 1982-12-01
Verity's top secret 1983-03-15
Dr Who is running out of time 1983-07-29
Peter to quit now--BBC hunt for lady Doctor 1983-07-29
Who's Who? Brian's Doctor No. 6 1983-08-01
So who's for Miss Who? 1983-08-04
Baddie Colin makes good as the new Dr. Who 1983-08-20
The facts you should know about Dr Who 1983-11-25
Save the TARDIS, I say 1984-01-14
Space beauty on the launch pad 1984-02-23
Time for a time Lord Bryant and McNally 1984-03-22
Faith puts on a new face for Dr. Who 1984-07-03
Nominated—for a three star award 1984-09-15
It's Dr Who turning to Cinders 1984-12-22
Who's Baby! 1984-12-29
Nicola takes time off for some time travel 1985-02-02
Aunty's runaway arrogance 1985-02-28
Hard-up BBC axe Dr Who 1985-02-28
Broke BBC shelve Dr Who 1985-02-28
Time to scrap the BBC's license to intimidate 1985-03-01
Fury of the fans forces re-think over Dr Who 1985-03-02
Don't blackmail the Doctor fans 1985-03-05
BBC plays stars' Dr Who protest 1985-03-09
Whoray! The Dr. will be back for 21 years 1985-03-21
Small-screen vet and space-hopping Time Lord Peter Davison steps out 1985-06-29
U.S. actor to play Dr Who 1985-12-02
Dr Ho-ho-Who gets new look 1986-04-12
Knock, knock, Dr Who's there 1986-04-12
Tony Selby plays a galactic pirate 1986-09-13
Hot Achievers 1986-10-10
Who's hoping to make the Grade 1986-10-25
Bonnie's bouncing in to boss the Doc 1986-11-01
Search is on for seventh Dr Who 1986-12-19
Change Dr Who's sex! 1986-12-20
Is this the new face of Dr Who? 1986-12-20
TV Kate celebrates after Dynasty boost 1987-04-07
Who's Who next? 1987-05-05
Daleks go to market 1987-07-31
Sophie's the one for Who 1987-08-13
The real McCoy (Daily Express) 1987-11-07
Sorry Doc, you're not the real McCoy 1988-10-06
25th Anniversary Special 1988-11-22
This Doctor isn't the real McCoy 1988-11-26
Who's the lucky boy then, Doc? 1989-04-27
Major contender for Dr Who role 1991-02-22
£2,000 to own a real Dalek! 1991-03-27
It was "idiotic" to get rid of the props 1991-05-11
Dalek-voice kidnapper's 15 years for wife snatch 1991-07-16
Don't exterminate Dr Who 1991-08-12
Warm glow of the Lime light 1991-08-31
Dr Who star Jon collapses 1992-08-06
Feeling sick over Doctor's return 1992-11-06
Dr Who lands among a new galaxy of stars 1993-10-28
Take us to your leaders 1993-11-01
Dr Who's waste of space 1993-11-26
Rave from the cave 1993-11-26
Tia's to Lord it with hero Dr Who 1994-03-18
Here comes K-999 to sniff out crime 1994-09-08
Dr Who travels back to his TV future 1995-06-14
Secret plot to create a Dalek master race 1995-12-16
Our man McGann beats the stars to become new Dr Who 1996-01-11
So Who's a pretty boy then, Doctor? 1996-02-17
Daleks whisk back in time 1996-03-01
London kerbs Dalek assault 1996-03-08
Doctor who had no name 1996-03-15
Tardis 2 has its insider secrets 1996-04-18
Time runs out for a veteran Time Lord 1996-05-21
Will the earth move when the Doctor shares his first screen kiss with Grace Holloway? 1996-05-27
Doctor's timely return 1996-05-28
K9 goes up in flames with Daleks 1996-09-16
Guess Who's being sued? 1997-02-15
Dr Who keeps cash coming in for Philip 1997-10-08
Look Who's back (Daily Express) 1997-12-30
Step forward in time for the new Dr 1998-05-19
Exterminate this mess 1999-01-09
Dr Who film that vanished from face of earth is found 1999-01-14
How the Daleks have made my life a misery 2000-07-06
Dr Who tops the lot as a timeless classic 2001-08-07
Doctor Who brings thief down to earth 2001-08-09
Tardis to make a return 2001-09-08
The battle is on to find TV's meanest bad guy, girl (or Dalek) 2001-10-13
Mary the tireless TV protester dies age 91 2001-11-24
Sci-Fi Boss Who Nursed The Doctor 2002-06-03
Dr Who was the best job but I wish I'd been a comedian instead 2002-06-05
Return of Dr Who 2002-07-02
Beeb boxes clever to win Doc's Tardis 2002-09-04
Dr Who dares... and wins in the battle of Tardis 2002-10-23
Radio pioneer led the way for West Indians 2002-11-13
Laying the track for a new sound 2003-02-13
Death of the Daleks 2003-04-11
BBC Director-General Greg Dyke is facing a staff rebellion 2003-04-24
Look who's TV favourite 2003-05-13
Fact fudging 2003-09-02
Eddie to be Dr Who? 2003-10-03
Who's who of Dr Who 2003-11-08
What Britain's Top TV Critic Watched Last Night 2003-12-31
Former Dr Who Peter Davison has found himself a new generation of fans 2004-01-20
The saviours of the BBC... Bruce, Cilla and Dr Who! 2004-03-17
Eccleston's £1m Deal To Step Into Tardis 2004-03-20
So guess who's the new Dr Who 2004-03-20
Who'll be Doctor's Girl? 2004-04-24
Ex-tor-tion-ate! 2004-05-04
Dr Who and the teenage pop star 2004-05-25
The return of the Tardis 2004-07-23
Daleks fight on in Dr Who 2004-08-05
Dalek star is back 2004-08-10
The OK! Celebrity Charts 2004-08-16
Dressed to kill, the new Doctor Who 2004-09-22
Quick, get behind the sofa... here come the flying Daleks 2004-10-30
Bring back police boxes to curb our spiraling crime rate 2004-12-23
Daleks will exterminate parents' wallets if new Dr Who takes off 2005-02-01
Let's hope Time Lord Christopher Eccleston is happy with his performance 2005-03-07
Doctor Who And A Scary £10m Gamble 2005-03-10
I fear future as the Timelord, admits Dr Who 2005-03-25
Corrie's Tricky Dicky is most chilling TV clip 2005-03-26
The BBC has no qualms about reviving old series 2005-03-26
A timely return for the Doctor 2005-03-26
This Doctor is the right prescription 2005-03-28
Express Charts 2005-03-28
Dr Who wins Saturday night TV ratings war 2005-03-28
Prepare for an invasion of the Dr Who toys 2005-03-30
New Dr Who let down by same old cheesy effects 2005-03-30
Dr Who star makes way for Casanova 2005-03-31
Forget the laughs, Doc, give us fear 2005-04-04
Doctor Who is too scary for children 2005-04-14
More outrage as Dr Who 'crucified' 2005-04-18
£2m sales for the man who makes Daleks 2005-05-02
Dalek Roy Yearns To Obey Orders 2005-05-02
Colin checks out Who wears what 2005-06-04
Peter hurt my career, says Sandra 2005-08-23
The woman who suffers from phobia of the Daleks 2005-08-24
Piper calls the tune (The Times) 2005-10-16
Return of Cybermen 2005-11-11
Stephen Fry will have to wait until the third series of the revived Dr Who 2005-12-16
One-time Dr Who Colin Baker does not dwell in the past 2006-01-17
New Doctor's a real tonic 2006-04-17
Doctor Who always had time for a social crusade 2006-04-21
Doctor Who bids farewell to Billie 2006-07-10
The X-Files meets This Life 2006-10-25
Time lord's X-rated flop 2006-10-26
Techno Toys 2006-11-18
Look Who's in line for a best actress award 2007-10-15
Marsters pays lip service 2007-12-05
Peter's time has come 2008-04-03
Who's this? Out of Tardis but in a taxi 2008-08-09
Who's your lady friend, Doctor? 2009-01-05
Veteran Mr Dalek dies at 82 2009-01-23
EastEnders star Michelle enters Tardis 2009-01-23
Gillian all set to take on Doctor 2009-04-23
Torchwood Star Gets Touchy 2009-06-30
Who's the pretty new assistant, Doctor? 2009-10-06
The Time Travel That I Would Like To See 2010-03-24
A new star shines in the Tardis 2010-04-17
Dr Who's favourite assistant 2011-04-23
Keeping the torch alight 2011-07-15
Dr Who's Moffat Has His Own Demons 2011-08-17
Doctoring a good tale 2011-08-26
Meet the Doctor's new companion 2012-09-22
Who's got it licked 2012-12-26
From secret agent to Dr Who 2013-02-25
Designer who brought the Daleks to life 2013-03-02
Just What the Doctor Ordered (Daily Express) 2013-03-30
Who's charmed the Doctor? 2013-04-27
Exterminate! Charles meets Daleks 2013-07-04
Charles and Camilla visit Dr Who set... 2013-07-04
Doctor Blue named as 12th Time Lord 2013-08-05
Doctor Glue! Time Lord's bad hair day 2013-09-11
Long-lost Doctor Who episodes found in Nigeria 2013-10-11
Tennant's Extra 2013-11-23
Doctor Who is exterminated by Mrs Brown in the fight for festive viewers 2013-12-27
Tributes as Dynasty star Kate O'Mara dies aged 74 2014-03-31
The new, grown-up Doctor Who 2014-07-28
Bang on time...the Tardis touches down by Big Ben 2014-08-23
The Doctor Beckons Bowie 2015-09-12
Sky Tunes in to Asia's Potential with Iflix Deal 2016-03-10