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Daily Record

articles (53) date
Who's she.. 1979-06-30
Janet who? .. she's the girl for Dr Who 1980-10-24
Exterminate! 1980-10-25
Peter Who? 1980-11-05
A journey into the unknown 1980-11-05
Why John had to be put down 1980-12-13
Who's not afraid now, Doctor? 1981-01-31
Tom picks up another girl 1981-02-28
Not the Nine O'Clock Nudes! 1981-08-20
Now it's Louise in captivity 1981-11-19
And talking of heroes there's a new girl for the kids' favourite 1983-07-06
Time's up for the Doctor .. 1983-07-29
Out of this world (Daily Record) 1983-11-23
The Doctor's Famous Five 1983-11-25
A who done it for Dr Who 1984-03-16
Dr. Who? (Gannett News Service) 1984-10-26
Hands off Dr Who! 1985-02-28
Janet's come a long way 1986-01-21
Dr. Who fans celebrating 1988-11-18
Smart Dalek 1996-01-11
It's Dr Who and the Dial-eks! 1996-01-31
Up against the Doc 1996-05-25
Switch On 1996-05-28
Extortionate! 2001-06-27
See Who Jimmy 2005-03-10
Dr Who Website In Meltdown 2005-04-02
Your View: Doctor Always Was A Thriller 2005-04-19
My DIY Dalek 2005-07-21
Eve's on Doctors' orders 2006-02-25
Who Dunnt 2006-10-20
A Robot Santa? ... I Ain't Bovvered 2006-11-30
Former Doctor Who Talks About Life After The Tardis And Working In The US 2007-10-13
Who Wouldn't Want Kylie? 2007-11-29
Jack's The Lad For Me 2008-01-29
Who Wear Wow 2008-11-27
Doctor Who To Be Him... Or Her 2009-01-03
I Cheated on Doctor Who 2009-02-13
Young On Time Travel 2009-10-13
It's Not What The Doctor Ordered 2010-01-07
Dr Who Star Liz, 63, Loses Cancer Fight 2011-04-20
Dressing To Impress 2011-12-17
And the geek shall inherit the earth.. 2013-08-06
Doctor Two (Daily Record) 2013-11-19
Steven's the man who gives the Doctor orders 2013-11-23
I'm the show's Time Lady 2013-11-23
Books of the week 2014-01-05
The Doctor will see you now, Clara 2014-01-08
No time for love 2014-07-28
Doctor Whollywood 2015-04-18
Doctor Who.B.E 2015-06-13
Class Act: Time Lady Jodie Backed After Fans' Backlash 2017-07-18
Roll up, roll up to see Peter Capaldi in the Tardis for the final time 2017-11-28
New Doctor makes a big entrance 2017-12-26