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Daily Star

articles (308) date
Shows go on as Beeb scenery strike ends 1980-09-20
New girl for flying Dr Who 1980-10-24
Time's up, Doctor 1980-10-25
Vet Peter Joins The Doctors' Who's Who 1981-03-21
Beauty and the Daleks 1982-07-26
What a queue to see Dr Who 1983-04-04
Dr. Who's sexy tonic 1983-06-03
Peter bows out and a woman may take over 1983-07-29
Colin's the new Dr Who 1983-08-20
The Dr Who rogues gallery 1983-11-25
The Five Doctors (Daily Star) 1983-11-25
Who's the Height of Bad Taste? 1984-01-11
It's just what the doctor ordered 1984-03-16
Dr Who Is Even Nastier! 1984-03-22
Dinah's time for a change 1984-08-14
Doctor Jon's Fans Put On the Style 1984-08-16
It's Charmer Karmelion 1984-10-30
Goody! Faith goes straight 1985-01-12
Naughty Nicola 1985-01-26
Beeb's shock for Dr. Who 1985-02-28
Hooked on Who 1985-03-01
Fight for the Time Lord 1985-03-01
Baddies of the Beeb 1985-03-01
Carry On Doctor (Daily Star) 1985-03-02
Bonnie lands with Dr Who 1986-01-24
Don't look now but I think it's Michael Grade 1986-03-01
Make Dr. Who great again 1986-12-06
Change Dr Who's sex! 1986-12-20
Look who's lining up for romance 1987-01-27
Lolita takes on the Daleks 1988-10-05
It's Doctor Dud! 1988-10-12
Happy Birthday Doc! 1988-11-23
Who's a Lucky Boy 1989-04-11
Sylvester isn't the real McCoy 1989-09-09
It's all for you Who! 1990-10-30
Take me back to the future! 1993-03-12
Look Who's Back (Daily Star) 1993-04-18
Just look Who's back! 1993-11-05
Sewer Rat Drains The Doctor 1994-01-25
Daleks are back .. playing it for laughs 1998-02-10
Mum's phobia hell 2000-07-06
Dr Who Is Dead Funny 2001-11-09
By Jove! Doddy's in Line for Dr Who 2002-02-28
Peter's TV baby saga comes true 2002-04-30
Dr Who boxes clever 2002-10-23
The time's right for a new Who 2003-09-27
Time for a Timelady in Tardis says ex-Dr Who 2003-09-29
Eddie's time for Dr Who 2003-10-02
Who is the best Doctor 2003-10-03
A camp transvestite doctor would breathe some new life into this ancient programme 2003-10-04
The Good Bad and the Ugly 2003-10-17
Who's a Dirty Doctor 2004-03-08
New Who Not Up To The Test 2004-03-27
Return Of The Daleks .. Without The Sink Plungers 2004-03-30
A step-up for Daleks 2004-04-30
Guess Who's on Xmas TV 2004-05-05
Daleks snub sparks demo 2004-07-03
Who's That Girl? (Daily Star) 2004-07-22
Who's there 2004-07-28
Terror cops' Who-ha 2004-08-02
Re-birth of the Daleks 2004-08-05
Billie in the bad ol' days 2004-09-22
Now Look Who's Holding Hands... 2004-11-10
Dr Who in a tight spot 2004-11-21
Fans' Death Threats to new Dr Who 2004-12-02
Bring Back the Tardis! 2004-12-23
Exterminate Ant and Dec 2004-12-30
Who's a bit camp 2005-03-10
I've Fallen for a Dalek 2005-03-19
Ex-singer is taking on aliens 2005-03-22
The Who-Sual Suspects 2005-03-23
Sexterminate! Sexterminate! 2005-03-24
The Great Doctor Who Quiz 2005-03-25
Doc's grin and tonic 2005-03-27
Now All-Out Dalek War 2005-03-27
We'll Exterminate All the Other Toys 2005-03-30
Who's in a £50m Mess 2005-04-02
Tree's a crowd 2005-04-04
Just look who's on the slide 2005-04-04
Rose in kidnap 2005-04-06
Meet the Next P.M. ... and he's full of hot air like Blair 2005-04-07
Billie Pins Down Celeb Wrestlers 2005-04-13
She's out of this world 2005-04-16
Today's TV with Mike Ward 2005-04-16
David's the new Doc 2005-04-16
This is a wind up 2005-04-20
Exterminate Chris! 2005-04-25
Posh 'n Becks crisis--latest 2005-04-26
I Wanted to Exterminate the Daleks 2005-04-26
Daleks v Girls on Girls Action 2005-04-27
Quickie... 2005-04-30
Exterminate the Wrestlers 2005-04-30
D-aargh-lek's wimpy ending 2005-05-01
Free Doctor Who and Friends CD inside today plus bonus Star Wars track 2005-05-07
Today's TV with Mike Ward (2005-05-07) 2005-05-07
Doctor Phew! 2005-05-14
Billie: It's Ta-ta to the Tardis 2005-05-23
Who's a lucky devil 2005-05-26
I'm Trapped in Crash Wreck ... Tape Dr Who! 2005-06-02
Doctor Ooooh! 2005-06-18
Time up for Chris 2005-06-18
Silly Billie just lost the plot 2005-06-22
Doctor New! 2005-07-26
Billie's a real doll 2005-08-01
Curse of the killer Santas 2005-08-10
Fornicate 2005-10-18
You Could Have Used The Tardis 2005-11-09
Who's Up for a Fight 2005-11-10
We Don't Want Jock-Tor Who! 2005-11-12
Tennant's extra fun as Dr Who 2005-12-07
Who Begs: Don't Exterminate Me 2005-12-21
Billie's sneaky kiss for you know Who 2005-12-24
Are You a Timelord or Dozy Dalek? 2005-12-24
Beck to future for Doc 2005-12-26
Who Loves Ya 2005-12-28
Bully for Who 2005-12-30
£2,000 Dalek.. the ultimate toy! 2006-01-20
Billie's with her Dr Woo 2006-01-21
Doctor Woo! 2006-01-27
Beeb Must Ditch the Dumb Shows 2006-03-15
Exterminate to Fornicate 2006-03-20
Who's That Girl (2006) 2006-03-31
Lesbe Havin' Who Billie 2006-04-02
David Tennant says there's going to be a bit of interplanetary nookie in the upcoming series of Dr Who 2006-04-08
Dr Who's Willy is Just Like a Tardis 2006-04-11
The Who's Who of Doc Enemies 2006-04-13
Billie is first £100m TV babe 2006-04-15
Hot Doc bags a million more 2006-04-24
Dr Who Stars' Stalker Terror 2006-04-24
Ex-Doc has Six appeal 2006-05-04
Triple whammy for return of Time Lord 2006-05-08
Billie to be first female Doctor Who? 2006-05-09
Doctor Ooo ... you are awful 2006-05-16
Phoenix Frights 2006-05-24
Doctor Who Knows His Aliens, But Just What Would He Make Of Big Brother? 2006-06-01
TV Billie says Ta-Tardis 2006-06-06
Who's that girl! 2006-06-16
Martha and the Tie Lord 2006-08-12
Look Who's Back ... It's Jack 2006-09-01
Jack the Lad 2006-10-19
Fans Say Dave Is Top Of The Docs 2006-12-07
Bye Bi Captain 2007-01-01
Dr Who and the sex-mad Britney clones 2007-01-26
I'm Lust in Space with Dishy Doc 2007-03-17
Doctor Woo (Daily Star) 2007-03-22
I Have Sex in Dr Who Clobber! 2007-03-29
Look Who's a Gay Star! 2007-06-15
Who's N-ice Girlie Kyle 2007-07-12
Who's Got a New Love 2007-07-26
It's a UFO Boyo 2007-08-02
Dr Whodunnit 2007-08-10
Harry's the New Doctor 2007-08-24
Stinker for Sarah 2007-08-30
Who's a Clever Geezer? 2007-09-04
Dr Who Star Had to Work As Labourer 2007-09-04
Daleks are scared off 2007-09-13
It's Dr Who the Movie! 2007-10-04
Doctor Hooray! 2007-10-08
Gwen's Having an Alien Nipper! 2007-10-09
Who's baldie? 2007-11-04
Hollywood Who's Who ride Tardis 2007-11-26
Boo Who for Kylie! 2007-12-30
Gay sci-fi's a little bit fishy 2008-01-20
I'll Save Doctor 2008-01-21
Tosh's big love gets cold feet 2008-01-30
Sarah back 2008-02-11
I'm Jacking It In for the Doc 2008-02-25
Dr Who The Hell Are You Looking At? 2008-02-26
Lord It's Time for a Change 2008-03-07
A Who's Who (Daily Star on Sunday) 2008-03-09
Who's the Best? 2008-03-25
Gloves are off for Eve 2008-04-18
Dr Who & the Xmas Special 2008-04-23
Dave's the Prime Lord 2008-05-06
Freema Names Star Who Sneaks Choc Into Tardis 2008-06-24
Return of the Brigadier 2008-07-08
Kids can spot a Dalek but what is an owl? 2008-07-09
New BBC Storm As Barrowman Flashes On Air 2008-12-02
Tennant's exit a grim weeper 2008-12-31
Kim's home game 2009-01-08
We get Dr Who off his Tardis! 2009-02-13
Sands of Time Lord 2009-02-14
Doctor's Stroppy Sidekick Revealed 2009-02-19
Crunch time for aliens 2009-02-27
Baby Joy for Monster Mum 2009-05-07
Me and My Ego 2009-05-31
Jack out of focus 2009-07-13
Doc takes a bow 2009-07-21
Tories to Flog Beeb 2009-09-19
Time's up Doc 2009-11-28
Time's up Doc (2010) 2010-01-02
Matt's double is spaced out 2010-01-08
It's Doctor Two 2010-02-03
Baddies united 2010-02-17
Who's doctor 2010-03-02
Doctor in the house (Daily Star) 2010-03-06
Doctor Who New 2010-03-19
Doctor Wow! 2010-04-05
Latest Doctor Who is starting to turn ugly 2010-04-05
How to buy a Tardis 2010-04-06
Billie's spotted 2010-06-24
Doctor Karen keeps in tune 2010-07-26
Evacuate! Evacuate! 2010-09-26
Docs to rescue! 2010-10-04
Who's bid for movie 2010-10-12
Day with the Doc 2010-11-01
L.A. set to woo Dr Who 2010-11-14
Beware Cyborg terror! 2010-11-25
Daddy? 2011-01-20
Er, Matt, what's with the granny look? 2011-02-14
N-Ice to see you again... 2011-02-17
Look who is in love.. 2011-03-24
Doctor woos 2011-04-06
Fury as Dr Who leaked 2011-05-12
Jack on the box 2011-05-26
Exterminated 2011-05-31
Eric a Time Lard 2011-07-06
Doc's River was just too winding 2011-09-04
The lion, the witch & the Tardis 2011-09-21
Wood you believe it! 2011-12-05
Doctor Howdy! 2012-03-08
Dalek alert! 2012-04-02
Who's a bit weepy then? 2012-04-07
Dr. Screw 2012-07-19
Neve is busted 2012-08-10
Exterminate! (2012) 2012-08-23
Wild Amy's a hot shot 2012-09-11
Who Cares, Amy? 2012-09-18
Freezy does it for hot Jen 2012-12-05
Dr Sue, No Thank You 2013-02-16
Get ready for a whole lot of Who 2013-02-25
Jenna's no fun 2013-03-18
Protest over who's Who 2013-04-01
What's up Doc? (Daily Star) 2013-04-05
Docs do the .. Time warp! 2013-04-19
Doctor Who fans may find themselves short-changed in the series finale 2013-05-06
Dr Who Is A Terrible Racist 2013-05-27
Who's that girl? (Daily Star) 2013-06-03
OMG...I wannabe Dr Who! 2013-06-05
A new Dr Who? We'll never have Paris... 2013-06-06
He'd Bloom as Doc 2013-06-07
Rory Fave To Be New Who 2013-06-10
Time moves on for Doc 2013-07-03
Why Dr Who is survivor 2013-07-30
Who is it? 2013-08-02
Robbie Williams was once in the running to play Doctor Who 2013-08-29
Day-time telly 2013-09-11
Hey Doc, You Rock! 2013-11-23
The Ultimate Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Quiz 2013-11-23
Doctor Who trounces the wannabe singers 2013-11-25
Berry Christmas Feast 2013-11-26
Now Who See Him 2013-12-06
Who Fakers Guilty 2013-12-07
Who's sorry now? (Daily Star) 2013-12-12
Look Who's here! 2014-01-28
Jenna's red hot 2014-04-17
Time Lord's clocking in 2014-06-30
John's kiss-off 2014-08-01
Doc shock: Lesbians in snog 2014-08-08
Doc: It's so very small! 2014-08-19
Moffat/Capaldi killed it for me 2014-08-26
Who dares to sleep..? 2014-09-09
I'm Not Going To Missy On 2014-11-20
Claws are out 2014-12-09
The £2b Beebland 2014-12-11
Time Lord Gets Extra 5 Years 2015-04-08
Face facts Doc! 2015-04-30
X-Files' Gillian or Dame Helen are perfect for Who 2015-06-03
Stars' £400 Comic Con 2015-07-19
Dr Who & biccy monster 2015-08-06
I'll Know Who Better Than You Know Who 2015-08-29
Peter Capaldi is back as the Time Lord 2015-08-30
Doctor Two (Daily Star) 2015-09-19
Clearly, Peter Capaldi is not a popular version of the Doctor 2015-09-22
Doc stands & delivers 2015-10-20
Doctor on at the wrong time, lord 2015-11-07
A sex storm 2015-12-04
Heads up for Greg... 2015-12-14
Doc shock 2016-04-25
Doctor Who-dunit 2016-05-14
Matt's back in time 2016-06-15
Time to change 2016-08-01
Scrooge of the Tardis 2016-12-15
Capaldi quitting Dr Who 2017-01-31
Who's quit? Call the Doc 2017-02-01
Sorry to See Top Doc Quit 2017-02-01
Danny Dyer: I Fancy Being New Doctor ... so Who are you starin' at? 2017-02-09
It's Kris for the Tardis! 2017-03-04
See ya later regenerator 2017-04-04
Who's gay adventurer 2017-04-06
Who's the next 007 2017-04-10
New girl Pearl calls Doctor Loo 2017-04-13
Selfies could prove deadly for The Doctor 2017-04-19
Just Who Is Dr Happy? 2017-04-21
Something's fishy here... 2017-04-25
Can't pay rent Bill! 2017-05-05
Doc versus Zombies 2017-05-11
You'll all Miss me when I'm gone 2017-05-17
Shock Doc finale's hit and Missy 2017-06-18
What's Up Doc? (Daily Star : 2017) 2017-06-20
It's Dr Rude! 2017-07-17
Who Fans Furious Over New Time Lady Jodie 2017-07-18
Who are ya? 2017-07-18
How long before the Daleks are Ma-leks? 2017-07-18
Time Beeb scrapped licence and cut pay! 2017-07-19
Kill Her Off 2017-07-19
Docs at war over Jodie 2017-07-22
Jodie's tears at Doc 'dream' 2017-08-08