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Doctor Who leads Welsh regeneration as TV dramas get welcome in hillsides 2010-01-01
Doctor Who: Cold-Blooded War! 2010-01-01
More Dr Who 2010-01-01
Doctor Who regenerates 2010-01-02
In a blaze of special effects, this Time Lord's time was up 2010-01-02
10 for 2010 2010-01-02
Tardis present opens up a world of possibilities for Rob 2010-01-02
After all this time, our hero is seen off by a Womble 2010-01-02
Time's up Doc (2010) 2010-01-02
Follow that Tardis, order BBC Scotland executives 2010-01-02
Exciting times as Doctor Who series 'regenerates' 2010-01-04
Their brilliant new careers 2010-01-04
It's Not What The Doctor Ordered 2010-01-07
A sorry affair 2010-01-08
Matt's double is spaced out 2010-01-08
Call for the Doctor 2010-01-13
Fox carries 'Torchwood' to U.S. 2010-01-19
Cymru am byth from Cribbins tops off night for our award-winners 2010-01-21
Doctor Who fans save Tardis from extermination 2010-01-23
More Doctor Who on Audio 2010-02-01
Church that Doctor Who made famous up for sale 2010-02-03
It's Doctor Two 2010-02-03
Science on screen? Get real 2010-02-05
Daleks up for sale 2010-02-05
Who's going to be a film star... 2010-02-07
Baddies united 2010-02-17
I believe David Tennant is the best Doctor in the history of Doctor Who ... 2010-02-19
The trappings of Time Lords 2010-02-20
Doctored episode 2010-02-22
Slip inside and scare the kids: Dr Who fans offered a ramshackle piece of TV history 2010-02-24
Doctor Who fans shell out thousands at props auction 2010-02-25
Dalek makes a killing 2010-02-25
Dr Who Much? 2010-02-25
Keeping up with the Joneses 2010-02-27
That strain again — where have we heard this before? 2010-03-01
Who's doctor 2010-03-02
Doctor in the house (Daily Star) 2010-03-06
Doctor Who: The Transmedia Archive 2010-03-15
Doctor Who New 2010-03-19
Easter, and the Doctor rises again 2010-03-20
K9 2010-03-21
Sci-fi fans check out final frontier 2010-03-21
Dickie Bow Fever 2010-03-22
Who redo rates in the states: BBC America benefits from first U.S. window 2010-03-22
Steven Moffat: The man with a monster of a job 2010-03-22
The Time Travel That I Would Like To See 2010-03-24
A spin through time means regeneration for the tweed jacket 2010-03-27
Who Lets The Dog Out (2010) 2010-03-28
Robo-dog bites back 2010-03-29
Who is not tied-up 2010-03-29
Media Monkey's Diary (2010) 2010-03-29
Barking up the right Dr Who legend, that's tinny K9 2010-03-30
Who's the man? 2010-03-31
The next regeneration 2010-04-01
Doctor Who saves the world, again. Yawn 2010-04-02
The old dog's newest trick 2010-04-03
Beyond our ken 2010-04-03
It's about time 2010-04-03
Digging the scene 2010-04-03
Let Me Through - I'm a Doctor 2010-04-03
What to watch 2010-04-03
Who's the baddie? 2010-04-03
If the boots fit... 2010-04-03
Time Team 2010-04-03
So Didn't Who Do Well 2010-04-04
Doc's had a Tardi up 2010-04-04
New doctor has the right formula 2010-04-05
Doctor Who triumph 2010-04-05
Doctor Wow! 2010-04-05
Latest Doctor Who is starting to turn ugly 2010-04-05
How to buy a Tardis 2010-04-06
Blasted by death rays of scepticism 2010-04-06
Doctor tweedy 2010-04-06
Who can fail to like this Doctor? 2010-04-08
Sonic the Screwdriver 2010-04-08
Feedback 2010-04-10 2010-04-10
Crossword No. 0410 2010-04-10
The Doctor and Amy are settling nicely into their intergalactic partnership 2010-04-10
Who is the Doctor? 2010-04-11
Who's that girl? (Sunday Express) 2010-04-11
The mini-skirts are integral to the plot 2010-04-11
The Beast Below sparkled with ideas and wit while providing nightmarish images 2010-04-12
TV viewers are the Doctor's greatest foe 2010-04-13
How BBC viewers wished to turn back time on Doctor Who 2010-04-13
Some things just don't change with time, Doc 2010-04-13
Who's The Clown In The Tardis? How Viewers Disliked Every New Doctor 2010-04-13
Doctor Who (Mk 10) adds voice to Labour campaign 2010-04-13
What's the word on Dr Who's shoes? 2010-04-13
Doctor Who seems poised for a breakthrough 2010-04-16
Critic's Corner 2010-04-16
He looks awfully young to be a Doctor 2010-04-16
A Brand-New Time Lord, but He Sounds Familiar 2010-04-17
Feedback 2010-04-17 2010-04-17
Let battle begin again... 2010-04-17
BBC blocks use of Dr Who as role model for gifted children charity 2010-04-17
The new Doctor is in at last 2010-04-17
An energetic new Doctor is in 2010-04-17
Who's that Doctor? (Red Eye) 2010-04-17
Yes, it's the Bracewell Ironside 2010-04-17
A new star shines in the Tardis 2010-04-17
Gillan makes a splash 2010-04-18
New Doctor appears in Sarah Jane spin-off 2010-04-20
Time Lord's romance flowers with a Daisy 2010-04-20
Who'll be the winner? 2010-04-23
The Doctor's future love who first turned up two years ago in the library of flesh-eating shadows 2010-04-24
Is there a Doctor in the house? (New Statesman) 2010-04-26
Doctor Who time travels anew 2010-04-27
Doctor Who, nostalgia and pregnancy announcements 2010-04-30
Feedback 2010-05-01 2010-05-01
Mrs. Who? 2010-05-01
Money well spent 2010-05-01
Young Doctor Who crosses the Atlantic 2010-05-01
Was the 907-year-old Doctor's passionate scene a kiss too far? 2010-05-06
Ludicrous show: Pratchett attacks the unconvincing and 'pixel thin' science of Doctor Who 2010-05-06
Feedback 2010-05-08 2010-05-08
Remember, there's no sofa 2010-05-21
As an actor, you regard being in Doctor Who as becoming part of television history 2010-05-22
Sociopathetic Abscess or Yawning Chasm? The Absent Postcolonial Transition in Doctor Who 2010-06-01
Authors celebrate 'Doctor Who' 2010-06-04
The Science of Doctor Who (Science News) 2010-06-05
Portrait of our romcom master 2010-06-05
Brit skeins bounce from TV to stage 2010-06-09
Who hits button for BBC games 2010-06-14
If you want to fix the past, call Doctor Who 2010-06-14
Feedback 2010-06-19 2010-06-19
12 weeks that changed my life 2010-06-19
Smith is Master of the Universe 2010-06-21
Daleks, Cybermen and children what the Doctor ordered 2010-06-23
Billie's spotted 2010-06-24
Matt stoops to conquer 2010-06-26
Will Matt be the richest Dr of all time? 2010-06-27
Torchwood põe sexualidade em primeiro plano em caça a ETs 2010-06-28
The feminine side of time-travellers 2010-06-28
Run for the Tardis or Amy's dead 2010-06-28
Is Matt's Doctor a turn-off? 2010-07-01
Leaps of time and missed targets 2010-07-03
How will the Doctor get out of this one? 2010-07-12
Waterloo Doctor Who buffs build life-sized Dalek 2010-07-17
Daleks are in control 2010-07-26
Never mind the hostile aliens, this is music with a force to be reckoned with 2010-07-26
Doctor Karen keeps in tune 2010-07-26
Exhausted and Exhausting: Television Studies and British Soap Opera 2010-07-27
Male and Female Archetypes in Doctor Who 2010-08-01
Murray's mint 2010-08-02
The brand doctor 2010-08-20
The Science of Doctor Who 2010-09-01
Proto-electronica vs. martial marches: Doctor Who, Stingray, Thunderbirds and the music of 1960s' British sf television 2010-09-01
Doctor Who fans materialise for Sheffield convention 2010-09-02
Louis Marks 2010-09-25
Andrea Harris and David Smith 2010-09-26
Evacuate! Evacuate! 2010-09-26
Political Satire and British-American Relations in Five Decades of Doctor Who 2010-09-28
Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion: A Doctor Who Radio Adventure 2010-10-01
Time to Go Van Gogh 2010-10-01
Cyber-encounters for two Doctors 2010-10-01
Docs to rescue! 2010-10-04
Nigel Planer 2010-10-09
The Main Event: Doctor Who Live 2010-10-10
Daleks and cybermen star in Will Brenton's show for the Doctor's fans 2010-10-11
Who's bid for movie 2010-10-12
Graham Crowden 2010-10-21
Geoffrey Burgon 2010-10-22
Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary 2010-10-24
Doctor Who explained 2010-10-28
The Doctor Is In 2010-11-01
Pete and Dud fans can smile again as home bootlegger produces lost episodes 2010-11-01
Day with the Doc 2010-11-01
Lost soul of literature revels in the adventures of the Doctor 2010-11-14
L.A. set to woo Dr Who 2010-11-14
Beware Cyborg terror! 2010-11-25
Special Christmas gift for U.S. Dr. Who fans 2010-11-26
U.S. gets Dr. Who special 2010-11-28
Mervyn Haisman obituary 2010-12-10
The host of Christmas to come 2010-12-11
Things That Look Like... Eric Pickles 2010-12-13
Doctor turns tale of the flying shark into a Christmas cracker 2010-12-14
Doctor Who is coming to town! 2010-12-18
This year politics was blockbuster TV, with the same must-watch import as Hollyoaks 2010-12-18
Gonna need a bigger Tardis 2010-12-18
It's the ghost of Christmas past 2010-12-19
Who's Scrooge 2010-12-19
Now Dr Who is the spirit of Christmas 2010-12-19
Panto favourite's career really took off with Doctor Who role 2010-12-21
Paying the price to be the Doctor 2010-12-22
What The Dickens! 2010-12-22
Festive Tardis right on time 2010-12-23
Who knew the Doctor was a footballer too? 2010-12-24
Christmases Past, Present and Sci-Fi 2010-12-25
Fast-tracked TARDIS 2010-12-26
Just What the Doctor Ordered 2010-12-26
A special gift for Aussie 2010-12-26
Sherlock Holmes takes on the Time Lord at television awards 2011-01-03
Now there's a where for 'Who' clips 2011-01-05
Is 10th Doctor Who Having A Baby With Fifth Doctor Who's Daughter After She Plays 10th Doctor Who's Daughter? 2011-01-15
Daddy? 2011-01-20
It's Doctor Who v Sherlock! 2011-01-22
Listening from behind the sofa? The (un)earthly roles of sound in BBC Wales' Doctor Who 2011-01-26
City centre stage for show's happy return 2011-01-26
Working with Catherine is 'a dream' for writer Russell 2011-01-28
Morris Men who starred in Dr Who take centre stage at sci-fi convention 2011-01-29
Media Monkey's Diary 2011-01-31
Sonic Screwdriver 2011-02-01
Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol 2011-02-14
Er, Matt, what's with the granny look? 2011-02-14
N-Ice to see you again... 2011-02-17
Actor who starred opposite five Doctor Whos as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart 2011-02-24
Doctor Who stalwart dies at 81 2011-02-24
Farewell to the Doctor's Loyal Friend 2011-02-24
The brigadier 'most loved' by Dr Who fans 2011-02-24
Dr. Who Gets His Due At Concerto Competition 2011-02-24
Nicholas Courtney obituary 2011-02-24
Nicholas Courtney (The Herald) 2011-02-26
Actor known for his long-running role as the Brigadier in Doctor Who 2011-02-26
Timeless appeal of Who's Brigadier 2011-02-27
My brother the fantasist 2011-03-03
Follow the trail of a Time Lord 2011-03-05
My life in books 2011-03-11
The crack of doom: The uncanny echoes of Steven Moffat's Doctor Who 2011-03-15
Batman's 'butler' Michael Gough dies at 94 2011-03-17
Michael Gough obituary 2011-03-18
New York Times crossword puzzle no. 0320 2011-03-20
Time is up for Doctor Who exhibition 2011-03-23
Look who is in love.. 2011-03-24
Doctor Who script by Douglas Adams to be a novel 2011-03-25
BBC Books set to bring back exterminated Dr Who novels 2011-03-25
In Thrall to the Archives of Empire: Torchwood -- "Children of Earth" 2011-04-01
Bring your sonic screwdrivers, Doctor Who is coming 2011-04-02
Doctor Who Does Savile Row 2011-04-02
The Doctor is back - promising to be the scariest and darkest yet 2011-04-05
Doctor Who returns, and it's deadly serious 2011-04-05
Doctor woos 2011-04-06
Doctor Who: The best show you’re not watching 2011-04-07
Sally Forth 2011-04-10
Elisabeth Sladen obituary 2011-04-11
Who's ready for the ghost train? 2011-04-16
New 'Doctor Who' for US 2011-04-19
Tributes to Doctor Who time travel legend 2011-04-20
Dr Who Star Liz, 63, Loses Cancer Fight 2011-04-20
Doctor Who Favourite Elisabeth Dies Aged 63 2011-04-20
Doctor Who's most famous companion dies 2011-04-20
Doctor Who Star Sladen Dies Aged 63 2011-04-20
Fry And Barrowman Pay Tribute To Sladen 2011-04-20
Death of actress who played Sarah Jane to the Doctor 2011-04-20
The Time Lady 2011-04-20
Doctor Who's new mission in an alien world - America 2011-04-21
Elisabeth Sladen obituary (The Times) 2011-04-21
The Doctor is in ... Utah 2011-04-21
Doctor Who: what's in store 2011-04-21
Doctor Who takes place under your bed 2011-04-21
Elisabeth Sladen obituary (The Washington Post) 2011-04-22
Longest-running science fiction TV show kicks off new season stateside 2011-04-22
New Time Warp for 'Doctor Who' 2011-04-23
It looks as if Doctor Who has done it 2011-04-23
Doctor Who hits America 2011-04-23
Dr Who's favourite assistant 2011-04-23
The Doctor rides the ghost train 2011-04-25
Who hits in premiere 2011-04-26
A Doctor Who for modern times 2011-04-27
Who's getting married again? 2011-04-27
Who's Baldy? 2011-04-27
Elisabeth Sladen, 63, of 'Doctor Who' 2011-04-28
Katie’s Doctor Who Confidential: Ep. 1 2011-04-28
The Idiot Box: Doctor Which? 2011-04-29
Feedback 2011-04-30 2011-04-30
Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011 2011-04-30
It gets too cold in the Arctic, so they have to go south. Yes - it's a dinosaur road trip 2011-04-30
This programme's in a bad way, Doctor 2011-04-30
Smaller on the inside: the space-time continuum distorts perception of size--a rule in physics that could as well be applied to the machine-vision industry 2011-05-01
Farewell, Sarah Jane 2011-05-07
Doctor Who took a break from its main narrative with an episode displaying much me-heartiness aboard a haunted pirate ship helmed by Hugh Bonneville 2011-05-09
Fury as Dr Who leaked 2011-05-12
No more Sarah Jane 2011-05-14
Suranne Jones 2011-05-14
I did cool, evil things to Doctor Who 2011-05-14
Leave Doctor Who to the kids 2011-05-16
Doctor Who is currently much pre-occupied by death 2011-05-16
And the winner is... 2011-05-21
Canadian deal unsettles Scots; Dr. Who's jacket 2011-05-25
Jack on the box 2011-05-26
Just what the Doctor ordered: Destination England 2011-05-28
Exterminated! 2011-05-31
Exterminated 2011-05-31
The New Man: The Regeneration of Doctor Who 2011-06-01
El Análisis: Doctor Who 2011-06-01
Shock of the Who 2011-06-01
NIU Libraries' Lynne Thomas nominated for Hugo Award 2011-06-02
Best job in the universe 2011-06-04
The mother of all sci-fi shows 2011-06-06
Barrowman at his best 2011-06-09
The right medicine 2011-06-09
We liked it when the Beatles were complex, so why not the Doctor? 2011-06-11
La BBC pone a la venta su emblemática sede central en Londres 2011-06-13
Sherlock trumps Doctor Who 2011-06-17
Paul McGann 2011-06-18
Feedback 2011-06-18 2011-06-18
Who's the ladies man? - Worcester native gives voice to 'Dr. Who's' female fans 2011-06-22
Antirationalist critique or fifth column of scientism? Challenges from Doctor Who to the mad scientist trope 2011-07-01
The Doctor's Doctor 2011-07-01
A different sort of hero 2011-07-01
Eric a Time Lard 2011-07-06
Roy Skelton obituary 2011-07-08
Metal myths 2011-07-08
Still not exterminated 2011-07-14
Fumbled details betray 'Torchwood' high concept 2011-07-14
Keeping the torch alight 2011-07-15
Costumes, properties and fans, oh my! 2011-08-01
Look Who's in mystery play 2011-08-04
Why you gotta wear a print so loud? 2011-08-13
Dr Who's Moffat Has His Own Demons 2011-08-17
Doctor Who is back! But should the Time Lord be celebrated - or exterminated? 2011-08-20
Doctor Who on quiffs, fame and why time travellers don't take the Tube 2011-08-23
Doctoring a good tale 2011-08-26
The impact of Who 2011-08-27
The Doctor's Mrs Robinson 2011-08-27
Doctor and the headaches 2011-08-27
Doc's River was just too winding 2011-09-04
Who Needs the Doctor? 2011-09-09
Matt's among the sexiest on every planet 2011-09-10
Einstein's theory of general relativity which states that time is fundamentally wibbly-wobbly 2011-09-10
Going For The Doctor Karen Relishes Her Big Moment In Who History 2011-09-11
Doctor Einstein 2011-09-12
The lion, the witch & the Tardis 2011-09-21
The odd couple 2011-09-24
Secrets of final Dr Who episode 2011-09-25
Two hearts break hardest 2011-09-29
Stuff We Love: Doctor Who 2011-09-30
Death is the only answer for Doctor Who scribes 2011-09-30
Screening Wales: Portrayal, Representation and Identity: A Case Study 2011-10-01
Mum & I were so close 2011-10-01
Doctor Who tribute marks death of Brigadier actor 2011-10-01
Who is my hero? 2011-10-01
The Dr. Who contingent 2011-10-01
No smoking: Doctor's orders 2011-10-08
You're welcome to stay... just switch off that exterminator 2011-10-14
Feedback 2011-10-15 2011-10-15
Delightful spin-off comes to a sad end 2011-10-18
Memories of Elisabeth 2011-10-22
Centre says hello to former Dr Who 2011-10-24
Paradise is a little too green for me: Discourses of environmental disaster in Doctor Who 1963-2010 2011-11-01
Katy's still going bonkers 2011-11-05
I made the Doctor cry on my first day 2011-11-09
Bigscreen Hears A 'Who' 2011-11-15
Dr Who set for film transformation 2011-11-16
Doctor Who: the movie (2011) 2011-11-16
What Will Hollywood Do To Our Doctor? 2011-11-20
They won't be shopping: 'Doctor Who' diehards have other plans on Friday 2011-11-23
Hugh Laurie podría ser Doctor Who 2011-11-25
Who Says Wales Is The Place To Visit 2011-12-04
Wood you believe it! 2011-12-05
Tiny Dalek that wasn't exterminated 2011-12-07
Two more chances to hide behind the sofa 2011-12-13
I went from US President to death row for Torchwood 2011-12-13
Lost 'Doctor Who' Episodes Rematerialize 2011-12-13
All plugged in and ready to Trock 2011-12-15
My boy is about to see himself in the Christmas special - so are millions 2011-12-16
Dressing To Impress 2011-12-17
There should be a ceremony 2011-12-17
Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow 2011-12-17
Steven Moffat: Storyteller in chief 2011-12-19
Adam Richard, Doctor Who nut 2011-12-22
Will the Doctor weed out the space gardeners 2011-12-24
Close-up Secrets of Doctor Who 2011-12-25
Home Sweet Tardis! 2011-12-27
To its credit, Doctor Who played a relatively subtle hand for a Christmas Day blockbuster 2011-12-31
Doctor Who special 2012-01-01
Sherlock exterminates The Doctor 2012-01-06
Torchwood star Eve heads for Glasgow 2012-01-10
Doctor Who radio script is back from another time 2012-01-14
Jenny (JT) Colgan tackles Doctor Who 2012-01-20
Transported by tunes of the Tardis 2012-01-21
Jenny Tomasin 2012-01-23
See who's returning to tyke TV 2012-01-24
Who? What Now? 2012-01-27
Great Absurdist: Absurdly Great 2012-01-29
Who's who of sci fi in hi fi 2012-01-30
Who fan exterminates boyhood fear and composes himself for the Doc 2012-02-02
I Need A Doctor 2012-02-13
Doctor Howdy! 2012-03-08
BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games Introduces Doctor Who: Worlds in Time MMO Online Game 2012-03-19
Doctor Who's Companion 2012-03-22
Time Lord casting news 2012-03-22
Out of this world (South Wales Echo) 2012-03-24
Dr Who actress left £262k 2012-03-25
Doctor Who, synchronicity and travels in time 2012-03-31
Timeless appeal lures TV fans 2012-03-31
Separate lives 2012-04-01
Dalek alert! 2012-04-02
Who's a bit weepy then? 2012-04-07
Rejuvenate 2012-04-10
Virgin Media pulls TiVo ad after BBC complaint 2012-04-18
Doutor quem? 2012-04-23
Lost in Time: Bureaucrats, not Daleks, are the deadlinest foes of "Doctor Who" 2012-05-01
I wrote Dr Who scripts as a kid. I haven't moved on much 2012-05-19
Peter Halliday 2012-05-23
Fantastic Voyage 2012-06-04
Hit show killed my career says fourth Doctor Tom Baker 2012-06-07
Jen Up On Who Is Who 2012-06-09
Find the missing Who tapes 2012-06-10
Caroline John obituary 2012-06-21
Time Machines, Always Cool 2012-06-22
Quick! Call The Doctor 2012-06-22
I'm lucky to have Billie--she's hot! 2012-06-23
Six of the best 2012-07-07
Dr. Screw 2012-07-19
Fans from around the world flock to Doctor Who show 2012-07-21
Centre of the Who-niverse! 2012-07-23
Mary Tamm obituary 2012-07-27
Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Collection 1: 1964-1965 2012-07-30
Husband of TV actress dies hours after her funeral 2012-08-10
Delve into the science of Daleks 2012-08-10
Dr Who Mary's husband dies hours after giving the eulogy at her funeral 2012-08-10
Neve is busted 2012-08-10
I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to leave the show in Doctor Who's biggest year, says Matt 2012-08-15
Exterminate! (2012) 2012-08-23
Up in the Night 2012-08-26
Doctor Who Is Back, and So Are Its Rabid Fans 2012-08-30
Sergeant pepper pots: the origins of Doctor Who's Daleks lie in the Blitz 2012-08-31
It's the Beginning of the End 2012-09-01
Bring on the Daleks! 2012-09-01
Be very afraid: Doctor Who is back - with the Daleks 2012-09-01
Broadcasters taking steps to ward off piracy 2012-09-01
Hello, doctor 2012-09-02
Comic Outpost hosts "Doctor Who" viewing parties 2012-09-02
Downtown's Kumoricon convention draws crowd 2012-09-02
Look Who's found a new star 2012-09-03
Doctor Who premiere teases thrills to come 2012-09-04
Who is Doctor Who? 2012-09-07
British television invasion at VU 2012-09-07
Doctor on 'Tops 2012-09-08
Imagine a giant, demented kitchen bin trying to sex the Doctor up 2012-09-08
Wild Amy's a hot shot 2012-09-11
Feedback 2012-09-15 2012-09-15
The Magnificent Three 2012-09-15
Then & now Sylvester McCoy, actor 2012-09-15
Mystery and sorrow in new season of Doctor Who 2012-09-18
Who Cares, Amy? 2012-09-18
Meet the Doctor's new companion 2012-09-22
Dr. Who's Sidekick 2012-09-27
Big night for Dr Who fans as Timelord's companion makes her 'emotional departure' 2012-09-29
Feedback 2012-09-29 2012-09-29
Life after Amy 2012-09-29
It's terminal for Doctor's mates 2012-10-01
Ending was gut-wrenching ... but totally necessary 2012-10-04
College essays? I'd rather watch 'Doctor Who' 2012-10-04
Why I killed the Ponds 2012-10-06
Feedback 2012-10-13 2012-10-13
Feedback 2012-10-20 2012-10-20
Wonderword 2012-10-24
The Time Lord turns 50 2012-10-26
I love Doctor Who but this is so much better 2012-10-27
Fox Trot 2012-10-28
Fight Club 2012-11-01
Who's Da Man 2012-11-01
New to Who: A Beginners Guide to Doctor Who 2012-11-05
Novel way to exterminate litter bugs 2012-11-09
Big thank-Who for Hannah 2012-11-17
You're smarter for 10 2012-11-23
Freezy does it for hot Jen 2012-12-05
Doctor Who's Jenna-Louise Coleman 2012-12-07
Who's That Girl? 2012-12-08
Sounds inspired by galaxies far, far away 2012-12-10
Doctor Who is No. 1 2012-12-10
Barrowman 2012-12-10
Doctor Who 'inspired by Blackadder' says Matt Smith 2012-12-11
Toast to Time Lord pure Gold 2012-12-14
Doctor Who gets scary for holidays 2012-12-14
Who in Rotorua and a promotion? I'm keen! 2012-12-17
Shatner won't be appearing on Dr. Who 2012-12-21
Shada: The Lost Adventure by Douglas Adams 2012-12-22
My presents ... past & future 2012-12-22
Just what the Doctor ordered (Scotland on Sunday) 2012-12-23
A Who Christmas 2012-12-24
Stamps mark 50 years of Doctor Who 2012-12-26
Who's got it licked 2012-12-26
Royal Mail pays tribute to Britain's brilliant Doctors 2012-12-26
Doctor Who writer confirms movie 2012-12-27
Christmas déjà vu 2012-12-30
Doctor Who's 50th marked with silver 2013-01-01
Author, Author 2013-01-12
Merlin star wants Doctor Who to age 2013-01-22
Doctor Who quiz teams look to exterminate rivals 2013-01-24
New Zealand's on the money to mark Doctor Who's half century 2013-01-25
Exterminknit! 2013-01-29
Doctor Who and Race: Reflections on the Change of Britain’s Status in the International System 2013-02-01
True Fans, Like True Lovers, Stick Around 2013-02-01
Bernard Horsfall obituary 2013-02-02
Doctor Who at 50: BBC announces 3D birthday special 2013-02-12
Doctor Who anniversary show to reunite all 11 Time Lords 2013-02-15
Doctor Who to get 50th anniversary special 2013-02-15
Dr Sue, No Thank You 2013-02-16
Bridge of cyborgs 2013-02-18
Doctor Who Convention Gallifrey One Sells Out, as 3,200 Fans Pack the L.A. Airport Marriott 2013-02-18
Parliament? Can't wait to exterminate 2013-02-18
Doctor Who sidekick wants to time travel into a period drama 2013-02-21
Robots, costumes highlight Geeks’ Night Out 2013-02-21
As a kid I got punched in the face for being a weirdo 2013-02-23
Death of Daleks' designer 2013-02-24
Raymond Cusick obituary 2013-02-25
From secret agent to Dr Who 2013-02-25
Farewell to the dalek designer who brought terror to universe 2013-02-25
Egg Boxes of Horror 2013-02-25
Ray Cusick 2013-02-25
Get ready for a whole lot of Who 2013-02-25
Revenge of the Geeks: Fifty Years of Doctor Who 2013-03-01
Altus woman joins 'Dr. Who' fan film push 2013-03-01
Designer who brought the Daleks to life 2013-03-02
Ray Cusick obituary 2013-03-02
From chimney pot to Daleks; Dr. Who designer said to have been inspired by school roof line 2013-03-04
Nerdy Dancing, Where Pasty Meets Pastie 2013-03-05
Who's the best Doctor? Well, it's all relative (obviously...) 2013-03-15
My Watchlist - Alex Kingston 2013-03-16
I've travelled back to the beginning of Time (Lord) 2013-03-17
All in good time, the Doctor roars back to take on aliens in wi-fi 2013-03-18
Jenna's no fun 2013-03-18
Back in time: A frank new book about Doctor Who is full of shocking claims 2013-03-23
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Doctor Who fans 'preyed on' by show producers 2013-03-24
Doctor Who perv in sex act during phone chat with Blue Peter Biddy 2013-03-25
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Doctor Who and the child molester 2013-03-26
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Sony DADC New Media Solutions and BBC Worldwide Launches Doctor Who with PlayStationHome 2013-03-28
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GOOFORDIAN: Vworp…vworp…VWORP! You need a doctor 2013-03-29
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Five minutes with... Jenna-Louise Coleman 2013-03-30
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The Mind Of Evil 10 March, BFI Southbank 2013-04-01
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Doctor Who finds love and gets his mojo back 2013-04-02
Fan girls for equality 2013-04-02
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Doctor left hanging on for his 50th anniversary 2013-04-10
Feedback 2013-04-13 2013-04-13
Why I wanted to bring back the Ice Warriors 2013-04-13
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Will the police 'Tardis' return to our streets? 2013-04-28
Reifying the Fan: Inspector Spacetime as Fan Practice 2013-04-29
Police box to return 2013-04-29
Jelly Baby? 2013-05-01
The Avenger Fights Back 2013-05-04
Doctor Who fans may find themselves short-changed in the series finale 2013-05-06
Waris Hussein reborn 50 years after he directed Dr Who 2013-05-10
They're Back! 2013-05-11
The doctor is in at DePaul: 'Doctor Who' colloquium celebrates 50 years of television 2013-05-12
Dr Whovians line up for a shop 2013-05-14
BBC's Time-Travel Issue For 'Doctor Who' Finale 2013-05-14
Time To Say Goodbye? 2013-05-18
Who is the Real Clara? 2013-05-18
Intergalactic peace talks 2013-05-18
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Mother Goose & Grimm 2013-05-19
Secret of Doctor's name is revealed 2013-05-20
The fans of Britain are coming to St. Louis Park 2013-05-21
Doctor Who Sex Scandal 2013-05-25
Dr. Who series lovers establish chapter in Altus 2013-05-26
Dr Who Is A Terrible Racist 2013-05-27
Who You Calling A Racist? 2013-05-27
Sexterminate! Doctor Who may come back as a woman 2013-06-02
Big Screen Barbara 2013-06-02
Smith leaving lead role in 'Doctor Who' 2013-06-03
Doctor Who Star Is Leaving the Series 2013-06-03
Who's next - is it time for a Time Lady? 2013-06-03
Time Lady 2013-06-03
Who's that girl? (Daily Star) 2013-06-03
Daleks in need of a Tardis 2013-06-04
A male Doctor Who is an outdated idea. Exterminate it 2013-06-04
OMG...I wannabe Dr Who! 2013-06-05
David Beckham, Harry Potter star hyped as possible Doctor Who replacements 2013-06-06
A new Dr Who? We'll never have Paris... 2013-06-06
He'd Bloom as Doc 2013-06-07
Who's next as Matt calls time? 2013-06-08
Kinnear favourite to be the next Dr Who 2013-06-10
Send for the Time Lady 2013-06-10
Rory Fave To Be New Who 2013-06-10
Doctor Who can change the world with a sidekick and a satsuma. Why can't he become a she? 2013-06-21
Books project is out of this world 2013-06-21
Father, son build time machine replica from 'Doctor Who' 2013-06-21
Doctor takes a leaf out of Dylan's songbook 2013-06-22
You Built What?! 2013-07-01
Who's Who (British Philatelic Bulletin) 2013-07-01
Time moves on for Doc 2013-07-03
Bigger on the Inside: Royals Visit 'Doctor Who' 2013-07-04
The men with the real sonic screwdrivers 2013-07-04
Exterminate! Charles meets Daleks 2013-07-04
Charles and Camilla visit Dr Who set... 2013-07-04
Doctor who? Jacko cast as Time Lord 2013-07-04
More tea, Doctor? Tardis calls by for cuppa and cake 2013-07-10
Packing out the Proms 2013-07-12
Dr. Who box causing a stir in downtown Salem 2013-07-13
Cultivate! Doctor's old enemy takes to the field 2013-07-13
Download: David Tennant 2013-07-14
Lots of pomp, Doctors and the Daleks 2013-07-15
Doctor Who Prom 2013-07-15
Temporal shift 2013-07-17
Doctor Who and An Adventure in Space and Time 2013-07-19
Calling for The Doctor 2013-07-19
Cincuenta años de viaje en el tiempo 2013-07-27
As Doctor Who celebrates big 5-0, another era ends 2013-07-28
Why Dr Who is survivor 2013-07-30
Spin Doctor (The Times) 2013-07-31
Sherlock Holmes and the Leap of Faith: The Forces of Fandom and Convergence in Adaptations of the Holmes and Watson Stories 2013-08-01
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Who is it? 2013-08-02
Cardiff Bay Gets A New Dimension... 2013-08-03
Raise The Lord 2013-08-04
From Throne To Tardis...So Will The White Queen's Richard III Be New Doctor Who? 2013-08-04
A partir de diciembre, Peter Capaldi será el nuevo Dr. Who 2013-08-05
Tiene Doctor Who un nuevo rostro 2013-08-05
Doctor Blue named as 12th Time Lord 2013-08-05
After All The Hype, Mr Potty Mouth Had Better Be Good 2013-08-05
Peter Capaldi named as next "Doctor Who" star 2013-08-05
Doctor in the House 2013-08-05
A New Doctor Who 2013-08-05
Watch out Daleks! Tucker is new Time Lord 2013-08-05
Australian premiere for new Doctor Who stage spectacular 2013-08-05
Spin doctor regenerates as The Doctor 2013-08-05
Who knew? Bookies suspended betting on Capaldi as new Doctor 2013-08-05
Bringing an edge of danger to the Doctor 2013-08-05
Degeneration 2013-08-05
Doctor Him 2013-08-05
Den nya Doctor Who avslöjad 2013-08-06
Skotte blir ny Doctor Who 2013-08-06
Escocês é escalado para interpretar Doctor Who 2013-08-06
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Doctor Who? It's Peter Capaldi 2013-08-06
And the geek shall inherit the earth.. 2013-08-06
The new doctor is in 2013-08-06
Fans fear the Time Lord may already be out of time 2013-08-06
Dr. Who fännid pahased: uus nimiosaline on liiga vana! 2013-08-07
I was really hoping for a new female hero 2013-08-07
Diversity And 'Doctor Who' 2013-08-07
Revealed: Capaldi's early role in Dr Who fan club 2013-08-08
The Fame 2013-08-09
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OOuuttoofftthhiisswwoorrlldd!! 2013-08-10
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Doctor Who change de tête comme de chemise 2013-08-11
Doctor Who will always go on 2013-08-13
Google Street View takes a peek inside the Tardis 2013-08-14
New Time Lord Primer 2013-08-16
New Doctor may grace NZ's shores 2013-08-19
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Robbie Williams was once in the running to play Doctor Who 2013-08-29
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John Smith and the Common Men: Sounds From The Inferno (Hysterion HYS 001) 2013-09-01
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Cumberfiction 2013-09-09
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Day-time telly 2013-09-11
More than a Companion: "The Doctor's Wife" and Representations of Women in Doctor Who 2013-09-12
Doctor Who, the Movie? Not Likely 2013-09-13
In America, TV writers are no longer made to feel like spare parts 2013-09-16
Now you can be a TV star and step into your own Doctor Who episode 2013-09-18
Guess who has an eye on his family's future? 2013-09-19
Prime Time Lord: 'Doctor Who' rides its show's global appeal as it travels toward its next 50 years 2013-09-25
Doctor Who writers among festival draws 2013-09-27
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Homecoming for new-look Gillian 2013-09-30
Who's that girl? (2013) 2013-09-30
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Augmenting fan/academic dialogue: New directions in fan research 2013-10-01
Appointment TV 2013-10-01
Sound Devices captures Doctor Who 2013-10-01
The Auntie Matter: The Fourth Doctor Adventures 2013-10-01
Doctor to be time zone Time Lord 2013-10-02
Celebran aniversario 50 de 'Dr. Who' con capítulo simultáneo en 75 países 2013-10-03
Do the Daleks, Dad! 2013-10-05
Doctor Who Fans Want TARDIS Blue As Empire State Hue 2013-10-07
Lost 'Doctor Who' eps unearthed 2013-10-08
Who episodes found 2013-10-09
BBC to unveil episodes believed lost 2013-10-09
Long-lost Doctor Who episodes back at BBC 2013-10-10
Long-lost Doctor Who episodes found in Nigeria 2013-10-11
Found on a dusty shelf in Nigeria: the lost Doctor Who tapes 2013-10-11
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Doctor where? 2013-10-11
Lost adventures of Doctor Who are regenerated 2013-10-11
Rediscovered episodes of 'Doctor Who' from the Sixties show the series' chutzpah 2013-10-11
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Long-lost Doctor Who episodes discovered in Nigeria 2013-10-11
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BBC finds nine missing 'Doctor Who' episodes in Nigeria 2013-10-12
Long lost 'Doctor Who' episodes found in Nigeria 2013-10-13
Who's your favourite? 2013-10-13
Early doubts about Doctor Who revealed 2013-10-17
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Doctor Who devotees accept the absurd 2013-10-19
Snow job 2013-10-22
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Dr. Who trivia contest on tap 2013-11-14
He Doctor is in: 'Dr. Who' 50th anniversary plans 2013-11-14
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More than just a nice guy 2013-11-15
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Back to the 60s 2013-11-16
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Goodies idea! 2013-11-17
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Origin movie part of 'Dr. Who' anniversary 2013-11-17
Students await the 50th anniversary and return of "Doctor Who" 2013-11-18
A Dr. Who 50-year blowout 2013-11-19
Doctors and Daleks let loose at Buckingham Palace 2013-11-19
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Doctor Who and my wife 2013-11-19
The universe awaits ... 2013-11-19
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Doctor Who event draws young fans 2013-11-20
British Bites brings a taste of England to Puyallup 2013-11-20
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Dr. Who marks 50 years of time travel 2013-11-21
The Doctor spans space, time and the world 2013-11-21
Doctor Who to Run In Russian Cinemas 2013-11-21
A trip through time 2013-11-21
BBC plans birthday bash as 'Doctor Who' turns 50 2013-11-21
Terrifically Timeless 2013-11-21
Dr. Who movie is charming look at series creation 2013-11-21
Time Crash brings "trock" across the pond 2013-11-21
Sydney Newman 2013-11-21
Daleks creator Terry Nation honoured with blue plaque 2013-11-21
Doctor Who still reinventing himself 2013-11-21
Once upon a time 2013-11-21
Whovians Unite! 2013-11-21
William Hartnell's Granddaughter On The First Doctor Who 2013-11-21
Doctor Who fans celebrate 50 years of fun and adventure 2013-11-21
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50 years of intrigue 2013-11-22
Still Restless, 50 Years On 2013-11-22
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Sci-fi hit was born in another world 2013-11-22
Spin Doctor 2013-11-22
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TV show 'Dr. Who' has large fan base, rich history 2013-11-22
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Doctor Doctor ... 2013-11-23
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The Comedian Who Wanted to Be Taken Seriously 2013-11-23
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Totally Tasteless 2013-11-23
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The Man Who Said 'No' 2013-11-23
One for the Ladies 2013-11-23
The Geek Inherits the Universe 2013-11-23
How Charlie Chaplin Saved Doctor Who 2013-11-23
Fifty-year journey in time 2013-11-23
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Sci-fi superfan's shrine to Doctor 2013-11-23
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Sci-Fi, So Good! 2013-11-24
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Now Doctor Who is lording it... all across the world 2013-11-25
Doctor Who sets TV record 2013-11-25
Doctor Who was watched in 94 countries at once 2013-11-25
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Students swoon over 50 years of 'Doctor Who,' can't get enough 2013-11-25
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Berry Christmas Feast 2013-11-26
A Short History of Doctor Who 2013-11-27
77 millions de téléspectateurs ont vu l’épisode spécial de Doctor Who 2013-11-27
Doctor Who 50th ’versary special viewed by 10.2m Brits 2013-11-27
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Doctor Who draws big ratings 2013-11-27
Don't BBC chiefs know Who I am 2013-11-28
Time Lord gives DUP a primer on gay rights 2013-11-28
A Who's Who 2013-11-29
What? How? Where? Decoding 'Dr. Who' 2013-11-29
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Doctor Who fanatic Giovanni Antonelli can rattle off the names of all 240 stories from the cult show in 15 breath-taking minutes 2013-12-04
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Dr. Who Christmas Slated at Library 2013-12-04
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Doctor Who and the ageing enigma 2013-12-05
Doctor Who celebra 50 años con episodio especial 2013-12-06
Whovians celebrate show’s 50th anniversary 2013-12-06
Twist-a-Carol offers holiday stress relief in Elgin 2013-12-06
Now Who See Him 2013-12-06
Talking 'bout my regeneration 2013-12-07
Who Fakers Guilty 2013-12-07
Кинозалы не хотят ограничиваться показом фильмов 2013-12-09
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Matt Smith on saying goodbye to Doctor Who 2013-12-14
Time to go 2013-12-14
A good Christmas present for historians, travellers and environmentalists alike 2013-12-14
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Doctor to host stellar symphony 2013-12-19
Why I'm calling time on life as a Timelord 2013-12-19
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He's my Doctor 2013-12-21
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Time-Travelin' Eye Candy 2013-12-22
Smith: I can move on from Doctor 2013-12-22
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Davison's Doctor Who discovery a real symphony 2013-12-23
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A Who's Who of Time Lords as image merges 12 faces of Doctor 2013-12-24
The new Doctor gets into Thick Of It ... with a Scottish accent! 2013-12-26
Matt Smith has been a lovely Doctor, and this was a tearful goodbye 2013-12-26
Confused by the new Doctor? He certainly seemed to be 2013-12-26
Time for a change 2013-12-26
Capaldi tops Christmas TV ratings 2013-12-27
Ratings cheer for Doctor Who and sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys 2013-12-27
Doctor Who is exterminated by Mrs Brown in the fight for festive viewers 2013-12-27
The Doctor's fitting farewell 2013-12-27
Looking back at a quirky, cool Doctor 2013-12-27
Who's on First in U.K. 2013-12-28
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MegaCon attracts record crowds in Orlando 2014-03-28
Cinemas see satellite tech as ticket to bigger revenue 2014-03-30
British-born actress delighted in Dynasty, Doctor Who 2014-03-31
Tributes as Dynasty star Kate O'Mara dies aged 74 2014-03-31
Tracks of my years 2014-04-01
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A schoolboy scored a coup for his Doctor Who Society when he successfully invited a companion to the Time Lord to give a talk at his school 2014-04-03
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Vickie made up to win a BAFTA 2014-05-01
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Young Doctor Who fanatic comes face-to-face with his new Dalek 2014-05-06
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