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I'd love to be Dr Nude (2005)

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  • Publication: The Sun
  • Date: 2005-07-28
  • Author: Grant Rollings
  • Page: 32
  • Language: English


LIKE generations of youngsters, David Tennant used to hide behind the sofa when Doctor Who battled the evil Daleks on TV.

The Scottish actor grew up watching Tom Baker and Peter Davison in the famous role — and never dreamed that one day he too would step into the Timelord's shoes.

It was to his amazement and delight that he landed the job of playing the tenth Doctor in April.

Today, in an exclusive interview, he tells The Sun of the "daunting" prospect of taking on one of the most famous roles in television and continuing the success of the last Doctor, Christopher Eccleston

He insists: "It's not really like any other acting job. I've done all sorts of different things and that's all been great fun. But suddenly I get cast as something and it's making the news.

"I was visiting my parents and it came up on a TV report. It's fantastic to be involved with something that is loved and people get excited about.

"It's a privilege to be a part of that history — but it's kind of daunting at the same time."

David, 34, who shot to fame playing the lead role in raunchy TV drama Casanova, says great secrecy surrounded his appointment as the new Doctor.

He reveals he was not allowed to tell anyone -- not even his parents. "Because it was such a high-voltage secret I was aware there was no choice but to say nothing," he says. "I wanted to tell everyone but my agent was the only person I could talk to."

David understands what it means to be a young Dr Who fan, having been one himself.

He recalls: "I grew up watching it, as everyone in Britain did. I was a bit of a fan. You watched it every Saturday, and I started off watching Tom Baker.


"You kind of focus on the Doctor you grew up with, and I watched him and then Peter Davison. I was still only ten or 11 when Peter did it, and they're the two Doctors I identify with."

The enthusiastic star was flattered to learn Davison had given him the thumbs-up.

He says: "I was completely thrilled. That's really lovely. I'm choosing to believe it's true. I'm a huge fan of his.

David goes on to reveal he has already been wining and dining sexy co-star and former pop beauty Billie Piper, who plays the Doctor's assistant Rose Tyler.

He says: "We've had dinner a couple of times. She's very easy to get on with and a very lovely girl, so hopefully we'll work together quite well.

"She's also perfect for the role. She's funky and modern but still sexy and sassy."

Billie, 22, who is in the process of divorcing Chris Evans, has signed up to make at least 14 episodes of Doctor Who with David. And she had better watch out because he wants to add a bit of spice to the sci-fi show.

David loved his time playing Casanova and he wonders if the Doctor could become a bit more like the legendary lover.

He laughs: "They'll have a similar joy and wit about them. There is less s****ing in Doctor Who, but who knows'? We might change that too!"

David also jokes that he wants to become the first NUDE Time lord in the long-running drama.

He laughs: "I'm going to be nude throughout. It's a whole new thing. with a bit of pixilation around the groin. But seriously, I do have the new costume."

And referring to some of the outfits worn by previous Time-lords. David insists he won't be seen on screen in frilly shirts.

He says: "The producers were very good about that. I think the clothes in the old show got quite wacky — certainly towards the end. I don't think you can get away with frilly shirts.

"I think it's a different kind of show really. So we won't be doing that."

David may have only just started filming Dr Who but he has already received a Tardis-load of fan mail.

He says: "It's great that people are so interested. I'm getting letters now from kids with all these drawings and stuff."

Born in Bathgate, West Lothian, David later graduated from the Royal >cottish Academy of Music and Drama. When Eccleston. below, transformed into Tennant at the end of the last series. David had an English accent. But he will revert to his native dialect in the new one.


He admits appearing in Casanova I helped him secure the part of the famous Timelord. Russell T Davies, who wrote most of the new shows, also created Casanova.

David says: "I guess, unbeknown to me, Casanova was my audition. They just came to me after and asked me to do it." Billie and David will be filming all 13 episodes and the Christmas special without a break.

"We're shooting it all at once," he says. "The first block is three episodes, one of which is a Christmas special."

And the new run will include an appearance by the silver-suited Cybermen. "They are on later in the series." he reveals.

David, who will soon be appearing on ITV1 in new thriller Secret Smile, will also be gracing movie screens in the next Harry Potter movie The Goblet Of Fire.

The actor, who plays baddie Barty Crouch Jr, says: "Harry Potter was fantastic — a great experience. I worked with Dan Radcliffe. and met the other young stars. They're great. They're so fabulous.

"I think that if I was that age and I was the most famous teenager in the world, I'd just be messed up — and they're so not. They really have their heads screwed on."

Caption: LADIES' MAN .. . as Casanova with co-stars in the hit BBC drama

Caption: ON A ROLE... David with Kate Ashfield in Secret Smile

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