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London Evening Standard

articles (32) date
Who's Who of doctors on parade 1983-03-17
A timely new role for Tardis traveller Nicola 1985-05-29
Dr. Who back in age of steam 1985-06-10
Back To The Future For Dr Whos 30th Birthday 1993-06-17
Dalek creator on mission to exterminate the imposters 1993-12-09
Doctor Who returns with a hi-tech Tardis 1995-08-29
Move over Dalek 1996-01-03
Exterminated:Dream of British Doctor Who film 1996-01-10
New Dr Who wastes no time for first kiss 1996-05-21
Dr Who, but not as we know him 1996-05-21
Selling out and alienating everyone 1996-05-28
Doctor Who back in time for winter on BBC1 2004-12-01
Dr Who gets political 2005-04-25
Doctor Who's back: Why do we love him so much? 2005-12-23
Pick of the day 2005-12-23
Doctor Who's chief Dalek dies aged 82 2009-01-23
Dickie Bow Fever 2010-03-22
Who can fail to like this Doctor? 2010-04-08
Daleks are in control 2010-07-26
Who Needs the Doctor? 2011-09-09
Sherlock exterminates The Doctor 2012-01-06
Doctor Who sidekick wants to time travel into a period drama 2013-02-21
Cumberfiction 2013-09-09
Who'd believe it? Tardis flies in US 2013-11-19
Doctor Who's Who 2013-11-22
We've all got a Doctor Who story to tell 2013-11-25
Doctor Who is way over my head 2013-11-27
The maker of Middle Earth 2013-12-11
Call the Doctor! Capaldi injures thumb on set 2014-01-07
Capaldi 'awesome' as new Doctor Who, says Hawes 2014-03-20
Does the Doctor want Scots' independence? 2014-08-08
Talking about miscegenation 2014-08-29