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Naughty Nicola (1985)

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DRAMA : Dr. Who, BBC 1, Saturday, 5.20 p.m.

Your outfit is too sexy for Dr Who, say fans

DOCTOR WHO's sexy sidekick—pert Peri — has been told to cover up by protesting fans.

Actress Nicola Bryant has been sending admiring male viewers into orbit.

But red-faced mums and dads want her to wear more modest outfits and hide her ample charms.

The Doctor, played by bouncy Colin, Baker, likes his women leggy and lovely, and over the years in, the Tardis his assistants have worn clinging or scanty costumes.

But it seems Peri — in her low-cut top—is too tittilating.


And even 22-year-old Nicola admits she's "not crazy" about the costume herself.

She says: "Some viewers say it's tasteless and annoying. I get a lot of letters saying that. Maybe it's because it's a family show.

"Some of them write saying, 'Poor old you, why do you have to wear that?',"

But Peri doesn't only stir up complaints over her bosomy look. Of the 50-plus letters that reach her each day, many are written with romance in mind.

But she's got little time for love. Dashing around the galaxy zapping Daleks, Cybermen and other alien fiends takes up most of her year. For 10 months out of 12, she works six days a week on the show—from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. some days.

"It can be exhausting," says Nicola. "Sometimes you think, I'm not going to survive this."

Which is why she relaxes by "doing absolutely nothing" in front of the telly at her Clapham flat, where Peri's saucy costumes are replaced by her favourite baggy jeans and cardigans.

"Things do get a bit hectic. It's difficult to maintain a relationship with anyone," she says.

"I've got a good friend, but nothing more than that."

Working on Doctor Who--she sprang from nowhere to land the role as Peri, her first job—has meant Nicola has had to pay a price.

"I play the flute, piano and guitar," she says. "I wrote 50 songs last year, but since joining Doctor Who. I ye only written three."


She has no plans to leave the Tardis yet, but one day Nicola will swop planet - hopping for razzmatazz.

"I'd like to write and choreograph a musical,' she says.

Tonight, in the second part of the two-part Vengeance on Varos, Nicola and the Doctor are enmeshed in a deadly video game.

Caption: Peri and pretty—but not all viewers appreciate the lovely lines of Nicola Bryant, Dr. Who's perfect planetary wanderer

Caption: COLIN ... bouncy

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