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The Pink Paper

  • First published: 1987
  • Last published: 2012
  • Location: England

articles (19) date
Dr Who to visit Bang 1988-12-22
Dr Who: The Videos 1992-03-15
Why are so many Doctor Who fans gay? 1994-08-19
You can get very involved in Dr Who 1994-08-26
Beware the cybermen 1994-11-18
Stars and skeletons 1995-03-31
Dr Who fans 1995-07-28
Gay actor set to play Doctor Who 1995-10-20
An English eccentric 1995-10-20
Doctor Who fans 1996-01-26
Doctor, Doctor...? 1998-10-09
It's the gay Dr Who mafia 1999-04-09
Do not exterminate 2003-06-27
Return of the Tardis 2004-04-02
Who-ray! the doctor is in 2005-04-14
Who's the geeky Doctor? 2005-08-04
Billed as "X Files meets This Life" 2006-09-21
Torchwood part one 2006-12-21
Davies Quits Doctor Who 2008-05-29