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articles (114) date
U.S. Invaded By Doctor Who 1978-10-24
Hooked on Who (Starlog) 1979-03-12
Britain's Time Traveler Arrives in the Colonies 1979-05-08
Dr. Who Takes L.A. by Storm 1979-07-03
Baker's "Who" 1979-07-31
A Sad Tale 1979-10-23
Where's there a Who club? 1980-01-15
A Visit with The Doctor (Who) 1980-04-01
America Loves The Doctor 1980-04-01
Doctor's Office 1980-05-06
Dr. Who made his stateside television debut during this past year 1980-06-03
The Doctor's In 1980-06-03
It was gratifying to see an original interview with Tom Baker 1980-07-08
Terrance Dicks 1980-07-08
Dr. Who's Companions Come to Hollywood 1980-12-02
The Return of Doctor Who 1981-05-05
Jeremy Bulloch 1981-08-04
Who's Who: A History of the Six Doctors Who 1981-08-04
Julian Glover 1981-10-06
Who's Who (Starlog) 1982-02-09
The New Doctor Who 1982-08-05
Can You Outguess Dr. Who? 1982-09-07
The Doctor Who Episode Guide: 1982 Season 1982-09-14
Whose Birthday? Who's! 1983-08-04
Dr. Who's Club 1983-09-06
Third Doctor Hits American Screens 1983-10-06
After Davison's Doctor—Who's Next? 1983-10-06
The Doctor is an Actor 1983-11-08
The Doctor's Prescription: A New Who! 1983-12-06
Doctor Who 20th Anniversary Special 1983-12-06
Doctor Who Records! 1983-12-06
Many Thanks 1983-12-06
Jon Pertwee: The Gallant Doctor 1984-01-05
Anthony Ainley 1984-02-09
A glaring error! 1984-03-08
John Nathan Turner Producing Doctor Who 1984-04-10
On the Set of "Resurrection of the Daleks" 1984-05-10
For Who Fans 1984-10-09
Patrick Troughton: The Character Actor who Brought Character to Doctor Who 1984-11-06
Fan Club Directory 1984-11-06
Janet Fielding: "Lucy Van Pelt in Space" 1985-03-07
The Doctor: In Distress 1985-05-07
Mary Tamm: A Noble Romana 1985-05-07
The Destiny of the Doctor 1985-06-06
The Doctor on Hold 1985-06-06
The Tardis Shuffle 1985-06-06
Doctor Who in '86 1985-11-05
John Nathan-Turner's Who Confessions 1985-11-05
It Never Occurred to Me I Could Be The Doctor 1985-12-05
Colin Baker: The Cat Who Walks by Himself 1986-03-06
Terry Nation: Of Tin Cans and Rebels 1986-04-03
Terrance Dicks: The Five Lives of "Doctor Who" 1986-05-06
Nicholas Courtney (1986) 1986-09-02
New "Doctor Who" Companion 1986-11-04
Doctor Who Tours U.S. During Hiatus 1986-11-04
Who Is Who 1987-01-06
Colin Baker: Gallifrey Vice? 1987-01-06
Tom Baker: The Curious Heart of Doctor Who 1987-01-06
Creating Doctor Who 1987-02-03
Doctor Who Renewed Without Baker 1987-04-07
Ian Marter 1943-1986 1987-04-07
Patrick Troughton 1920-1987 1987-06-02
New Who In Town 1987-06-02
Sylvester McCoy, The New Doctor Who 1987-06-02
Jacqueline Pearce: In Servalan's Secret Service 1987-07-02
Harry Sullivan's Travels 1987-10-06
Free Tom Baker 1987-10-06
Peter Davison: Unlikely Hero 1988-01-05
Mark Strickson: The Black Sheep of "Doctor Who" 1988-02-02
Caroline Munro: Starting Over 1988-04-05
Jon Pertwee: Daredevil Doctor, Gadgeteer Who 1988-04-05
Colin Baker: The Doctor is Out 1988-06-02
Butchering the Doctor 1988-07-05
Who Is He This Time? 1988-08-02
Jean Marsh: Belle of the Bad 1988-09-01
Companion in Punk Leather 1988-09-01
Who's Celebrating 1988-11-01
Who, What 1989-01-03
Doctor Who: The Silver Anniversary 1989-05-02
Dog Days 1989-05-02
Stranded by the Doctor 1989-06-01
Matters in Conflict 1989-07-04
Trading Futures 1989-09-05
Who Choice 1989-09-05
Dalek Man, London 1989-12-05
The Doctor: In Recovery 1991-01-03
Sergeant At Arms 1991-03-05
A Time Lord's Times 1991-05-02
Doctor Who: The Next Generation 1991-07-02
The Lost Doctor Who 1991-08-01
For some reason, many Americans don't get into Doctor Who until they reach age 21 1991-09-03
Why was there no mention of the most famous mutants of all, the Daleks 1991-10-01
Who's on First? (Starlog) 1992-01-03
Comes the Stranger 1993-02-02
Whodunits? 1993-03-04
Victorian Screamer 1993-04-01
Forever The Doctor 1993-11-02
Cockney Companion 1993-12-03
Who's Latest 1994-01-04
The 200 Most Important People 1994-02-01
The Doctor Who Music Invasion 1994-03-01
Who's Stranger 1994-03-01
Who's Companion 1994-04-03
Peter Cushing 1913-1994 1994-10-04
Batman's Batman 1995-05-02
Beautiful Companion 1995-11-02
TARDIS Travel Agent 1996-03-05
The New Doctor Who (1996) 1996-05-07
Jon Pertwee 1919-1996 1996-07-02
Time Lord Tales 1996-09-05
Who's Next (Starlog) 1997-04-03
Man of the Daleks 1999-01-03
Master of Time 2000-01-25
Ear Candy 2000-03-02