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Sunday Express

articles (61) date
The afternoon Tom Baker sat down quietly to watch Dr Who 1978-03-12
Look Who's Got Married 1980-12-14
Out of this world (Sunday Express) 1983-11-20
There's no privacy if you're Dr. Who's girl 1983-12-11
He was lucky to have the lovely Nicola Bryant as his assistant 1984-03-18
No. 10 by Maddocks 1985-03-03
Dr Who Troughton dies 1987-03-30
Dr Jon ... 20 years on 1989-01-15
Time-warp Doctor is back to the future 1995-12-03
Time And Relative, by Kim Newman 2001-12-09
Shane set for Dr role 2003-06-29
Bookies Close Betting As The Smart Money Goes On Alan Davies To Be The New Doctor 2003-10-12
Who was the real me-and how, says Tom Baker 2003-11-23
Look who's given up the wild times 2004-02-22
My brilliant Billie is a great star reborn 2004-05-30
Dr Who brings a tonic to the Glen 2004-09-26
Billie Bardot 2005-03-13
The Doctor's Darlings 2005-03-20
BBC cashes in as new Doctor hits the screens 2005-03-27
Doctor prescribes a cure for Beeb's terminal misery 2005-03-27
Dr Who zombies inspired by the hospital superbug 2006-04-02
Will Billie be exterminated by the Beeb? 2006-05-07
Power of the Prime Time Lord 2006-08-06
It contains gay sex and bloody violence...but never mind, let your children stay up to see Torchwood, says the BBC 2006-10-22
Shame of BBC hypocrites 2006-10-22
Kiss from you know Who 2007-03-25
And the geek shall inherit the earth... 2007-08-05
Doctor Who may quit, says co-star Catherine 2007-12-16
And finally...I found myself in a rift of rampant bisexuality last week with the return of Torchwood 2008-01-20
Go time-travelling with your own model of Dr Who's Tardis 2008-02-10
David Tennant will be Dr Who 'for ever' 2008-09-28
Cybermen in comeback 2008-12-14
Young Who's marketing appeal is out of this world 2009-01-11
Dr Who runs out of time 2009-05-17
Children Of Earth was five hours of pure thriller 2009-07-12
Dr Who genius ups sticks for America 2009-07-12
Who's going to be a film star... 2010-02-07
Who's that girl? (Sunday Express) 2010-04-11
The mini-skirts are integral to the plot 2010-04-11
Gillan makes a splash 2010-04-18
Will Matt be the richest Dr of all time? 2010-06-27
It's the ghost of Christmas past 2010-12-19
Now Dr Who is the spirit of Christmas 2010-12-19
Timeless appeal of Who's Brigadier 2011-02-27
Secrets of final Dr Who episode 2011-09-25
Dr Who actress left £262k 2012-03-25
Death of Daleks' designer 2013-02-24
I've travelled back to the beginning of Time (Lord) 2013-03-17
Who's your favourite? 2013-10-13
Darling of the Daleks behind Doctor Who 2013-11-10
Doctor Who is our hero 2013-11-24
From Local Hero to global superstar 2014-08-17
Doctor Who pioneers 2014-08-17
Doctor Who, the legacy 2014-08-17
There's not a lot of space in the Tardis! 2014-08-17
Will I quit Doctor Who? You'll have to wait and see... 2014-08-24
Always look on the bleak side of life... 2014-08-24
Ring may be out of this world...but it was made in Wales 2014-09-07
Conventions are joyous occasions 2015-04-19
Doctor Who's new partner fits the Bill 2016-04-24
Doctor Who has a loo and a plot too 2017-04-16