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The Canberra Times

articles (41) date
What to stay home for 1965-01-11
First programme in a new B.B.C. science fiction adventure serial 1965-01-11
William Hartnell as Dr. Who 1965-05-16
The times of the Aztecs 1965-07-19
Dr Who in the Scottish Highlands 1967-08-28
Dr Who music man here 1968-05-09
Original 'Dr Who' Dies 1975-04-25
Two Daleks were at Sydney Airport 1979-02-04
Dalek startles strollers in Civic 1979-11-15
Dr Who ads 'successful' 1980-03-05
Tuning up 'Doctor Who' 1980-08-10
Tristan as Dr Who 1980-11-07
Dr Who society 1982-07-21
Plea for new 'Dr Who' 1983-06-12
Special salute set for 'Dr. Who's anniversary 1983-11-11
Eccentric, irritable Dr Who a timeless hero 1983-12-12
Dr Who club party 1984-06-18
A Bird's Eye View 1985-03-03
Whoies Play Doctor At Convention In New Orleans 1985-07-17
Gratuitous violence for kids' TV 1985-12-08
Dr Who, your time is up 1985-12-16
Another life for Dr Who: BBC show revitalised 1986-09-22
Doctorin' the Tardis 1988-09-08
The Doctor in quintuplicate 1988-11-28
Letters to The Guide 1988-11-28
Good doctor takes on wasps in space 1989-01-16
Dr Who now on stage 1989-01-19
Big changes in store as Doctor leaves the BBC 1990-01-15
Episode gaps 1990-02-26
Pick Alan, not Hugh, as the next Dr Who 1994-05-29
The Good Doctor Lives On 1998-08-17
Being true to Dr Who 2005-05-22
Time Lords' capital stop 2005-07-20
Doctor Who insights where space and times laud tales 2008-11-29
Delve into the science of Daleks 2012-08-10
A time lord in residence 2013-11-20
Who's obsessed? Fan has date with a Doctor 2013-11-23
Fifty-year journey in time 2013-11-23
Quirks and outrage 2014-08-24
Mystery TARDIS materialises on Red Hill 2014-09-04
Couple ham it up in their Dr Who-themed wedding 2014-10-31