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The Doctor Who Episode Guide: 1982 Season (1982)


As a follow-up to issue 62's interviews with the new cast of Dr. Who, this month we present a guide to Peter Davison's first season as the Doctor.


Airdates: Jan. 4,5,11,12, 1982

Writer: Christopher H. Biedmead

Director: Fiona Cumming

Guest Cast: Anthony Ainley, Frank Wylie, Michael Sheard

After saving the galaxy from destruction by the Master (Ainley), the Doctor has fallen from a high gantry at the Pharos Project on Earth. In an effort to save his life, the Doctor's body regenerates, taking on the form of a blond, younger man. With his mind disoriented by the change, it is up to Adric, Nyssa and Tegan to help him escape the Pharos guards so that he can get back to the TARDIS where the Zero Room will help him safely survive the traumatic regeneration. The Master, however, sees this as the perfect chance to destroy his enemy once and for all. As the three companions await the Doctor's recovery, the TARDIS is hurled back to Event One—the creation of the Universe—at a time wherein the TARDIS could not exist!


Airdates: Jan. 18,19,25,26,1982

Writer: Terrance Dudley

Director: John Black

Guest Cast: Stratford Johns, Annie Lambert, Paul Shelley, Philip Locke, Burt Kwouk

The TARDIS lands aboard a giant alien star-ship that is on a heading for Earth. The craft is under the command of the green-skinned Monarch (Johns) and his assistants, Persuasion (Shelley) and Enlightenment (Lambert). The Doctor discovers a terrifying secret when he befriends Bigon (Locke), a member of the Urbankan crew. It is a secret that could spell disaster for the populace of Earth.

KINDA (4 Parts)

Airdates: Feb. 1,2,8,9,1982

Writer: Christopher Bailey

Director: Peter Grimwade

Guest Cast: Nerys Hughes, Richard Todd, Simon Rouse, Jeffrey Stewart

As Nyssa rests in the TARDIS after a brief illness, the Doctor, Adric and Tegan explore a new planet where they chance upon Wind-chimes, a bizarre natural formation that intrigues Tegan. As the Doctor and Adric continue on, Tegan finds herself drawn into a bizarre world of darkness. There she meets Dukkha (Stewart), a strange humanoid creature that demands Tegan to allow him to experience the outside world through her body. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Adric have been captured by a robot-like device that escorts them back to its owners, a group of alien explorers (Todd, Rouse, Hughes). The aliens believe that the inhabitants of the planet, Deva Loka, are responsible for the disappearance of the rest of their party. One of the aliens, Hindle, is unhinged, and when the commander disappears as well, he ruthlessly takes command, threatening to kill the Doctor.


Airdates: Feb. 15,16,22,23,1982

Writer: Eric Saward

Director: Peter Moffatt

Guest Cast: Peter Van Dissel, Michael Robbins, James Charlton, Valerie Fyfer

The time travellers land in England in the mid-Seventeenth Century, when the dreaded Plague ravaged the populace. But Plague is not all there is to fear as the Doctor and his companions encounter a race of alien monsters and Nyssa must use all her cunning and skill to defeat an alien android.


Airdates: March 1,2, 1982

Writer: Terence Dudley

Director: Ron Jones

Guest Cast: Gareth Milne, Ahmed Khalil, Michael Cochrane, Barbara Murray

Doctor Who's first historical drama in 16 years finds the travellers in 1925 England. Through a case of mistaken identity, they are invited into the home of Lord Cranleigh (Cochrane). To Nyssa's amusement, she discovers that she bares a striking resemblance to Cranleigh's fiance, Ann Talbot (Sutton in a dual role). As a lark, the girls decide to dress in identical costumes at the evening's fancy dress ball, unaware that a killer is after Ann.


Airdates: March 8,9,15,16,1982

Writer: Eric Saward

Director: Peter Grimwade

Guest Cast: Clare Clifford, James Warwick, Steve Morley, Mark Hardy, David Banks, Beryl Reid

While exploring a vast cave system beneath 25th Century Earth, a group of Paleontologists are ruthlessly slaughtered by an unseen enemy. The team leader, Professor Kyle (Clifford), escapes and manages to reach Lt. Scott (Warwick) and his security force troopers. Under Kyle's guidance, the troopers are led into the tunnel system in an effort to route out the murderer. Meanwhile, the TARDIS has landed nearby while Adric programs the craft for a trip into the Universe know as E-Space, where Adric's homeworld is. Unknown to anyone, the Doctor's old enemies are about to strike again—the Cybermen are on the move!


Airdates: March 22,23,29,30,1982

Writer: Peter Grimwade

Director: Ron Jones

Guest Cast: Anthony Ainley, John Flint, Peter Dahlsen, Judith Byfield

When a Concorde supersonic passenger jet vanishes into thin air, the Doctor and his companions follow and find themselves on another planet for yet one more battle with the Master.


The Doctor Peter Davison

Adric Matthew Waterhouse

Nyssa Sarah Sutton

Tegan Jovanka Janet Fielding


Producer John Nathan-Turner

Main Title Music Ron Grainier

Caption: Left: Peter Davison as the Doctor. Right: Davison, Sutton, Fielding and Waterhouse clown on the set of "Black Orchid."

Caption: Far left: The Doctor takes aim in "Earthshock." Left: Off on another adventure. Below left: In "Four to Doomsday" the Doctor and Adric try to reason with the alien leader, Monarch. Below right: The time travellers land on another alien planet in "Kinda." Bottom left: Adric and the Doctor try to diffuse a cyberbomb (built by model maker Martin Bower) in "Earthshock." Bottom right: Nyssa borrows the Doctor's sonic screwdriver for a plan of her own in "Four to Doomsday."

Spelling correction: Christopher H. Bidmead

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