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The Herald

articles (50) date
To-day's Television and Radio 1963-11-23
A Dalek Carries the Can 1966-01-31
Mr "X" and Dr Who 1967-02-15
No Daleks in the Square 1967-12-23
Daleks in Edinburgh 1969-04-22
Final role 1974-05-03
Good and scarey Daleks 1974-12-23
Actor William Hartnell dies at 67 1975-04-25
Who are you, Doctor Who? 1976-06-11
Who's next (The Herald) 1978-04-26
When children come face to face with the real Dr Who... 1979-02-07
Dr Who fans hold first Scots convention 1981-11-28
Travellers in time without a Tardis 1981-11-30
Pirates give Sylvester new plank in his stage career 1982-04-06
20 years vanish as five Dr Whos link up 1983-11-15
New-look Dr Who for autumn 1986-04-12
Dr Who sells Tardis to help the children 1986-11-18
Colin Baker quits as the Doctor 1986-12-19
Enter a Dalek ... 1987-03-20
Last night's view 1987-09-08
My primeval monsters even turn up their snouts at the Daleks 1988-04-20
Daleks cease hostilities Dr Who turns 25 1988-11-21
McBain dies at height of TV career 1989-04-27
Cult leader's mission to return to future 1989-05-15
Doctor, we seem to have landed on our feet here 1989-05-16
Raiders of the lost archives 1996-05-04
Up against the old enemy 1996-05-04
Entertainment world pays tribute to the man who was probably the best Dr Who of all 1996-05-21
Under Doctor's orders 1999-05-18
Tardis appears from Glasgow 1999-09-01
Race To See Doctor Who 2008-11-18
Daleks aim to break record 2008-11-27
Doctor Who's new clothes go back in time 2009-07-21
Barry Letts (The Herald) 2009-10-16
It's Not The End Of The World 2009-12-19
Call for the Doctor 2010-01-13
TV viewers are the Doctor's greatest foe 2010-04-13
BBC blocks use of Dr Who as role model for gifted children charity 2010-04-17
Daleks, Cybermen and children what the Doctor ordered 2010-06-23
Doctor Who stalwart dies at 81 2011-02-24
Nicholas Courtney (The Herald) 2011-02-26
Bernard Horsfall obituary 2013-02-02
Kinnear favourite to be the next Dr Who 2013-06-10
Revealed: Capaldi's early role in Dr Who fan club 2013-08-08
Who's that girl? (2013) 2013-09-30
Doctors and Daleks let loose at Buckingham Palace 2013-11-19
Time for a change 2013-12-26
Christopher Barry obituary (The Herald) 2014-02-17
Dr Who writer: Plan to reform BBC is wretched and wrong 2015-07-24
Scots creator of TV sleuth Bergerac dies 2016-01-16