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The Independent

articles (36) date
Dr Who becomes Dr No 1987-11-23
Earthlings welcome menacing Time Lord 1988-11-16
On his 25th birthday, Doctor Who duly encounters his Silver Nemesis 1988-11-23
Inside the Time Lord industry 1988-11-23
Dr Who travels forward in time 1994-02-01
Dear Paul McGann 1996-01-11
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Independent) 1996-05-21
Knowing who's Who 1996-05-24
The Time Lord lands in a period drama 1996-05-29
Dr Who has been exterminated 1996-05-29
Tardis Ready For Take-Off Again 1999-08-29
Doctor Who: The Tenth Coming 2003-11-16
Another dimension 2005-03-14
The prognosis for feminism is not good 2005-03-26
Heroes & Villains 2005-03-26
I am not Spock: how some actors never manage to escape from their most famous characters 2005-04-01
Hitchhiker's Guide to Doctor Who (as imagined by Douglas Adams) 2005-11-13
Doctor Two 2008-07-06
Doctor Who? 2009-01-04
Magic tricks beyond the imagination of a sorcerer 2009-01-12
Barry Letts obituary 2009-10-30
Tennant pays tribute to 'Doctor Who' heroes as he bows out 2009-12-27
How BBC viewers wished to turn back time on Doctor Who 2010-04-13
Actor known for his long-running role as the Brigadier in Doctor Who 2011-02-26
Steven Moffat: Storyteller in chief 2011-12-19
Time Lord casting news 2012-03-22
New Zealand's on the money to mark Doctor Who's half century 2013-01-25
Google Street View takes a peek inside the Tardis 2013-08-14
Doctor where? 2013-10-11
Who owns the Tardis? 2013-11-10
Confused by the new Doctor? He certainly seemed to be 2013-12-26
Christopher Barry obituary (The Independent) 2014-02-19
Brian Blessed rejected Doctor Who role 2014-08-06
Doctor Who series 8 premieres in Cardiff as Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat drop big hints 2014-08-07
Capaldi's Doctor Who may be the best yet 2014-08-08
The first female Master is as big as Hillary Clinton running for president 2014-11-19