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The Mail on Sunday

articles (31) date
Who's Who's girl? 1984-03-04
MP Angry at BBC's New Buy 1985-03-03
Good riddance Dr Who 1985-03-03
Mary blasts soap 'smut' 1985-04-28
Now that I'm Mr Nobody, by Dr Who 1985-12-29
Murdered by the magic of Dr Who 1988-11-27
Dr Who runs out of space 1991-04-07
Tardis just the ticket! 1991-05-12
Guess who's 30 this year? 1993-04-18
Dr Who's flying circus 1994-05-22
Where's the Tardis when you need it? 2004-08-01
You're seeing Who? 2004-09-26
Billie's a waste of time 2006-04-23
Dr Who and his girl from Ipanema 2009-02-01
From Throne To Tardis...So Will The White Queen's Richard III Be New Doctor Who? 2013-08-04
Doctor Who can NEVER be a woman ... says the ex-Doctor whose own daughter is a Time Lord! 2013-11-03
After 50 years of creaky sets and floppy hair, it's time Doctor Who died 2013-11-17
Sorry, but I just don't get all this Doctor Who-ha 2014-04-24
Homophobia row as BBC censors Doctor Who's lizard woman kiss 2014-08-31
Doctor Who'd have thought it? 2015-03-15
Doctor Whollywood 2015-04-18
How I finally made mum proud ...when I qualified as a Doctor 2015-09-13
Get Behind the Sofa ... Quick! 2015-09-13
Doctor Who Regenerated! 2015-09-20
I understand that you need to see a Doctor! 2015-12-13
12 picks of Christmas 2015-12-23
Watch these bad boys or you'll end up like my last companion Doctor Who unveils his new partner (and she's a real Pearl) 2016-04-24
So Who's next? Finale leaves fans waiting for identity of new Doctor 2017-07-02
Broadchurch's Jodie is shock late favourite to be the first female Doctor 2017-07-16
Trust me... Jodie will be a Doctor who triumphs 2017-08-13
Who knew I was the new Doctor? Not even my dad 2017-08-20