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The Mirror

articles (255) date
Kennedy Assassinated 1963-11-23
Verity's tune is way out of this world! 1963-12-07
A Down-to-Earth pose for a TV Space girl 1964-01-18
She's Swinging on a Star 1964-01-18
A home for two Darleks 1964-02-04
Guess Who .. 1964-02-22
Coming Back -- The Daleks! 1964-03-13
My word—it's a Voord 1964-04-11
The Flutters 1964-05-16
TV's 'Dr Who' Gets A Dressing Down 1964-07-03
Stand by for a Dalek invasion 1964-08-08
Susan says goodbye to Dr. Who 1964-09-03
The Daleks Are Back 1964-11-16
My young son never misses BBC television's "Dr. Who" on Saturdays 1964-11-26
A Viewpointer from Wembley 1964-12-03
Be-ware Earth-men! 1964-12-11
Bright ideas for Santa 1964-12-15
The Danger in a Dalek 1964-12-17
Queue up, said the Daleks 1964-12-29
After those Daleks, more monsters on Saturday afternoon 1965-01-06
When? 1965-01-11
The Perishers 1965-01-30
In the beginning... 1965-02-07
Daleks on her mind 1965-03-09
The Blood Maggot from Drain X 1965-03-13
Life with the Daleks was never like this 1965-03-13
Mechanoids Challenge The Daleks 1965-04-15
Doctored-Who and the Daleks 1965-06-25
Dr. Who's new enemies 1965-08-07
ITV Declares War on Dr Who 1965-09-21
No Robots 1965-10-04
They're going bald headed for Dr. Who 1965-10-23
Voice Behind the Daleks 1965-11-13
Face to face 1965-11-29
Why I have banned 'Dr. Who' in our home 1965-12-09
Warning 1965-12-14
Is Dr Who Too Cruel For 5.50 pm? 1966-04-16
Oh, the Agony of Being Dr Who 1966-04-23
Why I must quit—by Dr Who 1966-08-06
ITV Space threat to Dr Who 1966-08-12
Who now? 1966-08-13
Enter the New Dr Who 1966-11-05
Dr Who turns rent collector 1967-03-22
Dr Who fights on—in Arabic 1967-08-01
Hat-trick for the Watlings 1967-10-07
Now who's this new monster in Dr Who ? 1967-11-11
Our Dr Who Monsters-- By the Children 1967-12-09
Monsters .. from the Minds of 250,000 Children 1967-12-15
Jamie, Dr Who's comrade in Space, comes down to earth and finds a girl really out of this world 1968-03-12
Wendy is a human computer 1968-04-17
Space girl Wendy tries on the latest look in way-out fashion 1968-05-04
The Men Behind the Monsters 1968-05-18
Who's Who? Dr Who Knows Who 1968-07-17
The cowboys of Space 1968-07-17
Jamie parting with Dr Who 1968-09-05
Dr. Who and Jamie to quit BBC show 1969-01-07
The New Dr Who Meets an Old Foe 1969-06-21
Televiewpoint 1969-06-28
Robots With Eyes 1969-09-09
Dr Who Boxes Go 1969-09-26
The vintage nightmare 1970-01-26
Look Who has come back .. 1970-04-27
Who's the Joker in the cloak! 1970-06-06
Quizword 1971-02-19
Patricia Gordino is blonde, beautiful and has green eyes 1971-03-13
Nicked! Dr Who's Daleks 1972-12-05
Just Who the doctor ordered 1973-01-27
BBC 1 programmes for 14 March, 1981 1973-03-14
Dr Who's enemy dies in crash 1973-06-20
Dr Who's new girl (1973) 1973-06-27
Whoosh! It's Dr Who 1973-09-24
Monster Hit for Who 1974-01-12
Who Next? Jon Pertwee (I can't stand Daleks) quits 1974-02-09
Dr Who, I Presume 1974-02-16
The Dr Who Noise Machine 1974-04-23
Ouch! Dr Who Hurt 1974-10-01
Simply Dalektable 1974-12-24
Guess Who? It's Big Tom 1974-12-28
Dr Who -watch it in D.E.R! 1975-01-15
Dr Who Gets a Blasting 1975-01-21
Who is afraid of Who? 1975-01-24
Curb Dr Who-Mary 1975-03-27
Contrary 1975-04-02
Dr Who, the first Dalek fighter, dies 1975-04-25
Daleks' Join the Wage War 1975-08-18
Watch This Space - At Your Peril! 1975-11-22
The TV addict's Who's Who .. 1975-12-12
Heading for a Rough Landing 1976-01-03
Currently battling with the gigantic horror of the Krynoids 1976-03-02
A Dr Who is captured 1976-06-24
Keep your Daleks 1976-07-16
Who girl bows out 1976-10-23
Mary Misses Out on Dr Who 1976-12-29
Dr. Who and the Hell Planet 1976-12-31
Run-in with the robots 1977-01-29
Making Up Is Hard to Do 1977-03-05
A Dog's Life for Leela 1977-09-03
The Solid Gold Girl Comes Back 1977-10-29
Who says he is a hero! 1978-01-07
New Peril for Dr Who 1978-02-11
Wow! Who's a lucky doc.. 1978-02-18
Success of the sexy savage 1978-03-11
Who'd Be a Who Girl? 1978-04-28
Bone to pick with this dog 1978-07-20
Dr Who is going to America 1978-08-18
Mary has no love for Dr Who 1978-09-02
Your next washing machine 1978-10-25
Doctor Does Time On Tara 1978-11-25
Will runaway Mary escape the Doctor? 1978-12-16
Evil .. Ugly and Scruffy 1978-12-20
Dr Who turns over a new leaf 1979-01-13
Time runs out for Romana 1979-01-20
A cold carry-on for space-age Suzanne 1979-06-30
Sexy Suzanne Danielle is a Movellan 1979-09-08
Who Goes Where? 1979-11-24
Lalla on a new time trip 1980-02-18
Matthew Who 1980-05-16
Who's a lucky girl, then? 1980-05-24
Spacious Living in Lincoln! 1980-06-25
Who's New Out in Space? 1980-09-06
K9 gets the boot! 1980-10-08
Tom Baker quits after seven years 1980-10-25
Tom quits as Dr Who 1980-10-25
A journey into the unknown 1980-11-05
TV Vet's The New Dr Who 1980-11-05
Sarah's Set to Join Dr Who 1980-11-22
Time's up for the Time Lord 1981-03-21
Whozat! Doctor to skittle 'em 1981-04-16
Make up a monster 1982-07-31
The lady's a pretty good pirate 1983-03-01
Hi kids! Collect space heroes 1983-06-19
Colin's time for Dr Who 1983-08-20
Who goes missing 1983-11-25
Doctor, you look awful 1984-01-11
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Mirror) 1984-02-23
Naked truth about a new Miss Who 1984-02-23
Tonight is lift-off for new Dr Who 1984-03-16
Koo Set to Star with Dr Who 1984-06-10
Who's baby 1984-12-29
Doctor zapped by Beeb 1985-02-28
Ta-ta Tardis! 1985-02-28
Starry Eyed 1985-07-21
Tonic for Dr Who .. 1986-09-06
Thank goodness Dr Who is back 1986-09-25
Trial of a Time Lord 1986-11-29
My Word 1986-12-07
Dalek Beats Tory in Poll 1986-12-11
Sex Change for Dr Who! 1986-12-20
Never mind the doctor, just exterminate Bonnie Langford 1986-12-22
Who do you do, Doctor 1987-03-03
Just the job for Bonnie! 1987-09-07
Heart-throb Mark turns monster 1987-09-20
A Doddy Fizz For The Doc 1987-10-31
Who's that girl? (The Sunday Mirror) 1987-11-22
Look Who is here! 1988-10-05
Dr Who, Ron Ron 1989-06-25
Lust in space 1989-10-23
Elevate! 1994-05-18
Look Who's Doctor No 8 1996-01-11
Who's Sorry Now (The Mirror) 1996-02-15
My Dr Who Had No Time For Sex 1996-03-14
Turn-Off Dr Who Is Exterminated 1996-07-26
Exterminated (Daily Mirror) 1996-09-16
Mr Dalek Dies 1997-03-12
Dr Who's A Pretty Girl Then 1998-05-25
Extortionate! 2001-06-27
Eddie is set to be Dr. Who 2003-10-03
Cracker Chris is the new Dr Who 2004-03-20
The news about the Beeb's revival of Doctor Who 2004-03-23
Becks to do battle with the timelord 2004-05-25
Look Who's Back (Daily Mirror) 2004-07-22
Dr Who time machine back 2004-07-23
Dr Who's world of leather 2004-07-28
Levitate..Exterminate 2004-10-30
Exterminute! 2005-01-12
Ecc of a duel 2005-02-26
Exterbinate! 2005-03-08
Dr Who's Who 2005-03-23
Who's That Girl (2005) 2005-03-24
Jason Flemyng 2005-03-29
How Casanova made his next conquest a dalek 2005-04-01
Who It All Again 2005-04-01
Greg's giggle 2005-04-01
Dr Who-Ha 2005-04-02
Dr Who Told Beeb He'd Stay In Show 2005-04-03
Dr Who viewers fall 2.6m 2005-04-04
Billie's new role as Chris backs an Idiot 2005-04-10
Doctor Feud 2005-04-26
Chris Eccleston explains why he left Dr Who 2005-04-26
Reader Rant 2005-04-30
Cheapskaaates 2005-04-30
Inventor of Daleks only earned £80!!! 2005-04-30
TV's Doctor Who Little 2005-10-12
Billie Quits Show 2005-11-12
Doctor Whoa there! 2005-12-03
Tennant's The Man To Steel The Show 2006-04-12
Dr Who's 'Cut-Out' Girl Back 2006-04-18
Doctor New (Daily Mirror) 2006-07-05
Doctor Toon! 2007-01-26
Your Money: Dalektable Sales Boost 2007-02-01
Dr Who-Hoo! 2007-03-22
Doctor Ow! 2007-04-28
Master Behind Dr Who 2008-07-05
Billie bounces back 2008-07-21
Who Wear Wow 2008-11-27
Time Lad 2009-01-04
Doctor Clu 2009-01-27
Who's Who Of Whos 2009-06-23
Treasure Hunters 2009-07-05
The Doctor who's turned back time 2009-07-21
Time Lord of the castle 2009-11-10
Christmas Dave 2009-11-24
Boo Who 2009-12-19
The New Who? He's More Of A Junior Doctor 2009-12-26
So Didn't Who Do Well 2010-04-04
Who is the Doctor? 2010-04-11
Is 10th Doctor Who Having A Baby With Fifth Doctor Who's Daughter After She Plays 10th Doctor Who's Daughter? 2011-01-15
Farewell to the Doctor's Loyal Friend 2011-02-24
The Time Lady 2011-04-20
Doctor Who Favourite Elisabeth Dies Aged 63 2011-04-20
Dr Who Mary's husband dies hours after giving the eulogy at her funeral 2012-08-10
Doctor Who perv in sex act during phone chat with Blue Peter Biddy 2013-03-25
It's an urban thriller - very James Bond 2013-03-30
The life and time travels of Dr Who's sexy new assistant 2013-04-06
Doctor Who Sex Scandal 2013-05-25
The Lost Doctor 2013-10-11
William Hartnell's Granddaughter On The First Doctor Who 2013-11-21
BBC resists indulging in Who-ha 2013-11-24
Don't BBC chiefs know Who I am 2013-11-28
I'm addicted to repeats, says star 2014-01-09
Who's that boy? 2014-01-13
Matt's LONG distance call 2014-02-14
Doctor Whodunnit? 2014-07-08
The spin Doctor 2014-08-08
Why I almost gave up acting 2014-08-23
Santa to the rescue 2014-12-20
Doctor Who to Doctor Evil? 2015-04-14
Where is Jenna Coleman? 2015-06-05
Capaldi: It's No to Doc & Clara affair 2015-09-15
Jen quits Dr Who to be Queen 2015-09-16
Jenna: Tardis goodbye was so emotional 2015-09-19
Out of this world (We Love TV) 2015-09-19
Sexterminate! 2015-09-20
Blue Who's becoming deadly dull 2015-09-20
Jenna Coleman confirms she's quit Doctor Who as she teases "emotional" goodbye to the TARDIS 2015-09-27
The Time Loud 2015-09-27
Doctor: It's still just monsters and me 2016-11-22
Who's Got Doc Spooked? 2017-03-13
Dr Who regenderation 2017-03-30
Doctor's Bill reveals 2 crushes at work 2017-04-06
The spy Who loved me 2017-04-10
Peter: My Time as Lord was up 2017-04-11
Look Who's hit the big time 2017-04-15
Look Who's Back In Action 2017-04-15
First Doctor going back to the future 2017-04-18