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The New York Times

articles (41) date
B.B.C. Study Finds U.S. Fare Twice as Violent as British TV 1972-01-27
William Hartnell obituary (Associated Press) 1975-04-24
CPTV Competing for More Viewers 1983-09-25
Living with my VCR 1984-12-23
Michael Grade Brings Hollywood Style to BBC 1985-04-03
Dr. Who in Trenton 1986-03-23
Britain's Dr. Who Captivates Fans In U.S. 1986-09-01
Broadcasting Museum Pays Tribute to the BBC 1986-11-15
Former 'Doctor Who' Dead at 67 1987-03-28
Sci-Fi Gets Ready for the Millennium 1996-05-12
Universe in Trouble? Just Call Doctor Who 1996-05-14
Doctor Who Whodunit 2005-03-10
Dr. Who 2: Sexed-Up British Intelligence 2006-03-05
The Return of the Regenerated: A New 'Doctor Who' 2006-03-17
A Doctor Who World, With Sex in It 2007-09-08
Who Altered British TV? 'Who' Indeed 2008-06-15
Doctor Who Actor Steps Down 2008-10-31
Doctor Who Producer Receives Royal Honor 2008-11-29
Who's This New Who? 2009-01-05
Crossword No. 0410 2010-04-10
A Brand-New Time Lord, but He Sounds Familiar 2010-04-17
Andrea Harris and David Smith 2010-09-26
Christmases Past, Present and Sci-Fi 2010-12-25
New York Times crossword puzzle no. 0320 2011-03-20
New Time Warp for 'Doctor Who' 2011-04-23
Elisabeth Sladen, 63, of 'Doctor Who' 2011-04-28
Lost 'Doctor Who' Episodes Rematerialize 2011-12-13
Doctor Who's Companion 2012-03-22
Time Machines, Always Cool 2012-06-22
Doctor Who Is Back, and So Are Its Rabid Fans 2012-08-30
BBC's Time-Travel Issue For 'Doctor Who' Finale 2013-05-14
Doctor Who Star Is Leaving the Series 2013-06-03
Bigger on the Inside: Royals Visit 'Doctor Who' 2013-07-04
Download: David Tennant 2013-07-14
A New Doctor Who 2013-08-05
Diversity And 'Doctor Who' 2013-08-07
Still Restless, 50 Years On 2013-11-22
Time-Travelin' Eye Candy 2013-12-22
The Doctor Is In (He's Aged) 2014-08-22
Enter No. 12, Quiet and Dangerous 2014-08-23
This Weekend I Have ... 90 Minutes and a Big Blue Phone Booth 2016-12-23