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The Stage and Television Today

articles (206) date
BBC plans for new serials 1963-11-28
Meant for children but this will get a much wider audience 1963-12-05
Place The Face: Carole Ann Ford 1964-03-12
Doing The Boston Crab 1964-03-12
Let there be (electronic) music 1964-03-12
Dr. Who: The Aztecs 1964-05-28
The cast of BBC-1's Dr. Who 1964-10-29
Why can't they write for women? 1964-11-19
Free Daleks 1965-01-28
Terry Nation's pepperpot monsters certainly get around! 1965-03-18
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 1965-04-01
Puppets 1965-04-22
Battle of the robots made this best yet 1965-07-01
My View ... by Bill Edmund 1965-07-22
Weirdies 1965-08-12
New four-part Dr. Who 1965-09-09
Chit Chat 1965-09-30
A seasonable bit of goodwill 1965-12-30
The mystery of the identity of the villainous controller of the Daleks is made unguessable 1966-01-06
Personal column 1966-01-20
The older they are the more they tend to watch the BBC 1966-01-27
Daleks losing their grip 1966-01-27
No more Monoids 1966-03-31
Seven channels in the Seventies 1966-03-31
Mistake to go West with Dr. Who 1966-05-19
Entire production including Daleks now for sale 1966-10-13
Dr. Who strikes a good balance 1966-11-17
A powerful influence in the lives of children 1966-12-08
Anglettes 1966-12-08
New team write two serials 1967-04-06
Dr Who and a succession of delightful monsters 1967-05-18
Deborah Watling as Victoria 1967-05-29
Deborah Watling who is playing Victoria 1967-10-05
Puss in Boots 1968-01-04
Why we don't classify programmes--BBC 1968-03-07
Controlling the world's biggest drama output 1968-05-09
Story editors, critics and complainers 1968-05-16
The best series have their virtues 1968-05-23
The compelling challenges that face drama 1968-05-30
Time to say goodbye to the Daleks 1968-06-27
Dr. Who's coming adventure 1969-03-06
U.S. series replaces Dr. Who 1969-06-05
Pertwee is new Dr. Who 1969-06-26
BBC drama all in colour next year 1969-11-06
Fine display of craftsmanship 1970-02-05
Dr Who back next year 1970-07-23
Dr Who still going strong on well-balanced format 1971-03-04
Violence too remote to harm children 1971-03-25
The BBC's study on violence BBC makes important contribution 1972-02-03
Who is Dr Who? 1972-03-30
Roger Delgado obituary 1973-06-28
New assistant for Dr Who 1973-07-05
Roger Delgado (letter) 1973-07-12
BBC's exhibition on the road 1973-07-14
BBC sales top million profit for the first time 1973-10-04
Dr Who Gets Back To Earth 1973-10-11
Starry names in charity panto at The Lane 1973-11-08
The Green Death 1974-01-03
Is this the best they can do for young viewers? 1974-05-02
Complete casting for "Seven Keys to Doomsday" 1974-12-05
Meanwhile, back on the frontiers of Time and Space 1975-02-13
William Hartnell obituary (Television Today) 1975-05-01
Kevin Lindsay obituary 1975-05-08
Playing football charity match 1975-11-13
Poor old Dr. Who 1975-12-04
Ah! you don't get titles like those any more! 1977-02-03
Trying to keep one step ahead of the audience 1977-06-23
What is being kept for posterity 1978-01-05
We must be less respectful to the classics 1978-01-12
David Ellis obituary 1978-07-13
Good lighting and costumes 1978-09-07
Brian Hayles obituary 1978-11-02
Birthday for Dr Who 1979-01-11
Dr Who—no longer taking him seriously 1979-02-01
Doctor Who requires extra tall lady 1979-06-14
Malcolm Hulke obituary 1979-07-12
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1979-09-06
Great moments that stay in the memory 1980-01-31
David Whitaker obituary 1980-02-14
A female Dr. Who? 1980-10-30
Ron Grainer obituary 1981-02-26
Talking shop Down Under 1981-11-19
Dr Who escapes 1982-12-23
More Dr. Who and actors return for a new special 1983-03-10
Thirty U.S. stations to mark Dr Who's twentieth birthday 1983-06-23
BBC release drama, LE on cassette 1983-09-15
Douglas Camfield 1984-02-09
Early harum scarum days 1985-04-25
Grade slams Dr Who team 1985-10-17
Portraying violence in BBC's drama 1986-01-30
Things have come a long way since Patrick Troughton played Doctor Who 1986-08-07
Dr Who Chief Zapped By TV Script Editor 1986-09-11
Doctor Who needs a script cure 1986-09-18
Dennis Spooner obituary 1986-10-02
The good Doctor triumphed once again 1986-12-18
The American fans of Doctor Who wish to express their disappointment and regret 1987-01-15
US Who fans speak out 1987-02-05
Patrick Troughton obituary (Television Today) 1987-04-09
McCoy's bond with 007 1987-09-10
Is McCoy the real Who? 1987-09-10
Nabil prepares for the cut and thrust 1987-10-08
Dr Who set to become a big budget hero 1987-10-08
BBC stunned by Grade defection 1987-11-19
Disabled Actor Takes Prejudice Claim to IBA 1988-01-21
Who's Who no matter what 1988-11-17
The screen stars with inhuman appeal 1988-12-01
Still putting on the kitsch 1988-12-15
Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure 1989-04-13
No match for the latest enemy 1989-06-15
Today, Doctor Who is wholesome 1989-09-21
Doctor goes independent 1989-11-30
BBC in 'dangerous' kids programming 1990-03-15
Hanging on the telephone 1990-03-29
It must be incredibly infuriating for television executives when programmes of which they long to get rid are lumbered with poor viewing figures 1990-11-22
Who's watching whom? 1991-02-21
Gerald Blake obituary 1991-04-25
Moving moments for Dr Who 1991-05-02
Classics too good to be forgotten 1991-07-04
Arriving at end of the Lime 1991-07-18
Lloyd's tribute 1991-09-05
It's not a what-not you know, it's Dr Who you know 1992-01-23
BBC pushes to screen more archive shows 1992-02-06
The Daleks mean business this time 1992-07-23
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Stage and Television Today) 1992-10-01
Colour coordinating the return of the Doctor 1992-11-12
Jacqueline Hill obituary 1993-03-04
Doing what comes naturally 1993-05-06
The Doctor lives again 1993-09-09
Meanwhile, the BBC has confirmed that it is in negotiations with top US film director Steven Spielberg's production company Amblin about producing a new version of Dr Who 1993-11-04
The Doctor with an American accent — you've got to be kidding! 1993-11-11
What a hullabaWho! 1993-11-18
Treat the Doctor with due respect 1993-11-18
When the fast forward button comes into its own 1993-12-02
Bernard Martin obituary 1993-12-02
Too much 'hullabaWho' for true fans 1993-12-02
A rotten script a day keeps the Doctor away 1993-12-09
Good and bad times with the Time Lord 1993-12-16
These are our demands--Who has the answers? 1994-03-03
Eileen Way obituary 1994-06-30
Dalek designer 'wasted away' 1994-09-29
John J Carney 1995-03-16
Much more than Who 1995-04-27
Who's in Wales for a while 1995-06-22
Gordon Flemyng obituary 1995-08-10
Dursley McLinden obituary 1995-11-02
Doctor Who leads the nostalgia boom 1996-04-18
Preston Lockwood obituary 1996-05-09
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Stage) 1996-05-23
Doctor with the PR touch 1996-05-30
Fanzine tribute to the Doctor 1996-05-30
Arthur Hewlett obituary 1997-03-27
Leonard Maguire obituary 1997-10-09
Paul Bernard obituary 1997-10-16
Carl Davis and the RLPO 1998-07-23
Kenneth Wilson obituary 1998-08-13
Unique Sale by Auction 1998-09-24
Carl Forgione obituary 1998-10-15
Michael Craze obituary 1998-12-24
Roger Avon obituary 1999-02-11
Bryan Mosley obituary 1999-02-25
John Wiles obituary 1999-06-17
David McGillivray obituary 1999-07-29
Peter Jeffrey obituary 2000-01-06
Kenneth Waller obituary 2000-02-17
Reginald Jessup obituary 2000-02-24
Who's not going to New Zealand 2000-03-16
Doctor Who return 2000-03-23
Remembering Jon Pertwee's Magic moments 2000-05-11
Hilary Minster obituary 2000-06-22
Aubrey Richards obituary 2000-06-29
David Neal obituary 2000-08-10
Lawrence Davidson obituary 2000-10-26
Daphne Dare obituary 2000-11-16
Robert Robertson 2001-01-25
Timelord, hear our prayer 2001-06-07
Delia Derbyshire (The Stage) 2001-07-26
Lost treasures 2001-08-02
Gerald Campion (The Stage) 2002-07-25
What the Doctor ordered 2002-10-17
A hard knock life 2003-03-06
Digital destiny 2003-04-10
Peter Russell 2003-09-25
Brian McDermott 2004-01-03
Bill Strutton obituary (The Stage) 2004-01-08
Alfred Lynch 2004-01-15
Just what the Doctor ordered (2005) 2005-03-17
Timely return 2005-03-24
Who better to win the battle 2005-03-31
Doctor in tune with past 2005-04-07
Streaming for more? 2005-05-19
Hamlet 2005-05-19
Who's the daddy (The Stage) 2005-05-26
Tranter promises more family drama on weekend 2005-05-26
Time teamer 2005-06-02
The regeneration game (The Stage) 2005-07-07
British television in race to put showrunners in place 2005-08-04
Seventh heaven 2005-09-08
The final frontier 2005-09-08
ITV to battle Doctor Who with £6m fantasy drama 2005-11-10
Broadcasting Top 10, 2005 2005-12-30
Brig player 2005-12-30
Agyeman to be next Doctor Who sidekick 2006-07-06
The only contest worth watching last weekend was Daleks versus the Cybermen on Doctor Who 2006-07-20
Billie Piper 2006-09-07
The show is trashy and not in a good way 2006-11-02
RJ Bell 2006-11-30