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The Sydney Morning Herald

articles (36) date
It looks like a Dalek 1977-10-03
Standing up for Dr Who 1978-08-07
Who is Tom? You're right! 1979-02-11
The monk who became Dr Who 1979-02-19
Nothing new under the sun for TV executive 1979-11-12
Dr Who gets Aussie co-star 1980-10-26
Loons and toons fan the mirth at the Nimrod 1982-03-05
A new face for 'Dr Who' 1982-04-26
The TARDIS principle: don't let time pass you by 1983-08-15
Brian Blessed-- that's Who 1983-08-15
Dr Who escapes again for a birthday reunion 1983-11-28
Dr Who'd-Have-Thought-It 1983-12-18
Doctor Who Is More Of A Doctor What... 1984-01-15
The new girl in the life of Doctor Who, the TV sci-fi hero whose adventures are followed by millions of Australians, has made a rather dramatic debut 1984-03-04
The TARDIS has been given a reprieve 1984-04-22
Call the Dr., please 1984-05-01
Tardis travel 1985-10-27
Who, indeed! 1985-12-15
Will the new Who get exterminated? 1986-01-20
Dr Who's 'Shock' Return 1986-03-16
The greatest Dr Who of all makes a comeback 1986-04-09
Lindy Chamberlain saga to be major British film 1986-04-28
Find adventure with Dr Who 1986-06-01
Dr Who and Spock have 'em hooked 1988-10-27
The Time Lord is in trouble 1988-10-31
All The World's A Stage 1989-01-16
Who's Party Is It? The Doctor's 1990-01-11
Who Does The Doctor Fear The Most? Exuberant Fans 1990-10-22
Look who's being revived 1996-05-01
The spin-off doctors 2005-01-01
RSVP 2007-02-06
Robo-dog bites back 2010-03-29
Just what the Doctor ordered: Destination England 2011-05-28
Toast to Time Lord pure Gold 2012-12-14
Who's obsessed? Fan has date with a Doctor 2013-11-23
Doctor Who scripts leaked online 2014-07-09