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The Times

articles (430) date
A new family series 1963-09-13
Keeping the Children Happy and Informed 1965-01-23
Studio One (Tomorrow) (The Times) 1965-06-24
Studio One (The Times) 1965-07-22
The Daleks on the Stage 1965-09-30
Television in the Service of Science Fiction 1965-11-06
Toyshop roundabout 1965-11-22
Wyndham's 1965-11-24
The Daleks Come to Life 1965-12-22
Studio One (Tomorrow) 1966-07-21
New "Dr Who" Sought 1966-08-06
Saturday is cinema day for half a million children 1966-10-29
The identity of the new "Dr. Who" 1966-11-05
Dr Who's success 1967-09-04
Aqwa man 1967-12-15
Holiday Task for Tough Uncles 1967-12-28
Dr Jon Who 1969-06-21
Dr Who switch 1969-06-21
Dr. Who Goes to the Rif Mountains 1970-06-05
The Man from Uncool 1970-07-16
Laser dance 1971-05-17
Points of View 1972-01-27
Great sponsor of the violence campaign 1972-01-27
Violence is not really Dr Who's cup of tea 1972-01-29
Plastic fiends 1972-12-07
The metamorphoses of Who 1973-04-09
Missing 'daleks' found 1973-06-09
Roger Delgado obituary (The Times) 1973-06-20
For sale and wanted 1973-09-21
Terrifying 1973-12-11
Fishy 1974-01-15
Who will be Who? 1974-02-09
Television's new Dr Who 1974-02-16
Theatres 1974-11-08
Dr Who and the Daleks (The Times) 1974-12-17
A new Dr Who 1974-12-17
Inside a Dalek 1974-12-20
BBC chief on 'too rich TV diet' for children 1975-01-21
Mr William Hartnell 1975-04-25
Dr Who is blamed over epidemic of spider fears among young children 1975-04-28
Dedicated Georgian 'Dr Who' arrested 1975-08-07
For Tom Baker, Dr Who is better than a dog's life 1976-01-03
Actor divorced 1976-03-31
Jon Pertwee and the Time Machine 1976-06-12
Chiswick, W.4 1977-01-19
Hindsight in science fiction 1977-02-28
240 different people can sit quite comfortably in a Princess 1977-08-25
The Invisible Enemy 1977-10-10
Dr Who to lose his assistant 1977-11-07
TV Choice (The Times) 1977-11-12
Selected Exhibitions 1977-12-03
Jury told of a 'Dr Who' and an invisible drug 1978-01-28
New 'Dr Who' girl 1978-02-18
Save Our Leela 1978-03-19
Mr Brian Hayles 1978-10-31
Parents give 'Dr Who' a bitter pill to swallow 1980-02-15
Who Goes There (1980) 1980-03-05
Last of the Jaggeroth! 1980-08-24
Who's next? 1980-10-25
New Doctor Who 1980-11-05
Dr Who recruit 1980-11-22
Dr and Mrs Who 1980-12-15
Personal choice 1981-03-21
Back to word 1981-04-15
Latest wills 1981-06-02
Latest wills (1981-08-15) 1981-08-15
Dr Who Exhibitions 1981-10-30
Who's Who? (The Times) 1981-10-30
Parrot poser for Dr Who 1981-12-18
Concorde 1982-01-12
In the bag 1982-10-26
Dr Who actor to quit series 1983-07-29
New Dr Who 1983-08-20
Dr Who heads BBC home video drive 1983-09-09
Time traveller clocks up 20 years 1983-11-14
The Five Doctors (The Times) 1983-11-25
Who goes there 1984-03-16
Richard Hurndall 1984-04-16
Winning cards 1984-07-25
Love's labours 1984-11-17
Baby for actress 1984-12-27
Temporary time warp for Dr Who 1985-02-28
Clubs try to save Dr Who 1985-03-01
Dalek, you were wonderful 1985-03-01
BBC pays £1/2m for unmade mini-series 1985-03-02
Tardis star is left forlorn 1985-03-03
From Mr Peter Anghelides 1985-03-08
From the Managing Director of BBC Television 1985-03-13
From Mr Dennis Guerrier 1985-03-21
Valentine Dyall 1985-06-26
Concise Crossword (No 722) 1985-08-14
BBC doubts on future of Dr Who 1986-01-14
BBC keeps option of killing Dr Who 1986-01-14
Doctor back 1986-04-12
Miss Daphne Heard 1986-06-24
The Doctor on trial in new television series 1986-08-30
Doctor Who changes 1986-12-19
Sylvester Who? 1987-03-03
Mr Patrick Troughton 1987-03-30
Into the egg box future 1987-09-07
Who's the piper? 1987-10-24
Ken Dodd 1987-11-03
Kenny McBain 1989-04-29
More TV shows face blackout 1989-05-10
Warning of decline in TV standards 1990-08-25
Sky out of bounds to Dr Who and Co says actors' union 1990-11-11
Modelmaker dies 1990-12-22
Tempra is a luxury space traveller 1991-01-18
Space invaders 1991-03-27
Dr Who meets his eternal foes again 1991-07-05
Milton Subotsky (The Times) 1991-07-20
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Times) 1993-02-24
Mastermind champion 1993-05-17
Unexterminated 1993-08-27
Can Dr Who survive Steven Spielberg? 1993-10-27
Galactic gamble 1993-10-27
Daleks invade America 1993-10-27
Spielberg role 1994-02-01
Hunt for new Dr Who as Spielberg hijacks series 1994-03-07
Roy Castle 1994-09-03
Cuddle up to a Dalek 1994-10-15
Matthew Jacobs 1995-06-14
Bad news for Daleks as the doctor is reincarnated 1996-01-11
Discarded Tardis 1996-01-17
Discarded Tardis reply 1996-01-20
Who's that high-speed girl? 1996-01-20
Peter Pan 'nightmare' 1996-03-08
Dalek dialect 1996-03-16
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Times) 1996-05-21
The nostalgic may hanker for the old black-and-white days and Daleks, but the Time Lord has moved on 1996-05-25
Doctor Who Meets Planet Hollywood 1996-05-25
Welcome back, Doctor, whoever you are 1996-05-28
Dr Defiant 1996-06-15
Memorial service for Jon Pertwee 1996-08-02
Dr Who lands in the middle of a £22m lawsuit 1997-02-15
Terry Nation obituary (The Times) 1997-03-13
Don Henderson obituary 1997-06-28
Leonard Maguire obituary (The Times) 1997-09-29
Paul Bernard obituary (The Times) 1997-10-20
Sydney Newman obituary 1997-11-01
Play it again Sam - for big bucks 1997-11-29
Daleks find their voice as Tardis lands in digital age 1997-12-03
Are our bodies falling to bits in the computer age? 1998-04-28
Visiting a land down under 1998-05-16
Dr Who design team sues BBC over film rights 1998-08-24
A history of Britain in 48 stamps 1998-11-13
1,000 years on the back of a stamp 1998-11-18
Dr Who beats extermination by TV censors 1999-01-14
Missing, Presumed Lost In Time 1999-01-14
Doctor Who Not You Again 1999-04-24
Who's that author? 1999-10-30
Talent spotter treasures hunt for uncut diamonds 1999-12-11
Kenneth Waller 2000-02-02
Norman Mitchell 2001-04-28
Douglas Adams obituary (The Times) 2001-05-14
Jack Watling obituary 2001-05-24
Delia Derbyshire 2001-07-23
Camcorder thief foiled by return of Dr Who 2001-08-09
Edward Evans obituary 2002-01-12
Donald Wilson obituary 2002-04-25
John Nathan-Turner 2002-05-07
Gerald Campion 2002-07-11
Carmen Silvera obituary 2002-08-05
Doctor Who defeats the Met in battle for Tardis 2002-10-23
Denys Fisher obituary 2002-10-26
The Doctor beats time to lead the heroes of science fiction 2002-12-28
Daphne Oram obituary 2003-01-24
Exterminate, exterminate! BBC kills off its Daleks workshop 2003-04-11
Doctor Who takes over in cyberspace 2003-11-13
Un-ex-ter-min-ate... the return of Dr Who 2003-11-21
Bill Strutton obituary 2003-12-04
Gordon Reid 2003-12-15
Alfred Lynch obituary 2003-12-20
Russell Hunter obituary 2004-03-01
BBC names actor to play ninth Dr Who 2004-03-20
Inner pain of the new Doctor Who 2004-04-29
Ninth life 2004-04-29
Daleks silenced 2004-07-03
Exterminate the Daleks? You must be joking 2004-08-05
Anatomy of the Daleks 2004-08-06
Resurrection of the Tory Daleks 2004-08-12
I thought it would be nice to bury the hatchet 2004-09-01
As queer as Dr Who? 2004-11-23
The Daleks return with campaign to take over world of hi-tech toys 2005-01-31
The Doctor faces his newest adversary ... the Canadians 2005-03-09
Doctor Who puts accent on a new look to old show 2005-03-10
Forgotten timelord 2005-03-11
Billie the kid 2005-03-19
Piper at the gates of dim 2005-03-21
Doctor faces a high-tech challenge 2005-03-26
The Whys and Whats of Who 2005-03-26
Blonde Bombshell 2005-03-26
Just what the Doctor ordered 2005-03-28
Who's the daddy as 10m find time to see the Doctor 2005-03-28
The Right Medicine? 2005-03-30
He saves the world and BBC, then Dr Who quits 2005-03-31
Casanova actor seduces the Doctor Who casting agent 2005-04-01
Dr Who too scary for young children 2005-04-14
BBC climbs down over Doctor Who fear factor 2005-04-15
Casanova regenerates into the new Doctor Who 2005-04-16
Who's Afraid? 2005-04-19
Nigel Andrew's View 2005-04-23
Back behind the sofa — it's a Dalek 2005-05-02
An absurd ruling takes the fun out of Doctor Who 2005-05-16
Let's not be beastly to Daleks 2005-05-16
Unsuitable for children 2005-05-17
The censors ... will ... exterminate 2005-05-17
Doctor treated 2005-05-19
Legislate! Legislate! 2005-05-19
BBC advises Doctor Who fans to stay offline until the bitter end 2005-06-14
Sought, located 2005-06-15
The Doctor's fate is sealed with a first kiss — or two 2005-06-16
I'm prepared for my role as BBC Man, but how to fit Big Specs into the new Dr Who? 2005-06-25
Who's wearing geek chic? 2005-07-26
Who's that (The Times) 2005-09-16
Piper calls the tune (The Times) 2005-10-16
Aaaaaaaargh! It's the Cybermen! 2005-11-11
Dalek jackpot 2005-11-17
Small Tardis could fetch big price 2005-12-10
Bob Sloman 2005-12-12
Christopher Eccleston's magnificent Doctor Who is a hard act to follow 2005-12-24
What the Doctor did next 2005-12-24
Yes, I will see the Doctor now -- just the cure for your intergalactic woes 2005-12-26
Is the next driver of the Tardis set to be a woman 2006-03-30
A waste of time and space 2006-04-12
Torrid times in the Tardis 2006-04-15
The new series of Doctor Who gets off to a sensational start 2006-04-15
Parlez-vous Doctor Who? 2006-04-15
Doctor Tennant the Timephwhoard 2006-04-17
Doctor Who? (The Times) 2006-04-17
New Doctor wins the battle for TV viewers 2006-04-17
Doctor Who not as serious as War of The Worlds 2006-04-21
K9 is back and ready to fight in shining armour 2006-04-24
No complaints over this Doctor's fee 2006-05-01
The last of the red-hot lavas 2006-05-06
It is bad enough when your computer crashes 2006-05-13
Monsters Inc 2006-05-13
Cybermen battle is the last for Rose 2006-06-16
The Doctor with timeless appeal 2006-06-19
Who's that girl? 2006-07-05
Sidekick whose time has come 2006-07-05
Doctor keeps his patients waiting 2006-07-10
Gripping yarns 2006-10-21
Torchwood is a much more difficult proposition 2006-10-21
I think I really can sustain interest in a series, purely on the basis that Captain Jack Harkness is sexually charismatic 2006-10-23
Top Gear takes pole position at awards 2006-11-01
Programme times they are a-changin' 2006-11-02
Richard Mayes 2006-11-22
Originality is old hat as the BBC spins off its top series 2006-12-16
An intimate tête-à-Tate 2006-12-23
Doctor makes it a white hot Christmas 2006-12-26
The Doctor's deadliest foe? Typecasting 2006-12-29
Gareth Hunt 2007-03-15
The Doctor returns with a sassy sidekick. Who? 2007-03-22
Who's hot 2007-03-30
Here is some good news 2007-03-31
Torrid in the Tardis 2007-03-31
The Doctor's new Rose blossoms 2007-04-02
Hit for Doctor Who 2007-04-02
Doctor Who this week almost dispensed with the Doctor entirely in a story about weeping statues sucking the life out of people 2007-06-11
Down-to-earth guy 2007-06-16
Airfix cements deal with Dr Who 2007-06-16
Why we should all be under the Doctor 2007-06-18
Online world sneaks villain into No 10 for new Dr Who 2007-06-23
The Master's class in power politics 2007-06-25
Simply masterful 2007-06-30
New companion for Dr Who 2007-07-02
Gordon Gostelow 2007-07-02
Minogue joins Doctor on sinking ship 2007-07-03
The Daleks have no answer to this 2007-07-07
John Normington 2007-08-22
Doctor Who's erstwhile companion 2007-09-25
The Unseen Doctor 2007-12-15
Christians protest as Doctor Who is portrayed as 'messiah' 2007-12-21
Who's the daddy 2007-12-22
Dr Who near you 2007-12-26
Who's got that sinking feeling? 2007-12-26
Peter Haining 2008-01-05
Captain! Stop that blowfish 2008-01-17
Aliens? In Cardiff? 2008-02-07
Stars in her eyes 2008-02-16
Lovely Martha Jones came to Torchwood 2008-02-21
Podcast of the week 2008-02-23
Death also came knocking in Torchwood 2008-02-28
Mysterious secret of the Tardis is out: it materialises like an Ikea wardrobe 2008-03-04
It's Battlestar Fantastica 2008-04-05
Doctor in need of treatment 2008-04-07
Doctor Who to make a timely arrival at Proms 2008-04-10
Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf 2008-04-14
Judge exterminates Dalek claim 2008-04-17
Who's your friend? 2008-04-19
Dalek suit sells for astronomic £3,200 2008-04-24
The Doctor had gained a child, albeit one spawned artificially in super-quick time 2008-05-12
Yes, we know he's not a real person 2008-05-13
Alien knitting patterns undo Dr Who fan 2008-05-14
TV chiefs soften over Doctor Who fan's toys 2008-05-17
The writer Gareth Roberts was having fun on Saturday's Doctor Who 2008-05-19
There is one great writer who hasn't been visited by Dr Who: Jane Austen 2008-05-24
£440 for Dr Who sharpener 2008-06-07
Doctor Who is dead scared of repetition 2008-06-16
Doctor Who is the most self-confident programme on television 2008-06-30
Has time finally run out for coolest man on TV? 2008-07-05
When more isn't less 2008-07-07
Elizabeth Spriggs 2008-07-07
Ahead of her time ... academics find space for woman who made Doctor Who theme 2008-07-18
From Monopoly to Dr Who, Christmas toys this year are destined for a retro look 2008-09-29
Return of Doctor Who hero 2008-12-05
Doctored notes 2008-12-26
Seeing double 2008-12-26
Before-his-time lord 2009-01-05
Going back to the future is a hazardous enterprise 2009-01-09
John Scott Martin 2009-01-24
Alien pondlife 2009-03-04
I was a plastic mustachioed bit-part alien in Doctor Who 2009-04-04
How to make the most of Easter's big TV event 2009-04-11
Is it OK to ... find Dr Who a turn-off? 2009-04-11
Doctor Who as you have never seen him before 2009-08-22
Fans fight to save Welsh Tardis 2009-09-05
Ray Barrett obituary 2009-09-21
Barry Letts (The Times) 2009-10-26
Time Lord's exit line 2009-10-31
Talking head 2009-12-07
A dark Christmas in the Square -- and in the Tardis 2009-12-26
Follow that Tardis, order BBC Scotland executives 2010-01-02
After all this time, our hero is seen off by a Womble 2010-01-02
A sorry affair 2010-01-08
Doctor Who fans save Tardis from extermination 2010-01-23
Daleks up for sale 2010-02-05
Slip inside and scare the kids: Dr Who fans offered a ramshackle piece of TV history 2010-02-24
Dalek makes a killing 2010-02-25
Easter, and the Doctor rises again 2010-03-20
A spin through time means regeneration for the tweed jacket 2010-03-27
Who is not tied-up 2010-03-29
Doctor Who saves the world, again. Yawn 2010-04-02
New doctor has the right formula 2010-04-05
Doctor Who triumph 2010-04-05
Blasted by death rays of scepticism 2010-04-06
The Beast Below sparkled with ideas and wit while providing nightmarish images 2010-04-12
Doctor Who (Mk 10) adds voice to Labour campaign 2010-04-13
Who'll be the winner? 2010-04-23
If you want to fix the past, call Doctor Who 2010-06-14
Smith is Master of the Universe 2010-06-21
The feminine side of time-travellers 2010-06-28
Run for the Tardis or Amy's dead 2010-06-28
Never mind the hostile aliens, this is music with a force to be reckoned with 2010-07-26
Louis Marks 2010-09-25
Daleks and cybermen star in Will Brenton's show for the Doctor's fans 2010-10-11
Graham Crowden 2010-10-21
Pete and Dud fans can smile again as home bootlegger produces lost episodes 2010-11-01
Doctor turns tale of the flying shark into a Christmas cracker 2010-12-14
Gonna need a bigger Tardis 2010-12-18
This year politics was blockbuster TV, with the same must-watch import as Hollyoaks 2010-12-18
Sherlock Holmes takes on the Time Lord at television awards 2011-01-03
My brother the fantasist 2011-03-03
Bring your sonic screwdrivers, Doctor Who is coming 2011-04-02
Doctor Who Does Savile Row 2011-04-02
Doctor Who returns, and it's deadly serious 2011-04-05
Death of actress who played Sarah Jane to the Doctor 2011-04-20
Elisabeth Sladen obituary (The Times) 2011-04-21
The Doctor rides the ghost train 2011-04-25
It gets too cold in the Arctic, so they have to go south. Yes - it's a dinosaur road trip 2011-04-30
Doctor Who took a break from its main narrative with an episode displaying much me-heartiness aboard a haunted pirate ship helmed by Hugh Bonneville 2011-05-09
Doctor Who is currently much pre-occupied by death 2011-05-16
The mother of all sci-fi shows 2011-06-06
We liked it when the Beatles were complex, so why not the Doctor? 2011-06-11
Sherlock trumps Doctor Who 2011-06-17
Still not exterminated 2011-07-14
Doctor Who on quiffs, fame and why time travellers don't take the Tube 2011-08-23
Einstein's theory of general relativity which states that time is fundamentally wibbly-wobbly 2011-09-10
Doctor Einstein 2011-09-12
Doctor Who: the movie (2011) 2011-11-16
Tiny Dalek that wasn't exterminated 2011-12-07
My boy is about to see himself in the Christmas special - so are millions 2011-12-16
To its credit, Doctor Who played a relatively subtle hand for a Christmas Day blockbuster 2011-12-31
Doctor Who radio script is back from another time 2012-01-14
Jenny Tomasin 2012-01-23
I wrote Dr Who scripts as a kid. I haven't moved on much 2012-05-19
Peter Halliday 2012-05-23
Six of the best 2012-07-07
Husband of TV actress dies hours after her funeral 2012-08-10
Hello, doctor 2012-09-02
Look Who's found a new star 2012-09-03
Imagine a giant, demented kitchen bin trying to sex the Doctor up 2012-09-08
It's terminal for Doctor's mates 2012-10-01
Royal Mail pays tribute to Britain's brilliant Doctors 2012-12-26
Parliament? Can't wait to exterminate 2013-02-18
As a kid I got punched in the face for being a weirdo 2013-02-23
Farewell to the dalek designer who brought terror to universe 2013-02-25
Egg Boxes of Horror 2013-02-25
Ray Cusick 2013-02-25
All in good time, the Doctor roars back to take on aliens in wi-fi 2013-03-18
Smile for the Doctor 2013-03-23
Doctor travels first-class 2013-03-26
How the Time Lord won new companions in the US 2013-03-30
Doctor Who was dotted with pearls 2013-04-01
Only Dr Who can be special 2013-04-03
Doctor's playing the long game 2013-04-08
Doctor left hanging on for his 50th anniversary 2013-04-10
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Times) 2013-05-18
Intergalactic peace talks 2013-05-18
Secret of Doctor's name is revealed 2013-05-20
Time Lady 2013-06-03
Who's next - is it time for a Time Lady? 2013-06-03
Daleks in need of a Tardis 2013-06-04
A male Doctor Who is an outdated idea. Exterminate it 2013-06-04
Send for the Time Lady 2013-06-10
Doctor takes a leaf out of Dylan's songbook 2013-06-22
Doctor who? Jacko cast as Time Lord 2013-07-04
More tea, Doctor? Tardis calls by for cuppa and cake 2013-07-10
Cultivate! Doctor's old enemy takes to the field 2013-07-13
Doctor Who Prom 2013-07-15
Temporal shift 2013-07-17
Spin Doctor (The Times) 2013-07-31
Doctor Him 2013-08-05
Degeneration 2013-08-05
Spin doctor regenerates as The Doctor 2013-08-05
Fans fear the Time Lord may already be out of time 2013-08-06
Long-lost Doctor Who episodes discovered in Nigeria 2013-10-11
A Who's Who of Time Lords as image merges 12 faces of Doctor 2013-12-24
Roger Lloyd Pack obituary 2014-01-17
Time Lord may be best ever Doctor Who 2014-08-08
Hollywood comes calling for the Doctor 2015-04-18
The grooviest Doctor yet -- and he plays guitar 2015-09-21
Ken Earl 2015-10-16
Top Picks to Be the New Time Lord 2017-02-10
Farewell to Capaldi 2017-02-10
About time, lord: Dr Who has gay No 2 2017-04-01
Peter Sallis 2017-06-06
Deborah Watling 2017-07-26
Hywel Bennett 2017-08-05