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United States (1326 articles) publication date
There's a 'Think Big' Trend At BBC-TV, Notably in Drama Area Variety 1963-09-19
Britain All Set To Take Wraps Off a New TV Season As BBC, Indies Jockey For Rating Posts Variety 1963-10-02
Where Sydney Newman Goes, So Go Producers, Directors, Writers Variety 1963-10-09
BBC Stepping Up Its Drama Output (For Webs 1 & 2) Variety 1963-12-04
Dr. Who (Variety) Variety 1963-12-04
Educators Blast British Kid Shows, Both BBC & Com'l Variety 1964-07-08
Better Hide Your Wallet, Cause the Daleks are Coming The Pottstown Mercury
Los Angeles Times
Austin American-Statesman
Albuquerque Journal
The Kansas City Times
Reflections in My Kitchen Window The Valley News 1964-12-03
Monsters on march The Victoria Advocate
Fitchburg Sentinel
Burlington Times-News
Pulaski Southwest Times
Corpus Christi Caller Times
Frederick News
The Gaston Gazette
The Register-Herald
Mt. Vernon Register-News
The Lima News
Newspaper Enterprise Association
The LaCrosse Tribune
Raleigh Register
The Edwardsville Intelligencer
Greenwood Index-Journal
The Bridgeport Telegram
The Vernon Daily Record
Freeport Journal-Standard
Austin American-Statesman
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Franklin News-Herald
From Beatleland—It's the Daleks Chicago Tribune
The Cumberland Times
The Eugene Register-Guard
Austin American-Statesman
The Bridgeport Telegram
The Kokomo Morning Times
San Bernardino Sun-Telegram
Lotsa Ghoul Excitement on Brit. TV Variety 1965-01-13
Ban Record Wilmington Star-News 1965-03-05
Invasion Newspaper Enterprise Association
Mt. Vernon Register-News
Hits on BBC Sci-Fi Series Invading Pix Variety 1965-03-07
Robots from another planet Variety 1965-05-12
Dr. Who & The Daleks Variety 1965-07-07
Deadly Dolls Newspaper Enterprise Association
Iola Register
Cullman Times Democrat
LeMars Globe Post
Bristol Daily Courier
Centralia Sunday Sentinel
Blytheville Courier News
Beatrice Daily Sun
Jacksonville Courier
The Orange County Register
Miami News Record
Ogden Standard Examiner
Huntingdon Daily News
Raleigh Register
Logan Herald Journal
Racine Journal Times
Portsmouth Times
Great Bend Daily Tribune
Mt. Vernon Register-News
Fond du Lac Reporter
The Lima News
Amarillo Globe-Times
Me, Dalek. Variety 1965-08-04
New Beach Aid Amarillo Globe-Times
Associated Press
Dalek Parade The Des Moines Register 1965-10-31
Games of Action Brighten Season Oakland Tribune 1965-11-25
Dr. Who, as he appears in the British science-fiction TV series Famous Monsters of Filmland 1965-12-01
Dr. Who to Make Bow In St. Louis Area May 11 Boxoffice 1966-05-02
Fantastic adventure into world of the Daleks The Telegraph (Alton, IL) 1966-05-11
Pseudo-Science Fiction St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1966-05-13
Radcliffe Coed, Robot 'Married' Associated Press
Spokane Chronicle
The Eugene Register-Guard
The Miami News
The Palm Beach Post
The Tuscaloosa News
The Gettysburg Times
The Ellensburg Daily Record
Utica Observer-Dispatch
Laurel Leader-Call
Review Flashes Boxoffice 1966-06-06
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Boxoffice) Boxoffice 1966-06-13
Daleks Invade Earth 2150 A.D. Variety 1966-08-10
Dr. Who Changes Face Variety 1966-09-28
The Daleks are coming! Famous Monsters of Filmland 1967-05-01
Dr. Who and the Daleks is the perfect second feature The Daily Freeman 1968-12-07
Living Dead and Dr. Who Citywide Los Angeles Times 1969-01-10
Waris Hussein Independent Film Journal 1969-09-30
Brainless Biomims: A threat to Man? Amarillo Globe-Times
Austin American-Statesman
The Daily Intelligencer
The Index-Journal
The Daily Mail (Hagerstown)
Newspaper Enterprise Association
Arizona Daily Star
Tom Baker Look 1971-10-19
B.B.C. Study Finds U.S. Fare Twice as Violent as British TV The New York Times 1972-01-27
BBC Study Claims TV Violence Needed Associated Press 1972-01-27
A New Way To Look At Television Variety 1972-04-05
Yoo-Hoo, Monsters! TV Guide 1972-06-10
Children's Doctor TV Guide 1972-07-01
Tune in Nightly for the Perils of 'Dr. Who' on Channel 17 The Philadelphia Inquirer 1972-08-22
Introducing the British 'Dr Who' The Washington Post 1973-06-04
Roger Delgado (Variety) Variety 1973-06-27
Reptiles That Rule The San Francisco Examiner 1973-11-11
Guess Who? The Greenville News 1974-01-26
TV car of the future shows up in real life Popular Mechanics 1974-02-01
Colored employment neglected in British TV The Daily Illini 1975-01-18
William Hartnell obituary (Associated Press) Associated Press
The Washington Post
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The New York Times
William Hartnell obituary Variety 1975-04-30
William Hartnell obituary (Variety) Variety 1975-04-30
Dr. Who: Science Fiction Hero The Bakersfield Californian
Progress Bulletin
Cliff-Hangers of Dr. Who Los Angeles Times 1975-07-01
KCET Tops Public TV Stations in Pledge Drive Los Angeles Times 1975-09-04
Time Lord has a timely attitude The Universe 1975-11-14
Discover KCET Tonight Los Angeles Times 1975-11-18
The Daleks invade England! Famous Monsters of Filmland 1976-10-01
TV Star Scene Casa Grande Dispatch 1976-11-04
British TV Machine No. 1 in World Market The Kansas City Times 1976-11-20
Doctor Who's on First The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1978-02-01
Tom Baker, British TV's 'Dr. Who,' Dares To Make A Three-Day Belfast Visit Variety 1978-06-21
For 14 years now, a science fiction program, "Doctor Who" has been frightening and entertaining children in Britain The Palm Beach Post 1978-08-26
Star Makes BBC's 'Dr. Who' Click The Orange County Register
The San Francisco Examiner
U.S. Invaded By Doctor Who Starlog 1978-10-24
TV Star Scene (1978) Santa Cruz Sentinel 1978-10-27
TV Star Scene (1978-11-03) Santa Cruz Sentinel 1978-11-03
Mixing media Los Angeles Times 1979-01-21
Who will save lovable Dr. Who? The Daily Iowan 1979-03-05
Change for the Gremlins The Daily Iowan 1979-03-12
Hooked on Who (Starlog) Starlog 1979-03-12
Not just another pretty face The Daily Iowan 1979-03-15
Star Trek fans are finding a place in their hearts for another TV science-fiction hero The Buffalo News 1979-03-22
Calling Dr. Who American Film 1979-05-01
WPBT Pursues Young Audience With 'Benny Hill, "Dr. Who' The Fort Lauderdale News 1979-05-05
Britain's Time Traveler Arrives in the Colonies Starlog 1979-05-08
Master of TV Time and Space Fangoria 1979-06-01
Dr. Who Takes L.A. by Storm Starlog 1979-07-03
Baker's "Who" Starlog 1979-07-31
Dr. Who is pleasant surprise among children's shows The Philadelphia Inquirer 1979-08-10
Dr. Who's Rogues Gallery Fangoria 1979-08-16
Dr. Who (TV World) TV World 1979-09-29
Who! Huh? Who! What? Dr. Who! Oh!!! Fantastic Films 1979-10-01
The longest-running science fiction television series in the world conquers America Super Star Heroes 1979-10-01
A Sad Tale Starlog 1979-10-23
The Four Faces Dr. Who Famous Monsters of Filmland 1979-11-01
Pythons, Others Due On Gillette-Madison Release Variety 1979-12-19
Doctor Who hearty actor Boca Raton News 1979-12-30
Bianchi Aviation Film Services Variety 1980-01-09
Where's there a Who club? Starlog 1980-01-15
A new fantasy lies beyond NU at Chicago sci-fi escape shop The Daily Northwestern 1980-01-18
LA 'Doctor Who' Convention Set The Orange County Register 1980-02-29
Dr. who? Dr. Who -- that's who! Los Angeles Herald Examiner 1980-03-09
Sci-Fi Convention Set at Valley View The Scranton Tribune 1980-03-10
America Loves The Doctor Starlog 1980-04-01
A Visit with The Doctor (Who) Starlog 1980-04-01
Dr. Who fans rejoice! The Des Moines Register 1980-04-20
Doctor's Office Starlog 1980-05-06
Dr. Who made his stateside television debut during this past year Starlog 1980-06-03
The Doctor's In Starlog 1980-06-03
Terrance Dicks Starlog 1980-07-08
It was gratifying to see an original interview with Tom Baker Starlog 1980-07-08
Attack of the funnybook fanatics The Mass Media 1980-11-25
Dr. Who's Companions Come to Hollywood Starlog 1980-12-02
Welcome, Villainy The Boston Globe 1980-12-25
The spoofy British series makes its bow Saturday The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1980-12-28
Dr. Who strikes again The Miami News 1981-01-03
Dr. Who's on first (1981) The San Francisco Examiner 1981-01-07
WVIZ's 'Doctor Who' offers fantasy for science fiction lovers Daily Kent Stater 1981-03-03
It was all just a con The Palm Beach Post 1981-04-26
The Return of Doctor Who Starlog 1981-05-05
What can you tell me about mad, lovable "Dr. Who" Chicago Tribune 1981-06-21
Sci-fi fans agree: Star Trek's the most enterprising series The Fort Lauderdale News 1981-06-28
Who's Who: A History of the Six Doctors Who Starlog 1981-08-04
Jeremy Bulloch Starlog 1981-08-04
What's a Panopticon? Ask a 'Who' Fan Tulsa World 1981-08-15
Dr. Who Series On Channel 25 Call and Post 1981-10-03
Julian Glover Starlog 1981-10-06
The Doctor's 749th Birthday Celebration The Daily Tar Heel 1981-11-17
Out-Of-This-World Drink The Tampa Tribune 1981-11-23
New ray of hope for 'Dr. Who' fans Democrat and Chronicle 1981-12-03
The Doctor and the Master have joined forces The Daily Tar Heel 1982-01-15
Gemcom To Distribute BBC Show Disks In U.S. Variety 1982-01-20
The Foundation Bookstore The Daily Tar Heel 1982-02-04
Science fiction program gaining fans at Carolina The Daily Tar Heel 1982-02-04
Dr. Who, I Presume Democrat and Chronicle 1982-02-07
Who's Who (Starlog) Starlog 1982-02-09
Comics for Collectors The Ithacan 1982-02-11
Some viewers point lasers at 'Dr. Who' Minneapolis Star Tribune 1982-02-24
Campus Calendar The Daily Tar Heel 1982-02-26
Area fans know who's Who Wilmington Star-News 1982-03-14
PBS funding pledged The Daily Tar Heel 1982-03-19
Public TV fundraiser nets $203,125 in pledges Central Michigan Life 1982-03-24
Dr. Who? Dr. WHO, that's Who The Times of Northwest Indiana 1982-03-29
Date That Robot Playboy 1982-04-01
We've Got ... Doctor Who Daily Herald 1982-04-16
Dr. Who series draws fanatic followers Daily Herald 1982-04-16
Turkey of the Week Minneapolis Star Tribune 1982-04-25
Doctor Who Fever Rises in Chicago The Chronicle (College of Lake County) 1982-05-10
Mini-reviews: Shows get cute and nutty and nice Detroit Free Press 1982-05-14
Dr. Who fans plan convention Wilmington Star-News 1982-05-16
Doctor Who fans to convene Wilmington Star-News 1982-05-22
Q-C 'Time Lords' fans of Dr. Who The Daily Dispatch 1982-05-25
CMU's public television number one Central Michigan Life 1982-05-26
Sci-fi fans know who's 'Who' on TV Pensacola News Journal 1982-06-17
Dr. Who materializes for Chicago Convention Illinois Entertainer 1982-07-01
A hero for all ages, Dr. Who is just out of this world Chicago Tribune
Boca Raton News
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Who's that doctor? (AP photo) Austin American-Statesman
Associated Press
Green Bay Press-Gazette
Bring 'Dr. Who' back to Iowa TV Waterloo Courier 1982-07-30
Are You A Whovian? The Tampa Tribune 1982-08-02
The New Doctor Who Starlog 1982-08-05
Dr. Who: Hot TV for an August night Tallahassee Democrat 1982-08-15
How the BBC channels its television sales to audiences in the United States The Christian Science Monitor 1982-08-20
Who's for Dr. Who? Scene 2 and 17 1982-09-01
British serial, comedy series join Channel 8 lineup The Arizona Republic 1982-09-06
Dr. Who far from through The San Francisco Examiner 1982-09-07
Can You Outguess Dr. Who? Starlog 1982-09-07
The Doctor Who Episode Guide: 1982 Season Starlog 1982-09-14
Who's on first English cult hero has following here The Clarion-Ledger 1982-10-12
Dr. Who invades LU; U.N.I.T Irregulars hit Loyola Phoenix 1982-10-15
Doctor Who Headquarters Chicago Tribune 1982-10-29
Dr. Who a surprise syndication success Electronic Media 1982-11-04
Doctor Who News Scene 2 and 17 1982-12-01
The Doctor Who Void The Eagle 1982-12-03
Doctor Who captures American imagination San Antonio Express-News 1982-12-05
Not easy to figure the what and when of Dr. Who South Bend Tribune 1982-12-26
Expanded show spells headaches for WVIA The Times-Leader 1983-01-13
Who's the doctor? Enterprise-Journal 1983-01-30
Doctor Who? Spaced-out sci-fi fans beam down for festival Sun-Sentinel 1983-02-05
Doctor Who is real far out Tallahassee Democrat 1983-02-06
More than 300 attend sci-fi festival Galveston Daily News 1983-02-07
Dr. Who, the hero of television's longest-running science fiction series The Times of Northwest Indiana 1983-02-24
Local fans to throw 'Con' Wilmington Star-News 1983-02-27
Dr. Who fans must wait for outcome of favorite Time Lord Southtown Economist 1983-03-06
Dr. Who will live again on Channel 12 The Philadelphia Inquirer 1983-03-11
Dr. Who brings a new dimension to space The Gainesville Sun 1983-03-11
WFSU-TV offers fan clubs for kids Tallahassee Democrat 1983-03-12
Dr. Who to the rescue Democrat and Chronicle 1983-03-18
Dr. Who ... a Rocky Horror banquet, too Tinley Park Star Herald 1983-03-27
Peter Davison talks about life as the new Dr. Who Ranger 1983-03-31
Dr. Who Jamboree Attracts 40,000 Fans Variety 1983-04-06
Who's to save the universe? The Doctor, proclaim sci-fi fans Chicago Sun-Times 1983-04-22
U.S. "Doctor Who" Fans Travel to England Facts Figures & Film 1983-05-01
Peter Davison as Doctor Who Scene 2 and 17 1983-05-01
Hey, what's all the fuss? It's 'Who,' that's what! This Week 1983-05-04
Fans who are in the know crowd store to see 'Doctor' Daily Herald 1983-05-06
Fifth incarnation of BBC's 'Dr. Who' enthralls viewers on both sides of ocean Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1983-05-06
I've been watching the newest Dr. Who series on Channel 2 The Palm Beach Post 1983-05-29
Action Line The Journal Herald 1983-06-06
Dr. Who Fan Club Ocala Star-Banner 1983-06-10
Dr. Who festival The Tampa Tribune 1983-06-13
Good news, "Dr. Who" fans. The doctor is coming back The Philadelphia Inquirer 1983-06-21
7,000,000 to Sing "Happy Birthday" to "Doctor Who" Facts Figures & Film 1983-07-01
England's 'Dr. Who' comes down to Earth USA Today 1983-07-07
Are you a fan of Dr. Who? Tallahassee Democrat 1983-07-08
Happy Birthday to Who? TV Guide 1983-07-09
Doctor Who lands in North Carolina Wilmington Star-News 1983-07-10
Dr. Who's on first The Tampa Tribune 1983-07-11
US fame surprises 'Dr. Who' star Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1983-07-15
The first American "Doctor Who" Festival Tour The Philadelphia Inquirer 1983-07-19
Former 'Dr. Who' star wonders 'why all the fuss?' Courier-Post 1983-07-20
Meet Tom Baker, the Doctor Who is in with the fans Chicago Tribune 1983-07-26
Daphne Heard Variety 1983-07-29
Dr. Who wins top PBS award Daily World 1983-07-29
Bad Timing Scene 2 and 17 1983-08-01
The Authorized Dr. Who 20th Anniversary Celebration Illinois Entertainer 1983-08-01
Whose Birthday? Who's! Starlog 1983-08-04
On the Air Chicago Heights Star 1983-08-07
Who Here Chicago Sun-Times 1983-08-08
Traveler of space, Doctor Who to visit here Daily Herald 1983-08-13
TV Today Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1983-08-18
A Convention for Dr. Who Fans Philadelphia Daily News 1983-08-19
Sci-fi fans guess 'Who' at confab Chicago Sun-Times 1983-08-19
Hot August Nights are perfect for watching WFSU-TV Tallahassee Democrat 1983-08-20
Support 'Doctor Who' Tallahassee Democrat 1983-08-20
Who-Manoids Flip Over Their TV Hero The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Times-Leader
Stateside Whovians are gathering in summer South Bend Tribune 1983-08-21
Dr. Who's Club Starlog 1983-09-06
Davison leaves "Doctor Who" Movie & Film Collectors World 1983-09-09
Wit and charm and 'Dr. Who' The Post-Crescent 1983-09-23
CPTV Competing for More Viewers The New York Times 1983-09-25
New shows bolster PBS TV season Central Michigan Life 1983-09-26
Third Doctor Hits American Screens Starlog 1983-10-06
After Davison's Doctor—Who's Next? Starlog 1983-10-06
Dr. Who, High-Camp Sci-Fi, Lands at CPTV Hartford Courant 1983-10-13
The BBC Time Lord's Out-Of-This-World Adventures The Washington Post 1983-10-16
Couple Invite Sci-Fi Fans to Phone Their Home Los Angeles Times 1983-10-24
Public TV audience broad Central Michigan Life 1983-10-24
Children upset by OETA action The Oklahoman 1983-10-31
A who's who of Doctor Who Illinois Entertainer 1983-11-01
The Doctor is an Actor Starlog 1983-11-08
Special salute set for 'Dr. Who's anniversary Syracuse Herald-Journal
Associated Press
The New Mexican
Nashua Telegraph
The Schenectady Gazette
Reading Eagle
The Canberra Times
The Day (New London CT)
The Miami Herald
Hartford Courant
The Gettysburg Times
Tallahassee Democrat
Fans of Who Chicago Reader 1983-11-18
Who Dat on Ch. 12? The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1983-11-20
Doctors Who reunite in Dead Zone to honor 20th year The Daily Tar Heel 1983-11-22
The Doctors Who Together for a Special The Philadelphia Inquirer 1983-11-23
British science fiction's 'Dr. Who' is subject of ETV special The Index-Journal 1983-11-23
Dr. Who special will fete 20th Madison Capital Times 1983-11-23
Tom Baker bows out of "Dr. Who" series after seven years to move onward and upward Happenings Magazine 1983-11-24
Lionheart Sales Boom For BBC-TV's "Doctor Who" Facts Figures & Film 1983-12-01
Doctor Who (New Jersey Network Magazine) New Jersey Network Magazine 1983-12-01
Taking the Mystery Out of Doctor Who??? The Heights 1983-12-05
Doctor Who 20th Anniversary Special Starlog 1983-12-06
Doctor Who Records! Starlog 1983-12-06
Many Thanks Starlog 1983-12-06
The Doctor's Prescription: A New Who! Starlog 1983-12-06
Calling all Dr. Who fans! Chicago Tribune 1983-12-11
Jon Pertwee: The Gallant Doctor Starlog 1984-01-05
Who's Who in outer space Time 1984-01-09
Meeting tonight of The Watchers The Daily Northwestern 1984-01-11
Tom Baker--Who? 'Who,' That's Who Los Angeles Times 1984-01-15
Dr. Whomania strikes the area The Telegraph (Alton, IL) 1984-01-21
Some of the whys and wherefores of 'Doctor Who' The Christian Science Monitor 1984-01-25
Anthony Ainley Starlog 1984-02-09
The play's the thing for Shakespeare Company The Daily Pennsylvanian 1984-02-09
Philly hears a Who The Daily Pennsylvanian 1984-02-09
Who Has Two Hearts, 13 lives--and 5 Faces? TV Guide 1984-02-18
Do you look like this? Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1984-02-27
Dr. Who is way out, but still so British The Beaver County Times 1984-02-28
The Doctor Who Technical Manual School Library Journal 1984-03-01
All of us who enjoy Dr. Who must write to KTWU Blue Rapids Times 1984-03-01
Dr. Who aimed for Chicago stage landing Chicago Tribune 1984-03-01
Dr. Who Fan Club, Everly Documentary Launch Ch. 8 Drive The Tennessean 1984-03-03
Cheesy drag Philadelphia Daily News 1984-03-05
A glaring error! Starlog 1984-03-08
Trade Winds Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1984-03-13
Galaxy-jumping Dr. Who lands in Hollywood The Daily Intelligencer
The Paris News
The New Mexican
The Globe and Mail
Nashua Telegraph
Ocala Star-Banner
Green Bay Press-Gazette
The Daily News-Journal
Madison Capital Times
Pensacola News Journal
Daily World
Lebanon Daily News
Quad-City Times
Asbury Park Press
The Leader-Post
Albuquerque Journal
Albany Democrat-Herald
The Morning News
The Newark Advocate
The Journal-News
Herald & Review
The Indianapolis Star
The Tampa Tribune
Poughkeepsie Journal
The Daily American
The Daily Times
Battle Creek Enquirer
Edmonton Journal
The Palm Beach Post
The News Leader
Iowa City Press-Citizen
Longview News-Journal
Mansfield News-Journal
The Journal Times
The Missoulian
South Bend Tribune
Where does Doctor Who buy his salami? The Observer (University of Notre Dame) 1984-03-15
Win a Trip to England The Daily Tar Heel
The Heights
Count Me In Philadelphia Daily News 1984-03-19
Doctor Who fan club formed here Spokane Chronicle 1984-03-27
Cult Hit 'Dr. Who' Aids CPTV Coffers Hartford Courant 1984-03-30
Dr. Who St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1984-03-30
Trekkies move over for 'Doctor Who' fans Lakeland Ledger 1984-03-30
The mysterious Dr. Who The San Francisco Examiner 1984-04-03
Dr. Who gets technical Santa Cruz Sentinel 1984-04-06
John Nathan Turner Producing Doctor Who Starlog 1984-04-10
I'd like to know if there is a fan club in town or in the area Lincoln Journal Star 1984-04-11
Doctor Who has fan club The Lincoln Star 1984-04-11
Lost In Space (1984) The Citizens' Voice 1984-04-13
Dr. Who British Sci-Fi Film from Another Era The Sacramento Bee 1984-04-14
What Was Your First Ambition? Riverfront Times 1984-04-18
Upheaval At Lionheart Brings Western-World In As Partner, Nathan, Miller Walk The Plank Variety 1984-04-18
Dr. Who In New Role As Sherlock Holmes The Philadelphia Inquirer 1984-04-21
Dr. Who again (Lincoln Star) The Lincoln Star 1984-04-22
College journalist gets her interview Herrin Today 1984-04-25
Tom Baker, the real Dr. Who, took role because he was broke Herrin Today 1984-04-25
Call the Dr., please Film Comment
The Sydney Morning Herald
Yes, Money Isn't Everything, But It Is Something Philadelphia Daily News 1984-05-02
On the Set of "Resurrection of the Daleks" Starlog 1984-05-10
Kelly Auditorium St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1984-05-11
Break Time Philadelphia Daily News 1984-05-15
Doctor Who (TV Guide) TV Guide 1984-06-02
Here, There & Everywhere - An Insider's Guide To What's Hot In Town Philadelphia Daily News 1984-06-08
Fans: They Have Stars In Their Eyes Los Angeles Times 1984-06-12
Let's play two Chicago Tribune 1984-06-26
Preregistration for a Doctor Who convention The Daily Tar Heel 1984-07-26
Best Bets Lakeland Ledger 1984-07-27
Dr. Who convention Evening Independent 1984-07-27
Who are you? The Tampa Tribune 1984-07-30
Dr. Who Maniacs The San Francisco Examiner 1984-07-31
Who Stole My Heart Away department... The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1984-08-01
Dr. Who Day Philadelphia Daily News 1984-08-03
Today - A Guide To What's Going On In And Around Philadelphia Philadelphia Daily News 1984-08-04
Davison prepares Dr. Who Hattiesburg American 1984-08-09
Dr. Who Theatre is in trouble and scheduled for the axe The Tennessean 1984-08-17
Doctor Who has a fan club Lakeland Ledger 1984-08-25
Ch. 8 Drive Raises $60,297 The Tennessean 1984-08-28
Moving to new place and time The Arizona Republic 1984-08-29
Where, when and how to find Dr. Who (Who?) Courier-Post 1984-09-14
Baker only Dr. Who on Ch. 25 Akron Beacon Journal 1984-09-16
Guardians of Light and Time The Daily Tar Heel 1984-09-20
WLVT moves 'MacNeil/Lehrer,' adds 'Dr. Who' The Morning Call 1984-09-28
For Who Fans Starlog 1984-10-09
Fans Galore Variety 1984-10-10
Discount for Who? Chicago Tribune 1984-10-12
Popular Channel 39 Programs Rescheduled to Earlier Hours The Morning Call 1984-10-14
You wanna talk to who? Chicago Tribune 1984-10-18
We're a public television station that listens to its community The Morning Call 1984-10-19
Dr. Who fans plan convention (1984) Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-21
Dr. Who? (Gannett News Service) Gannett News Service
St. Cloud Times
Chillicothe Gazette
Daily Record
El Paso Times
Hattiesburg American
Iowa City Press Citizen
Lansing State Journal
Palladium Item
Pensacola News Journal
Statesman Journal
The Californian
The Journal News
The Morning News
Shreveport-Bossier Times
Who, did you say? Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-26
Yet another doctor in the parade of who's 'Who' Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1984-10-28
Who's Who? Winona Daily News 1984-10-30
Shock 'n' Roll The Town Talk
The Seattle Times
Tonic for a science-fiction addiction The Philadelphia Inquirer 1984-11-05
Fan Club Directory Starlog 1984-11-06
Patrick Troughton: The Character Actor who Brought Character to Doctor Who Starlog 1984-11-06
Dr Who to be Saturday movie The Morning Call 1984-11-11
Whoniversal Classics The Wall Street Journal 1984-11-20
Looking into the future with Dr. Who Chicago Tribune 1984-11-23
Sci-fi fans call for the interplanetary Doctor Chicago Sun-Times 1984-11-23
Dr. Who and his retinue Chicago Tribune 1984-11-24
Out of this world (Daily Herald) Daily Herald 1984-11-24
Who's Who? (Associated Press) Associated Press
Lakeland Ledger
The Times-Leader
Tampa Bay Times
The Greenwood Commonwealth
Names & Faces The Boston Globe 1984-11-25
In Whovian Heaven The Washington Post 1984-11-26
Dr. Who fans protest Tampa Bay Times 1984-11-26
Who's tops? Why, it's the Doctor The Janesville Gazette 1984-11-29
Home for the Holidays The Post-Crescent 1984-11-30
More on Dr. Who Tampa Bay Times 1984-12-04
Public radio, TV stations raise funds for programing The News-Press 1984-12-08
Book Notes Los Angeles Times 1984-12-16
Fate of 'Who' The Tennessean 1984-12-20
Living with my VCR The New York Times 1984-12-23
Say what you will about PBS fund huckstering, but report on recent dollar drive is worth copying Chippewa Herald-Telegram 1984-12-26
Move Over, Trekkies The Wall Street Journal 1985-01-03
Doctor Who in the Flesh Chicago Reader 1985-01-11
Ostrander awarded 'Dr. Who' merchandising Chicago Metro News 1985-01-26
The Doctor Lives Scene 2 and 17 1985-02-01
Speaking of double lives The Eagle 1985-02-08
Just what's Who all about? The Pantagraph 1985-02-09
Who is Mr. Spock? The Daily Pennsylvanian 1985-02-14
Whovian festival The Tampa Tribune 1985-02-18
Doctor Who To Appear At Festival Philadelphia Daily News 1985-02-23
WHA wants to know favorite Dr. Who' Wisconsin State Journal 1985-02-26
WEDU, Channel 3, is having a double feature of "Doctor Who" episodes Saturday night Lakeland Ledger 1985-03-01
Who's Doc American Film 1985-03-01
Typecast Los Angeles Magazine 1985-03-01
The Dr. Who Festival Tallahassee Democrat 1985-03-03
Guess Who's coming here? Doctor's friends Madison Capital Times 1985-03-07
Janet Fielding: "Lucy Van Pelt in Space" Starlog 1985-03-07
Wisconsin public TV's spring pledge drive begins today Green Bay Press-Gazette 1985-03-09
Channel 38 will carry the "Dr. Who" programs voted most popular by viewers this weekend and next The Post-Crescent 1985-03-13
Dr. Who fest scheduled Wisconsin State Journal 1985-03-14
Dr. Who Convention The Ithaca Journal 1985-03-15
It was the right place to be for Whovians Lakeland Ledger 1985-03-15
Asians cite those who do the balancing act Los Angeles Times 1985-03-16
Doctor Who Festival Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1985-03-19
A Dr. Who Club is being organized at the East Chicago Public Library The Times of Northwest Indiana 1985-03-21
It is the longest-running science fiction television show in history Wisconsin State Journal 1985-03-22
Dr. Who? Wisconsin State Journal 1985-03-23
Ahhhh, what a time had at 'Doctor Who' festival Madison Capital Times 1985-03-23
Who Cares? Cuts Album Variety 1985-03-27
The Wisconsin Educational Television Network reports its spring fund drive was its most successful Green Bay Press-Gazette 1985-03-30
Moondog's Comicland Chicago Tribune 1985-03-31
Who-a-holics meet at library The Times of Northwest Indiana 1985-04-01
Real "Who" Fan Club Scene 2 and 17 1985-04-01
Doctor treated shabbily Tallahassee Democrat 1985-04-02
Michael Grade Brings Hollywood Style to BBC The New York Times
The Globe and Mail
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Gallup Youth Survey Associated Press
The Herald-Palladium
The News-Leader
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Dr. Who convention to preview stage version Chicago Tribune 1985-11-28
Role-playing contest open door to romance, adventure Chicago Tribune 1985-11-29
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When it comes to raising funds, Channel 12 officials realize the importance of being earnest Illinois State Journal-Register 1985-12-27
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Dr. Who fans get their wish; Channel 20 to carry the show The Indianapolis Star 1986-03-13
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Festival draws fans of TV's Dr. Who Minneapolis Star Tribune 1986-05-24
Traveling exhibit features animated monsters and villains from the television program The Philadelphia Inquirer 1986-05-30
Curious? There's a board for almost any concern under the cursor Chicago Tribune 1986-05-30
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CMU has largest university PBS after Adding Airwaves Chippewa 1986-06-05
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Former 'Doctor Who' Dead at 67 Associated Press
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Dr. Who Star Troughton Dies in City Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 1987-03-29
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7th Doctor Who to visit Urbana Herald & Review 1987-07-01
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The Doctor Who Celebration and Tour Chicago Tribune 1987-07-03
Doctor Who will be in Green Bay La Crosse Tribune 1987-07-04
Party is scheduled The Odessa American 1987-07-10
Doctor Who traveling show to be at Dahl Rapid City Journal 1987-07-19
Dr. Who's trailer Rapid City Journal 1987-07-27
Dr. Who fans will want to check out three new releases from Playhouse Video Chicago Tribune 1987-07-31
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WMHT (Channel 17) aired its monthly call-in program Wednesday night Times Union 1987-10-09
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Dr. Who visits Mesa on schedule The Arizona Republic 1987-10-16
Doctor Who visits Jackson December 5, 6 The Winona Times
The Yazoo Herald
Dr. Who Alert Detroit Free Press 1987-11-18
British sci-fi television series holds fond memories for ex-star El Paso Times 1987-11-20
A powerful video prankster could become Max Jailroom Chicago Tribune
The Orange County Register
Syracuse Post-Standard
Orlando Sentinel
2 channels interrupted to the Max Chicago Sun-Times 1987-11-24
Pirate brings an obscene Max Headroom to screen Lodi News-Sentinel 1987-11-24
Max imposter moons TV viewers The Hutchinson News
Harrisonburg Daily News-Record
Wisconsin State Journal
The Salina Journal
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The Miami News
Lifeline USA Today 1987-11-24
Video prankster's 'return' was a joke Chicago Tribune 1987-11-25
News, notes and nonsense Chicago Tribune 1987-11-25
Chi TV Pirate Grins & Bares It, Interrupting Station Programming Variety 1987-11-25
Channel 5 unamused by Max Headroom gag Daily Herald 1987-11-26
Headroom Jams 'Doctor Who' Show Farmington Daily Times
Aiken Standard
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The Vidette-Messenger
LPB to begin Winterfest on Nov. 29 The Advocate (Baton Rouge) 1987-11-27
Look who's in town to support Channel 8 Houston Chronicle 1987-11-27
Dr. Who and the electronic pirate Chicago Tribune 1987-11-30
A critical examination of the mythological and symbolic elements of two modern science fiction series: "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who" Louisiana State University thesis 1987-12-01
Club Reveals Who They Love The Harvard Crimson 1987-12-02
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BR fans greet "intergalactic good guy" The Advocate (Baton Rouge) 1987-12-13
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Dr. Who fans should look for The Timelords' new 12-inch The Southtown Star 1988-11-06
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Science Fiction Auction Wausau Daily Herald 1989-01-12
After October, the Doctor is gone!! The Gamecock 1989-02-01
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The Magnus Opus Con 4 Science Fiction and Fantasy Fair has moved The Gamecock 1989-03-01
Tar Heel public TV woos you with festival Wilmington Star-News 1989-03-03
Fantasy convention Spartanburg Herald-Journal 1989-03-07
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Sci-fi fans beam up to Intergalactic Expo Chicago Tribune 1989-03-10
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KERA-TV Whofest '90 The Dallas Morning News 1990-02-02
Dr. Who fans set next meeting The Vidette-Messenger 1990-02-15
The TV Column The Washington Post 1990-03-20
Lost Dr. Who episodes will be shown The Daily Pennsylvanian 1990-03-26
Lost Colony Tardis meeting The Lexington Dispatch 1990-05-16
Guess Who Chronicle-Telegram 1990-08-04
Dietz and 'Dr. Who' The Courier-Journal 1990-08-23
BBC Lionheart Television awards cable TV rights to its classic and popular Doctor Who science-fiction series to the Sci-Fi Channel Business Wire 1990-08-24
Open house The Gadsden Times 1990-09-08
This would be the series' third big-screen leap TV Guide 1990-09-29
Monty Python Fest Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1990-11-30
Doctor Who meets Vladimir Propp: A comparative narrative analysis of myth/folktale and the television science fiction genre Northwestern University thesis 1990-12-01
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The Doctor: In Recovery Starlog 1991-01-03
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The Sunday Doctor Scene 2 and 17 1991-02-01
Magnum Opus Convention Flagpole 1991-02-27
Sergeant At Arms Starlog 1991-03-05
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Scriptwriter, bridge player Nashua Telegraph 1991-09-14
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Dr. Who is just what the doctor ordered for Lambs Farm coffers Chicago Tribune 1991-12-02
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Invasion from Outer Space: Cable's USA Network to Launch Sci-Fi Channel Associated Press 1992-03-31
Sci-Fi Cable Network Likely to Be Bought by USA TV Channel The Wall Street Journal 1992-03-31
Love a TV show? Join the club Chicago Tribune
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Dr. Who followers produce their own MPT pledge videos The Baltimore Sun 1992-08-29
A Channel for Science Fiction Omni 1992-10-01
The Economics of Underwriting Spawn Off-Beat Public Television Warfield's Business Record 1992-10-02
Support a free-standing BC ... uh, BBC The Daily Tar Heel 1992-10-14
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Japanimation, kitsch classics no kids' stuff Chicago Tribune 1992-11-06
Dr Who episodes never before broadcast in America The Daily Pennsylvanian 1992-11-09
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Convention's not lost on space fans The Union-News 1993-11-18
Visions honors British TV sci-fi Chicago Tribune 1993-11-28
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Chicago Tribune
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Closed Circuits and Monitored Lives: Television as Power in Doctor Who Extrapolation 1994-09-01
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Sabalon Glitz delivered a brilliant set at the Empty Bottle Chicago Sun-Times 1994-10-10
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Doctor Who, 2 BBC Dramas, AbFab Released The Washington Post 1996-03-24
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Show Builds on 26-Year Journey Through Time and Space Chicago Sun-Times 1996-05-12
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Doctor Who returns to TV in yet another incarnation Knight Ridder
Beaver County Times
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