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We get Dr Who off his Tardis! (2009)

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SEXY new Time Lord Matt Smith has taken the Daily Star on a sensational journey into his past, present and future.

He revealed all about brothels, nerves, famous mates and the plans he has for taking over the Tardis as the new Doctor Who. We celebrated 26-year-old Matt's £1million, five-year contract by dragging him out for a celebratory booze-up at London's star-studded pub The Hawley Arms.

Sipping the froth off his third pint, he admits he can't believe he's the youngest ever actor to bag the role of the 950-year-old alien.

The Northampton-born star was amazed that he succeeded in the audition: "I thought I was a bit manic, a bit over-energised," he says. "I thought, I'll never hear back from that one."


Fortunately he did and his celebrity mate Christian Slater has been giving him tips on how to deal with becoming an intergalactic superstar.

He appeared alongside Christian, 39, in Swimming With Sharks in London's West End. and says: "He's amazing. I've learnt a great deal from him. It's going to be interesting." Matt admits the Doctor Who costume department are trying to tone down his bohemian dress sense - he is out on the beer with us wearing a pearl necklace, a Wacko Jacko T-shirt and Converse trainers.

"I'm not sure what he'll wear at the moment." he says. "I'm a very elaborate dresser, so they're trying to tone down what I wear in real life for the Doctor."

Fashion has played an important part in his predecessors' roles, with David Tennant's pinstriped suits, Tom Baker's scarves, Peter Davison's cricket jumpers and Jon Pertwee's frilly shirts. And that is what style-conscious Matt is obsessing over.

"I'm a big fan of long coats and rather dashing scarves in eve ay life," he says. "I want him to look the part. It's all so exciting, making him my own. Which monsters will he meet? Will he meet the Daleks? This show is so alive."

Matt isn't afraid of raiding the fancy dress box and played a cross-dressing son in That Face. He also got in touch with his feminine side as "Gay Gary" in Citizenship, which saw him smooching the chops off another man.

And the metrosexual is just as precious about his pretty locks as the vainest girl. "I'm not chopping this off," he says. "I think it's very Doctorish."

Matt knows exactly what "Doctorish" is because he's been swotting up on the role.

"I wasn't a Who fan, I have to be honest," he admits. "I'm realising that people love this show, people are avid, avid fans of it, and know it, and know its history and are part of it.

"I can't claim to know it as well as that, but I'm going to make it my business to do so." The Doc's new companion had better watch out - the TV hunk has an eye for the ladies and particularly enjoyed filming brothel scenes for his latest BBC series, Moses Jones, in which he appears with Human Traffic star Shaun Parkes, 36. He says: "It felt like a real-life brothel, which was a bonus. "It was our first day of shooting and we got there and there were loads of naked women everywhere.

"Me and Shaun were like: 'Oh well, this is OK, it should be all right!"'

And what are Matt's plans for the floppy-haired new Doc?

He reckons he will work the part out with the producers. "We'll talk about how we feel it can fly, and sing and be as brilliant and as Doctor-y as it can be," he explains.

We can't wait. If only we had a Tardis to travel to 2010, when Matt steps into the Doctor's trainers.


3 FACES OF MATT: In new series Moses Jones, in drag for That Face, left, and preparing to take over the Tardis, above

ON STAGE: As Gay Gary. Below: with Christian Slater

TIME FOR A CHANGE: Matt works out how he'll play the youngest ever Doctor Who

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