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Who Knows Who Best? (1983)

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Who Knows Who Best?

Mrs Who, that's who!

MRS WHO knows Dr Who best. No doubt about that. As contestants on the Mr. and Mrs. television quiz show, Dr. and Mrs. Who would do very well.

In real life Dr. Who is actor Peter Davison. His assistant in the world of marriage is actress Sandra Dickinson, best known for her appearances on television quiz shows and as the girl in the St. Bruno tobacco commercial.

SHE is a small, bubbly, talkative American blonde.

HE is a tall, fair, reserved. typically English gentleman,

They have been married four years. For fun we set them a Mr and Mrs type quiz.

Sandra, what is Peter's favourite sport?

"That's easy. Cricket. He loves the game. watching and playing. He's a member of a showbusiness team.


"He's extremely modest but honestly, he plays really well. I love going to watch him play — he looks so lovely in his cricket whites."

Peter said: "Yee. I love cricket, but I'm sure Sandra exaggerated my ability."

Sandra, who is the boss in your house?

"We both like to think the other is. We each give in some of the time. I make most of the household decisions but Peter has very good taste and we choose furnishings and decorations together.

"I do all of the cooking but Peter brings me a cup of tea in bed every morning.


"I love housework and have turned down lots of acting parts to stay home and play housewife. Peter does the man's jobs like putting up shelves and mending fuses."

Peter said: "I suppose I am the boss. No, it's really six of one and half a dozen of the other. Sandra is very good at organising things like bills so I leave that to her.

"She is a real little housewife. loves cleaning and polishing. She is not very tidy though. so I tend to tidy up in one great bout every few weeks."

Sandra, do you argue a lot?

"No. We tend to laugh a lot together so things don't get really serious. I suppose we agree on most things."

Peter said: " We discuss things but there are no flaming rows. Sometimes we just agree to differ."


Peter, when did you fall in love?

"In Edinburgh. It was one lunchtime during a break from rehearsals. I got slightly tiddly on cider—not something I usually do. Suddenly I looked across at Sandra and realised I was in love with her."

Sandra said: "We were appearing together as lovers in this play in Edinburgh. and I had spent the whole time criticising him professionally.

"One day we were standing in the rain waiting for a bus and I really looked at him for the first time. Suddenly, I was in love."

Peter. what is Sandra's worst fault?

"She has no sense of direction. We can be driving through north London and she thinks we are south of the river. I don't know how she finds her way anywhere.

"Also, she won't throw any clothes away. No matter how old they are she always thinks she might wear them again one day. She has four wardrobes full!"


Sandra said: I now it sounds soppy but I really don't think Peter has any faults. There's just nothing about him that annoys me."

Peter, whose acting career is most important?

"Mine at the moment. Sandra isn't ambitious enough. She turns down parts so she can stay home with me."

Sandra said: "I'm very ambitious for Peter and so proud of his success. I'm in the happy position of being able to choose the work I want to do."

Peter is deciding whether to do another series of Dr Who.

"Or maybe Sandra could work to support me," he joked.

"She was more famous than I when we met. I'd be quite happy to go back to that situation."

Peter Davison and Sandra Dickinson ... our Mr And Mrs quiz proves that they are a perfect pair


Caption: Husband Peter at his favourite sport

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