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chronological view
title publication date
Type 40 Dr. Who Ottawa Citizen 1986-01-03
Marvellous Tripods deserve a third series Radio Times 1986-01-04
Super Science Action Saturday The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-01-11
Will Dr. Who make the Grade? Liverpool Echo 1986-01-13
BBC keeps option of killing Dr Who The Times 1986-01-14
BBC doubts on future of Dr Who The Times 1986-01-14
A comic book convention Chicago Tribune 1986-01-18
Will the new Who get exterminated? The Sydney Morning Herald 1986-01-20
Janet's come a long way Daily Record 1986-01-21
Bonnie is Dr. Who's new girl Evening Chronicle 1986-01-23
Time for a change-- It's Bonnie! Edinburgh Evening News 1986-01-23
Bubbly Bonnie joins the Doctor Liverpool Echo 1986-01-23
Bonnie lands with Dr Who Daily Star 1986-01-24
The Bookplace The Stanford Daily 1986-01-24
Portraying violence in BBC's drama The Stage and Television Today 1986-01-30
Television's Time Lord Comes To Radio The Daily Dispatch
Quad-City Times
Brains in Boxes Starburst 1986-02-01
Doctor Who — Timeview Starburst 1986-02-01
How Dr Who grew into a Dr Huge The Sun 1986-02-17
Science fiction fans to gather Wisconsin State Journal 1986-02-21
Doctor Who festival set for Tampa The Tampa Tribune 1986-02-23
What, when and where of 'Who' Tampa Bay Times 1986-02-28
Flotsam & jetsam North Shore 1986-03-01
Don't look now but I think it's Michael Grade Daily Star 1986-03-01
Dr. Who at last (Indianapolis News) Indianapolis News 1986-03-01
Colin Baker: The Cat Who Walks by Himself Starlog 1986-03-06
Do you know how I can get in contact with Mr. Tom Baker The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-03-09
A meddlesome companion The Tampa Tribune 1986-03-09
Dr. Who Festival Tonight The Morning Call 1986-03-10
Dr. Who fans get their wish; Channel 20 to carry the show The Indianapolis Star 1986-03-13
Dr Who's 'Shock' Return The Sydney Morning Herald 1986-03-16
Calling all Dr. Who fans Nashua Telegraph 1986-03-20
Prydonians of Prynceton dedicated to enjoyment of low-budget Dr. Who Home News Tribune 1986-03-21
Dr. Who in Trenton The New York Times 1986-03-23
Laid-Forward Dr. Who Saves a World a Week The Washington Post 1986-03-28
Terry Nation: Of Tin Cans and Rebels Starlog 1986-04-03
Space invaders from Hollywood Chicago Sun-Times 1986-04-06
What a carry-on for two-gun Joan Daily Mail 1986-04-08
The greatest Dr Who of all makes a comeback The Sydney Morning Herald 1986-04-09
Cable company cuts 'Dr. Who' in New Mexico El Paso Times 1986-04-10
New look for Dr. Who The Newcastle Journal 1986-04-12
New-look Dr Who for autumn The Herald 1986-04-12
Knock, knock, Dr Who's there Daily Express 1986-04-12
Doctor back The Times 1986-04-12
Dr Ho-ho-Who gets new look Daily Express 1986-04-12
Dr. Who is to make trek into Dixie The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-04-15
Dr Who comes down to earth Liverpool Echo 1986-04-21
The Commerce of Fantasy The Province 1986-04-25
Doctor Who-ot Bournemouth Entertainer 1986-04-26
Lindy Chamberlain saga to be major British film The Sydney Morning Herald 1986-04-28
Dr. Who traveling exhibition The Washington Post 1986-04-30
Who's on hold Chicago Tribune 1986-05-02
Terrance Dicks: The Five Lives of "Doctor Who" Starlog 1986-05-06
I'll catch those blasted kids at it, one day! Punch 1986-05-07
The Doctor Who Traveling Exhibit The Washington Post 1986-05-09
A doctor with his work cut out Edinburgh Evening News 1986-05-20
True 'Doctor Who' fans ignore low-budget blues St. Paul Pioneer Press 1986-05-23
Whovent '86 East The Philadelphia Inquirer 1986-05-23
Festival draws fans of TV's Dr. Who Minneapolis Star Tribune 1986-05-24
Doctor Who tour to land in Bucks County The Morning Call 1986-05-29
Traveling exhibit features animated monsters and villains from the television program The Philadelphia Inquirer 1986-05-30
Curious? There's a board for almost any concern under the cursor Chicago Tribune 1986-05-30
Who's here? It's Dr. Who and his fans Wisconsin State Journal 1986-05-30
Find adventure with Dr Who The Sydney Morning Herald 1986-06-01
Are there any Trekies out there? The Indiana Jewish Post & Opinion 1986-06-04
CMU has largest university PBS after Adding Airwaves Chippewa 1986-06-05
Guide to local sic-fi sources Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1986-06-06
For local fans, it's a 'Doctor Who' exhibit The Times-Leader 1986-06-13
Exterminate hunger Radio Times 1986-06-14
Doctor Who Tour Due at Area Malls The Times-Tribune 1986-06-19
Dr. Who U.S.A. Tour The Morning Call 1986-06-19
An afternoon of fun watching video tapes of Dr. Who and role playing The Miami News 1986-06-20
Miss Daphne Heard The Times 1986-06-24
Doctor Who pays visit to Portland Statesman Journal 1986-06-27
Doctor Who convention to be held here The Spokesman-Review 1986-06-27
Lively alien Austin American-Statesman 1986-06-29
The strange and lively devotees of TV's Dr. Who The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1986-07-03
Sarah's Dalek dialect! Liverpool Echo 1986-07-04
Sarah almost silences Dalek East Anglican Daily Times 1986-07-04
Doing in a Dalek used to be more fun The Province 1986-07-18
Makes you proud to be an American couch potato Hartford Courant 1986-07-22
Dr Who meets an alien Liverpool Echo 1986-07-28
Video review Bournemouth Advertiser 1986-07-31
Peter Davison Scene 2 and 17 1986-08-01
Dr. Who Whovent rescheduled The Tennessean 1986-08-04
Who's ready to break out The Herald (Ireland) 1986-08-06
Things have come a long way since Patrick Troughton played Doctor Who The Stage and Television Today 1986-08-07
Dr. Who fans form local club The Sentinel 1986-08-09
Sheer simplicity the key to Doctor Who's popularity Toronto Star 1986-08-20
Dr. Who scheduled The Odessa American 1986-08-21
Dr. Who Festival held tonight Home News Tribune 1986-08-22
How Dr. Who Begat Dr. Who Newsday 1986-08-22
Comic Relief Asbury Park Press 1986-08-27
WMFE reaching for younger pockets Orlando Sentinel 1986-08-27
Doctor Who stars lashed The Sun 1986-08-30
The Doctor on trial in new television series The Times 1986-08-30
Britain's Dr. Who Captivates Fans In U.S. The New York Times 1986-09-01
Nicholas Courtney (1986) Starlog 1986-09-02
Doctor Who Exhibit to Be At Latham Mall The Schenectady Gazette 1986-09-05
What's what on Who Radio Times 1986-09-06
Guess who's back at last? Radio Times 1986-09-06
Tonic for Dr Who .. The Mirror 1986-09-06
Calling Dr Who: It's time to fly! Liverpool Echo 1986-09-06
How Peri survived Daily Mail 1986-09-06
The good doctor returns Today 1986-09-06
Programming Laid With Wall-To-Wall Irony Financial Times 1986-09-10
Dr Who Chief Zapped By TV Script Editor The Stage and Television Today 1986-09-11
And it's about time too ... Today 1986-09-13
Tony Selby plays a galactic pirate Daily Express 1986-09-13
Who talks at Hilton to launch syndicate The Diamondback 1986-09-15
Like a trip to the moon The Herald (Ireland) 1986-09-15
Area fans honor longest-running drama series The Daily Pennsylvanian 1986-09-15
Time lords! Edinburgh Evening News 1986-09-17
Dr. Who Under Stethoscope Variety 1986-09-17
Forbidden Planet Variety 1986-09-17
Doctor Who needs a script cure The Stage and Television Today 1986-09-18
Who came to Earth in Atlanta? - It's Dr. Who, fresh from outer space! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-09-19
Good Doctors make a house call Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1986-09-20
Like Star Trek? The Eagle 1986-09-22
Another life for Dr Who: BBC show revitalised The Canberra Times 1986-09-22
Have a go! The Sun 1986-09-24
Thank goodness Dr Who is back The Mirror 1986-09-25
Musical time-warp for Doctor Who Radio Times 1986-09-27
Zany world of Dr. Who The Herald (Ireland) 1986-09-27
Dennis Spooner Variety 1986-10-01
Doctor On Call (Airwaves) Airwaves 1986-10-01
I'm an avid Dr. Who fan Scene 2 and 17 1986-10-01
Mary Tamm filmis Vaba Eestlane 1986-10-01
Visiting the Future Starburst 1986-10-01
Dennis Spooner obituary The Stage and Television Today 1986-10-02
What Goes On Pawtucket Fest The Providence Journal 1986-10-03
The odious slug with an eerie laugh Today 1986-10-04
Dr. Who's fans meet in this galaxy Minneapolis Star Tribune 1986-10-04
Doctor Who fans crowded festival St. Paul Pioneer Press 1986-10-05
El Paso Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance El Paso Times 1986-10-08
Who's who? (Skyway News) Skyway News 1986-10-09
Mystery play Daily Herald 1986-10-10
Hot Achievers Daily Express 1986-10-10
A woman's place is on the board The Observer 1986-10-19
Star struck The Cincinnati Enquirer 1986-10-20
There will be a prize for the longest Dr. Who Scarf! The Daily Tar Heel 1986-10-20
Bonnie pal for Dr Who The Sun 1986-10-21
Who's the new girl? Today 1986-10-21
If the stars team up for success at the double Daily Mail 1986-10-21
Doctor's bonny screamer The Northern Echo 1986-10-21
Who's hoping to make the Grade Daily Express 1986-10-25
Who too scary The Sun 1986-10-25
Who's that actor? Liverpool Echo 1986-10-29
Bonnie's bouncing in to boss the Doc Daily Express 1986-11-01
Attention Dr. Who fans Nashua Telegraph 1986-11-02
New "Doctor Who" Companion Starlog 1986-11-04
Doctor Who Tours U.S. During Hiatus Starlog 1986-11-04
Win a 30s TV set for the 80s Radio Times 1986-11-08
We'd like to tell you about a new personal computer The Sunday Times
Financial Times
Dr. Who Program at Canyon Country Library The Newhall Signal & Saugus Enterprise 1986-11-09
TV mailbag Chicago Tribune 1986-11-09
Broadcasting Museum Pays Tribute to the BBC The New York Times 1986-11-15
Homeless Dr Who helps kids Liverpool Echo 1986-11-17
Dr Who sells Tardis to help the children The Herald 1986-11-18
Who's That Fiend? Liverpool Echo 1986-11-19
Ian Marter, 1986 Comics Buyer's Guide 1986-11-21
Life in the dog house! TV Times 1986-11-22
Thanks a million! Five times over! Liverpool Echo 1986-11-22
BBC shows are entering U.S. video market The Philadelphia Inquirer 1986-11-23
Trial of a Time Lord The Mirror 1986-11-29
Doctor Who's Who's Who and the very first Doctor The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1986-11-30
Doctor Who Special Effects Starburst 1986-12-01
Doctor Who Fan Clubs Scene 2 and 17 1986-12-01
Dr. Who Fest Dial Eleven 1986-12-01
Make Dr. Who great again Daily Star 1986-12-06
My Word The Mirror 1986-12-07
Dalek Beats Tory in Poll The Mirror 1986-12-11
Dr. Who: time runs out The Herald (Ireland) 1986-12-16
Doctor Who has made millions of house calls in his 23 years Gannett News Service
The Courier-News (New Jersey)
Hattiesburg American
The News-Messenger
The Shreveport Times
Who will be the next Doctor? Today 1986-12-18
January Science Fiction Month at library The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1986-12-18
The good Doctor triumphed once again The Stage and Television Today 1986-12-18
Search is on for seventh Dr Who Daily Express 1986-12-19
Dr Who actor runs out of time Daily Mail 1986-12-19
Who's Next? TV Hunts Doc No 7 The Sun 1986-12-19
Material dilemma for Dr Who The Guardian 1986-12-19
Colin Baker quits as the Doctor The Herald 1986-12-19
Doctor Who changes The Times 1986-12-19
Change Dr Who's sex! Daily Star
Daily Express
Alexei's set to be Dr Who The Sun 1986-12-20
Is this the new face of Dr Who? Daily Express 1986-12-20
Who next? How about a Time Lady? Daily Mail 1986-12-20
Sex Change for Dr Who! The Mirror 1986-12-20
Never mind the doctor, just exterminate Bonnie Langford The Mirror 1986-12-22
It's a rare moment Liverpool Echo 1986-12-29

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