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A new family series 1963-09-13
New BBC schedule 1963-09-13
A one-year run has been promised for Dr. Who 1963-09-16
There's a 'Think Big' Trend At BBC-TV, Notably in Drama Area 1963-09-19
Britain All Set To Take Wraps Off a New TV Season As BBC, Indies Jockey For Rating Posts 1963-10-02
Where Sydney Newman Goes, So Go Producers, Directors, Writers 1963-10-09
ITV can expect a jolt when the BBC launches its 'Dr. Who' 1963-10-24
Next week in Radio Times 1963-11-14
A new series of adventures in space and time 1963-11-17
Dr. Who? That is just the point 1963-11-21
Highlights 1963-11-21
BBC to Wage War Over TV Serials 1963-11-22
Kennedy Assassinated 1963-11-23
Week-end Broadcasting Programmes 1963-11-23
BBC Saturday 1963-11-23
To-day's Television and Radio 1963-11-23
Circumstances were hardly favorable for the An Unearthly Child of the B.B.C.'s space satellite Dr. Who 1963-11-25
BBC To Increase Its Out Of 'Audience-Catchers' 1963-11-28
BBC plans for new serials 1963-11-28
High camp for kiddies 1963-12-01
A chance to see the first episode of the BBC's "Dr Who" over again 1963-12-02
BBC Stepping Up Its Drama Output (For Webs 1 & 2) 1963-12-04
Dr. Who (Variety) 1963-12-04
Meant for children but this will get a much wider audience 1963-12-05
Verity's tune is way out of this world! 1963-12-07
Music That Fits 1963-12-15
Radio en TV 1963-12-28
A Down-to-Earth pose for a TV Space girl 1964-01-18
She's Swinging on a Star 1964-01-18
TV Daleks go to the orphans 1964-02-02
A home for two Darleks 1964-02-04
BBC robots for Dr. Barnardo's 1964-02-04
If you want to buy a Dalek try the BBC 1964-02-08
Children's television 1964-02-20
Marco Polo 1964-02-22
Guess Who .. 1964-02-22
Everybody loves Saturday night? 1964-02-28
Robot to sell rag magazine 1964-02-28
Picture parade 1964-03-01
Place The Face: Carole Ann Ford 1964-03-12
TV for the family 1964-03-12
Doing The Boston Crab 1964-03-12
Let there be (electronic) music 1964-03-12
Coming Back -- The Daleks! 1964-03-13
Family programmes 1964-03-13
It occurs to me that -- 1964-03-27
Do-it-yourself Daleks are coming 1964-04-02
London Diary 1964-04-03
New TV monsters will rival the Daleks 1964-04-09
After the Daleks a new horror— VOORDS 1964-04-09
A new adventure on a strange planet begins today 1964-04-09
In the grip of a Voord! 1964-04-11
My word—it's a Voord 1964-04-11
The Flutters 1964-05-16
Dr. Who: The Aztecs 1964-05-28
Children's television (The Guardian) 1964-07-03
TV's 'Dr Who' Gets A Dressing Down 1964-07-03
Educators Blast British Kid Shows, Both BBC & Com'l 1964-07-08
The Man Who's Who 1964-07-16
Stand by for a Dalek invasion 1964-08-08
BBC sales success 1964-08-14
Verbaasd staren Londense voorbijgangers naar een vreemd voorwerp op de Westminster Bridge 1964-08-22
Susan says goodbye to Dr. Who 1964-09-03
Scientists invent a thought machine 1964-09-10
The Children are Watching 1964-10-01
Top disc jockey for Balmoral exhibition 1964-10-08
60,000 Expected At Radio Show 1964-10-12
The Return of Dr. Who 1964-10-29
The cast of BBC-1's Dr. Who 1964-10-29
New Space - Fiction Serial 1964-10-30
Dalek of Dr. Who fame 1964-11-13
The Daleks Are Back 1964-11-16
Why can't they write for women? 1964-11-19
The Daleks are Here! 1964-11-19
Disenchanted with Daleks 1964-11-21
Better Hide Your Wallet, Cause the Daleks are Coming 1964-11-21
The Degaullek 1964-11-25
My young son never misses BBC television's "Dr. Who" on Saturdays 1964-11-26
Behind every Dalek there's this woman 1964-11-28
Juvenile S.F. 1964-11-29
Be a real Dalek 1964-12-01
A Viewpointer from Wembley 1964-12-03
Reflections in My Kitchen Window 1964-12-03
Maureen has a date with Dr. Who 1964-12-05
The Dalek Book 1964-12-07
Barbara has tea with the Daleks 1964-12-10
It is probable in a family household that Dr Who (BBC 1) should be switched on each Saturday 1964-12-11
50 Daleks to be won 1964-12-11
Be-ware Earth-men! 1964-12-11
Win a Dalek! 1964-12-12
Meet the Slyther 1964-12-14
Bright ideas for Santa 1964-12-15
The Danger in a Dalek 1964-12-17
Dalek from Norman 1964-12-18
Mum! It works! -- Come and ask Dad! 1964-12-19
Trap the odd Dalek 1964-12-24
Daleks are winning the toy counter 'war' 1964-12-24
Dead, but they won't lie down 1964-12-28
Monsters on march 1964-12-28
Daleks steal the show at Olympia 1964-12-29
Queue up, said the Daleks 1964-12-29
Out of this world (Daily Mail) 1964-12-29
Dalek shares pulpit with the rector 1964-12-30
From Beatleland—It's the Daleks 1965-01-03
Weird exile from space 1965-01-06
6ft ant is BBC's latest TV monster 1965-01-06
Our look what's following the Daleks 1965-01-06
After those Daleks, more monsters on Saturday afternoon 1965-01-06
I overcame by allergy to science fiction to watch the new Dr. Who series 1965-01-06
Spaceman Bill is down-to-Earth 1965-01-07
In Engeland worden monsters op de televisie bijzonder populair 1965-01-08
James Bond meets Noddy and the Daleks 1965-01-09
Who's Who? (TV Week) 1965-01-09
What to stay home for 1965-01-11
First programme in a new B.B.C. science fiction adventure serial 1965-01-11
When? 1965-01-11
Lotsa Ghoul Excitement on Brit. TV 1965-01-13
Television at the weekend 1965-01-18
Keeping the Children Happy and Informed 1965-01-23
Will this man influence young minds? 1965-01-23
Free Daleks 1965-01-28
BBC ban on 'Morse code' record 1965-01-29
The Perishers 1965-01-30
Calling D for Dalek 1965-01-30
The Boys' Brigade 1965-02-01
BB Operate The Daleks At Boys' And Girls' Exhibition 1965-02-01
Successful Dr. Who series is Verity's first assignment 1965-02-05
In the beginning... 1965-02-07
Did you know? 1965-02-10
Why Ray can't exploit those Daleks 1965-02-13
'Ware the Daleks 1965-02-19
Dr. Who meets dreaded Daleks 1965-02-27
Spotlight on this top TV series 1965-02-27
Now the Daleks move in for cinema invasion 1965-03-05
Ban Record 1965-03-05
The Daleks Are Invading Coventry Co-operative 1965-03-05
Dr... What! 1965-03-06
Invasion 1965-03-06
Moseley Infant School 1965-03-06
Hits on BBC Sci-Fi Series Invading Pix 1965-03-07
Daleks on her mind 1965-03-09
Daleks on the Move 1965-03-11
The Blood Maggot from Drain X 1965-03-13
B B C plans to bring the Daleks back to life 1965-03-13
Terribly Unfair To The Daleks! 1965-03-13
Life with the Daleks was never like this 1965-03-13
Terry Nation's pepperpot monsters certainly get around! 1965-03-18
He dishes out fifteen million thrills a week 1965-03-20
Square wave, hip sound 1965-03-21
Doctor in Space 1965-03-24
Dr. Who and The Lionheart 1965-03-27
Once bitten, Bill's not shy 1965-03-27
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 1965-04-01
Do-It-Yourself Dalek 1965-04-01
And Now, Dr. Who's Who 1965-04-01
Dr. Who losing his fellow travelers 1965-04-02
Barbara and Ian leaving 'Dr. Who' 1965-04-02
A Dalek is (now) a many-splendoured thing 1965-04-08
Dr. Who and Daleks at Bingley Hall 1965-04-10
The Daleks meet their match in this flame-belching Mechanoid 1965-04-15
Mechanoids Challenge The Daleks 1965-04-15
I can see only the wooden charmlessness of the adventurers 1965-04-16
Daleks' Doom 1965-04-17
Doctor Who Goes Back To Marco Polo Days 1965-04-17
Doctor Who In New Series 1965-04-18
Puppets 1965-04-22
Two of the gentle Thals 1965-05-05
Robots from another planet 1965-05-12
The Climate for Experiment 1965-05-12
William Hartnell as Dr. Who 1965-05-16
Drama and light entertainment (1965-05-27) 1965-05-27
Broke but not downhearted 1965-05-31
Dr Who down to Earth 1965-06-03
The Dalek invasion of Cannes 1965-06-03
The Vicious Voords Menace To Dr. Who 1965-06-13
Take a Dalek to the beach 1965-06-16
Drama and light entertainment (1965-06-17) 1965-06-17
New Space Chills Via Flesh-Eaters 1965-06-19
Studio One 1965-06-20
What Comes In Cans And Is Nasty? 1965-06-23
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Kinematograph Weekly) 1965-06-24
Studio One (Tomorrow) (The Times) 1965-06-24
Space-Machine doctor 1965-06-25
Kid's Stuff 1965-06-25
Dr. Who and his space adventurers meet a new enemy 1965-06-25
Doctored-Who and the Daleks 1965-06-25
Girls chase Dr. Who 1965-06-25
Consultants anonymous 1965-06-27
Battle of the robots made this best yet 1965-07-01
Ex-ter-min-ate Them! 1965-07-01
Dr. Who & The Daleks (Daily Cinema) 1965-07-01
A-t-t-e-n-t-i-o-n : You can win a dalek! 1965-07-01
Stephanie has a date with Dr. Who! 1965-07-02
Dr. Who & The Daleks 1965-07-07
Unlucky planet 1965-07-07
The times of the Aztecs 1965-07-19
My View ... by Bill Edmund 1965-07-22
Studio One (The Times) 1965-07-22
TV Jumper for a 'Dalek' Fan 1965-07-22
Deadly Dolls 1965-07-28
Dr. Who and the Daleks 1965-08-01
A lack of method in their madness 1965-08-02
Almost everyone seems to be making a lot of money out of the Daleks except the man who designed them 1965-08-03
Me, Dalek. 1965-08-04
Dr. Who v Vargas 1965-08-07
UGH calls up new monsters to face Dr. Who 1965-08-07
Dr. Who's new enemies 1965-08-07
Bold style 1965-08-09
Weirdies 1965-08-12
Daleks Invading the A.B.C. 1965-08-13
Daleks steal the show from Dr. and Co. 1965-08-14
Horrors--on TV 1965-08-21
The children might like it 1965-08-22
Thames Prowler 1965-08-23
Your Film Guide 1965-08-27
Daleks a Hit In BBC Serial 1965-08-31
Television actor William Hartnell is quite happy to be known now as Dr Who 1965-09-01
New four-part Dr. Who 1965-09-09
Top Gear Column 1965-09-10
New Beach Aid 1965-09-16
Tarnished! The heroes of my childhood 1965-09-16
ITV Declares War on Dr Who 1965-09-21
Drama and light entertainment (1965-09-30) 1965-09-30
The Daleks on the Stage 1965-09-30
Chit Chat 1965-09-30
Dr. Who Again 1965-09-30
No Robots 1965-10-04
Roll-around cut-outs 1965-10-06
Daleks arrive from out of space? 1965-10-14
Sit Tight -- The Daleks are Here! 1965-10-22
They're going bald headed for Dr. Who 1965-10-23
Daleks are coming for Christmas 1965-10-23
Bald-Headed for Dr. Who 1965-10-23
Dr. Who set 'em painting for Mercury prizes 1965-10-29
Dalek Parade 1965-10-31
Television in the Service of Science Fiction 1965-11-06
In the new adventure beginning this afternoon the space-time travellers encounter their old enemies 1965-11-11
Voice Behind the Daleks 1965-11-13
Space girls land in Belfast 1965-11-19
Meet the Daleks in Ann Street 1965-11-22
Toyshop roundabout 1965-11-22
Wyndham's 1965-11-24
Games of Action Brighten Season 1965-11-25
The Dalek contest featured in TV 21 was an enormous success 1965-11-25
Dr. Who and Co top the toy charts 1965-11-26
Dr. Who helps to rob '1984' of impact 1965-11-29
Face to face 1965-11-29
Ann Street Christmas List 1965-11-29
Dr. Who, as he appears in the British science-fiction TV series 1965-12-01
Dalek Tickets 1965-12-01
A touch of The Avengers: The new girl linking up with Dr Who tonight 1965-12-04
Look out, Daleks! Sara is gunning for you 1965-12-04
Hurry to Ann Street 1965-12-08
Why I have banned 'Dr. Who' in our home 1965-12-09
A tiny glimmer of hope appears for the de-materialised Doctor and Steven in tonight's episode 1965-12-09
Arrangements are being made for the dubbing in Arabic 1965-12-10
Warning 1965-12-14
Ann Street One Stop Shopping for Your Last Minute Gifts 1965-12-15
The Daleks Invade Earth 1965-12-16
The Curse of the Daleks opens at Wyndham's Theatre 1965-12-18
Moderately enjoyable fare for juveniles undaunted by spooky forests and Things 1965-12-20
The Curse of the Daleks at Wyndham's 1965-12-22
The Curse of the Daleks (Financial Times) 1965-12-22
The Daleks Come to Life 1965-12-22
The Daleks split the audience 1965-12-22
Now take your seats for a trip to the Moon, boys and girls 1965-12-25
A seasonable bit of goodwill 1965-12-30
Let's go to a Show! 1965-12-31
Home hospitals make them happy 1966-01-02
Opened last week 1966-01-02
Dr Who meets the sophisticates 1966-01-03
Dalek note on the beach 1966-01-05
The mystery of the identity of the villainous controller of the Daleks is made unguessable 1966-01-06
We can doubt whether there has been any pantomime on the planet Skaro 1966-01-08
Personal column 1966-01-20
Daleks Again 1966-01-27
Daleks losing their grip 1966-01-27
The older they are the more they tend to watch the BBC 1966-01-27
The Early Birds 1966-01-29
Doctor Who's who 1966-01-31
A Dalek Carries the Can 1966-01-31
The man behind U.N.C.L.E. 1966-02-03
Switched-on kids 1966-02-06
Something awful haunts the Doc 1966-02-19
Beauty and the one-eyed beast 1966-02-19
What's Jill aiming at? 1966-02-26
The start of a new story in four parts 1966-03-05
Dr. Who has a new friend 1966-03-05
The drift from tv to film features 1966-03-10
Stephanie scores a double with Doc Who and Dock Green 1966-03-12
Jill Curzon discussing her next scene in "Daleks Invade Earth, 2150 AD" 1966-03-17
Drama and light entertainment (1966-03-17) 1966-03-17
Quick, the ray gun ..! 1966-03-24
Seven channels in the Seventies 1966-03-31
Soviet visit to Shepperton 1966-03-31
No more Monoids 1966-03-31
Dr. Who plays the Trilogic Game 1966-03-31
Drama and light entertainment (1966-04-07) 1966-04-07
With some futuristic machinery in the background 1966-04-07
Dear little things 1966-04-10
Is Dr Who Too Cruel For 5.50 pm? 1966-04-16
Shades of Dr Who behind new toys 1966-04-19
Robin Hood is still a wow in Sydney 1966-04-21
Oh, the Agony of Being Dr Who 1966-04-23
Dr. Who to Make Bow In St. Louis Area May 11 1966-05-02
Meet the Monoids 1966-05-09
Fantastic adventure into world of the Daleks 1966-05-11
Radcliffe Coed, Robot 'Married' 1966-05-13
Pseudo-Science Fiction 1966-05-13
Studente huwt robot 1966-05-14
Mistake to go West with Dr. Who 1966-05-19
This little girl might well have been horrified 1966-05-21
Ewen Solon appears under a mountain of make-up 1966-05-28
Review Flashes 1966-06-06
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Boxoffice) 1966-06-13
My Dad's a Dalek! 1966-06-22
A new adventure begins under London's newest landmark—the Post Office Tower 1966-06-23
Wonderland Pictures 1966-07-01
A kindly, eccentric old scientist 1966-07-01
Where the Daleks were born 1966-07-01
Set in the Post Office Tower 1966-07-03
Daleks-Invasion Earth 2150 AD 1966-07-14
Studio One (Tomorrow) 1966-07-21
Breakfast with the Daleks... 1966-07-21
Tough clothes for the tender years 1966-07-23
Opening 1966-07-23
Those interfering Daleks seem to be at it again 1966-07-24
This Frankenstein is really such a gentleman 1966-07-24
Guess Who on "Dr Who" 1966-07-25
Daleks--Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. 1966-08-01
Still a nice day ... 1966-08-01
New "Dr Who" Sought 1966-08-06
Dr. Who (Belfast Telegraph) 1966-08-06
Dr Who to quit 1966-08-06
Dr. Who Quits 1966-08-06
A New Who in View, But Who? 1966-08-06
Why I must quit—by Dr Who 1966-08-06
Daleks Invade Earth 2150 A.D. 1966-08-10
ITV Space threat to Dr Who 1966-08-12
Who now? 1966-08-13
A thundering bore 1966-08-20
Dalek Invasion! 1966-08-26
Big value jigsaw puzzles 1966-09-01
New Dr. Who 1966-09-02
New Doctor Who (1966) 1966-09-02
Tougher Dr. Who is chosen 1966-09-02
Drama and light entertainment (1966-09-22) 1966-09-22
Dr. Who Changes Face 1966-09-28
The secretary Dalek 1966-10-05
Exploring the jungle of the eye 1966-10-08
Art gallery in an old warehouse 1966-10-12
Drama and light entertainment (1966-10-13) 1966-10-13
Two O'Clock Rush 1966-10-13
Entire production including Daleks now for sale 1966-10-13
Saturday is cinema day for half a million children 1966-10-29
The strange adventures of ... 'Dr. Who' 1966-10-31
The Daleks are back as Polly and Ben soon find out In tonight's new adventure 1966-11-03
The identity of the new "Dr. Who" 1966-11-05
Enter the New Dr Who 1966-11-05
Dr. Who strikes a good balance 1966-11-17
Drama and light entertainment (1966-11-24) 1966-11-24
I would like to send my heartiest congratulations to the production team of BBC-1's Dr. Who 1966-11-24
Puss In Boots 1966-11-25
From telly to type 1966-11-27
Anglettes 1966-12-08
A powerful influence in the lives of children 1966-12-08
Boy paid £19 for share in 'Dr. Who' time machine, court told 1966-12-10
Who's Who?-- and Where's Dr. Who Tonight? 1966-12-15
A Merry Christmas and Much Success for 1967 1966-12-16
Estreno de la pelicula "Doctor Who y los Daleks", en el Apolo 1967-01-08
Dr Who in a new adventure under the sea 1967-01-12
The Atlantean Fish People 1967-01-14
Doctor who creates Who 1967-02-05
In tonight's adventure the space-time travellers land on the moon and encounter again the evil Cybermen 1967-02-09
Mr "X" and Dr Who 1967-02-15
Ugh! Dr. Who Had Better Watch Out 1967-03-08
Dr Who turns rent collector 1967-03-22
New team write two serials 1967-04-06
Dr. Who Departures 1967-04-13
Dr. Who's loss 1967-04-13
Decree for actress 1967-04-18
The Daleks are coming! 1967-05-01
Dr Who and a succession of delightful monsters 1967-05-18
Children's hour 1967-05-19
Deborah Watling as Victoria 1967-05-29
Dr Who's Space Adventure Book 1967-06-17
Dr Who fights on—in Arabic 1967-08-01
Enterprises Expands 1967-08-11
Deborah Watling: The new girl in "Dr. Who" 1967-08-23
Dr Who in the Scottish Highlands 1967-08-28
In a new adventure the Doctor and his companions land on the planet Telos and face the menace of the terrible Cybermen—and another mysterious peril 1967-08-31
Dr Who's success 1967-09-04
Patrick Troughton makes a younger if less cantankerous Dr. Who 1967-09-12
You've Met Her Father 1967-09-25
A long way from 'The Power Game' 1967-09-27
My grouse? It's Mr. Coleman 1967-09-27
Deborah Watling who is playing Victoria 1967-10-05
Hat-trick for the Watlings 1967-10-07
Now who's this new monster in Dr Who ? 1967-11-11
Look what Father Christmas brought us last year! 1967-11-14
TV monsters design contest 1967-11-20
Our Dr Who Monsters-- By the Children 1967-12-09
Censorship at home 1967-12-11
D.A.N. Jones on Sidney Newman 1967-12-14
Monsters .. from the Minds of 250,000 Children 1967-12-15
I'm not frightened says girl monster inventor 1967-12-15
Aqwa man 1967-12-15
The Daily Mail Schoolboys' and Girls' Exhibition opens at the Empire Hall, Olympia, on Wednesday 1967-12-21
No Daleks in the Square 1967-12-23
The green monster 1967-12-27
The lost boys 1967-12-28
Holiday Task for Tough Uncles 1967-12-28
Puss in Boots 1968-01-04
A sea creature emerges 1968-01-18
Tuning fantasy into reality 1968-01-21
Recognise Him? ... 1968-02-12
Creating A 'Monster' According To Plan 1968-02-19
Abominable Snowman upsets the Underground 1968-03-01
Why we don't classify programmes--BBC 1968-03-07
A new kind of danger 1968-03-09
Jamie, Dr Who's comrade in Space, comes down to earth and finds a girl really out of this world 1968-03-12
More adventure ahead for the girl who made the Cyberman 1968-03-15
Doctor When 1968-03-22
Technics 1968-04-15
Wendy has a date in outer space with Dr. Who 1968-04-17
Wendy is a human computer 1968-04-17
Space girl Wendy tries on the latest look in way-out fashion 1968-05-04
Controlling the world's biggest drama output 1968-05-09
Dr Who music man here 1968-05-09
Everyone needs a best friend 1968-05-11
Story editors, critics and complainers 1968-05-16
The Men Behind the Monsters 1968-05-18
The best series have their virtues 1968-05-23
The compelling challenges that face drama 1968-05-30
Gregory Air Services Ltd 1968-05-31
When An Actor Turns His Back On Security 1968-06-17
Small, cheap — and deadly 1968-06-21
Time to say goodbye to the Daleks 1968-06-27
Who's Who? Dr Who Knows Who 1968-07-17
The cowboys of Space 1968-07-17
Meet The Girls ... 1968-07-29
Jamie parting with Dr Who 1968-09-05
Dr Who lives a most hazardous life 1968-09-14
Tiny Joe Steps Up to Challenge Dr. Who 1968-09-30
Actor's piglet goes to a zoo 1968-09-30
Risky? It's all a matter of taste 1968-10-22
Meet 'The Other Daughter ...' 1968-12-02
Dr. Who and the Daleks is the perfect second feature 1968-12-07
Dr. Who and Jamie to quit BBC show 1969-01-07
Now Who Will Be the New Dr. Who? 1969-01-07
Living Dead and Dr. Who Citywide 1969-01-10
Dr Who—Why? 1969-03-03
Dr. Who's coming adventure 1969-03-06
Dr. Who actor hit by car 1969-03-10
Who does it 1969-03-14
Back on earth for The War Games 1969-04-17
Daleks in Edinburgh 1969-04-22
Dr Who - Can He Survive Final Peril? 1969-05-31
Space hero replacing 'Dr. Who' 1969-06-02
U.S. series replaces Dr. Who 1969-06-05
The New Dr Who Meets an Old Foe 1969-06-21
Dr Who switch 1969-06-21
Jon Pertwee is Dr. Who 1969-06-21
Dr Jon Who 1969-06-21
There Will Always Be A Place For You Know Who 1969-06-21
End of time for Dr Who 1969-06-21
Dr. Who role for Jon Pertwee 1969-06-21
Straight into a new world with Dr. Who 1969-06-23
Pertwee is new Dr. Who 1969-06-26
Televiewpoint 1969-06-28
Deus ex Machina? 1969-07-10
Robots With Eyes 1969-09-09
Dr Who Boxes Go 1969-09-26
Waris Hussein 1969-09-30
BBC drama all in colour next year 1969-11-06
Our flying camera team 1969-12-19