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article date of article publication
Dr. What? The next Who's a lady 2017-07-14 Philadelphia Daily News
Happy 50th, Doctor Who 2013-11-23 Ottawa Citizen
Sci-Fi Saturday planned in Wausau 1997-01-23 Stevens Point Journal
Mr. Who? 1996-05-11 The Town Talk
Protest removal of WCET 1988-04-24 Dayton Daily News
Dr. Who devotees to meet Saturday 1985-05-03 Stevens Point Journal
Shock 'n' Roll 1984-10-30 The Town Talk
Dr. Who Day 1984-08-03 Philadelphia Daily News
Former 'Dr. Who' star wonders 'why all the fuss?' 1983-07-20 Courier-Post
Expanded show spells headaches for WVIA 1983-01-13 The Times-Leader
New ray of hope for 'Dr. Who' fans 1981-12-03 Democrat and Chronicle
Peter Sallis 2017-06-06 The Times
About time, lord: Dr Who has gay No 2 2017-04-01 The Times
It's quite fun to indulge the darker aspects of your psyche 2015-12-05 The Irish Times
Growing up in public 2008-04-12 The Irish Times
Who's that doctor? (AP photo) 1982-07-17 Austin American-Statesman
Associated Press
Green Bay Press-Gazette
Q-C 'Time Lords' fans of Dr. Who 1982-05-25 The Daily Dispatch
Dr. Who a cantankerous cult hero 1977-05-17 The Province
The Windsor Star
Calgary Herald
Edmonton Journal
Tempra is a luxury space traveller 1991-01-18 The Times
Auction lures science fiction buffs 1988-04-10 Oshkosh Northwestern
Dr. Who: British exhibit touring states 1987-02-07 The Town Talk
A Convention for Dr. Who Fans 1983-08-19 Philadelphia Daily News
Sci-fi fans know who's 'Who' on TV 1982-06-17 Pensacola News Journal
Sci-fi fans agree: Star Trek's the most enterprising series 1981-06-28 The Fort Lauderdale News
WPBT Pursues Young Audience With 'Benny Hill, "Dr. Who' 1979-05-05 The Fort Lauderdale News
Robin Hood is still a wow in Sydney 1966-04-21 Kinematograph Weekly
With some futuristic machinery in the background 1966-04-07 Kinematograph Weekly
Soviet visit to Shepperton 1966-03-31 Kinematograph Weekly
Jill Curzon discussing her next scene in "Daleks Invade Earth, 2150 AD" 1966-03-17 Kinematograph Weekly
The drift from tv to film features 1966-03-10 Kinematograph Weekly
Daleks Again 1966-01-27 Kinematograph Weekly
Break Time 1984-05-15 Philadelphia Daily News
Yes, Money Isn't Everything, But It Is Something 1984-05-02 Philadelphia Daily News
Stateside Whovians are gathering in summer 1983-08-21 South Bend Tribune
Who's the doctor? 1983-01-30 Enterprise-Journal
Not easy to figure the what and when of Dr. Who 1982-12-26 South Bend Tribune
Who's on first English cult hero has following here 1982-10-12 The Clarion-Ledger
The Curse of the Daleks (Financial Times) 1965-12-22 Financial Times
An Irishman's Diary 2008-12-13 The Irish Times
BBC and Tussauds hold theme park talks 1993-12-06 Financial Times
Mastermind champion 1993-05-17 The Times
Modelmaker dies 1990-12-22 The Times
Warning of decline in TV standards 1990-08-25 The Times
The Swamp People worship Kroll 1978-12-23 Financial Times
How 'Doctor Who' landed in America 2017-08-13 Press & Sun-Bulletin
Who'd Want to Doctor the Tardis? 2017-08-10 Metro (England)
And another thing ... 2017-08-08 Metro (England)
Who says I can't be the Doctor now, asks new Time Lord Jodie 2017-08-08 Metro (England)
Jodie's tears at Doc 'dream' 2017-08-08 Daily Star
I'm emotional at being the first woman Doctor Who says Jodie 2017-08-08 Daily Express
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