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article date of article publication
Happy Birthday, Dr. Who 1984-11-01 Airwaves
An Avid Fan 1983-08-01 Airwaves
What Is This Thing Called Who? 1983-03-01 Airwaves
Time Change for Dr. Who? 1982-12-01 Airwaves
Debating Diversity 2017-07-22 Regina Leader-Post
A female Doctor Who? 2017-04-25 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who Season 10 set for liftoff 2017-04-15 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who: Last Christmas (Regina Leader-Post) 2015-03-07 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who: Series 8 2014-12-20 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who: Deep Breath 2014-09-27 Regina Leader-Post
Witness the origins of Doctor Who in Adventure in Space and Time 2014-06-14 Regina Leader-Post
Say hello to the new Doctor Who 2014-08-21 Regina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Smith to bid farewell to sci-fi hit Doctor Who 2013-11-23 Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who tale a living time capsule 2013-11-22 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series (2013) 2013-11-09 Regina Leader-Post
BBC rolls out the hype in Doctor Who reveal 2013-08-06 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who to go global in fall 2013-07-27 Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who? Matt Smith departure imminent 2013-07-27 Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Make the next Doctor Who a woman 2013-06-13 Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who can be wildly uneven 2013-04-20 Regina Leader-Post
Original Doctor Who girl envies modern series 2013-04-10 Regina Leader-Post
New companion for Doctor Who 2013-03-30 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who: Death To The Daleks 2012-09-08 Regina Leader-Post
Great TV dramas just what the Doctor ordered 2012-09-01 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who turns to film 2012-08-11 Reuters
Regina Leader-Post
Big event: Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe 2011-12-19 Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series (Blu-ray) 2011-12-17 Regina Leader-Post
It's Doc vs. Hitler in new Doctor Who 2011-08-27 Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who shows off its best 2011-08-20 Postmedia News
Regina Leader-Post
Who spinoff is not for kids 2011-06-30 Regina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
New actor has made Doctor Who his own 2011-06-04 Regina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Season 5 of 'Doctor Who' brings new slate of actors 2009-08-04 Regina Leader-Post
Torchwood is getting even better 2007-11-23 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who a pleasure to watch 2007-06-18 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who most family-friendly hour on TV right now 2006-11-20 Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who brought back to life in new series 2005-04-19 Regina Leader-Post
Whovian cults grow in region 1990-03-23 The Daily Times
Fans of 'Dr. Who' are major MPT supporters 1990-03-21 The Evening Sun (Baltimore)
Cult-show conventions 1990-03-16 The Evening Sun (Baltimore)
Weekend's Picks 1990-03-02 The Indianapolis Star
The usual suspects gather for pledge drive 1990-03-02 The Evening Sun (Baltimore)
Who's Dr. Who, anyhow? 1989-12-21 Montgomery Advertiser
Tardis survivors 1998-01-23 Pink Paper
Hartnell's Monsters 1989-09-28 The Shreveport Times
Is public television too snobby? 1989-09-24 Daily News
Who's "It" in Brookfield 1984-11-01 Fine Tuning (Milwaukee)
Who's New? 1984-11-01 Fine Tuning (Milwaukee)
Doctor Who Collection 1984-11-01 Fine Tuning (Milwaukee)
An Appointment with the Doctor 1984-06-01 Fine Tuning (Milwaukee)
Three More Votes for Who 1984-05-01 Fine Tuning (Milwaukee)
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