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article date of article publication
Look Who's Back In Action 2017-04-15 The Mirror
Where next? 2017-04-15 Radio Times
A girl named Bill 2017-04-15 Radio Times
All eyes on new Dr. Who 1987-04-25 The Herald (Ireland)
New look for Dr. Who 1986-04-12 The Newcastle Journal
The Who Interview 1980-03-01 Starburst
Who's the Doc? (Newcastle Journal) 1972-12-30 The Newcastle Journal
Back to the future, with better FX: A new Doctor is in 2006-03-15 The Village Voice
Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks 2017-05-01 The Video Librarian
I can't let Doctor Who pass without comment 1996-08-01 Gay Times
Look Who's hit the big time 2017-04-15 The Mirror
Dr Who — Return of the Lord of Time 1996-03-16 Irish Independent
Stage struck 1993-11-30 The Newcastle Journal
Review of reviews 2017-04-22 The Guardian
Sylvester reveals the real McCoy 1993-10-09 The Newcastle Journal
It's time for a Dr Who special 1993-06-18 The Newcastle Journal
Time's up for Rambo 1992-10-06 The Herald (Ireland)
Who knows 1991-09-27 The Newcastle Journal
New incarnation of TV's most enduring doctor 1996-05-23 Wicklow People
Beware the cybermen 1994-11-18 Pink Paper
The velvet jacket worn by actor Jon Pertwee 1992-07-20 The Newcastle Journal
Carry on, Doctor! 1992-03-25 Liverpool Echo
Partners in time... 2017-04-14 Leicester Mercury
Dodo's travels with The Doctor 1991-06-01 TV Zone
I love funerals 1990-11-13 Liverpool Echo
Dr. Who's 'Galaxy' haven 1990-09-15 The Herald (Ireland)
Dr Who meeting 1990-02-12 Evening Chronicle
The one you watched when you were twelve: regenerations of Doctor Who and enduring fandom's 'life-transitional objects' 2017-04-01 Journal of British Cinema and Television
Just Who Is Dr Happy? 2017-04-21 Daily Star
Selfies could prove deadly for The Doctor 2017-04-19 Daily Star
Who's That Fiend? 1986-11-19 Liverpool Echo
Zany world of Dr. Who 1986-09-27 The Herald (Ireland)
Like a trip to the moon 1986-09-15 The Herald (Ireland)
Who's ready to break out 1986-08-06 The Herald (Ireland)
First Doctor going back to the future 2017-04-18 The Mirror
Doctor Who has a loo and a plot too 2017-04-16 Sunday Express
Star struck! 1995-01-17 Liverpool Echo
Tom Baker is a rather rumpled, disheveled Dr. Who 1994-08-19 Chicago Tribune
Hammer horror king Cushing dies of cancer 1994-08-12 Irish Independent
Dr Who's sex change 1994-02-12 The Herald (Ireland)
2 Hours, and I Know What a Tardis Is 2017-04-14 The New York Times
New girl Pearl calls Doctor Loo 2017-04-13 Daily Star
Dr Who & The Daleks/Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 AD 1993-05-01 Vox
Promoting, not exterminating 1992-06-23 The Newcastle Journal
Going, going, gone! 1992-01-23 Liverpool Echo
Dr Who fans set to get a special treat 1992-06-09 The Newcastle Journal
Doctor Who: The Sixties 1993-01-01 Vox
Artists, writers take up challenge 1992-04-01 Uxbridge and West Drayton Gazette
Rutger Hauer Niet In Dr. Who-Film 1991-07-16 De Telegraaf
Dr Who's safety film 1990-01-18 Liverpool Echo
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