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chronological view
New BBC scheduleTelevision Mail1963-09-13
A new family seriesThe Times1963-09-13
A one-year run has been promised for Dr. WhoBirmingham Post1963-09-16
There's a 'Think Big' Trend At BBC-TV, Notably in Drama AreaVariety1963-09-19
Britain All Set To Take Wraps Off a New TV Season As BBC, Indies Jockey For Rating PostsVariety1963-10-02
Where Sydney Newman Goes, So Go Producers, Directors, WritersVariety1963-10-09
Dr Who starts on 23 November and will be seen weeklyAriel1963-10-24
ITV can expect a jolt when the BBC launches its 'Dr. Who'Kinematograph Weekly1963-10-24
Next week in Radio TimesRadio Times1963-11-14
A new series of adventures in space and timeThe Sunday Telegraph (England)1963-11-17
Dr. Who? That is just the pointRadio Times1963-11-21
HighlightsRadio Times1963-11-21
BBC to Wage War Over TV SerialsDaily Express1963-11-22
Kennedy AssassinatedThe Mirror1963-11-23
Mum's the word for Doctor WhoTit-bits1963-11-23
To-day's Television and RadioThe Herald1963-11-23
BBC SaturdayEvening Chronicle1963-11-23
Week-end Broadcasting ProgrammesThe Daily Telegraph1963-11-23
Circumstances were hardly favorable for the An Unearthly Child of the B.B.C.'s space satellite Dr. WhoDaily Mail1963-11-25
BBC To Increase Its Out Of 'Audience-Catchers'Kinematograph Weekly1963-11-28
BBC plans for new serialsThe Stage and Television Today1963-11-28
I Won't Say No To Dr. WhoDaily Herald (London)1963-11-30
High camp for kiddiesThe Sunday Telegraph (England)1963-12-01
A chance to see the first episode of the BBC's "Dr Who" over againThe Guardian1963-12-02
BBC Stepping Up Its Drama Output (For Webs 1 & 2)Variety1963-12-04
Dr. Who (Variety)Variety1963-12-04
Meant for children but this will get a much wider audienceThe Stage and Television Today1963-12-05
Verity's tune is way out of this world!The Mirror1963-12-07
Music That FitsThe Sunday Telegraph (England)1963-12-15
I wonder how many children had nightmares after watching Dr. Who (BBC)?The Sunday Mirror1963-12-15
Radio en TVHet Parool1963-12-28