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chronological view
Invasion Alert!ABC Film Review1966-01-01
R/C DalekRadio Control Models and Electronics1966-01-01
Home hospitals make them happyNews of the World1966-01-02
Opened last weekThe Observer1966-01-02
Dr Who meets the sophisticatesThe Newcastle Journal1966-01-03
Dalek note on the beachBirmingham Post1966-01-05
The mystery of the identity of the villainous controller of the Daleks is made unguessableThe Stage and Television Today1966-01-06
We can doubt whether there has been any pantomime on the planet SkaroThe Illustrated London News1966-01-08
Personal columnThe Stage and Television Today1966-01-20
Daleks losing their gripThe Stage and Television Today1966-01-27
Daleks AgainKinematograph Weekly1966-01-27
The older they are the more they tend to watch the BBCThe Stage and Television Today1966-01-27
How the BBC WorksThe Illustrated Chronicle1966-01-28
The Early BirdsLondon Life1966-01-29
A Dalek Carries the CanThe Herald1966-01-31
Doctor Who's whoThe Guardian1966-01-31
The man behind U.N.C.L.E.Radio Times1966-02-03
Switched-on kidsThe Observer1966-02-06
Something awful haunts the DocDaily Express1966-02-19
Beauty and the one-eyed beastThe Mirror1966-02-19
Peek-a-bo ... I'm a MonoidReading Evening Post1966-02-21
What's Jill aiming at?Tit-bits1966-02-26
For Lovers of Science FictionThe Gleaner1966-02-27
Dr. Who has a new friendEvening Chronicle1966-03-05
The start of a new story in four partsLondon Life1966-03-05
The drift from tv to film featuresKinematograph Weekly1966-03-10
Stephanie scores a double with Doc Who and Dock GreenThe Mirror1966-03-12
Drama and light entertainment (1966-03-17)The Listener1966-03-17
Jill Curzon discussing her next scene in "Daleks Invade Earth, 2150 AD"Kinematograph Weekly1966-03-17
Quick, the ray gun ..!Australasian Post1966-03-24
Soviet visit to SheppertonKinematograph Weekly1966-03-31
Dr. Who plays the Trilogic GameRadio Times1966-03-31
No more MonoidsThe Stage and Television Today1966-03-31
Seven channels in the SeventiesThe Stage and Television Today1966-03-31
With some futuristic machinery in the backgroundKinematograph Weekly1966-04-07
Drama and light entertainment (1966-04-07)The Listener1966-04-07
Dear little thingsThe Guardian1966-04-10
The BBC series is getting worse and worseThe Sunday Mirror1966-04-10
Is Dr Who Too Cruel For 5.50 pm?The Mirror1966-04-16
Shades of Dr Who behind new toysThe Guardian1966-04-19
Robin Hood is still a wow in SydneyKinematograph Weekly1966-04-21
Oh, the Agony of Being Dr WhoThe Mirror1966-04-23
Dr. Who to Make Bow In St. Louis Area May 11Boxoffice1966-05-02
Meet the MonoidsNew Zealand TV Weekly1966-05-09
Fantastic adventure into world of the DaleksThe Telegraph (Alton, IL)1966-05-11
Radcliffe Coed, Robot 'Married'Associated Press
The Palm Beach Post
The Miami News
The Eugene Register-Guard
Spokane Chronicle
The Tuscaloosa News
The Gettysburg Times
The Ellensburg Daily Record
Utica Observer-Dispatch
Laurel Leader-Call
Dr. Who has to say 'No'Sevenoaks Chronicle1966-05-13
Pseudo-Science FictionSt. Louis Post-Dispatch1966-05-13
Le marl idéal : un robot !Feuille d'avis de Vevey
Nouvelle revue de Lausanne
Studente huwt robotLeeuwarder Courant
Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
Amigoe di Curaçao
Mistake to go West with Dr. WhoThe Stage and Television Today1966-05-19
This little girl might well have been horrifiedSouthern Evening Echo1966-05-21
Ewen Solon appears under a mountain of make-upLondon Life1966-05-28
Dalek and babies steal the showKent and Sussex Courier1966-06-03
Review FlashesBoxoffice1966-06-06
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Boxoffice)Boxoffice1966-06-13
My Dad's a Dalek!Weekend and Today1966-06-22
A new adventure begins under London's newest landmark—the Post Office TowerRadio Times1966-06-23
Dr. Who Is Adventurous Space FilmThe Knoxville News-Sentinel1966-06-24
A kindly, eccentric old scientistLadies' Home Journal1966-07-01
William Hartnell — the actor with 1,000 facesMiddlesex County Times and West Middlesex Gazette1966-07-01
This Star is WHOABC Film Review1966-07-01
Dodo came to Harlow but not in the TardisHarlow Citizen1966-07-01
Where the Daleks were bornShe1966-07-01
Wonderland PicturesThe Western Herald1966-07-01
Set in the Post Office TowerThe Sunday Telegraph (England)1966-07-03
Daleks-Invasion Earth 2150 ADKinematograph Weekly1966-07-14
Those "mechanised dustbins" (their description) are backLondon Evening Standard1966-07-21
Studio One (Tomorrow)The Times1966-07-21
Breakfast with the Daleks...Kinematograph Weekly1966-07-21
Tough clothes for the tender yearsWomans Mirror1966-07-23
OpeningLondon Life1966-07-23
This Frankenstein is really such a gentlemanSunday Sun1966-07-24
Those interfering Daleks seem to be at it againSunday Sun1966-07-24
Guess Who on "Dr Who"New Zealand TV Weekly1966-07-25
Still a nice day ...ABC Film Review1966-08-01
Daleks--Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.Monthly Film Bulletin1966-08-01
Down to Earth with the DaleksMarylebone Mercury1966-08-05
Dr. Who (Belfast Telegraph)Belfast Telegraph1966-08-06
A New Who in View, But Who?Daily Express1966-08-06
New "Dr Who" SoughtThe Times1966-08-06
Why I must quit—by Dr WhoThe Mirror1966-08-06
Dr Who to quitDaily Mail1966-08-06
Dr. Who QuitsThe Daily Telegraph1966-08-06
Daleks Invade Earth 2150 A.D.Variety1966-08-10
ITV Space threat to Dr WhoThe Mirror1966-08-12
Who now?The Mirror1966-08-13
The Mixture as Before on BBC TV This WinterLondon Evening Standard1966-08-16
A thundering boreThe Newcastle Journal1966-08-20
Dalek Invasion!Lichfield Mercury1966-08-26
Big value jigsaw puzzlesToys International1966-09-01
Dalek's Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.Films and Filming1966-09-01
New Doctor Who (1966)The Guardian1966-09-02
New Dr. WhoBirmingham Post1966-09-02
Tougher Dr. Who is chosenThe Daily Telegraph1966-09-02
Drama and light entertainment (1966-09-22)The Listener1966-09-22
Dr. Who Changes FaceVariety1966-09-28
The secretary DalekBelfast Telegraph1966-10-05
Exploring the jungle of the eyeThe Illustrated London News1966-10-08
Not a peep out of them thanks to ABC-TVThe Australian Women's Weekly1966-10-12
Art gallery in an old warehouseBirmingham Post1966-10-12
Entire production including Daleks now for saleThe Stage and Television Today1966-10-13
Drama and light entertainment (1966-10-13)The Listener1966-10-13
Two O'Clock RushThe Age1966-10-13
Saturday is cinema day for half a million childrenThe Times1966-10-29
New Serial on Dr. WhoThe Gleaner1966-10-30
The strange adventures of ... 'Dr. Who'New Zealand TV Weekly1966-10-31
The Daleks are back as Polly and Ben soon find out In tonight's new adventureRadio Times1966-11-03
That science fiction programme which has as much appeal for adults as for childrenThe Spalding Guardian1966-11-04
Enter the New Dr WhoThe Mirror1966-11-05
The identity of the new "Dr. Who"The Times1966-11-05
Dr. Who strikes a good balanceThe Stage and Television Today1966-11-17
I would like to send my heartiest congratulations to the production team of BBC-1's Dr. WhoRadio Times1966-11-24
Drama and light entertainment (1966-11-24)The Listener1966-11-24
Puss In BootsThe Tewkesbury Register1966-11-25
From telly to typeThe Observer1966-11-27
AnglettesThe Stage and Television Today1966-12-08
A powerful influence in the lives of childrenThe Stage and Television Today1966-12-08
Boy Thought He Was a Dr. WhoLondon Evening Standard1966-12-09
Boy paid £19 for share in 'Dr. Who' time machine, court toldDaily Express1966-12-10
Dr Who schoolboy lands in dockThe Mirror1966-12-10
Who's Who?-- and Where's Dr. Who Tonight?Radio Times1966-12-15
A Merry Christmas and Much Success for 1967Television Mail1966-12-16

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