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chronological view
Puss in BootsThe Stage and Television Today1968-01-04
A sea creature emergesRadio Times1968-01-18
Tuning fantasy into realityThe Observer1968-01-21
Palm Bay, MargateThanet Times1968-02-06
Recognise Him? ...New Zealand TV Weekly1968-02-12
Creating A 'Monster' According To PlanNew Zealand TV Weekly1968-02-19
Abominable Snowman upsets the UndergroundLondon Transport Magazine1968-03-01
Why we don't classify programmes--BBCThe Stage and Television Today1968-03-07
A new kind of dangerThe Newcastle Journal1968-03-09
Jamie, Dr Who's comrade in Space, comes down to earth and finds a girl really out of this worldThe Mirror1968-03-12
More adventure ahead for the girl who made the CybermanBelfast Telegraph1968-03-15
Doctor WhenNew Statesman1968-03-22
TechnicsNew Zealand TV Weekly1968-04-15
Wendy has a date in outer space with Dr. WhoDaily Express1968-04-17
Wendy is a human computerThe Mirror1968-04-17
Peter Pan girl Wendy is the brains behind Dr. WhoActon Gazette1968-05-02
Space girl Wendy tries on the latest look in way-out fashionThe Mirror1968-05-04
Controlling the world's biggest drama outputThe Stage and Television Today1968-05-09
Dr Who music man hereThe Canberra Times1968-05-09
Everyone needs a best friendFabulous1968-05-11
Story editors, critics and complainersThe Stage and Television Today1968-05-16
The Men Behind the MonstersThe Mirror1968-05-18
The best series have their virtuesThe Stage and Television Today1968-05-23
The compelling challenges that face dramaThe Stage and Television Today1968-05-30
Gregory Air Services LtdTelevision Mail1968-05-31
When An Actor Turns His Back On SecurityNew Zealand TV Weekly1968-06-17
Small, cheap — and deadlyTribune (London)1968-06-21
Time to say goodbye to the DaleksThe Stage and Television Today1968-06-27
Who's Who? Dr Who Knows WhoThe Mirror1968-07-17
The cowboys of SpaceThe Mirror1968-07-17
Meet The Girls ...New Zealand TV Weekly1968-07-29
Jamie parting with Dr WhoThe Mirror1968-09-05
Dr Who lives a most hazardous lifeEvening Chronicle1968-09-14
Actor's piglet goes to a zooBirmingham Post1968-09-30
Tiny Joe Steps Up to Challenge Dr. WhoDaily Express1968-09-30
Dr Who man likes his pigActon Gazette1968-10-10
Risky? It's all a matter of tasteLiverpool Echo1968-10-22
Dr. Who and the DalecksThe Journal Times1968-11-01
Meet 'The Other Daughter ...'New Zealand TV Weekly1968-12-02
Dr. Who and the Daleks is the perfect second featureThe Daily Freeman1968-12-07
Dr. Who continues a shatteringly high level of inventivenessReading Evening Post1968-12-09
David Meets His 'Dr Who' HeroHarrow Observer1968-12-13

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