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chronological view
Dr. Who has a now girl "helper"Harrow Observer1971-01-01
Dr Who v The MasterRadio Times1971-01-02
Kenneth Baily's Big Name ColumnThe Sunday People1971-01-03
His eccentric characterisation of Dr. WhoThe Sunday People1971-01-03
The considerable fund of popularityBirmingham Post1971-01-04
Fiction given a scientific touchCambridge Evening News1971-01-13
Actress Susan Jameson was to have started work this monthDaily Express1971-02-03
Sight and soundThe Sunday Telegraph (England)1971-02-07
QuizwordThe Mirror1971-02-19
A Look-in guide to your TV favouritesLook-in1971-02-20
Dr Who still going strong on well-balanced formatThe Stage and Television Today1971-03-04
The Leicester man behind "Doctor Who"The Leicester Chronicle1971-03-12
It's Mum who loves monsters, says JonLiverpool Echo1971-03-13
Patricia Gordino is blonde, beautiful and has green eyesThe Mirror1971-03-13
That golden feelingRadio Times1971-03-13
Violence too remote to harm childrenThe Stage and Television Today1971-03-25
Little Wendy Has a Big Idea For All You Peter PansTit-bits1971-04-03
This Dr. Whose daughter has a timeless styleThe Daily Telegraph1971-04-06
Dr. Who And Disco Graphics at Design ExhibitionTelevision Mail1971-04-09
Why My Monsters are MarvellousTit-bits1971-04-17
Dr. Who heads the Heads' Who's whoDisc1971-04-17
Who's This? (Countdown)Countdown1971-04-24
Dr Who and Disco 2 Graphics at Paris Design ExhibitionAriel1971-05-01
Double ImageDaily Express1971-05-03
This Week's CompetitionReading Evening Post1971-05-15
Laser danceThe Times1971-05-17
Doctor, doctor...Radio Times1971-05-29
Why is 'Dr. Who' on a Chopper?Competitors Journal1971-06-19
Dr. Who for fair at schoolCoventry Evening Telegraph1971-06-23
See you later, grown-ups, says Doctor WhoThe Sunday Mirror1971-07-04
Crowds and Taking Down at FeteThe Cheddar Valley Gazette1971-07-09
Just the Ticket for Dr. WhoCompetitors Journal1971-07-10
Jon Pertwee: Travelling without the TardisRadio Times1971-08-07
Tom BakerLook1971-10-19
The Daleks are coming backThe Observer1971-11-28
T-shirtsThe Observer1971-12-12
Win a Dalek of your own!Radio Times1971-12-18
What to do in the holidaysThe Guardian1971-12-22