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chronological view
Much as I would like to add my compliments to the BBC's Special Effects DepartmentThe Sunday Telegraph (England)1973-01-07
Never Mind the Tea How Much Is the PopWeekend1973-01-17
Jon reveals Who is kidding WhoAberdeen Evening Express1973-01-20
Just Who the doctor orderedThe Mirror1973-01-27
Mechanics work round the clock for Dr WhoParade (UK)1973-02-10
Dr. Who is a devil of a jobDaily Mail1973-02-24
John Tavner on TelevisionThe Press and Journal1973-03-02
Name the doughtiest, most danger-defying doctor in the world!June & Pixie1973-03-03
BBC 1 programmes for 14 March, 1981The Mirror1973-03-14
Time outDaily Express1973-03-26
Dr Who Death Threat To BairnsAberdeen Evening Express1973-04-09
Warning of risk for children in 'Dr Who'The Guardian1973-04-09
The metamorphoses of WhoThe Times1973-04-09
Thames rival for Dr WhoLondon Evening Standard1973-04-18
Do You Have Dr Who's Number?Parade (UK)1973-05-12
Dalek chases Jan to the ballReading Evening Post1973-05-24
Dr Who's politicsThe Spectator1973-05-26
Introducing the British 'Dr Who'The Washington Post1973-06-04
Hunt for Daleks plea to childrenLiverpool Echo1973-06-07
Extermination fears as Daleks vanishAberdeen Evening Express1973-06-07
Missing 'daleks' foundThe Times1973-06-09
Good catch rewardedMiddlesex County Times and West Middlesex Gazette1973-06-15
Dr. Who is currently having trouble with some very large and disgusting - looking maggotsBelfast Telegraph1973-06-16
Roger Delgado killed in car crashLondon Evening Standard1973-06-19
Roger Delgado obituary (The Times)The Times1973-06-20
The Master killedDaily Express1973-06-20
Dr. Who star killed in crashThe Daily Telegraph1973-06-20
Actor killedThe Guardian1973-06-20
Dr Who's enemy dies in crashThe Mirror1973-06-20
Dr. Who in tight city cornerEastern Daily Press1973-06-25
New girl for Dr WhoLondon Evening Standard1973-06-26
Who is Liz? She's just what the doctor orderedDaily Express1973-06-27
Dr Who's new girl (1973)The Mirror1973-06-27
Roger Delgado (Variety)Variety1973-06-27
Roger Delgado obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1973-06-28
Dr. Who's wizardry goes on showThe Newcastle Journal1973-07-05
New assistant for Dr WhoThe Stage and Television Today1973-07-05
A Dalek is coming to CheddarCentral Somerset Gazette1973-07-06
Roger Delgado (letter)The Stage and Television Today1973-07-12
BBC's exhibition on the roadThe Stage and Television Today1973-07-14
Total war - it's all in a day's workReading Evening Post1973-07-17
Dr Who actor for barbecueDaily Mail1973-07-19
History on wheels!London Evening Standard1973-07-20
Katy Manning - Sticks and stones won't break her bones!Diana1973-08-11
The man who brought the Daleks to lifeBelfast Telegraph1973-08-18
Time for a change (Daily Mail)Daily Mail1973-09-01
Who? Dr. Who is comin' to townContra Costa Times1973-09-09
For sale and wantedThe Times1973-09-21
Bright Local OfferingsPalo Alto Times1973-09-23
Daleks don't stand a chance against this dream machineDaily Express1973-09-24
Whoosh! It's Dr WhoThe Mirror1973-09-24
Baking Party!Lichfield Mercury1973-09-28
The men in front of the machines behind the soundsRadio Times1973-09-29
Something is Cooking for The DoctorCompetitors Journal1973-09-29
BBC sales top million profit for the first timeThe Stage and Television Today1973-10-04
Dr Who Gets Back To EarthThe Stage and Television Today1973-10-11
Yoo-Hoo! It's the New Dr Who GirlDiana1973-10-13
Starry names in charity panto at The LaneThe Stage and Television Today1973-11-08
Reptiles That RuleThe San Francisco Examiner1973-11-11
Okay Earthlings, Prepare To Meet...Custom Car1973-12-01
TerrifyingThe Times1973-12-11
Dr. Who - a spaceman in his granddad's cloakLiverpool Echo1973-12-12
Prophets of doomThe Guardian1973-12-13
Dr. Who's Space-Age CarWeekender1973-12-13
He'd love to meet a bug-eyed monsterThe Leicester Chronicle1973-12-14
Who's who among Who's friendsRadio Times1973-12-15
Dr Who gets new friendAberdeen Evening Express1973-12-15
A new buddyThe Guardian1973-12-17
Warrior on showThe Newcastle Journal1973-12-17
Daleks for dictionaryDaily Mail1973-12-22

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