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chronological view
The Green DeathThe Stage and Television Today1974-01-03
A lot depends on 'Who'Sunday Independent1974-01-06
Jon Pertwee, alias Dr WhoTribune de Lausanne1974-01-07
Monster Hit for WhoThe Mirror1974-01-12
FishyThe Times1974-01-15
Edna's shrimps are just what the doctor orderedCambridge Evening News1974-01-15
Strange Goings-OnThe Listener1974-01-17
Guess Who?The Greenville News1974-01-26
Nina is racing to stardomGazette and Post1974-01-31
TV car of the future shows up in real lifePopular Mechanics1974-02-01
Sax appealThe Guardian1974-02-02
Dr Who Changes TV ChannelsPress Association
Cambridge Evening News
Dr Who, alias Jon Pertwee, to quitLondon Evening Standard1974-02-08
Pertwee to quit as Dr. WhoThe Daily Telegraph1974-02-09
Just what the doctor ordered (Competitors Journal)Competitors Journal1974-02-09
Who Next? Jon Pertwee (I can't stand Daleks) quitsThe Mirror1974-02-09
Who will be Who?The Times1974-02-09
After Pertwee, who's next for Dr Who?Daily Mail1974-02-09
Who will be the new doctor?The Newcastle Journal1974-02-09
Tom Baker . . . That's Who !London Evening Standard1974-02-15
Latest Dr. Who once played RasputinThe Daily Telegraph1974-02-16
Who's Who (The Guardian, 1974)The Guardian1974-02-16
Who's Who—with the new doctorDaily Mail1974-02-16
Dr Who, I PresumeThe Mirror1974-02-16
Out of the unknown—a new face to fight the Space villainsThe Sun1974-02-16
Rasputin switches over to Dr. WhoDaily Express1974-02-16
Television's new Dr WhoThe Times1974-02-16
The new Doctor is sad to leave his matesDaily Express1974-02-23
Dalek-buildersRadio Times1974-02-23
Dalek man on the airFaversham News1974-03-01
Doctor Who at GlenfieldThe Leicester Chronicle1974-03-08
Union to fight for widowThe Sunday Telegraph (England)1974-03-31
Together. By Ingeborg PertweeThe Listener1974-04-11
Dr. Who Is Coming to TownBirmingham Post1974-04-18
The Dr Who Noise MachineThe Mirror1974-04-23
Is this the best they can do for young viewers?The Stage and Television Today1974-05-02
Final roleThe Herald1974-05-03
Dr. Who is dead ... long live Dr. WhoThe Mirror1974-05-04
The Who girl's big secretTit-bits1974-05-16
Who's bestThe Observer1974-05-26
BBC programmes hit by strikePress Association
The Irish Times
Out of This World (Hot Car)Hot Car1974-06-01
All about that doctor larkCambridge Evening News1974-08-23
A New Dalek InvasionReading Evening Post1974-09-25
Ouch! Dr Who HurtThe Mirror1974-10-01
Tom Baker, the actor, was nursing a badly injured armThe Daily Telegraph1974-10-01
Just the ticketThe Guardian1974-10-26
And now—a new Dr WhoLondon Evening Standard1974-11-07
TheatresThe Times1974-11-08
Weird Dalek Is A Practical InventionThe Australian Women's Weekly1974-11-13
Snow scene filmed near WellsWells Journal1974-11-22
Cave battleWells Journal1974-11-22
Complete casting for "Seven Keys to Doomsday"The Stage and Television Today1974-12-05
Doctor Who and the Abominable SnowmenThe Times Literary Supplement1974-12-06
Children's showsThe Observer1974-12-08
Only Dr. Who was Missing!Gazette and Post1974-12-12
AdelphiThe Guardian1974-12-16
It's Dr Who the FourthLondon Evening Standard1974-12-16
Dr Who and the Daleks (The Times)The Times1974-12-17
A new Dr WhoThe Times1974-12-17
Fruity Dr. Who faces new Dalek menaceThe Daily Telegraph1974-12-17
You know Who (London Evening Standard)London Evening Standard1974-12-17
Humans lose out to Daleks and gadgetryDaily Express1974-12-18
Inside a DalekThe Times1974-12-20
Dr Who In Trouble On The TubeThe Sunday People1974-12-22
Good and scarey DaleksThe Herald1974-12-23
Holiday ShowsDaily Express1974-12-24
Simply DalektableThe Mirror1974-12-24
The Kids Will Go Wild for This Dalektable ShowGazette and Post1974-12-26
The birth of the DaleksReveille1974-12-27
Advanced technology has arrived on the Christmas show sceneThe Stage and Television Today1974-12-27
Tom Baker makes his first appearance as Doctor WhoThe Stage and Television Today1974-12-27
Guess Who? It's Big TomThe Mirror1974-12-28
The new who is taking off in real styleThe Sun1974-12-28

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